Kara Ch. 02

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Kara stretched in Andrew’s bed and remembered, vividly, his hypnotic eyes and the way he had seemed to reach into her soul. She turned her head and watched his profile as he opened his eyes and, for a moment, stared at the ceiling. She noticed that his eyelashes were thick and lustrous, almost like a girls, then he turned to look into her gaze and his eyes seemed greener than she recalled, intense, as though a fire burned behind them.

Somehow, during the night, he had unfastened the corset and removed it, along with her stockings. She was sure that her discarded panties were ruined with her juices saturating the gusset, but that seemed meaningless as she lay beside Andrew, waiting for a word or caress. He leaned over and brushed his lips across hers gently, at first, but then more urgently, his tongue seeking hers and pushing into her willing mouth.

His hand cupped her breast, feeling it swell and the nipple harden under his palm, as his tongue slid in and out of Kara’s mouth. Kara reached down between their bodies and circled her thumb and forefinger around the base of Andrew’s cock. She could feel it swell and stiffen under her touch and, slowly, she drew her hand along his shaft, feeling the velvety soft skin shifting over the hard core of his cock. Reaching the head, she eased back his foreskin, coaxing it over the swollen bulb and caressing the shiny skin with the opening already moistening with his secretion.

Andrew’s hand slipped lower, across her belly, lingering to let his fingers gently trace around her navel. He lifted his mouth from hers, leaving Kara gasping with the electric thrill that seemed to radiate from his fingertips and possess her body. Slowly, his hand moved lower until his fingers just brushed the neatly trimmed bush of hair that hid the mound of her pussy. Kara wriggled a little, trying to coax him into touching her clit, but Andrew avoided the sensitive nub, still caressing her skin.

Kara wriggled a little more and slid her body over the cool linen sheets until her face was level with Andrew’s hips. With a sudden thrust, she toppled him onto his back and she lifted herself on one elbow. Now she could grasp the shaft of his manhood and stroke the length of him as she slowly sucked Andrew’s swollen cock. Andrew’s breath hissed for a moment as Kara blew gently on the moist head of his cock and then she lowered her mouth around his glans, enveloping it in moist warmth. Kara could feel his muscles tighten as he fought the urge to thrust himself roughly into her mouth, burying his cock in her throat and bruising her lips. Swirling her tongue along the length of his manhood, Kara bobbed up and down on him, coating his swollen cock head with her spittle.

Andrew reached down and grasped a handful of Kara’s hair, pulling her greedy mouth away from his cock. Kara yelped in pain and her eyes watered as she felt his grip tighten. Then she was pressed, face down, against the sheets and Andrew was straddling her thighs, trapping her on her belly. She felt his fingers spreading the cheeks of her bottom to display her tender anus, still smarting from his vigorous buggering of last night. She felt his fingernail tracing the rim of her puckered ring and, for a moment, her body rebelled and her anus clenched tightly to prevent Andrew’s finger entering her aching rectum.

Andrew chuckled deviously and, still holding her with his knees reached into a drawer of his nightstand. Retrieving a small jar, made of deep blue glass, he dipped his fingers into the contents. Kara could urla escort bayan smell a sharp, medicinal tang, almost like a salve and she sighed with relief, thinking he was going to ease the soreness of her arse with an ointment, or some other medication. Gently, he spread a thin layer of the greasy substance over the tightly puckered ring of her anus and pressed his finger slowly against the centre, forcing it past her resistance until he had buried it deeply within her rectum. Drawing his finger out of her bottom, he leaned forward and caught hold of Kara’s wrists, looping the discarded sash of his robe firmly around them and tying her hands behind her back. Satisfied that she would be unable to free herself quickly, he rolled off the bed and crossed to the fitted wardrobes on the opposite wall. He returned with two wide leather belts, padded with felt and fastened them tightly around Kara’s legs, one just above her knees and one around her ankles. Kara lay, helpless but still trusting, as Andrew sat on the edge of the bed and stroked her hair from her face and spoke softly to her.

“Now Kara, the ointment I have just spread over the entrance to your bottom is a mixture of my own devising. It has an interesting astringent effect as it is absorbed and you should find that it will tighten those muscles, quite effectively.”

Kara’s eyes widened as the ointment began to work and she felt her anus tightening, without her willing it so. She remembered the tearing heat of his cock as he had thrust the length of his cock into her bottom, her eagerness no match for his size, so that she had imagined that she would be torn and bleeding when he withdrew. Andrew had known better, of course, and had moderated each thrust so that she may be sore and tender this morning but no permanent damage had been done.

Andrew shrugged into his robe and stepped out of the door, closing it gently behind him. He knew that the ointment would take a few minutes to be absorbed and then a few more for it to be completely effective. Just enough time for him to take a shower and drink a cup of coffee. While Andrew showered and drank his coffee, Kara lay, face down on the bed. Her bottom was raised, high in the air and she longed to rub at her anus or press it against the sheets, anything to lessen the sting as the ointment worked its fiendish magic on her tender anus. She tried to put any thought of Andrew’s reasons for wanting her anus to be tighter than it had been last night. The feel of his cock as he took her, forcing the swollen head past the tight ring of muscle had drawn a scream of pain, mingled with pleasure from her throat.

This time, she realised, her anus would be so much tighter, not just from the ointment but from the straps that prevented her from spreading her legs and easing the pressure on her tight ring. She assumed, even with a perverse sense of anticipation, that Andrew would keep her bound this way for his own pleasure as he buggered her tightened bottom. Kara had been the willing participant in last night’s act of sodomy but, this time, she felt even more helpless. She wondered whether he would gag her, or if her pleas and cries would add to his dark satisfactions. She knew that, unless he were to gag her very firmly, she would have to scream and beg him, first to stop and then, as her own dark passions rose within her, to sodomise her brutally.

Slowly, measured in her excited heartbeats, time passed, long enough for the ointment Andrew had smeared over and around her tight escort urla anal ring to work. Kara almost wept with relief when the door opened and Andrew re-entered. This time he carried a bowl of warm water a pair of soft facecloths and a thin bar of soap. Kara, still bound with her face pressed against the linen bedclothes, could only hear him enter and feel the bed dip as he sat on the end. She felt the warm moistness of the facecloth as he cleaned between the cheeks of her bottom, removing every trace of the ointment he had applied earlier. She felt something hard and slimy pressed against the ring of her tight arse and realised that he was easing the bar of soap into her clenching anus.

At last, when every last trace of the ointment had been washed away and the rim of her anus felt slick and slippery from the soap, Andrew used the second cloth to carefully dry her. The soft roughness of the cloth between her buttocks and across her anus made Kara moan with pleasure and she pushed back against Andrew’s caressing hand, all the time wishing for a more forceful touch. Andrew smiled as he read the subtle signals that Kara’s body displayed.

Shrugging out of his robe, he moved to sit on the edge of the bed, his thick, powerful erection almost within reach of her mouth. Leaning over to whisper in her ear, Andrew allowed the fingers of his right hand to trace a long, sinuous line along Kara’s taut thigh muscles. Kara shivered as the tingle shot through her muscles straight to her clit. “Now I’m going to fuck your beautiful arse, my sweet,” Andrew murmured into her ear.

“Please Sir, fuck me however you want.”

“I shall, don’t mind about making a noise, we have the house to ourselves.”

Andrew slid off the bed and pulled Kara to the edge, lowering her feet to the floor and pressing between her shoulder blades to bend her over, so that her arse was nicely presented for him. Kara felt her weight pressing her small, but still swollen, breasts against the bed, her hard nipples pressed against the sheet. She moaned, almost a growl, as Andrew forced his hand between her thighs and ran a finger along the lips of her pussy, up to her hard, erect clit. Kara shuddered and a gush of moisture coated his fingers as her pussy contracted emptily.

Andrew eased his fingers away from Kara’s pussy and glanced down to see his fingers dripping with Kara’s honeyed juices. Slowly, deliberately, he wiped his sticky hand across her bottom, anointing the cheeks of her arse with her own juices. Kara gasped, realising that Andrew had no intention of lubricating her anus before he stretched it wide again. She whimpered, prepared to beg him to make her wet and ready for his cock.

Andrew parted the cheeks of Kara’s taut arse and guided the tip of his cock to the dark opening of her anus. It was still a little slippery from the soap he had used but not lubricated enough for Kara to feel no pain as he pressed, gently but firmly, into her opening.

“Please, you’re too big and hard to go straight in, AAAARGH!!”

Kara almost screamed as Andrew eased his cock, almost to the rim of the head, into her tight anus. She could only just take the tip of his cock without a searing blend of pain and pleasure shooting through her, making her clit and nipples throb. Andrew eased the pressure of his thrust to let Kara’s arsehole accustom itself to the presence of his cock.

“Andrew, don’t tease, don’t stop now. Fuck me with your hard cock, shove it in my arse, please?”

Andrew waited urla escort a little longer, feeling her arse relax and then tense again then thrust hard, to drive the head of his cock past her ring. Kara shuddered as she felt him invading her tight rectum and her arse clenched around his cock

“OH GOD! Andrew, that hurts! STOP, No Don’t, DON’T STOP”

Andrew smiled at Kara’s confusion as her body was wracked with convulsions of pleasure mingled with the pain of his intruding cock as he forced his way into her incredibly tight anus. He pushed deeper, feeling her bowel ripple against his cock as she moaned with the feeling of his cock filling her. Each thrust rocked her forward, so that her nipples scraped against the sheets and her clit began to throb and ache to be touched. Her hands tied behind her, Kara could do nothing except take Andrew’s thick cock into her bowel.

The pain of his intrusion eased to a burning, stinging sensation and then a strange warmth and Andrew, sensing the moment that Kara relaxed, jerked his hips forward and drove deeper into her arse, giving her a hard swat across her buttock. Instantly a cherry-pink handprint appeared on her cheek and Kara thrust back against Andrew’s cock. She gasped and then sight as she felt his balls pressed against her round arse cheeks and then gasped as he pulled back a fraction, only to ram harder and deeper into her.

“Aaah! Fuck me, please fuck me haaarrd!”

Kara could barely force the words past her lips, her whole body was bathed in sweat, but she wanted to feel Andrew’s cock buried in her arse. Andrew pulled back, teasing her with the head of his cock almost slipping out of her ring and then rammed hard until his balls slapped against her arse cheeks. Kara felt his cock pummel her insides and moaned into the bed as her nipples scraped against the sheets. Cruelly, Andrew reached around and stroked her hard clit between his finger and thumb. Kara could not help herself and, with a stifled scream gushed a stream of cum between her thighs and onto the sheet beneath her. Her whole body contracted as her orgasm ripped through her and, If Andrew had not have grabbed her buttocks and jerked her hard back onto his groin, she would have collapsed onto the bed.

Andrew’s cock was driven deep into Kara’s rectum and now he began to fuck her with firm deep strokes, stretching her tender anus with each thrust. Kara could not find the wit to form words but each thrust was punctuated by a groan or whimper from her lips. In her mouth she could still taste the musky, masculine flavour of his cock and, for a briefly lucid moment, wished he had sprayed his hot seed into her mouth. Then a particularly deep thrust made her mewl in pain and pleasure, while her arse contracted on the shaft of his cock. IT was more than Andrew could bear and his cock throbbed in her ass before spraying thick ropes of his stinging cum, deep into her bowel, almost to her belly. Kara spasmed against him the feel of his hot sperm, splashing into the walls of her bowel, enough to tip her into an orgasm that wracked her body and left her limp across the bed.

Andrew eased his softening, but still firm, cock out of Kara’s sore and tender arse, glancing at her gaping, red anus. Kara felt bruised and tender, while her bowels cramped painfully as his sperm slid out of her anus and between the distended lips of her pussy. Silently, Andrew lifted her back onto the bed and unfastened the straps around her legs, before covering her lightly with a sheet. Kara shivered with tiny aftershocks from her orgasm and felt the warmth of Andrew’s thick sperm sliding between her cheeks to pool beneath her and congeal between her buttocks. Andrew placed a note he had written on the bedside table and then shrugged into his robe as he left Kara to collect her thoughts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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