Laura Does Michelle…

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“Michelle, you’re 9:00 appointment is here.”

“Thanks, Tasha, I’ll be right out.”

Michelle was an esthetician with her own clinic. Her clients were varied, mostly women, but lately the number of men coming through the door had picked up. Most came for hair removal on their back, either wax or laser, but some were into bodybuilding and had most of their body hair removed. Few had asked for pubic hair removal although that was a large part of her female clientele. Most of them had the standard bikini line wax, but some more adventurous women wanted more.

“I want a Brazilian” was a common statement when a new customer called. With the smaller bikini bottoms becoming more common and especially with the size of thong panties, most women didn’t like the look of pubic hair sticking outside the edges- especially bathing suits! Michelle’s clinic offered Brazilian treatments, with wax and laser being the most common. She also offered electrolysis the more patient clients went for. It was a much slower process, but more permanent. From what those clients told her, this was the process the more sexually adventurous women wanted. Their partners, both women and men, loved touching and licking a smooth pussy.

This morning’s client, however, was a man who wanted electrolysis done on some hair ‘around the base, if you know what I mean’, was his embarrassed explanation on the phone when he called Michelle to set up an appointment. Trying to make him feel more comfortable, she quickly said “Oh sure, sort of the bikini line type of thing?”. He confirmed that and they set up an appointment. She hadn’t actually done a male customer there before, but had attended a clinic where they explained and showed how it was done. She was quite comfortable with the electrolysis process around the sensitive labia and clitoris area on her female clients, so she knew this new project would be a snap.

She walked out into the waiting room and saw a man sitting there, looking slightly embarrassed, perhaps because of several female clients also sitting there, [probably wondering why he was there. They were smiling, either because of what they were thinking or the fact that he was a very handsome man, late forties or early fifties with sparkling blue eyes and nice salt and pepper hair with a neat goatee.

“Hi, Luke?”, Michelle asked, extending her hand in greeting. “I’m Michelle.”

“Hi. Michelle, yes I’m Luke.” He stood to greet her and took her hand warmly in his. His grip was firm but friendly.

“Please come with me”, Michelle suppressed a smile as several pairs of eyes followed them down the hall. She led him to the room she had just prepared. She motioned for him to enter, then followed him in and closed the door.

“So, I’m guessing by our phone conversation, that this is your first trip to a clinic like mine?”

“Was it that obvious?” he asked, blushing slightly.

“Kind of”, Michelle laughed, “but don’t worry, most men are a bit nervous the first time, even for a back waxing.”

“Ouch, that sounds kind of painful!”

“It’s not bad, especially after the first time when the hair grows back a little finer and slightly less in number. Electrolysis isn’t totally painless, but it’s easy to get used to, even the first time. Please get undressed and I’ll give you this to cover the area to be treated, so to speak.”

She handed him a face cloth and turned around to give him a little privacy.

“Take everything off?”, he asked.

“Well, you can leave your socks on, but yes, everything else.”

He started to undress and she checked the machine settings while she waited.

“Um, Michelle?”


“Um, er, do you have anything a little bigger?” He was holding his pants in front of his naked body.

“Well, we will have to leave some parts uncovered while we work. Don’t worry, I’ve been doing this a long time. There’s no need for either of us to be embarrassed. Just lay down on the bed and we’ll get started.”

He did as he was asked and when she turned around, she saw the reason for his embarrassment. His penis was huge! The face cloth only covered the head and about half the shaft. The rest, as thick as her wrist, was in plain view.

“Oh my”, she said involuntarily. Then she quickly recovered “There’s quite a bit of hair around the base, just as you said”.

She reached down and touched the hair to gauge how coarse it was to set the electrolysis machine. She could feel the blood coursing through the veins on his penis and thought it actually grew a little as she touched the base. Luke’s penis was very thick and a nice soft brown colour. She wondered what colour the head was and how big. She cool feel her pussy moisten slightly in her lace panties and wished she had wore cotton ones. She felt like she was going to get wetter as they went along.

She pulled her stool up to the bed and pulled the magnifying light over his groin and was ready to begin.

“This will feel a little like a pin prick but the pain goes away quickly. Are you ready?”

“Ready canlı bahis as I’ll ever be. Be gentle, doctor” Luke joked,

Michelle laughed and gently put her hand on his shaft to begin. She inserted the needle in the first hair follicle and pressed the foot pedal. Luke jumped a bit, not uncommon for a new patient.

“Sorry, is that too painful?”

“No, it just caught me by surprise.”

It also caught Michelle by surprise, as when he jumped, the face cloth fell off his penis and she saw the whole thing for the first time. It looked to be about twelve inches long and the huge purple head was half covered with foreskin. She picked up the face cloth and placed it back over the head of his penis, leaving most of it uncovered this time. She felt a surge of energy rush through her clitoris, knowing she should cover him more. In fact, she wouldn’t bother to cover him at all, but didn’t want to embarrass him.

She continued and as she worked, she talked to him about everyday things, trying to make him feel more comfortable and to help her take her mind of the large organ in front of her. She found out he had a stepdaughter, Laura, who turned out to be a customer of hers as well. Since Laura’s last name was different than Luke’s she didn’t make the connection. She asked Luke how things went with Laura, knowing some of her customers had difficulty accepting someone else’s children in a new relationship.

“Oh, it’s great. Laura, and her sister, Sara are great kids. Living in a small house, though, makes it tough to have much privacy, if you know what I mean.”

“For sure, I guess you learn to plan things a little differently.” Michelle replied.

She figured Luke was thinking about those “things” as his penis appeared to be growing. The face cloth was almost totally off him now.

“There are a few hairs up here higher on the shaft. Shall I get those as well?”

“Sure, um, Cheryl sometimes complains about them. It would be good to get rid of them.”


“Oh, about getting a hair in her mouth”, he laughed awkwardly.

Michelle definitely saw Luke’s cock twitch then probably thinking about his woman going down on him. She wondered how any woman would be able to get this massive thing in her mouth. As she reached up on the shaft, the face cloth fell off completely and Michelle could see Luke’s cock had grown a little more and the foreskin was pulled back so that just the glans were covered. The slit on the end of the head had opened a bit and there was precum dripping on his belly. She resisted the urge to wipe it up with her finger and taste it.

“I’m just going to reset the machine, these hairs are finer.”

She stood up and walked over to the console. She reset the machine and before she turned back, slipped her hand under her skirt and inside her panties. Her clit was as hard as a bullet and her swollen lips were drenched. She slipped a finger into her pussy and suppressed a moan. She pulled her hand out and licked off her finger so Luke wouldn’t smell it.

As she turned back, she saw his cock had hardened and the foreskin had pulled back completely. The head was hard and dark purple now, and making quite a puddle on his belly. She sat back down and took the hard shaft in her hand, in order to reach the hairs on the upper shaft. She felt the huge cock pulse in her hand. In order to reach the hairs on the underside of the shaft, she had to point the end of his penis up towards his chest. As she did so, the massive organ grew a little more, already several inches past his navel. It also started to lift off his stomach.

Michelle continued to remove the finer hairs on the underside of Luke’s cock, trying to concentrate but the way it throbbed in her hand and the puddle of precum that was forming on his chest, she found it hard to concentrate on her work. Thankfully, she was going to finish soon. She felt a strong urge to masturbate when he left.

“We’ll soon be done, Luke. You doing okay?”

“Fine, it doesn’t hurt once you get used to it. Sorry about the puddle I’m making.”

“That’s okay. You seem to produce quite a bit of precu…er, lubrication. I guess with your size, that’s a big help.”

“Yeah, it is, but even with that, no way will Cheryl let me near her ass.”

Feeling a little bolder now, Michelle grasped the shaft in her hand, wanting to see if she could get her small fingers around it. Not even close, there was about a 2″ gap from her thumb to her forefinger. She did this in the pretence of moving the shaft forward. It was as stiff as a tree branch.

“Um, can you push your, penis forward? There’s few hairs on the upper side of the shaft I missed.”

Luke grasped his cock near the head, and a large drop of precum fell off the end onto the back of Michelle’s hand. She pretended to wipe it on the end of the towel he was laying on, but actually wiped it on the inside of her thigh, near the edge of her panties, which were soaking wet now. She rubbed her thumb over her clit. She noticed Luke’s bahis siteleri hand didn’t quite go all the way around his cock now that it seemed to be at its maximum size.

She finished removing the last of the hairs and said “That’s about it, I’ll get a bit of lotion to ease the redness.”

As she stood up and turned toward the counter, Luke slid his hand over the wet knob and down the shaft. She wanted to see him masturbate and hoped he would continue. As he pulled the skin towards the base of his cock, the huge purple head swelled angrily and a huge drop of precum dropped onto his belly. She turned back with the lotion. Not speaking, she poured a small amount on to the base of his cock. Normally she would spread it with the cloth, but this time she used her hand, sliding it up the full length and over the head. She moved her hand slowly down the front of the shaft and gave it a slight squeeze.

“Does that feel a little better?”

“It feels a lot better!”

“Behave yourself!” Michelle laughed and playfully slapped his belly.

“What about these big hairy boys?” and grabbed one of his testicles. “We can wax then if you like.”

“I never really thought of that. Do many guys get them waxed?”

“I do a few, and it would probably look better with your new smoothness.” As she said it, she slid her hand up the now hairless shaft. Then she looked at her watch.

“But, we’ll have to schedule another appointment as I have another client coming in a few minutes. You can book it with Tasha at the front desk. Are you, um, going to be able to get dressed like that?” She looked down at his massive erection, pointing up toward his chin.

“Well, I could probably take care of it, but there’s no time.” As he said that he slid his hand up and down his massive cock a couple of times. “…if you know what I mean.”

“Yes, I think I get the picture. Maybe next time you should book an hour and a half, then I can leave you alone to take care of that.”

As Luke sat up and leaned toward the end of the bed to reach for his underwear, she couldn’t help notice the head of his upward-pointing erection hit him on the cheek. She could have sworn she saw his tongue dart out toward the knob. He did as best as he could to squeeze that huge snake into his jeans, It was so hard he couldn’t point it down his leg, so he snapped his jeans with about six inches of hard cock sticking up past his belt and pulled his sweat shirt down over it. He looked up at Michelle who couldn’t help stare at his cock.

“This thing can be a real pain in the ass sometimes.”

“No pun intended, I’m sure.” Michelle laughed

She walked Luke to the front counter, thanked him for his business and said she’d see him at their next appointment. With that, she returned to the room to tidy up for the next customer. She closed and locked the door and walked over to the bed. There was a small puddle of precum on the sheet and she scooped it up in her hand. She brought her hand up to her nose, smelling its musky fragrance and then licked her hand clean, sucking on her fingers. She pulled up her skirt and tore off her soaked lacy thong. She buried two fingers into her dripping cunt and proceeded to give herself a quick orgasm so she could be composed for the next customer, a middle-aged woman who liked to keep her pussy bare for her husband.

She wondered what it would feel like to shove that monster cock into her sopping wet cunt right now. She was so horny, if he was still in the room she’d shove his cock head in her mouth and then beg him to fuck her. As she rubbed her clit, she bent down and licked the rest of the precum off the sheet. All of a sudden she started to come and then heard a knock on the door.

“Your next customer id here, Michelle.”

“Mmmph”.. she stifled a scream as her orgasm continued.

“Are you okay, Michelle?”

“Yeah”, she gasped, “just twisted my ankle turning from the counter. I’ll be right out.”

The rest of the day went by without incident. When Michelle got home that night, she drew a hot bath and soaked away her frustration, unable to get the image of Luke’s massive cock out of her mind. She made herself come three times before she finally fell asleep.

Early the next morning, Michelle was getting her room set up for the next customer. Suddenly, she heard a voice behind her.

“Hey, sexy, ready for your hottest customer?”

She turned around to see Laura Striller come bouncing into the room. She was a pretty brunette, young and full of life. She was wearing the tiniest of white sundresses which accented her sexy young figure.

“Tasha was on the phone and pointed to the door, so I figured I’d come right in.”

“No problem, Laura”, Michelle laughed, “I was just laying out my instruments of torture. You’re here for the Brazilian electrolysis, right?”

“You got it, babe”, Laura replied as she closed the door behind her. She grabbed the hem of her sundress and pulled it up over her head. Not wearing a bra, she was standing there, tanned bahis şirketleri and wearing only a tiny white lace thong that you could see through.

“I love this time of year, I don’t need to wear a bra over these tiny boobs.” Laura’s breasts weren’t large, but they were far from small. Close to 34B with rather large, very puffy nipples.

Michelle looked up from the electrolysis machine, after adjusting the settings.

“You have gorgeous breasts, Laura, and most girls would love to have them.”

“Yeah, but look at you, you must be at lease a ‘C’ cup, I would love to have breasts like yours.”

“They may be a little bigger, but they’re definitely not as perky as those!”, she laughed and pointed to Laura’s breasts, the nipples hardening slightly in the air-conditioned room.

“You don’t look like you’re wearing a bra, show me yours, I bet they stand up well!”, Laura said.

“We should get to work here”, Michelle argued.

“Come on, hot stuff. I showed you mine, show me yours!”, Laura said, peeling off her lacy thong. Michelle noticed she had been shaved around her labia, a little hair left on her mons.

“Oh, all right.”

Michelle unbuttoned the top of her uniform dress. Laura was right, she wasn’t wearing a bra. She pulled the top of the dress down over her shoulders, topless to the waist. Her breasts were quite a bit larger than Laura’s, and only sagged a little from their size. The areoles and nipples were large and dark brown, a contrast to Michelle’s light complexion and blonde hair.

“Fuck, they’re awesome! See? I told you they didn’t sag.” Laura walked up to her and placed her hands under Michelle’s breasts, lifting them a little. “And how nice and heavy they are.” She lightly pinched a nipple and laughed, hopping up onto the bed.

“Hurry up and get to work, sexy, before I do you right here!”

Michelle blushed a little and wile she pulled her dress up over her breasts, she felt a tingle in her pussy. Laura’s hands on her breasts, and looking at the pretty young girl lying there, teasingly spreading her legs was making Michelle’s pussy moisten considerably.

Michelle pushed her sliding seat up to the edge of the bed and sat down. She pulled the magnifying light over Laura’s pussy and adjusted the angle.

“Looks like someone has been doing some shaving since the last time you were here. We just did electrolysis on the hair on your labia.”

“Yeah, I was over at my friend, Kayley’s, house the other night and we were trying on bathing suits. She’s got, like, two dozen bikinis. Most of them won’t cover much, and I had some hairs sticking out the bottom. She offered to shave me, so I could get a better idea of how the bikini looked.”

“Well, she did a pretty good job. No nicks that I can see, and she trimmed everything well.”

“Yeah, she made sure the skin around my clit was bald, she says I have a really big clit and I should show it off.”

Michelle began the hair removal with the electric needle, and talked as she worked.

“Your clit looks pretty normal to me.”

“Yeah”, Laura laughed, “but you haven’t seen it hard. It does grow quite a bit. Kayley calls it my ‘little cock’ .”

Michelle felt another twinge in her pussy. It had grown quite moist and Michelle was hoping she didn’t leave a wet spot on the seat that Laura might notice after the session. As she removed more hair around Laura’s mound, she asked the girl how much she wanted removed.

“Well”, Laura began, I’d like you to keep working on the hair on my outer lips, and Kayley said she noticed a few hairs on my inner lips when she was shaving me. Can you see them?” Laura reached down and spread her lips with her hand.

Michelle squinted as she looked through the magnifier.

“Yes, if you can keep your lips spread, I can get at them.”

Laura pulled her outer lips apart and Michelle started removing the fine hairs. She noticed a few drops of moisture flowing from the young girl’s vagina, down over her bum. Laura moaned quietly.

“Are you okay? Does this hurt?”

“No, it just feels good when someone has their hands on my lips down there.”

“Even when they have a needle in their hand?”, Michelle laughed.

“Yes, especially when they have such a soft touch like you do. If I was gay, I’d be begging you to do me right now.”

Michelle noticed Laura’s clit was starting to grow. It hardened and was sticking up a little more than it had before. Laura rubbed her thumb over it and it thickened considerably.

“Hey, keep your hand off that, I can’t see what I’m doing.”

“Told you I had a big clit.” Laura looked down and saw it had grown to its fullest.

“You certainly do. And from what I can see, a very wet pussy.”

“Want a taste?”

“Behave, sister, We have work to do.”

“Maybe later?”


Laura moaned softly and tried to keep still. Her pussy was literally dripping now and it was having an effect on Michelle too. Her own clit hardened and she felt her labia starting to swell and moisten. She didn’t know how long she could concentrate on the job at hand.

“I heard Luke was in to see you the other day”, Laura said.

“Yes, it was his first visit. He seemed to get along okay.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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