Lakeside Ch. 02

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I am awakened in the early morning by the sound of my bedroom door opening. I open my eyes and look to the door. I can hardly believe my eyes. Her naked body standing in the early morning sunlight as it shines through the window. Her hair hanging down onto her breasts, her hard nipples poking through the hair. My cock already hard as it usually is when I wake is aching more. She slowly walks toward the bed.

Without saying a word she pulls the covers from my body, pushing them off the end of the bed. From the foot of the bed she climbs up my body and stops as her hand reach my waist. With a hand on each side she slips her fingers inside the waistband of my boxers. Pulling downward as I lift my hips, my boxers slide down. My cock springs free as the elastic band moves over it. I hear her chuckle as it waves in mid air.

Soon my boxers are on the floor as she kneels between my knees. Her hands slide up my legs, over my thighs, onto my hips. Her soft fingers massing my skin as they wrap around my rock hard erection. I watch as she looks into my eyes, leaning down to run the tip of her tongue up the underside of my cock. Pausing at the tip she kisses it. My eyes close as her lips part and slide down the length of my cock, engulfing it.

I moan as her lips move back up my cock slowly, her hands on my hips. Slowly she moves her tight lips up and down my cock. Sensations like I have never felt, sending shivers up my back. I feel goose bumps on my legs as she moves faster. I feel her hair on my hips, sliding around as her head moves up and down. canlı bahis Her hands slide up the sides of my body and up to my chest. Her fingers find my nipples and rub then gently.

I feel tingles running through my body as she pinches my nipples lightly. My hips raise and lower gently as she makes love to my cock. My balls begin to tingle and ache a little. I moan softly as she rubs her hands up and down my chest. My orgasm approaches quickly and I raise my hips and moan loudly. She moans on my cock which feels so intense I explode inside her mouth. I feel the cum shooting up the length of my cock and out the tip.

One after another the eruption of the best orgasm I have ever had continues. Each shot of cum shooting up my cock feeling better than the last. She moans louder on my cock as my orgasm slows. Her lips move slower up and down my cock. I feel her fingers grip the base of my hard cock and her lips slip from the tip. My body goes limp on the bed as shivers still go through my body. I look down to see her holding her hair back and her lips kiss to head of my cock.

She slides up my body, my cock feeling her body slide over it. She moves up my body and lays down on top of me placing her lips on mine. I wrap my arms around her smooth body and hold her close as out tongues meet in our mouths. We kiss for what seems like ten minutes and my cock is still very erect. I roll her over on the king size bed and lay on top of her. Reaching down one hand at a time I spread her legs apart. Kneeling between her legs I sit up.

Looking into bahis siteleri her eyes as I reach down for her ankles, the sunlight creating stars in her eyes. Lifting her legs I place my arms under her knees. Leaning forward I press her knees upward and wider apart. My cock brushes her wet hot pussy as I slide up across it. Rocking my hips slowly, feeling her heat on my cock. Lifting gently as the tip nears her opening, I moan as it presses just inside her. The heat and wetness are driving crazy, I just want pound it in her. I refrain and slowly work my cock in her using slow short motions.

I feel my pubic bone meet hers and my cock buried deep inside her. I moan as her legs tense a little and her pussy squeezes my cock. I can hold back no longer. My hand wide to her sides, her legs trapped on my arms, I lift my hips. Thrusting deep in her with a hard thrust, her breasts sway as our bodies meet. Lifting again I thrust harder, again and again. Our bodies pounding together as we moan.

I slow after a few minutes and sit up with my buried deep inside her. Lifting her legs I hold her ankles. I spread her legs wide and begin thrusting my cock in her again and again. I watch as her head rolls and her breasts bounce. Feeling my balls slapping her buttocks. I bring her legs to my shoulders and wrap my arms around placing my hands on her stomach. Thrusting slowly as I slide my hands up to her breasts, cupping them.

My fingers massage her breasts then find her nipples and pinch them both lightly. Thrusting harder as her hips raise, moans escape her bahis şirketleri lips. I slowly thrust into her body as I roll her nipples between my fingers. Her back arches pressing her breasts outward. I long to thrust more and more. I pause a pull my cock from her hot tight pussy. Pushing her legs to one side. I help her to kneel on the bed as I kneel behind her. Guiding my cock to her wet pussy my hands grip her soft hips.

I moan as my cock slips between her lips again. Pulling on her hips as I thrust forward, I hear the loud ‘popping’ sound of wet skin meeting. The feeling is even more intense, I thrust harder and harder. I look down to see her hands out wide gripping the sheet. I continue thrusting as she moans and pulls the sheets from the bed. Her body tensing as I thrust. Her moans louder than ever my desire deeper and more intense than ever. I thrust my body into hers as hard as I can over and over.

I feel her pussy clamping on my cock again and again. My grip on her hips tighter as I thrust. Her buttocks bouncing as our bodies meet. The emotions and feeling send me over the edge again. Shooting hard shot of cum deep in her tight hot pussy. I hold her body close to mine as the last spasm of my orgasm empties deep in her. I am so exhausted, I lean forward over her back. I kiss the back of her neck, working around from side to side. Kissing behind her ears as my cock pulsates one more time inside her.

I pull my semi hard cock out her wet pussy and lower myself to the bed beside her. I reach out and pull her to me, hugging her smooth body. Kissing her soft lips, feeling her tight buttocks. Out legs mingle together as we lay there. Not a word has been spoken the entire hour and a half she has been here. Holding her tight, we both drift off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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