Ladies’ Night

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Lori sat on her back patio watching the small fishing boats go by. After running into Bob, on the beach yesterday, everything was topsy turvy in her emotional and mental world again. She had gone to the beach to meditate and embrace the energy she felt generated by the waves when she communed with them. What she experienced during the beautiful encounter with Bob afterwards, brought her right back to the turmoil that brought her there in the first place. All she could think of was his hands, his arms, his … (phone rings). Glancing at her phone screen, she sees her best friend’s number “Finally, a distraction!” she thought gratefully. “Hi, Beautiful! What’s up?”

“Listen, I know you’re not into country much, but, it’s Ladies’ Night at The Rodeo Bar. The girls want to go. Are you in?”

Thinking that this might be just what she needed to get her mind off of Bob, Lori jumped at the opportunity. “Absolutely! When are we leaving?”

“The show starts at 9:00. They call themselves The Posse: The Wildest Justice”

How could she resist that invitation? It sounded like exactly what she needed to get Bob off her mind. “Pick me up at 8:30. Let’s do some roping,” she replied eagerly.


Bob relaxed at the backstage door, having brought all of the gear in for set up. He was just waiting for the rest of the crew to arrive for the performance tonight. He normally took pleasure in the attention from the ladies when he danced, but tonight, he felt at odds. Something was bothering him and he couldn’t put his finger on it. It wasn’t only a finger he wanted. It was her hands. He wanted to hear that sigh again. Looking down at his pants, Bob smiled. ‘At least these thoughts of her will help with the performance tonight.’

He straightened his shoulders and thought back to what got him started at this job. “Just an easy way to earn a few quick bucks,” his co-worker had told him. It turned out to be more profitable than just a few bucks. One night led into a couple of weeks. Then it led into a regular gig on contract with five night club chains. The contract will be re-negotiated soon and the crew were discussing a few more demands from the agency. Suddenly, though, nightlife didn’t seem so inviting. He still had other goals to meet. The financial side of it had already been met long ago. Now it was simply a matter of riding out the contract. This being Saturday night, it would be packed. Lots of lovely ladies seeking lots of distraction. “Time to get it on,” he thought. With that, he turned back in to the stage area to find his dance team. Daniel, Ches, Hunter and Matt should be in the dressing room by now.


Lori had dressed in her favourite red dress and silver high heel sandals. With her black hair left down to fall around her shoulders, and the halter style top of the dress cutting low, she was ready for anything that night. Her friend, Angela, was in black leather pants, high heel boots and a black leather vest with nothing underneath it. She wore an arm band of native design on her right arm and had a tattoo of infinity on her chest, just above her left breast. Her long, straight brown hair hung down across her back, topped off with a well bent, well-worn black cowboy hat. The two of them would definitely attract any man in the bar if they wanted to. As they sat themselves near the front of the stage, a few other friends joined in. With a bucket of vodka drinks on the table and fives and tens in the purse, the ladies were ready for almost anything.

Lori observed the room and watched for the nearest escape route, access to the washrooms, and where the guys would most likely be standing outside when time came for general entry. It was one thing to watch cowboys on stage. It was another to be around real cowboys and cowboy wannabes who are liquored up and thinking they could get a piece of action after ladies’ night. She canlı bahis had no intentions of sticking around after this. Suddenly the lights went dark and the music began.

“Good evening ladies! Welcome to the Rodeo! Have we got a Round Up of cowboys for you tonight! Live from Nashville! Winners of the 21st National Club Dance Competition, Awarded the Exotic Dancers of the Year award for the State of Tennessee three times, Ladies, let’s hear it for The Sheriff and his posse…First on stage, The Long Ranger (Daniel)!” Out came a stunning tall slim man in black pants, cowboy boots, chaps, and no shirt, a scarf tied around his neck, and a white cowboy hat and a mask. The ladies whistled and applauded and shouted in a frenzy. The man was slowly strutting across the stage as if he was searching for a criminal to handcuff and Lori felt amused. He had a lariat in his hands and seemed to be searching the crowd for a lady to hogtie.

“Angie will love this guy,” she thought to herself. “Any man with handcuffs or ropes, she likes.” Relaxing in her chair she eyed the stage with comfort.

“Ladies, let’s hear it next for Wild Bill (Ches)!” Out walks a very muscular black man, dressed in the jeans and cowboy boots and chaps but attired in a western leather coat with fringes down the sleeves, and a cowboy hat flipped up on one side. His facial hair was carved to look like a southern goatee and moustache with a civil war look to him. His muscles rippled as he flexed his fists reaching for the stage pistols on each of his hips. He held the pistols near his pelvis emphasizing the phallic association with shooting.

“For all of you cowgirls who like the strong and silent type, let’s put your hands together for Quiet Earp (Hunter)!” The ladies were whistling and screaming like crazy. Out walked a tall but gentle looking man with the costume of a gentle farmer or ranchman with a rifle on his right shoulder and what looked like the equivalent size of something in his pants. He had a long and lanky look and you could easily tell what his “biggest asset” was. His dark hair fell loosely over the ears and his Roman nose gave him a slightly Mediterranean look. His hat tilted forward in mystery, hiding the eyes. His left thumb in his belt loops showed more hip as it tugged the denim edge downward to give the ladies a peak of what lay just beneath those jeans.

All of the men were forming a masculine stance on stage as each member came forward in the introduction. The Long Ranger and Wild Bill were on one side of the stage, and Quiet Earp began on the other side of the stage. There were two more to come. Angie was already making eyes at The Long Ranger. Lori was kind of intrigued by Quiet Earp, and the announcer continued the introductions. The music was grinding, smoke was low and red lights were glowing on the men in a primal style.

Next, Ladies, let’s welcome a tough, no nonsense man who’ll fight for the women, and defy the law itself when even the law can’t be trusted. He makes black look good. Here he is, whip and all, let’s welcome Zorro (Matt)! The dancer came out on stage in a zigzag pattern strutting from side to side, with a whip sliding from around his shoulder to the stage floor. As he stops and makes a sharp cracking sound of the whip in the air, the women sit up and take notice. Zorro slowly slides the whip off the side of the stage and up along a woman’s chest and around her neck to slide lower then between her legs before he draws it back beside him and swings it back around his shoulder. He is in tight black pants, flat black boots, and a black cape over one shoulder, a flat black hat and a blindfold. His deep red lips curve sensuously to one side as he turns away from the front of the stage to show the booty he has behind as he slides the cape off the shoulder and stands to the side of the stage with his broad shoulders expanding to the crowd showing a pierced bahis siteleri nipple.

As the men got into position the mood was intensifying in the club. Lori was beginning to feel very aroused and her breasts were feeling tender. She began to feel a longing again for those hands on her breasts and the feel of his lips trailing kisses along her neck. Lori glanced over at Angie to see her roaming her own hands over her legs. Angie took her hat off to fan herself with it as she stood up and leaned in toward the stage to try to get a glance at Zorro’s chest as he weaved his way across the stage. Lori reached over to pull at Angie’s belt and instead, her hand landed directly on Angie’s ass. Angie twerked a little and Lori was surprised how aroused she felt. Maybe it was the atmosphere, maybe it was the alcohol, or maybe it was the yearning she was feeling inside for contact, but she became bolder and allowed her hand to glide lower between Angie’s legs to cup her middle. Angie backed into her and turned to sit on Lori’s lap. Angie smiled and slid back into her seat. “Are you relaxing now?” she asked Lori.

Lori wasn’t sure how to answer and was grateful for the announcer’s voice overpowering the whole nightclub, so that all she could do was grin back at Angie for a brief second before turning her gaze back to the centre stage.

Suddenly the stage began to flash streaks of light across the club. Spotlights focused toward the entrance as the spokesman began to speak again. Before you, Ladies, are the bravest, strongest, and most willing heroes of the west to sacrifice themselves for your time and pleasure. The final member of the Posse has been winning hearts and awards for the past four years. He has been arresting, locking up, and punishing the bad people for years, and he is here tonight to show you ladies how a true round up’s done. Please, let’s hear it Ladies for Sherriff John “Dicks” Adam. Lori stood up to wrestle her way to the stage but was hidden by two blondes as the lead stripper came forward. His body was only partially visible. Most of it was covered by a full length western riding coat. She could see a smooth, well-muscled chest beneath it. The long coat had a Sherriff’s badge on it and the dancer’s cowboy hat was low over the forehead for mystery. All Lori could make out was a jawline and the collar bone and that beautiful neck of which she remembered every twitching vein she had touched on the beach. Lori froze. Her mind went reeling back to the beach, the massage, and the embrace after the beach. She could feel his hot breath on her ear and temple as he held her among the trees and suddenly she heard songbirds again. Angie was beside her as Bob strutted toward the front of the stage. As his steely gaze travelled along the audience in the nightclub, Lori moved to hide herself behind Angie, pretending to turn toward the table to get another vodka drink.

Bob and his crew began to feel the beat of Brantley Gilbert’s song ‘Take It Outside.’ The masculinity of the song fit the tone of the theme and the men were moving aggressively as if fiercely battling. One by one they fell into formation and moved in synchronicity. With each move Bob made, Lori was creaming herself. Her hips were moving with his as he fell to his knees and she fantasized of standing in front of him with his mouth on her vaginal lips again. Her hips crushed against Angie who was also gyrating to the music.

Lori was glued to one stripper on the stage as his coat slid off his back and arms. He slid the leather coat downward along his chest, and Lori was visualizing her hands being the object sliding over those smooth pectorals and obliques. Her hands firmly grasped Angie’s back and slid along it as if she were grasping Bob.

Angie took a step back from the stage. As exciting as these boys were, something else was more arousing. The feel of another woman’s hands feeling bahis şirketleri her up in the nightclub was mixing with the intoxicating scene before her on the stage. This wasn’t Angie’s first time with another woman. She just never suspected Lori to be a participant. She reached behind her to guide Lori’s hand around her waist so that they would be closer and the motions less obvious. Not that any of the women would be looking at them anyway. As Bob crawled on his knees and elbows toward the edge of the stage, a willing female reached for the bandana he had around his neck, so, he willingly released it to her to avoid strangulation. As he turned in Lori’s direction, and raised himself to sit back on his haunches and gyrate upward, Angie turned toward Lori to capture her face between her hands and plant a deep, penetrating kiss on Lori’s lips. The motion resulted in the view of Lori being blocked from Bob’s view, as he leaned into the crowd to seek a kiss from an audience member. Lori, being lost in her fantasy, suddenly realized that the lips crushing against hers were not Bob’s. These lips were softer, sensuous, and had a faint taste of melon on them. Feeling Angie’s hands roam down her bare back to pull her closer, Lori could not resist. She embraced her best friend with open arms. She was pent up and so aroused, she felt like she would burst if she did not get some release and Angie was a safe escape for her.

When Angie told her that she would help her escape those haunting thoughts and help her relax and enjoy herself for the night, she never thought that it would result in such a passion for each other. Lori’s hands roamed over Angie’s breasts engulfed beneath the soft black calfskin vest she was wearing. The vest had formed to fit her every curve and line so perfectly, Lori could feel the outline of the breast beneath it. As the music kept pumping, the bass vibrations were being felt along the sensitive nerve endings of Lori’s body and her nipples were harder than they have ever been. They rubbed against Angie’s vest beneath the soft fabric of her halter dress and they could be seen clearly poking through the fabric. Angie’s hands roamed underneath Lori’s dress and up along her soft legs to grasp her ass cheeks and pull her forcefully against her. They moved slowly away from the stage to hide near the back away from the crowd.

As Angie slammed Lori against the wall, she released her from the kiss to move down her chest and nudge the halter aside to claim a nipple between her soft lips. Just as Lori was lost in the ecstasy, she did not notice another set of eyes boring into her from across the room. Bob was standing over a young woman in the audience pretending to offer himself to her, with her head held between his legs, allowing his eyes to roam the crowd, only to stop at the sight before him of two women trying to hide in the back. He immediately recognized that expression of pure arousal when the leather-clad woman lowered herself to feast on Lori’s breast.

Lori’s hands were firmly holding Angie’s ass as she rubbed her clitoris against Angie’s hand. Angie’s thumb quickly found the button where all of Lori’s energies narrowed in to build to a heightening sensation of arousal. She quickly rubbed against her friend as she began to climax. Angie stood up and quickly claimed Lori’s mouth to silence the cry in such a public place.

As Lori began to return to reality, the announcer came back on. “How are we doing Ladies?” The crowd let out screams and whistles of a deafening proportion. We are going to take a short break and we will be right back for individual performances of each dancer. Be prepared to auction off a personal performance with the dancer of your choice.”

Angie looked at Lori with concern. “Are you alright?”

Lori stood up straight and rearranged her dress and fixed her hair as she steadied herself on Angie’s arm. “Yes, yes, I am fine. I never knew a strip show could have such an effect on me.” Lori blushed as she looked into Angie’s eyes. A smile came across her friend’s face and it helped Lori relax. This could become a new habit for her.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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