Just a Quickie

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The doorbell sounded and Damian answered quickly. A familiar face. Damian reached for her hand and pulled her inside and shut the door, flicking the deadbolt into place. He spun her and pressed her up against the wall. She willingly opened her mouth to accept his kiss as he brought his mouth down to hers. Their tongues tangled and wove a dance, making her head swim.

“Jess.” Damian whispered as he pulled away, his hands finding their way into her jacket and up her shirt to caress her ribs. Jessica broke out in goosebumps, her lower stomach fluttering like only Damian had been able to do with just his kisses and hands.

“Yes?” she replied, not sure what this meeting was about. She wasn’t complaining about the attention, Lord knows she wasn’t getting it anywhere else.

Damian took her reply as consent, and scooped her up and carried her into the bedroom and gently laid her on his bed. He bent and slipped her flats off, then moved up her bare legs. He unzipped the side of her skirt and slid it down her legs, catching the sides of her panties and pulling them with the skirt. Jessica lifted her hips to allow him to undress her, czech first video porno panting with need. She started quickly unbuttoning her shirt, reminded that he ripped buttons if frustrated enough. She had them done by the time he was back to her chest, moving aside the material, sliding her shirt and jacket down her arms. There wasn’t a lot of stretch, so he pulled her arms up, and slid the jacket and shirt up, but left them tangled at her elbows, effectively pinning her arms. He slid his hands behind her back, which she arched to give more room, as he unclasped the hooks on her bra. He then pulled it up arms to join her shirt and jacket.

He then stood to admire her, as he rapidly shed his own shirt, then his jeans. Jessica grinned at the welcome sight of his cock, fully turgid and ready, the tip glistening. Damian growled as he advanced once more, kneeling on the edge of the bed, and crawling over her, laying kisses along her belly and chest, then crushing her mouth with his own. They kissed fervently for a moment, then Damian broke the kiss to nip with his teeth down her neck and czech gangbang porno suckle her left nipple that peaked a perfectly formed size C breast while massaging her right breast, and rolling her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Jessica moaned with pleasure. Damian moved down after giving her right nipple just a hot little lick, stopping at her belly button to inhale her scent, lightly fragranced by her bodywash from this morning’s shower, but mostly her, unadulterated by her perfume, like her neck. Both were vanilla scented, like cookies, but the perfume left a bitter taste in his mouth. He preferred the taste of her clean bare flesh. He bit lightly, one last time, at the top of her groin, then brushed hands over her newly bare pussy lips.

“When did you do this?” he asked gruffly. Jessica blushed.

“For the cruise this weekend. I had my whole body waxed.” she replied. Damian blew on her lips. Jessica reacted by squirming and goosebumps rose again. He placed a light kiss just at the top of her labia, then slid his tongue into the slit of her cunt. He ignored the slight tang brazzers porno from her that lasted only a moment, as her pussy flowed new juices onto his tongue, and he dipped deeper into her cunt, pressing his nose against her, his top teeth angled to put pressure on her clit. Jessica arched in pleasure and cried out, gasping. He then licked back up to her clit, using a digit to finger her sopping cunt. He latched his lips onto her clit as he plunged the finger in, sucking hard. Jessica squirted all over his hand as she orgasmed. Damian licked all the juices up, then stood. He took a quick step to his nightstand and retrieved a package, and ripped it open along the perforation, and rolled the lubricated condom onto his hard as nails dick. He moved back and climbed on the bed between her legs.

“Please, now” Jessica pleaded. Damian lined up, and placed the cloaked head of his cock at her entrance, rubbed it up and down once, then plunged deep. Jessica cried out and wrapped her legs around his waist. Damian rode her hard and fast, thrusting three, four, five strokes, then blew his load, and didn’t feel the squish of a full condom, but Jessica felt the warm rush of his seed. After catching her breath for a second, she giggled. Damian pulled his spent dick out, and flopped onto the open side of the bed, tossing the split condom to the wastebasket in the corner.

Damian stared up at the ceiling, his arm draped over Jessica, as he caught his breath in the afterglow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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