Laying Savannah Over

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Road Trip Journal IV

Impatiently tapping her fingers on the arm rest, Savannah stood up as the pilot announced that all flights out of Denver had been cancelled due to extreme weather. No shit. That much was obvious as she glimpsed snow falling heavily outside the cabin windows. Damn it, anyway. She was anxious to be back in Boston and begin to ferret out that which her lover wanted to hide from her. Despite the ominous warning he’d given, something about his last words bothered her. It almost seemed as if, well, as if he cared. As if his ultimatum were his way of protecting her. She’d had plenty of time to think about her current predicament in the last few days during her stay in California.

It was becoming more apparent with each passing hour that the only reason her lover was hiding his identity from her was because either he had never planned on doing so in the first place and all this was just one big head game to him; or, most likely, though perhaps a bit more dramatic, was that he had some dark truth he was keeping from her. Or perhaps both reasons applied. Whichever the case may be, Savannah felt it was time the games ended, and she discover the man he really was.

Heaving a weary sigh she walked down the tunnel into the terminal, her stilettos forging a frustrated path to the nearest watering hole. She carefully arranged herself on the only available stool. Her already short skirt crept further up her shapely thigh. Impatiently she reached with one hand to tug it back down but a male hand came to rest on hers, stopping the motion. Startled she looked next to her up into a set of compelling eyes.

“Don’t pull it down, honey. You’ll deprive every guy in here of the best view to be had in this snowstorm.”

A finger traced a mesmerizing path from her hand up her arm to rest lightly against her face. Savannah became aware that she’d been holding her breath as a light-headed feeling overcame her. She grasped that hand in hers for support and exhaled, at which point her heart began beating at an accelerated rate. Her body seemed to have a mind of its own as she leaned into the caress. He’d been right, of course. She was as much a hostage to her own sexual nature as she now was to his ultimatum. She nervously licked her lips and stared at him, letting her body language and eyes do the talking. It was obvious from his response he felt the same.

His other arm wrapped around her and lifted her off the stool, allowing a slow glide down his body. She felt his semi-hard dick cradled in her pelvis as her feet came in contact with the floor. Instantly her nipples were pebble hard as her pussy pulsed in a needy spasm. Even after all she’d experienced in the last few days her body was making it clear to her that her sex drive was as strong as ever. In front of her stood the instrument of her release and with an inner “why the hell not?” went with it.

“Where to?” she asked boldly.

With an appreciative grin he turned slightly and headed toward the exit leading back into the throng of people crowding the airport. With hurried steps he guided her toward a utility door, but found it to be locked. Impatient they made their way further and further away from the more crowded areas of the airport.

“I’m Steve, by the way”, he said abruptly as his eyes scanned for any canlı bahis possible location for their impending tryst.

“I’m Savannah”, she managed breathlessly as his pace suddenly increased.

He veered right and left, and then left again. He seemed to have a destination in mind as his gaze appeared to be fixed to something ahead of them. He looked over at her briefly in an assessing manner, nodding as if coming to a conclusion.

“It suits”, was all he said.

He yanked her closer to his side, narrowly avoiding a collision with some unruly kids. Fast on their heels harried looking parents chased them down.

“Ah, here we are”, he said.

Savannah looked up to see a door marked Men, with yellow caution tape and cones around it. An orange sign indicated that repairs were in progress and that the restroom was a hazard. Looking around to make sure they were not being observed Steve lifted her over the tape and then followed, pushing her gently forward into the bathroom. Steve took stock of the restroom, pleased to note that there was no apparent flooding or foul odor present. There was a crate in one area of the space near the furthest stalls. Some tools lay about but there was not much else. No one seemed to be about.

Quickly he guided Savannah to the crate and lifted her onto it. With some careful maneuvering this should work quite well, he thought to himself. Her hands were already busily undoing his shirt as he leaned down to kiss her. One of his buttons popped off in her haste to touch his skin. He leaned into her and immediately her legs wrapped around his legs, holding him prisoner. His hands made quick work of her sweater, which he laid down on the crate behind her.

Her breasts were encased lovingly in black lace, the pink of her nipples showing through the delicate material. He took only seconds before urgently pulling the fleshy globes from the protective embrace of her bra. His mouth latched onto her left breast while his hand kneaded the right. He rolled and pinched the nipple between thumb and forefinger, eliciting a deep moan from Savannah. He repeated the motion as he suckled at her breast; his tongue swirled in lazy circles around her aureole.

By this time Savannah had his shirt completely open and was raking her nails down his chest, and up and down his sides and back. She grappled with his jeans finally managing to get the button undone. Carefully she lowered the zipper over the growing bulge at the front of his jeans. He moaned around her nipple as her hand latched onto his cock. She stroked him to greater hardness, her murmur of appreciation turning into delight as he grazed a nipple with his teeth.

“I want you inside me, Steve” she gasped out.

He stepped more fully between her spread thighs. Her skirt had ridden up to her waist and the only barrier between them was her black lacy thong. He rubbed his dick against her crotch and groaned as he felt the revealing wetness that had soaked through her panties. He thrust more forcefully, causing the fabric of her panties to ride up into the opening of her slit.

“Damn baby, this is gonna be good.”

He impatiently tugged the fabric from her twat and replaced it with three of his fingers. She lay back onto the crate and spread her legs further, offering him better access. bahis siteleri Wasting no time he knelt in front of her offering and dove in. His tongue penetrated her wet pussy and fucked her until she was writhing with her first orgasm. Juices gushed and coated his tongue but he didn’t slow his pace.

He continued tongue-fucking her, ignoring her pleas for him to “just fuck me, baby, I need your cock in me now!”

He dragged a finger through the juice leaking from around his tongue and shoved it into her ass. His finger rotated inward and then out again. She erupted once again as two more fingers made their way into her tight anus.

“Please, baby, Steve; oh God pleaaasee, fuck meee!” she cried out.

Unceasing and without mercy he finger-fucked her ass to another orgasm, and then another. His tongue continued its erotic torture with an occasional pause so that his teeth might graze her swollen clit and puffy lips. Her hips moved uncontrollably, fucking his face frantically in an effort to force his tongue deeper. A high keening cry echoed off the bathroom walls as a stronger explosion rocked her body. Incoherent now Savannah could only manage a few moans as he continued to wreak havoc on her flesh.

When he was satisfied with his handiwork Steve grabbed a condom from his wallet. He was about to tear the packet open when her urgent hands stopped him.

“Wait, wait!” she cried.

“What the fuck? Just a second ago you were begging for it!”

“I know but, mmmmm; can I taste you first?”

Her eyes stared longingly at his throbbing dick. Without waiting for a reply she got on her knees in front of him and pressed his ass-cheeks, urging him closer with her hands. Her mouth opened and engulfed the head of his cock as she increased the pressure on his backside. Groaning with this delightful turn of events he put his hands on the back of her head and applied his own pressure, forcing his cock further down her throat. Without missing a beat Savannah relaxed her throat muscles and allowed the deeper penetration. Her saliva coated the length of his cock as he began fucking her mouth. Her tongue made swirls along the shaft and around his cock-head.

Eventually she was able to take all of him down her throat. His hands gripped her head more forcefully and he increased his thrusts to a fever pitch. Just before he blew she wrapped thumb and forefinger at the base of his cock and squeezed, halting the eruption.

Taking her mouth off him she murmured, “Not yet, baby”, and then stood up. She took the condom from his hand and opened the packet, then quickly slid it over his dick. She turned away from him and propped her hands on the crate in front of her.

Looking back at him she commanded, “Fuck me now!”

Her panties had resumed their previous position in her crack so Steve pushed it aside and replaced them with his dick. He teased her swollen lips with the head of his cock, sliding it up and down the length of her opening. Savannah moaned impatiently, needing to feel him deep inside. With one final teasing stroke he suddenly plunged his entire length up her snatch. He gripped the top of her shoulders to force her into a stationary position and began pumping and grinding into her. Beyond herself now Savannah threw back her head and chanted “yes, fuck me, yes fuck bahis şirketleri me” over and over. Her mantra propelled him into delivering stronger thrusts. His balls slapped against her ass, adding yet another layer of sensation.

He pulled out but before she could voice her objection; he laid her on her back onto the crate. Grabbing her ankles in both hands and spreading her legs wide he forged back into her waiting cunt. Savannah rose up on her elbows and stared intently at the cock invading her needy flesh. With every inward stroke her pussy seemed to grasp him even tighter back into her hot tunnel. Each thrust had him buried to his pubes, and on every outward stroke she could see every inch of his cock except for the very tip.

Weakly she lay back as she felt another oncoming orgasm approach. Looking directly into his eyes she screamed as it overcame her. She egged him to further aggressiveness with explicit words of how good he felt inside her pussy, how hot his flesh felt, how she just wanted him to continue fucking her until he exploded. With a wild look he clasped her legs together and pressed more tightly up against her, placing her legs over one of his shoulders. He hugged her legs tightly to him and slammed over and over into her.

“You want this, bitch”, he growled, surprising himself as the words left his mouth.

Savannah could only moan her agreement and strived to squeeze his dick tighter with her inner muscles.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum”, he muttered.

He wrapped her legs around him and drove harder into her cunt. Savannah screamed as one final orgasm rushed through her. Even through the latex Steve could feel the hot rush of her cum. It was enough to send him over and with a guttural moan he felt his own release rush up from his balls. Their heavy breathing echoed off the walls of the men’s room as they struggled to regain some semblance of equilibrium.

Steve helped her to sit up and smooth her clothing. He reached down and pulled off the condom, tossing it in a nearby trash can. Impulsively Savannah lowered herself to her knees in front of him and started licking his still semi-hard dick.

“Oh, damn”, he said in amazement as his cock started to respond to her renewed ministrations.

She cupped his sac in one hand and rolled and gently squeezed his balls as she continued licking and sucking his shaft. Soon her head was bobbing in a mesmerizing cadence; up & down, up & down, up & down. Each bob took her further down his length, which was growing rapidly. All Steve could do was hold on and enjoy the ride. Faster and faster she bobbed on his dick. Occasionally her teeth would graze the underside of his bulbous head, eliciting sharply inhaled breaths and jerky moans.

Unbelievably Steve felt the fire build in his balls again. Her other hand was now busy stroking him, counterpart to her bobbing mouth. His sudden release took them both by surprise, Savannah especially as his wildly pulsing dick popped out of her mouth and hot jism splattered across her cheeks, lips, and her chin. She quickly recovered his cock into her mouth in time to catch the next load. It hit the back of her mouth, coated her tongue, and rolled down her throat.

“Damn, I’m sorry babe”, said Steve, but really he wasn’t.

Seeing his seed painted over her face made him hungry for more of her. And as he watched her swipe his cum off her face and lick it clean off her fingers, he hoped that the storm raging outside would continue so that he could continue her layover. So to speak.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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