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This crystal ball of mine is getting quite a work out of late, and you seem to be it’s favorite subject. I’m not surprised because I find you fascinating and very sexy, too. Today I saw you were under the kitchen sink and there seemed to be water everywhere with more running onto the floor every moment. Cursing (don’t curse, Babe, it’s not nice), you hurry past me to turn off the main water faucet. When you come back into the house you call our neighbor who is a plumber, and I might add, your best friend and drinking buddy, and he promises to come over in a little while.

I’m so glad that you have decided to call someone who can fix the leak without making a bigger mess than we already have. You go out to the garage and get the mop to help with sopping up all the water that is on the floor, and this comes as a surprise to me because you seem to be in such a big hurry to get it mopped up. After you have taken the mops and the pail out to the garage, you come back into the kitchen and scoop me up into your arms. As you nibble my neck and carry me to our bedroom I remind you that Robert, our neighbor will be coming over to fix the sink so maybe we should wait until he’s finished. You tell me that the front door is open and he already knows he can just come in and get to work on the sink. I whisper in your ear telling you what a clever man you are and kiss you.

Once in our bedroom you close the door but leave it open just a crack so you can hear canlı bahis Robert when he comes in. Standing me in the middle of the room, you walk to the stereo and turn on some music, then you sit on the bed and tell me you would love me to strip for you. I know you love it when I strip and you also know that there is nothing I won’t do to please you, so I undo the clip holding my hair up, and shaking my head the dark tresses cascade to my shoulders. My hands are above my head and my hips begin to sway to the music.

I turn in slow circles and as I turn I begun to undo the buttons in my blouse, one by one until they are opened all the way to my waist, and you can see my large, firm breasts barely confined in my black lace bra. My hands are on your thighs and I’m bent over you so my cleavage dangles and sways in front of your face and you reach to touch them I back away and tell you that surely the bouncer will throw you out if you touch the dancer. A smile crosses your face and you nod your head, because you like this game of stripper and customer.

As my hips continue to sway, I slip my blouse over my shoulders and allow it to fall to the floor and kick it aside. Reaching around the back of my waist I unzip my skirt, and then placing my hands on the sides of my breasts, I push them together . My head bends down toward them and my tongue flicks between my cleavage, and my eyes are looking right into yours.

The motion of my hips has allowed bahis siteleri my skirt to fall around my ankles and after stepping out of it I kick it toward where my blouse lies on the floor. With my hands pressed above the back of my head I turn around and turn my back to you and bend over , giving you a startling view of my behind which is all but bare because of the black thong I wear. As I wiggle, bent over in front of you, I can feel your hand touch one of my cheeks. Standing and turning toward you I remind you of the bouncer again and your hand returns to your lap.

Hips swaying in circles now, like small thrusts, I reach behind my back and release the clip from by bra, just catch it in front before it falls to reveal my breasts. Slowly I reveal first one luscious breast and then the other and the bra joins the skirt and blouse on the floor. Looking at my nipples I see they are hard and I pinch them and roll them between my fingers and my thumbs for a few moments and realize that I’m getting wet, which makes me all the hotter. Lifting one breast to my mouth, I lick my nipple a few times and then clamp down on it and suck on my self. You are so turned on by this and you see the wet spot forming low on my thong. I switch breasts and suck my other nipple, my eyes closed as I enjoy my own sucking.

When I stop playing with my breasts I realize my hips are more thrusting than swaying and I move toward you knowing that I need a lap dance and bahis şirketleri so do you. Facing you I sit on your lap and turn so I can wrap my legs around your waist and then I begin to very slowly move my hips back and forth, rubbing myself against the hardness inside your shorts. It feels so good for me and I know it’s pleasurable for you, too.

My hands are on my head, fingers caressing my hair and because of that my breasts are jutting there in front of you. Your teeth clamp down hard on one of my nipples and I cry out from the pure please of it. As your other hand kneads my other breast my thrusts come harder and faster and I cum with a low sound in my throat, but wanting more I continue thrusting and rubbing against you and as I cum again, I feel you tense, stiffen and shudder as you cum, too. When you have finished you bury your head in my shoulder and I wrap my arms around you and whisper that I love you. Still catching your breath, you nod in agreement.

The music had stopped long ago and in the silence I heard a moan that seemed to come from our bedroom door. Then I remembered Robert. I looked at you and you were smiling. Smiling! After I had scrambled off your lap I grabbed my blouse off the floor and covered myself with it as best I could as you walk to the door and opened it the rest of the way. In the doorway was Robert, quickly trying to close his pants with fingers obviously coated with the results of his climax.

I was so angry because you had obviously planned for him to watch us and didn’t tell me. After running into the bathroom, slamming the door behind me, I came to realize that maybe Robert watching us was actually kind of erotic.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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