Just Dessert

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“See sweetie, it’s a scientific study from a major University, and I quote, ‘Components of semen that enter your bloodstream may enhance feelings of attachment…’ Right there in Cosmo* – what more could you want for proof?” I smiled sincerely. “I’m guessing that absorption through the digestive system is the most effective.”

Let’s get one thing clear from the start I love oral sex. I love everything about oral sex; I’m talking giving and receiving. Is there a more potent aphrodisiac then the scent of an aroused woman? Or the sweet tang of her juices on your tongue and in your mouth. I love watching the slow engorgement of a woman’s cunt outer lips becoming thick and swollen. The look of her skin blushing with desire, the feel of her sex so warm and wet – and the sounds. Oh yeah, the sounds; the slurp of mouth and genital contact, the smack of lips and tongues, and the moans and groans of enjoyment. I love oral sex.

For myself I count the first blowjob I received as my official entry into having a real sex life (and yes I went down on the girl that same day). Soft lips and hard cocks are just made for each other. And my God, the things a tongue can do! And cumming – ladies if you want your man to feel special…SWALLOW IT! If you need something to wash it down with fine – but swallow it. Do you really want to send the message to your man that you’re rejecting the most essential component of his masculinity? Well – do you?

I believe that the giving of oral pleasure to another person is one of the more selfless acts a lover can do. The world would be a better place, a safer place if there was a lot more oral sex being shared. God Bless you Cosmo for sharing this important news item.

“Let me see that.” Sharon looked at the magazine. She snorted in apparent disagreement, or maybe disgust. “Sorry dear, but you’ve misunderstood the thrust of the study. In fact one could make the argument that a woman shouldn’t have any contact with semen if she wants to be happy.”

I tried to rally household opinion to my cause, “But honey, they’re talking about improving couples relationship. A little mutual oral enjoyment…”

“This doesn’t say anything about oral sex; 1] they specifically mention condoms, and 2] they talk about sperm as promoting a kind of chemical dependence – sorry.”

My wife does not share my views on oral sex. Sharon knows how much I love oral sex, and she certainly enjoys receiving it – lots of it. She just can’t give it. She does occasionally lick my shaft and if she’s really turned-on she’ll lick the head a little, just to get it wet. But taking my cock into her mouth – never. God do I miss that!

My wife’s resistance to oral sex is understandable. She had a really bad experience in college at a frat party. She was drugged and placed on a table on her back with her head hanging over the end. A bunch of assholes took advantage of her mouth and throat. Her poor throat was so bruised that she was on a juice diet for nearly a month.

I was defeated and she knew it. “Oh Matt, you know I love you more then anything. I just can’t do that, I just can’t – I’m sorry.”

“You have nothing to be sorry about. It’s just…”

I could see the deepening disappointment in her eyes and it made me feel like a total asshole. I do love her – that’s what makes this situation so difficult. I knew she was the one from the moment I saw her. If I hadn’t felt so strongly about her right off the bat I wouldn’t have even accepted the lack of blowjobs while we were dating to say nothing of the rest of my life. I guess I always thought she would eventually come around – and trust me. But after two years of dating and three of marriage – that didn’t seem to be in the cards.

“…It’s nothing. It’s not that big a deal.”

Sharon stood slowly and turned away from me. “Well it sure feels like a big deal when you’ve got it stuffed up my ass.” Said ass was tantalizingly wiggled back and forth in front of my face.

I suppose that I should mention that Sharon has rarely denied me anything else, sexually speaking, either in variety or regularity. She gave me her virgin ass upon our engagement and is, in fact, an enthusiastic participant in all other things sexual…except blowjobs.

With her butt wiggling she hitched up her skirt until her panties showed. She stuck her hand back between her legs and gave me the ‘old come here’ with her finger. She may not give me blowjobs but she could certainly get good and nasty when she had a mind to.

Afterwards we were lying side-by-side – sweaty and sated.

“Wow.” Sharon rolled off czech taxi porno the bed and waddled to the bathroom. Her butt cheeks and inner thighs were slick with cum. I was tempted to join her in the washing off but wasn’t sure that I had another cartridge in the chamber.

So I just laid back and stared up at the ceiling. We had just had great sex – incredible sex. I had cum twice, once in her cunt, once in her ass. Sharon had cum a bunch, and “yes” I went down on her. She did her drooling tongue lick thing when I moved to fuck her from behind, but that was it for oral. How can you be so satisfied and yet so frustrated all at the same time?

A knock at the front door stirred me from my ruminations. I threw on some shorts and went to answer it.

“Hi Matt, is Sharon…”

It was our neighbor Gina. As she spoke I found myself starring at her lips – she has the most sensual lips and is always wearing a shade of lipstick that pulls your eyes (well my eyes certainly) right to them. I think it’s because my second girlfriend had those same full lips and wore a similar shade of lipstick. I have an indelible image etched into my brain of those lips sliding back and forth along my cock from tip to root. She was the first girl to deep-throat me. She was also the first to swallow and the first to start just about every date we ever had with a blowjob. Every time I see Gina, I see her lips and I remember.

“…home? I wanted to borrow…”

I watched as Gina’s nostrils flared noticeably and then her eyebrows arched upwards about a 1/16th of an inch. Oh shit, I hadn’t cleaned my face!

“…borrow (sniff). Oh god I’d like to borrow about 30 minutes of what she just got.”

I blushed and discovered that I did have another round in the chamber after all. Like most (if not all) married men I have secrets lusts for certain members within my wife’s circle of friends. And I definitely had a serious lust for Gina, which was why I was always very careful to avoid flirting and any other sexual banter with her. Her comment had caused a major breach in my defenses – I popped a major woody.

She noticed. The woman looked right down at the tent in my shorts and uttered a barely audible, “mmmmmm.” She looked up and smiled an absolutely dazzling smile that promised delights unimagined, joys beyond description, and…God damn it I was shaking.

“I brought you your paper.” Gina held the morning paper in her hands. “You can thank me later – stud.” She slapped it into my chest so that I had to grab it with both hands

Then she grabbed me! She grabbed my cock and purred, or growled. She released me and walked past me toward the kitchen.

I held the paper protectively in front of me as I closed the door. I turned to see that Gina was already sitting at the breakfast bar and Sharon was pouring her a cup of coffee. When did Sharon finish her shower, make the coffee and just how long was I staring at Gina? I decided that the best answer was a shower. Nothing like some sustained cool water to defuse a volatile situation.

I was wrong – about defusing the situation. Before I could get safely out of the house Sharon called me into the kitchen to answer a question about garbage disposals. Actually the question was Gina’s, hers seemed to be broken and I was being recruited to check it out.

In reality I was being drafted to check it, fix it or replace it. I’d done a number of handyman tasks for Gina before so this was nothing new – the way Gina was looking at me was. There was no backing out and I was soon sent off with tools in hand.

I figured out the problem with Gina’s disposal and I knew I could easily fix it. Unfortunately the problem with Gina was getting worse – exponentially worse. During the entire time I was under her sink she kept up a relentless commentary of her current sex life – or rather the lack of a sex life as she put it. She talked about her ex-husband, guys hitting on her at work, and on and on. Somehow I managed not to get hard during the repairs and I honestly thought that I would soon be safely away.

“You know what I miss most about not having a steady guy in my life?”

I said nothing in reply.

“I miss cock sucking.”


“With all of the STD problems out there I’m really hesitant to let some guy come in my mouth. I mean it isn’t a real blowjob unless you come right? I wish I could find a nice safe guy and just…suck…his…cock.”

Her words flooded into my consciousness like a pool full of gasoline. We were in a very dangerous situation here, defloration porno potentially very flammable. I knew that. I knew that. I knew that. Then Gina threw in the burning match.

“Is it really true that Sharon never sucks you off?”

Oh fuck.

“God, I’d be swallowing your cock every fucking day. Do you realize that she is always bragging on what a great cunt licker you are? As much as I love cock sucking I miss getting my pussy licked even more.”

I was doomed. I was utterly, completely, undeniably doomed. My life flashed before my mind. The unnerving image of my wife pointing at my limp and empty cock with a ring of lipstick around the base blazed before me.

I knew I should leave.

I wanted to leave – but I didn’t.

I was frozen in place. OK, I wasn’t so much frozen in place as sprouting a very serious icicle in my shorts – I was brittle hard.

Gina squatted next to me. I shivered in the closeness of her physical presence.

Oh God I could smell her. My cock surged against my zipper seeking the wet warmth of her mouth. My balls churned and I felt that buzz behind them that signaled the availability of my orgasm. I suddenly realized how much I wanted to cum in Gina’s mouth.

“Do you think I’m sexy Matt?”

I mumbled something unintelligible.

“What was that I couldn’t hear you?”

I lifted my head to be heard and looked straight into Gina’s exposed cunt. She had changed out of her shorts into some kind of sundress. Resistance was futile and I felt my defenses crumble completely

I felt my zipper being lowered and warm hand fished out my hard cock.

I didn’t say “No.” I didn’t say, “Stop.” I didn’t say anything.

I watched as Gina pursed her lips and brought them into contact with the tip of my cock. A clear pearl of precum was smeared slowly back and forth across her lips.

I didn’t push her away. I didn’t try to leave. I didn’t do anything.

She pressed ever so slightly downward and I watched entranced as my cock was accepted into her mouth. When her lips moved over the ridge of my glans she stopped and then pulled slowly back up until the barest contact was maintained. She pushed down again.

Up and down she went…slowly, so slowly. It was painfully tortuous how slowly she went up and down on me. Each time down a little further until my cock was stuffed down her throat and her lips pushed against my pubic bone.

I don’t think that my cock was ever harder. I don’t know that I was ever more lost. I was powerless. I was her toy and I wanted to be.

I don’t know how long she sucked my cock – 30 seconds, 30 minutes…I really don’t know.

It was an official blowjob though.

I felt my orgasm building and I did absolutely nothing to stop it – I needed it and asshole that I was, I wanted it.

Gina kept that same methodical rhythm going as my cock swelled and spurted. As hoarse cry bellowed forth as I filled her mouth with my cum.

She swallowed noisily and repeatedly until the over stimulation of her mouth on my cock caused me to plead for mercy.

As calm as could be Gina zipped me back up and I finished the repair. As soon as I was done I packed my tools and made for the door. I didn’t bother to announce my leaving, I just wanted out of there. A growing feeling of guilt was my last line of resistance. I reached the door and opened it.

Gina came up behind me. She hugged me and pressed her breasts into my back. I could feel her hard nipples and I knew she was naked. I didn’t dare turn around.

“Are you sure you need to hurry home? I could use your help for…another hour or so.”

I just stood there in her open door looking out. Slowly she released me from her embrace.

“Thanks for the quick fix Matt.” I could hear Gina smack her lips. “I’ll arrange some kind of payment for your services with Sharon – is that alright with you?”

I didn’t answer. I didn’t turn around. I walked quickly homeward. That night I fucked Sharon nearly senseless.

Things pretty much returned to normal after that. Well actually, I went out of my way to avoid Gina for a couple of weeks but eventually things got back to the same old same old. Sharon and my sex life was hotter then ever and I was back to feeling that everything was ok until she announced that she had to go out of the country on a business trip.

She was going to be in London for three weeks and we were both anxious about it. We’d never been apart for that long. We tried to joke about it, I told her I would probably doktor ofisi porno use up all of her hand lotions and she joked about buying a vibrator and a box of batteries. I kept telling her that I could take care of myself. She kept saying that was what worried her.

I think that what worried her most was what I would do for meals. I am the world’s lousiest cook, I can burn boiled water. I’m not a big fan of dining alone in restaurants either. Sharon said that she would try to work something out – well at least I wouldn’t die of starvation.

A couple of days before she left she was having coffee with Gina when I was called to join them. I was informed that Gina was going to cook for me while Sharon was gone. Gina is an excellent cook and they both seemed very satisfied with the situation. I asked if there was anything that I could do to contribute.

My wife rolled her eyes as if to say ‘don’t you even let him in my kitchen.’ She and Gina had a good long laugh at my expense. While they were laughing I noticed that Gina’s breasts were moving in a most unrestrained manner. Sharon had already left the table when Gina turned and caught me looking.

“I know Matt can provide the dessert.” Gina smiled at me and I thought I was safely off the hook. “You know what I like the most? Something that’s sweet. Something kinda hot, hard and creamy…”

I just about spewed a mouthful of coffee across the kitchen. I nearly fainted from rapid blood loss as my cock sprang to full attention; it was painfully trapped down my pant leg. Any movement on my part was impossible without a very obvious re-adjustment. I wasn’t sure that I could even stand in this condition.

“…like French vanilla ice cream with melted peanut butter cups all over it. I just love the way that the hot sweet chocolate gets all hard and the ice cream gets all soft and creamy. I don’t think I could ever get enough of that. Every swallow is so yummy!”

Sharon and Gina launched into a rhapsody about chocolate. I tried to think of anything to get blood back into my head. I was having limited success; my throbbing erection was down to a reasonable semi-erection. My success was short-lived.

“Hey Sharon if I offer to clean your house can I use Matt…you know, to help with some plumbing problems – or something?”

Sharon paused in the midst her kitchen clean up. She kept a very clean house and I could tell that she was concerned about what she would return to if I were left on my own. I braced for the obligatory denunciation of my sanitary habits that was likely to include but not be limited to dirty clothes, toilet seats, coffee cups left in the most amazing places and other various transgressions.

“You know Gina I think I’m going to take you up on that – yeah, definitely.” Sharon was smiling broadly as if a great burden had been lifted from her. She turned to me.

“Matt, is this okay with you? You get free meals and I get a clean house and in return you do whatever Gina wants.” It may have started out as a question but it as a statement of fact.

I looked at Sharon and nodded.

I looked at Gina and she smiled – and then she licked her lips.

I was hard again; ferociously, throbbingly, and on the ragged edge of orgasm hard.

I moaned inadvertently.

Sharon misunderstood the source of my distress. “Oh don’t be such a big baby. I’m sure Gina won’t be too hard on you. Suck it up big guy.”

Gina was on the verge of hysterics. “Oh don’t worry Sharon. I’m sure that Matt will be very cooperative – won’t you Matt?”

I looked at Gina and I was dumbfounded. Her eyes glittered with undisguised lust. She opened her mouth slightly and stuck out her tongue. She curled the tip back giving me a very clear indication of just what chores she had in mind.

“Matt?” Sharon was standing behind Gina with her hands on Gina’s shoulders.

“Hey no problem – whatever Gina wants. I’m just the hired help.” I heard my voice speak those words. I was fucked.

Gina jumped up, “Great, I’m gonna go home and make list of all that things I need Matt to do for me.” She was out the door in a flash.

My wife bent down and kissed my cheek. “Oh don’t look so concerned. I’m sure you can handle anything she comes up with.”

I was doomed – totally fucking doomed.

Fool that I was I smiled.

*Semen Withdrawal May Cause Depression
Gordon Gallup, Ph.D., professor of psychology at the State University of New York at Albany, studied almost 1,000 women, comparing those who use condoms to those who don’t. One finding was that women who didn’t use condoms were more depressed than those who did if they were having a dry spell after a breakup. “Components of semen that enter your bloodstream may enhance feelings of attachment and create a chemical dependency,” says Gallup. Researchers continue to test this theory…Cosmopolitan April 2003

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