Learning the Ropes Ch. 01

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Long time reader, first time submitter. Please leave any feedback you like! I have ideas for more chapters in progress.

I pull another shirt from the dryer, grasp the shoulder seams and shake it out. As I fold it and lay it on the pile, I remember the last time my wife wore it, the dark navy v-neck contrasting with the lightly freckled skin of her decolletage, the sparkly swoosh design leading down to her white shorts that left her toned legs exposed for my admiration. I smile to myself as I recall peeling it off her torso, can feel for a moment her nipple hardening against my tongue, see the skin pucker as I blew cool air on it, and hear her playful moan as I switched to warm breath before taking it back into my mouth.


Daydream over, I yell “Just a minute!” back up the steps, placing the piles into the basket and grabbing it before I head up the stairs.

“Where’s Mommy?” she asks as I come into my bedroom.

“She had to work late tonight,” I say, glad that I’m not euphemizing this time.

I lift her pile and beckon her into her own room, where she climbs into bed while I put her clothes in the drawers. I read her a chapter of her latest Junie B. Jones book and give her a kiss goodnight, reminding her that I love her as I leave.

Back in my room, I feel the exhaustion wash over me, but set about the task of emptying the laundry basket. I tuck the last shirt into my drawer and collapse on the bed. My mind is a blur of the last few months – conflict, anger, and fear, from which better communication, cooperation and caring have started to emerge. I don’t know exactly what the future holds, but don’t feel as desperate as I have in the past.

I will myself into the bathroom and brush my teeth and collapse back into the bed. I set the alarm, turn off the light, and close my eyes.

As I’m drifting off, I feel my wife slide into the bed behind me. She leans over and gives me our now-customary goodnight kiss, on my cheek. But instead of immediately turning back to her side of the bed, I feel her press her body against my back and her arm drape across my chest. She idly strokes my torso for a bit, and then, perhaps testing to see if I’m actually asleep, she starts to trace her fingers over my nipples through my shirt.

I continue to lie still, eyes closed and breathing as steady canlı bahis as I can manage, waiting to see where this might go. I feel her shift and she props herself up on one arm, and the other one moves from my chest to my shoulder, starting to move away. She’s decided that I’m asleep.

I wonder for a moment whether I should contradict her. I sense her head moving in for another peck on the cheek, but then I feel her tongue slide up the back of my earlobe. She breathes into my ear, not saying anything, but I hear a faint hint of humming from the back of her throat. She pulls her lips back and bites lightly, then sucks the lobe into her mouth. When she lets go, she blows into my ear again, and her hand moves up to gently trace the line of my jaw.

I give up my charade and squirm my butt back against her crotch, starting to turn back towards her. “So, tough night at work?” I whisper.

She nods, smiling with her lips pursed to let me know she doesn’t want to talk right now. I turn my head towards her as she plants a row of kisses along my jawline. She reaches my chin and moves her lips towards mine. I strain my head towards her, but she nips my bottom lip with hers and pulls her head away.

She sits up a little more and pushes some hair behind her ear, still grinning that sexy smile at me. I turn over a little more and reach for her, but she catches my wrist and pins it to the bed. Swinging a leg over me, she grabs my other arm and pushes it to the bed above my head with the other one. She raises one eyebrow and grins, knowing that she’s surprising me a bit. She lowers her head towards mine, but keeps it just out of reach. But I’m no longer straining against her – this is one of the hottest things she’s ever done.

She gives me a gentle kiss on the inside of my bicep, and then another, moving down to my shoulder, and then up my neck. She takes my earlobe in her mouth again, and then breathes hot air into it. “I want you so bad, my love,” she whispers.

I nod in agreement, and she pushes my arms into the bed to keep them there, and then moves her hands to the hem of my t-shirt. I lift my torso slightly so that she can remove it. Throwing it onto the floor, she uses one hand to keep my wrists pinned while she kisses my neck, and then my collarbone. Her other hand comes down and pinches one nipple. With a push to let bahis siteleri me know they should stay there, she releases my wrists so she can continue kissing down my body. She kisses my pec and then licks at my nipple, before sucking it into her mouth and flicking her tongue across it. I groan, and then strain my hips upward when she scrapes her teeth across it.

One thigh is now pressing against my rock-hard dick, and I push up into it. But she moves the leg away, pulling her whole body away from me. I reach for her, but she slaps my hand away, telling me to keep both hands on the headboard. She takes her shirt off, and as I see those perfect pink nipples start to pucker from the excitement and the cold air, my hunger for them is too much, and I lunge for her body again.

She laughs, and says, “You don’t follow instructions very well, do you? We’ll have to do something about that.” She reaches into the cabinet where we keep our toys and pulls out the soft rope cuffs. I put my hands back by the iron headboard and she slips the cuffs over my wrists, the middle wrapping around the bars. “That’s better,” she says.

She resumes kissing my torso, starting at my hip, just above the waistband of my boxers. She stays off to the side, leaving my cock to strain by itself as she works her way back up to my nipples. She slowly closes her teeth across the surface of one while sucking cold air in across it. Again, she teases me with the promise of a kiss on my mouth, only to pull away at the last moment. Then she crawls down between my legs and starts mouthing the inside of my knee, moving slowly towards my groin. One hand slides up the leg of my boxers and gently cups my scrotum, and wiggles its fingers towards my butt. Finally her kisses reach the hem of my shorts and she mutters, “There’s something in my way,” grasping the waistband as I arch my back and she pulls them off. I lie there, naked and bound at the wrists as she surveys my body and playfully asks, “Well, what shall we do with this?”

In answer, she lowers her head towards my waist, again kissing the point of my hip. She slowly moves her head towards my tool, which is twitching almost involuntarily. She slides a hand up my thigh and grasps the root of my prick to hold it still, and then opens her mouth wide over it. She breathes hot air over the head, and then down the bahis şirketleri shaft. Drops of fluid are glistening on the tip. She extends her tongue and licks from the base to the head in one smooth motion before pulling away. She uses her hand to stroke me and massage the pre-come into my skin before finally lowering her beautiful lips around my head, flicking her tongue out at it.

My body is screaming for more contact, more pressure, and I arch my hips up at her, but she won’t relent. She licks up the top of my dick, slowly, and then each side, before suddenly plunging her head down and wrapping almost my entire tool with her hot lips, mouth and tongue. She stays as far down as she can for a moment, wiggling her tongue against the bottom of my shaft.

“Oooonnnnh,” I moan, loving the intense sensation after the build-up. She pulls her head back, and then slides down again, beginning the rhythmic tongue massage she knows will bring me to climax. After several strokes, she pulls her head off and grasps my cock, sliding her hand up and down, her index finger stroking my glans. “Mmm,” she purrs. “Are you going to come for me?”

“Oh, yeah,” I say, and she drops her mouth back onto my dick. She rubs harder and harder on the underside with her tongue, occasionally pausing at the top of the stroke to swipe her tongue around the head.

I stretch my legs out to the side as my toes begin to curl. “Oh. My. God,” I manage to whisper. My lover adds her hands to the sensational mix, tickling my sac with one and wrapping the other around the shaft to help her mouth. My hips are bucking up at her, and every nerve in my body is buzzing.

“Oh!” I shout, and she plunges down, holding her mouth over most of my cock. I press my hips into her face as the first jet spurts out of my dick, and she keeps swallowing as more and more erupts. She gradually begins a few slow steady strokes as I come down, carefully avoiding my over-sensitive head. I start to soften and she lets my clean dick fall from her mouth and slides her body up next to mine.

“Mmmm,” she purrs in my ear, then kissing my cheek.. “That was fun.”

“That…was fantastic,” I gasp.

She fetches a towel off the floor and gently wipes some of the sweat and saliva from her mouth, and then my body, throwing the towel into the now-empty laundry basket. She slips the cuffs off of my wrists and I wrap my arms around her, trying to get our bodies as close as possible. I kiss her face and neck slowly.

“You are so amazing, my love. Thank you so much. Now, what can I do for you?”

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