Lavender Ch. 03

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Turning her back to her lover again, she walked to the bed, her hips swaying lightly. She crawled across the silk like a sensuous cat, arching her back before she turned over. Laying back, her legs hanging over the edge, she gave him a perfect view of her open thighs and bare lips. She ran her hands lightly over her body, back and forth, enticing him to watch as her hands traveled to her breasts. Stroking the silk tie around her neck, she picked it up and rubbed it lightly over her nipples. It slid effortlessly over her ever-hardening tips, reminding her of his feathery kisses. Flipping the tie over her shoulder, she ran her fingers over the stiff nubs, squeezing lightly and rolling them back and forth as she moaned softly.

He watched her, wishing fervently that he was both his tie and her fingers. Drawing in a breath, he gasped as he watched her fingers roam down her smooth stomach and past the lavender garter belt. He could see the lips of her pussy glistening with her arousal. Breathing faster, he watched the tip of one finger canlı bahis delve between her legs, rubbing lightly. Her moaning served as an aphrodisiac, heightening his own arousal and longing. He watched as she rubbed her clit faster and slid one slender finger inside herself, lifting her hips at the penetration.

Letting one leg fall further to the side, she watched his reaction out of the corner of her eye. She could see the bulge beneath his boxers swelling as she once again slid her finger inside her slick heat. Closing her eyes, she gave herself to the sensations washing through her body. She added another finger and continued to push faster and harder, moving her hips with each thrust. Her other hand strayed up to pinch and stretch her dusky nipples…she couldn’t hold off much longer. The thought of him watching her every movement…seeing her pleasure herself, brought her to the brink of orgasm.

Standing up with the last shreds of his self-control, he walked over to the edge of their bed. He knew she was so enraptured bahis siteleri by her desires that she would not notice him. He could take her teasing no longer. Slipping his silk boxers off, he waited for the moment when her fingers would withdraw. Seeing his opportunity, he wrapped his hands around her sculptured knees and slid into her soft, willing heat in one fluid stroke. He groaned at her tightness as her body gripped his like a hot, wet, silken sheath.

Gasping at his sudden penetration, she arched her hips to draw him deeper inside of her. As he pulled back she felt his rough patch of hair scrape over her engorged clit and bare lips. That was all it took to finally push her over the edge. Her body tensed as she felt her inner walls spasm and massage themselves around his hardness. But he was relentless, never giving her a moment to breathe.

He saw her body visibly tense with her impending orgasm and groaned as he felt her pussy walls grip him, massaging him over and over. Normally he would have given her a minute bahis şirketleri to luxuriate in the feelings coursing through her body, but after the tease she had put him through he couldn’t bring himself to stop. He pushed into her clenching pussy, feeling her become even wetter with every thrust. Leaning his head down to her breasts, he lightly bit her hard nipples adding to the sensations flooding her body.

She moaned loudly as she felt his teeth nip at her nipples and his cock thrust into her simultaneously. Giving him a half-hearted push with her hands as the sensations became overwhelming, her legs wrapped around him and pulled him deeper into her. Releasing her legs, he moved up to her gasping mouth and kissed her deeply. Then taking her fingers between his lips he sensuously licked her juices off of them one by one. Extending her hands above her head, he pinned them by the wrists with one of his own. Letting his free hand wander past her silk garter belt, he rubbed her exposed clit as he thrust harder and faster. Feeling his own release coming he pinched her clit softly as he exploded, taking her with him. Writhing beneath him, panting through her ecstasy, she looked deep into his eyes and finally broke the silence, whispering, “I love you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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