Karin Day 01

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We left the house in the Springs right at 5:15. Given that it was Friday night and the hour trip to DIA would probably take a little longer than normal. We were excited, of course. More than a little, in fact. After months of online chat play, we’d all agreed that the time was right to actually meet. It had taken planning, of course. International travel only having just been reinstated in most of the world after the WHO had declared the pandemic under “control”. There were skeptics, obviously, and in our case more than a few nervous moments actively considering the possible consequences. But we’d all had the vaccines and there wasn’t much else that could be done. These were the long term remedies being offered. No others. If not now, then when?

Our online play had begun leaving a sense of inadequacy given that we’d talked about every conceivable iteration of polyamorous and bdsm sex we could imagine. We’d inspected and probed and stimulated every single body part between us, but with words only. We’d written about making each other cum so often, and taken those words literally to bed with us every night. Kelly and I together in our unhinged fucking. Using you to fuel our desires for that perfect “other”. Karin, sadly, alone, left to imagine one of us on either side, or intertwined together, or taking turns licking and sucking and fucking and drinking of each other’s lust. It wasn’t that it had become boring. God no. But without the ability to actually consummate these desires, these cravings for the three of us…… without literal physical contact, the talking about it was no longer enough. And so….

This Friday night we traveled an hour north to Denver International Airport to meet you as your flight arrived here in Colorado. The time was nothing compared to Karin’s investment. Almost 16 hours from Amsterdam to Denver, including a 3 hour layover in Newark. It seemed like torture. But then, we’d all grown accustomed to some of that. As we neared the airport, Kelly grabbed for my hand and squeezed. I knew how excited she was. How excited we both were, and I imagined our guest looking out of the airplane at the landscape surrounding the approaching runways. It was dark out that airplane window. Always dark coming from the East. No buildings or roads to that side of the airport to provide a clue as to what was coming. No landmarks at all. Not like the West side of the airport property with Denver proper, and all the expansion and hustle and bustle and bright lights. Ironic, I smiled to myself. Quite the metaphor for this weekend. While we all knew what would probably happen, none of us knew what to expect. Not really.

United Airlines Flight 1283 non stop service from Newark to Denver arrived a few minutes early that night at 6:26 pm. We’d parked in the short term parking lot and made our way up the escalator one level to baggage claim. Unsure of where you were in the airport at that moment. Suddenly, as we both scanned the passengers milling around the luggage tramways, a hand grabbed Kelly’s and, turning her around, morphed into a young woman with dark hair wearing a collar. She leaned up to Kelly and kissed her on the lips before hugging and reaching for my hand. Bringing me into the three way hug. Kissing me was a little easier, not standing on tiptoes.

“I knew it was you. It had to be!” Karin beamed at Kelly. “How many beautiful women over six feet tall are hanging out at the airport on a Friday night?” She practically giggled. “Plus, this one’s bald head (nodding in my direction) made it easy to identify you both!” As Karin gathered canlı bahis her suitcase, pulling the handle out, and adjusted the other shoulder bag, it was at this point that I noticed the collar, and…. a leash clipped to the metal clasp in front! The leash disappeared down inside your coat, but there it was for anyone to notice. Catching my astonished look, you pulled the leash out from inside your coat and, right there in the middle of a busy Friday night at the baggage claim at Denver International Airport, reached the looped handle end to offer it to one of us. The stares were now multiplying. “Which of you gets this first,” she quipped with a twinkle in your eye.

“Not here,” I said. Reaching to hide the leash back inside your coat. “Why not?” you asked. “I just flew half way round the globe to be with you both. I don’t want to waste a second!” Taking you both by the hands, I retreated toward the down escalator with the two of you tow. Leaving astonished glares and mouths agape behind. It was at the bottom of the escalator as we neared the doors that led to parking that you caught up. “I guess it’s still pretty prudish here in the States, huh?” Karin asked. Not really expecting an answer, she continued, “You know, in Amsterdam, we have a thriving sex business. Those faces back there clearly haven’t heard. Must not have been on the same plane.” With that, Karin winked at Kelly, who had found amusement in the entire scene.

Getting to our car, I reached the driver’s door after storing the luggage in the back. Sliding behind the wheel, I immediately realized that Karin and Kelly both had taken up in the back seat. Chuckling to myself, shaking my head, I mutter your words under my breath…. “Don’t want to waste a second.” Before I reached the automated gate to pay and leave, the stifled moans had already begun wafting up from the back seat. Checking the rear view mirror, both women had already taken their tops off and were taking turns licking each others’ perfect tits. Suckling each others’s nipples. Grasping at the back of each others’ heads to hold them in place. Taking turns exploring what we’d only exchanged in photos online. Karin wisely having worn a skirt, clearly having planned this out, straddling Kelly’s lap. Perfectly presenting her breasts to Kelly’s mouth.

The sounds of sucking and moaning grew louder moments later as I merged with traffic on I-70. A pair of crotchless blue lace panties soared through the air, landing on the gear shift followed by giggling. “You two are going to make me crash” I remarked. “Eyes on the road, you.” This from Kelly. “You’ll have your chance.” Karin added “Mmmmm. You BOTH will.” Little do you know, I think to myself, little do you know. With that, I reset my focus on the drive home. Being dark out, nobody can see through the tinted windows in the back. More’s the pity because these two were presenting quite the show. Completely naked now, both of them, the seat backs from the second row seating lain flat. Women exploring all the things we’d only been able to talk about.

As I drive through the night, gasping and moaning rise and fall as fingers and tongues find delicious trembling flesh. Months of anticipation and cravings unfolding in this vehicle. Karin fingering Kelly’s dripping pussy before lowering her soft lips to envelope a tingling clit. The gasp of her tongue entering soft wet folds. Collecting juices. Spreading them over hard nipples, then sharing the taste with her lover’s mouth. Sliding from beneath, Kelly sets Karin on elbows and knees. Perfectly positioned to crouch behind and bahis siteleri cover Karin’s twitching pussy with her mouth. Flattening her tongue, Kelly licking up from Karin’s hard nib all the way to her ass and back. Over and over. The drool running back down her pussy lips and dripping off of Karin’s clit. The licking and kissing and biting continuing almost the entire drive. Meanwhile, my cock is now so hard it hurts. You could wring my shorts out from precum.

Sated for the moment after multiple intense orgasms (and assuming my plight), Karin slid into the front passenger seat, while Kelly reached around from the back of the driver’s seat to unzip my jeans. Karin literally licks her lips at the sight of my glistening hard cock and, leaning over the console, slowly slides her lips around the head and down to the base in a single motion. Burying her nose in my zipper. Kelly now holds Karin’s head there for what seems like forever, as Karin’s tongue slides out of her mouth and begins to lick the base of my cock. Saliva dribbling down my balls as she performs this feat of breathlessness. Eventually lifting her head off to the point of kissing the crown of my cock. Tongue dipping in the slit to play in the precum pooled there. Flicking at the head of my cock for a moment, before finding my mouth with hers. Precum all over her lips, I taste myself on her. If not for driving, I’d have held her mouth on mine, but Kelly next finds the taste of me on her lover’s lips. While I try to compose myself to complete our journey.

As we pull up to the opening garage doors, both women emerge from the vehicle laughing into the night, completely naked and race for the entry door inside the garage. Having regained my composure, not to mention closing up my jeans, I retrieve the luggage from the back of our vehicle and proceed inside. Closing and locking the garage door before entering the house. The two of them already upstairs, I bring the luggage to the guest bedroom, then enter our master suite. The image there causes me to stop in my tracks. Kelly and Karin are both there, kneeling on the floor, heads down, in submission position. Karin is reaching out the handle end of the leash to me, her hand and arm supported by Kelly. The symbolism is the pair of them offering their submission to me. While Kelly is neither collared nor leashed, her support of Karin speaks volumes.

Striding to them, I take the leash in one hand, and reach down to unclip it from Karin’s collar with the other. “Thank you, my loves, but not tonight if you please. Tonight is about unfulfilled fantasies that we ALL have expressed, but have shared only in writing with each other. Tonight I want our cravings to be satisfied. No one of us controls another. We are all, each of us, free and able to fulfill any and all desires and dreams. Tonight we feast on one another freely.” With that, I lift each of them in turn to their feet by the hand and lead each to the bed. I then then turn and discard my clothing over the winged back chair in the corner. When I return to the bed, as if by invisible signal, the two women begin kissing and licking my cock and balls as I stand next to the bed. Each taking turns sucking my cock, licking my shaft, suckling my balls, licking underneath. Karin slides two fingers in my ass and begins massaging my prostate. She feels my balls twitch and slows her movement. My hands on the backs of each of their heads gently as they worship my stiff leaking cock.

After too short a time, I can feel my need overtaking me. Moaning loudly, I grasp Karin’s head, fisting my fingers bahis şirketleri in her hair as I pull her lips all the way onto my rigid dick and blast load after load of my seed down her throat. Kelly holds Karin’s mouth in place as a dribble of cum escapes the corner of her mouth. Kelly greedily licks up the dollop, then pulls Karin’s mouth away from my cock and into a deep kiss. My issue swaps between two tongues. Hungrily demanding each other’s mouths. Slowly separating, Karin lays Kelly back on the bed and dribbles cum in a long strand into Kelly’s waiting mouth. Each playing with my cum on their tongues. Then rising up to me, the two of them kiss me in a single lustful embrace. Tasting myself on the two of them makes my cock twitch again. Perhaps it is Kelly, stroking my glistening member to hardness again.

Crawling onto the bed, Karin spins to lower her sopping pussy onto my mouth. Kelly begins licking and sucking my half hard cock as my tongue slides between Karin’s folds. Licking and sucking her juices, probing her slit, nibbling at her clit until she is a craven mess. Kelly now confronts Karin with a kiss as she slides my cock inside her slick pussy. Moaning together, the orgasms begin anew. First Karin lets go her need on my mouth, then Kelly squirts hers all over my cock, balls, thighs, the sheets…. lifting away embarrassed, Karin kisses her deeply and nibbles at one of Kelly’s nipples, before lowering her face to my crotch to lap up Kelly’s juices. My fingers now caress Karin’s clit, post-orgasm. Making her squirm uncontrollably. But Kelly soon joins in licking up her juices on my thighs and balls. The two of you sharing in every experience.

One thing remains this evening. Kelly has continually insisted that she watch me fuck Karin hard and deep. Only having cum once, the two of them now set upon providing Karin with my rock hard cock to fuck. Once again, licking and sucking, they take turns until Karin again sets to massaging my prostate. Almost at once I am a turgid post awaiting my task. Kelly now assists the head of my cock between Karin’s slick folds. There is no resistance after all that has taken place and Karin slides easily all the way down my shaft. Resting at the bottom, I reach for her breasts and massage. Flicking your nipples with my thumbs, they are hard in an instant. Leaning forward to accommodate my waiting mouth, I take first one then the other nipple in my mouth, biting with my teeth until there is a reaction. Meanwhile, Kelly begins raising and lowering Karin’s pussy on my cock. My thick veined member disappearing inside her over and over. Faster and harder she rides as I bite at her nipples. Causing her to cry out once, twice.

Kelly retreats to the winged back chair, throwing one leg over the arm of the chair, and begins massaging her dripping pussy. Her clit tingling and throbbing, building to crescendo each time Karin’s pussy slams down on the base of my cock. This is her fantasy come to life. Finally, Karin slams herself down and, leaning her torso backward, lets out a scream as her body convulses on me. Her head shaking. Legs trembling. I can hold back no longer and I let go whatever remains in my balls. Every drop coating her inside. With her body shaking, Karin collapses atop me. I grasp her hair as I hold her to me. Pressing her hips down with my other hand to hold her in place until the trembles subside.

Soon, Kelly is at the side of the bed, her fingers covered in her cum. Her orgasms at the sight of her fantasy fulfilled finally subsided. We both lick and suck her lust from her fingers before Kelly crawls in bed with us. The three of us collapsed like bags of dirt together. Spent, but so satisfied. The culmination of months of want. To think, there are two whole days left before Karin must depart on Monday….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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