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Kirsten glided across her living room to the stereo. She slipped an Indigo Girls cassette into the tape deck, set the volume low, and pressed play. She turned back to me, flipped her long blonde hair back over her shoulder, and sat next to me on the sofa. Instinctively, we wrapped our arms around each other, drawing ourselves together, and letting our mouths touch softly.

We met the week before. She was a waitress and I was an obnoxious partier celebrating a friend’s 30th birthday. She had immediately caught my attention, with long flowing blonde hair and light blue eyes. She was thin with long legs and a tiny round behind. We flirted a little throughout the night and with an unusual show of courage I asked for her number. To my surprise she willing gave it.

I called her only once. We chatted a long time, discovering that each us of recently had ended a marriage. Mine after ten years. Hers after six months. We set a date for the following Friday.

Now, with the music playing low, I explored the smooth skin of her neck. I gently sucked and nibbled as she cooed with pleasure. I let my mouth wander up to her ear, nibbled the soft lobe, and swirled my tongue lightly inside. She moaned quietly and deeply then turned her head to meet my lips with hers. Our tongues danced together between our open mouths. I closed my eyes and let her kisses carry me away.

I had been anxious and excited as I drove to pick Kirsten up, but she quickly put me at ease. I slipped Afghan Whigs into the CD player and drove to my favorite Italian Restaurant. Dinner was a perfect combination of excellent food and great conversation. Afterward we drove to a nearby club for some dancing. Well, Ok, I’m not much of a dancer, but I was a sport and danced a set of songs, ending with the obligatory slow song, embrace, and kiss. Later, when I drove her home, she invited me in for a quick cup of coffee. Neither of us had a cup.

With my head already swimming from her kisses, I let me hands explore her tiny body. I ran my fingers through her silky blonde hairs, then I lightly traced her jaw line and neck. She was wearing a sweater and I felt the softness of the yarn over her chest, to each small firm breast, and over her flat stomach. She responded with more deep kisses and exploration of her own. Her long thin fingers deftly unbuttoned the top of my shirt, giving her access to my chest underneath.

We spent nearly two hours on the sofa, locked in an embrace, and intoxicated with our passion. I pulled off her sweater to revel a lacy black bodysuit canlı bahis underneath. She slipped out of her tight jeans allowing me to massage her long shapely legs. I shed my shirt and tee so she could run her hands freely over my chest and tummy; occasionally she’d slip her fingertips under the waist of my jeans, testing the tip of my hardness.

She turned to me slightly and lifted her knee. I ran my hand lovingly over her leg, enjoying the smoothness of her skin, and feeling the subtle curves. My hand reach high to the bodysuit and I slipped underneath the garment where I could fill my palm with her tiny firm butt.

Kirsten rubbed and squeezed me through my jeans; my arousal aroused her; her arousal aroused me. She unbuckled my belt and buttoned my jeans then lowered the zipper. This allowed her to slip her hand inside to grab me firmly. Her hand found its way beneath the waistband of my tight boxers where she allowed herself to caress the full length and girth of me. Her touch was light and cool as she played with the droplets of moisture beading at the tip.

“Come on, Bill!” she said into my ear with a hint of desperation “What are you going to do? Make me beg for it?”

I answered with a smile and one word, “Yes.”

“Well…” she started as she tugged my jeans and boxers over my hips, “I want you inside me.” It was the most seductive sentence I ever heard.

“Then come here,” I replied.

She stood before to strip out of the bodysuit. I lounged back on the sofa and watched. Her eyes were glued to my arousal was obvious; long, hard, throbbing, and glistening. Kirsten seductively freed one shoulder then the other and slowly lowered the bodysuit, taking a tiny pair of black panties with it. She left a smooth black bra in place.

“Did you have on enough layers?” I joked with her a little.

“Yes. It was just in case you tried something.” She grinned slyly.

I let me eyes drink in her body. I followed her lean legs up from her small feet to the slight curve of her hip. I gazed at her soft, yet flat stomach, up to the bra covering small young breasts. I gazed into her face; lips and eyes betraying her desire. Then back down again, focusing between her legs, where her naturally blonde hair was trimmed neatly down to peach fuzz.

She climbed onto the sofa, straddling me in a kneeling position with her legs on either side of me. With one hand she pulled my hardness up and toward her; she rested her other hand on my shoulder for balance. With both stared intently between our legs as our bahis siteleri bodies linked together. Together we sighed and moaned as she lowered to moist warm insides onto me.

Inside Kirsten was simply magical. Yes, my passion was raised from hours of sensuous foreplay, but the feeling being deep inside her was beyond intoxicating. Our sex was a drug. I felt as if I was outside my body, watching a couple in passion; floating in the air on a sexual high. She moved rhythmically on me, taking me higher and higher and higher.

I completely lost concept of time as my passion built to a climax. She had me so high, so incredibly high, that I could no longer control it. I lifted off, taking myself outside her. As she lower herself back onto my lap, nestling my hardness between the firm cheeks of her bottom, my passion exploded from me. We wrapped ourselves tightly in each other’s arms and melted into a deep kiss.

When at last we broke out of our embrace, Kirsten stood up to find a towel. I waited in the next room while she quickly cleaned up. We embraced again when she returned. I ran my hands over her smooth skin as lifted up on her toes to meet my lips with hers.

“I still want you, Bill” she said quietly as we broke apart.

Taking the hint, I dropped to my knees before her. My hands reached around to her behind, and drew the swollen lips between her legs to my mouth. My pressed firmly against her as my tongue explored her wet pussy. I pressed into the opening there; massaged inside the lips; then settled on her rock hard clit. She leaned into me as I rolled the clit back forth on my tongue; using my tongue to make tiny circles on her most sensitive spot.

She moans and cooed and ran her fingers through my hair. I paused briefly to take her hand and guide her to the floor. She reclined back and opened her legs to invite me back between them. My hands caressed the inside of her thighs as leaned down to continue kissing down on her. She drew her knees up high as I massaged her with my tongue. My fingers explored and probed, but my mouth never lost contact with her clit.

Again we lost ourselves in our passion. Again, we lost our concept of time. My mouth held firm; my tongue swirled and massaged; my finger slipped inside her. Her wetness covered my mouth and face. The drug of our sex took her higher and higher; closer and closer to her climax. When finally she took take no more, she released with a low grunt and spastic rocking of her hips against the tip of my tongue.

“Ooooo. You’re good!” She said as bahis şirketleri I crawled over her.

I only smiled and aimed my hard cock between her legs. Kirsten raised her hips to invite me inside her again, and we started the rhythmic pumping of lovers building the sexual high another time. I pushed hard and deep. Sometimes slow and sensuous and sometimes fast and rough.

“ooooh. This feels sooooo good.” “I love it inside you. You make me feel sooo good.”

“Yes. Yes. Yes.”

“I can’t believe what you are doing to me.”

“God. It’s been sooo long. Ooooh.”

We continued our rhythmic motion; bodies together; and passion building.

“Want to try something kinky?” she asked, gently pushing me off her.


Kirsten turned around on all fours and arched her back, inviting me in from behind. For a second, as I pushed myself back inside her, I considered her concept of kinky. Kinky or not didn’t matter, because what I wanted; what I needed; was more. More of Kirsten; more of our sex; more of the pleasure from her warm and wet pussy. More thrusting deep inside her.

I grabbed her at the waist, pulled her to me and forcing myself deep inside. I leaned back to take in the view. Then I leaned forward again to wrap an arm around her to bring my hand to the action. From there I could lightly circle her clit, causing her to grunt once more.

“Your wife was crazy,” she turned and moaned, “to give this up!”

We filled the room with the sounds of our sex; the quiet slapping of bodies, the moans of passion. Kirsten pushed back against me to get me in deeper. I gyrated my hips to get the longest, deepest, hardest strokes possible; some fast and some slow. My erotic feelings grew greater and greater, causing my head to swim as the tingling between my legs become more and more intense.

We separated for a moment as Kirsten rolled around onto her back. We tangle together again and continued our passion. We let our sexual energy grow to the limit. We grabbed each other, scratched each other, and begged for more. My hips rocked faster and faster; harder and harder. The feeling between my legs immersed my entire body in tingling that channeled toward my hard thrusting cock. It built up stronger. I throbbed and Kirsten throbbed. She clutched tightly to me, raising her hips. I pushed hard and deep to meet her as we release our passion onto each other. Mine exploded deep inside her with a blast of sex that came again and again and again until we finally collapsed in near exhaustion.

As I got up to get dressed, I noticed the sun coming up through the windows. It was six o’clock in the morning. Kirsten and I had been entangled in over four hours of non-stop passion. Guess I was late for work that morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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