Leaving Present

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The dispensing room was compact and only just big enough for two people to work in. Julia was preparing a large batch of prescription drugs for the local old people’s home.

Jamie leant across her to check stocks of different drugs for what felt like the twentieth time since she had arrived that afternoon. If she didn’t know that he was genuinely trying to complete his audit she would have guessed he was deliberately trying to get on her nerves.

Jamie was a locum pharmacist who was carrying out a statutory audit of the pharmacy and had been working there for the last two weeks. There had been quite a lot of light hearted banter between Jamie and the three pharmacy assistants but today he was trying to finish the final stage of the audit and Julia needed to complete the drugs dispensing so there was a bit of tension as they got in each other’s way. The pharmacy owner Mr Armin was out for the rest of the day so Jamie was also covering as the onsite qualified pharmacist.

Julia turned to face Jamie as he leant across her again, “Look, if I go a make a cup of tea for us, can you hurry up and finish so I can get on with my work?” she asked gently putting her hands on his chest and pushing him away. His chest felt quite firm to the touch and she suddenly wondered if he worked out or was naturally muscled.

Jamie smiled, “Lovely, milk no sugar please. Any chocolate biscuits?” he added.

“Don’t push your luck, I just want you out from under my feet so I can get this done and get changed before I leave!” replied Julia trying to sound stern but with a smile on her face.

“Are you going on a hot date?” Jamie asked, “I thought you were a happily married woman?” he teased.

“No,” Julia replied.

“No you’re not happily married?” asked Jamie twisting her words.

“No, I’ve not got a hot date, not unless you call meeting with Kristy to watch her latest partner at a darts match at the Cock Inn as a hot date?” she retorted and stepped into the small kitchenette.

“Kristy, do you want tea or coffee?” called out Julia.

“An ice cold PIMMS would be nice, but coffee will do!” Kristy replied from the shop counter area.

“I’ll get us a jug of PIMMS on our date at the pub later,” called out Jamie.

“Oh Julie’s asked you out to make up a foursome?” said Kristy, “Be careful with her old man away so much she is a desperate housewife!”

“I hope I can live up to her expectations,” joked Jamie, “Should I grab some Viagra just in case?”

Julia missed the last of the banter as the noise from the kettle drowned out Jamie and Kristy. She walked back to the dispensing room with the tea and coffee and found Jamie and Kristy giggling.

“Am I missing something?” she asked.

“No Jules, just showing Jamie some pictures of a couple of puppies on my new iPhone,” replied Kristy innocently.

“Well here’s the tea, coffee and biscuits. Take it through to the consulting room,” said Julia to Kristy, “I’m going to finish the dispensing and get changed so you can shoot off home early.”

She could hear them laughing while she worked but could not make out what they were discussing but it was probably something quite smutty knowing Kristy. Julia knew that Kristy had fancied Jamie the minute she had seen a picture of him on his iPhone in his Rugby kit; she had asked to look at on the pretext of buying the same phone but she really wanted to see if he had any significant others. However she needn’t have been as devious as Jamie had given Julia a rundown of his life including the fact he had no one in his life at the moment due mainly to the breakup of his last relationship eighteen months previously. The fact that he had told Julia this vital piece of information seemed to annoy Kristy a little and Julia thought she may be jealous even though she was still in the early days of yet another serious relationship as she described them; Kristy was on her third one since Julia had known her.

Kristy liked to flirt with most men that came into the shop, but she was a nice girl and had improved the working environment when she joined nearly twelve months earlier. She had also managed to persuade Julia to get out in the evening more mainly to exercise classes at the local sports centre but they had also been out to the pub on a couple of occasions.

By the time Jamie and Kristy finished their break Julia had reached the last of the prescriptions; she reached for a bottle anti-depressants and felt an arm come around her waist and then a hand push a biscuit to her mouth.

“No need for the happy pills. We left the last one for you,” said Jamie smiling his face close to hers.

Julia could feel the hairs on her neck bristle as his breath blew over them as he spoke. To her surprise she felt her nipples harden underneath the cotton bra she wore. She couldn’t reply as the biscuit was between her teeth. She brought her arm down brushing Jamie’ hand downwards across her breasts making her flinch as her nipples reacted and hardened further.

Blushing she pushed his hands canlı bahis away and took the biscuit from her mouth, “Do you mind? I have almost finished so go and pester Kristy in the shop!” she said tartly.

“Yes mistress!” replied Jamie laughing as he backed out of the dispensing room. Julia stood silently for a second then rubbed her hand over her breasts in an attempt to see if her nipples were showing through the fabric of her overall.

The weather had been sunny and very hot for the past two weeks so Julia had just been wearing a light tunic without a blouse or jumper underneath. This kept her cool but she was conscious of exposing too much flesh as her overall had a fairly low cut neck line; Kristy exploited this and happily showed off her cleavage although her 32″ B cups were no match for Julia’s 34″ DDs even though hers were fifteen years older and had suckled two kids.

Julia smiled to herself as her mind compared their figures then she remembered she was meant to be a sensible, 46 year-old married mother of two not a young girl on the market for a man. Those days were long gone; she had been married for twenty-three of those years half of her lifetime.

She felt her nipples soften as she forced herself to concentrate on the dispensing. Julia finished the last of her work and called Jamie to let him know he could start work again.

“I’m going to get changed and then Kristy can get home,” Julia said to Jamie, “Can you cope on your own for a while?”

“Don’t worry I’ll come looking for you if I forget all my years of training,” he replied sarcastically.

Julia ignored him and went into the consulting room where she had hung up her dress for the evening. Closing the door she unbuttoned her tunic and trousers stripping to her white cotton bra and big sensible knickers. She checked the door was locked and unclasped her bra and slipped her knickers off noticing a slight stain on the crotch. Finding a moist tissue she wiped her vagina lips surprised how damp she was and wondered if it was because Jamie had accidently touch her breasts.

Pushing the thoughts from her mind she quickly took her fresh underwear from a bag and slipped on a pair of lacy peach coloured bikini style panties; a present from her husband after one of his increasingly frequent foot-in the mouth moments. As she did up the clasp of her matching bra, Julia heard laughter from outside but dismissed it as Kristy and Jamie mucking around. Julia slipped her hand inside each cup of her bra and adjusted her breasts into a more comfortable position; at least her husband had remembered her bra size and more importantly the size of her hips. The laughter continued outside but she ignored it and stepped into her new light blue linen dress and fastened the buttons that ran all the way down its front to the hemline. She turned around checking the mirror to see if anything was out of place; as she raised her arms she noticed her bra showed through the sides of her dress.

Julia hated to have her underwear on show even if it was fashionable; she slipped the dress down and unclasped her bra and shrugged it off her shoulders; she was about to put her old bra back on but decided to try the dress without a bra to see if it could support her comfortably. The dresses shape hugged her breasts and kept them in place. She bent forward checking the mirror for potential breast fallout, the square cut neckline was lower than she normally liked, it was a bit revealing but at least there was no nipple on show, she would just have to be careful not to lean forward too much.

She slipped on new white sandals with a small heel, another daring addition to her wardrobe for her these days as she normally wore sensible flat shoes as was the dress as she rarely wore dresses or skirts preferring trousers and tops.

Julia had recently begun to put together a new wardrobe in readiness for her first holiday alone with her husband, Kevin, since their first baby nearly twenty years ago; a chance to rekindle some of the sparks of desire in their marriage as he had put it; foot-in-the-mouth time again. The outfit she had put on was one she had bought to wear during the sultry evenings on the island of Crete the same resort where they had spent their first holiday together. She looked in mirror and smiled realising the outfit was a far cry from the sexy thigh skimming dresses and three inch stiletto heels she wore back then; but she was a middle-aged mother now not a hot little Essex-kitten as her husband continued to call her (emphasising the ‘sex’ in Essex).

At least the recent heat-wave had allowed her to gain a healthy tan just like those long gone days. She had wanted to get a bit of colour to her skin before their trip and had begun to take an hour or so a day to lie in the sun; at first she just wore an old pair of shorts and a small sleeveless top but as she began to get some colour she decided to go the whole hog and dig out her one-piece swimsuit. However age and the moths had got there first and it tore as she wriggled into it. Undeterred bahis siteleri and making a mental note to go shopping for another couple of swimsuits, she rifled her daughter’s drawers for one of hers.

It was a little too low cut on the breasts and high cut in the leg for a middle aged woman but as she was only going to be in the seclusion of her own back garden she slipped it on surprised how well it fitted apart from the tufts of unruly middle aged woman pubic hair escaping the crotch. A few careful strokes of a her husband’s wet razor sorted that but led to a constant need to keep it tidy if nothing else but to keep the itching at bay as the hair grew back. She had booked a leg waxing session at the local Spa and was persuaded to go for a bikini wax too; a ‘landing strip’ as the beautician Melissa called it. It had only been done two days before; she was still getting used to the smooth silky skin around her pubic hair which she found herself touching every time she went to the loo or in bed at night before dropping off to sleep. She had decided to keep it waxed even though she had felt extremely embarrassed to have her naked fanny on show whilst Melissa gossiped about her various friends; worst still was Melissa getting her to turn over and waxing her bum crack too as she noticed a quite few grey pubic hairs back there.

That had given Kristy a belly laugh when Julia recounted the experience. She had suggested she go the whole hog and have a full wax job just in case a few grey hairs remained; then she had made a lewd suggestion about what Kevin might do when he discovered her with a bald pussy and arse crack.

Determined to get a good even tan without too many white bits Julia had even spent the last couple of sun-bathing sessions with the top of the swimsuit rolled down past her waist almost to the top of her pubes. Kristy had almost caught her out when she popped in unexpectedly as Julia had dozed under the hot sun, it was the sound of her shouting down her mobile phone at her ‘partner’ Alan that woke her in time to scrabble the swimsuit up to cover her breasts.

Apart from the panic at nearly getting caught she was pleased at the result of her new daring side was a tan to rival her youth when she would happily lay on the beach with her breasts on show clad only in skimpy bikini bottoms. She was even considering buying a couple of bikinis for the holiday.

Not that her husband had noticed any of these changes as he had been away on business most of the time over the last month; arriving home late on Friday nights and leaving late on Sunday they had not been intimate for weeks. Though not entirely her husband’s fault as she had turned her back on him on more than one occasion feigning tiredness because she felt he was more interested in work and just going through the motions out of a sense of duty.

Julia dismissed the daydream as it was getting all too familiarly depressing and started to re-apply her make-up; fifteen minutes later she had finished tidying her make-up and she stepped out of the consulting room. Jamie was typing his report on the computer and Kristy had just finished serving a customer so Julia told her she could leave early.

Just before she left Kristy whispered to Julia, “I wouldn’t mind getting my prescription filled by Jamie!”

Julia laughed, “You wouldn’t mind getting filled by anyone!”

“True,” replied Kristy with a smile, “Jamie’s going to give you a lift so I’ll see you at the pub. Don’t be late!” she continued then sped out of the door before Julia could complain.

An hour and a half later Julia turned out the lights, set the alarm and picked up her clutch bag before pushing Jamie out of the door, “Come on, hurry up or the alarm will go off!” she ordered.

“Just making sure you’ve got everything, mistress!” he teased, “Your carriage awaits.”

Julia blinked at the brightness, slipping on her sunglasses she looked around the car park and saw an old MG sports car next to a new Ford Focus. She walked over to the Focus, thinking this is the sensible car for a pharmacist, and waited for Jamie to unlock it. Jamie smiled as he walked past the new car and unlocked the MG and lowered the convertible roof.

“Look real air-con,” he laughed as he noticed the look of distain on her face at the prospect of getting a lift in a slightly tatty if classic British sports car, “Jump on board and let the wind ruffle your hair,” he said as he opened the creaking door for her.

Julia struggled to keep her decency as she got into the low slung car, constantly smoothing her skirt trying to avoid flashing her legs and potentially more. When she finally fastened her seat belt she glanced at Jamie and was sure he had a smirk on his face enjoying her struggles. Jamie swept out of the car park and accelerated along the road towards the pub. Julia let go of the hem of her dress to grip the seat and shouted above the noise of the engine, “I hope this thing has decent brakes!”

“It can stop on a sixpence, old girl,” replied Jamie putting on plumy accent.

“Old bahis şirketleri girl!” shouted Julia indignantly.

“Sorry, I meant to say ‘Hot Babe’,” Jamie shouted back.

Julia’s face broke into a smile, she relaxed realising she may as well try to enjoy ride it was a sports car after all. She leant back in her seat, rested her arm on the door turned her face towards the sun and felt the breeze ease the humidity. The hem of her dress fluttered as the breeze increased as Jamie increased the speed on the country road as it lifted higher on her legs Julia caught a glimpse of Jamie taking a sly look at her thighs. Deliberately sliding down the seat a little to allow the hem to rise further she checked the expression on Jamie’s face.

“Shouldn’t you be watching the road?” she shouted smirking slightly at the fact her legs could still attract a man’s attention.

“Eyes glued ahead, madam,” he shouted in reply blushing slightly at being caught.

The entrance to the pub car park was rapidly approaching but Jamie didn’t slow the sports car. As they swept past Julia looked back opening her mouth to protest but Jamie pre-empted her, “We’re going to my new place first to freshen up and change, we can take a shortcut back through the woods later!”

Jamie braked heavily about half a mile further on, the tyres screeched as he turned left on to a private road and the back of the car fish-tailed. Julia gripped the seat again and glared at Jamie who was grinning broadly. They bounced along the private road deeper into the woods until Julia could no longer see or hear the traffic on the main road. The road appeared to peter out ahead of them but then Jamie took another left onto a small track and two cottages appeared in front of them in a clearing. The sports car slid to a halt in front of a largish cottage covered with ivy and wisteria.

“Chez Jamie!” he announced turning off the engine and pulling on the hand-brake. As he did so the back of his hand accidentally brushed Julia’s thigh. She felt a surprised tingle through her nipples and glanced down to check they weren’t poking through the fabric of her dress. Jamie’s eyes followed hers and he grinned widely and asked, “Did you enjoy the ride?”

Embarrassed Julia looked away before replying, “A typical man, racing off at speed and cutting the journey short!”

“So you like a slow, luxurious ride?” Jamie said, “I can do that too!”

He jumped out of the car and rushed round to open the door for her, “Welcome to my humble abode your ladyship, mi casa es su casa!”

“Spanish too!” said Julia sarcastically.

“I’m multi-lingual,” said Jamie adding cheekily, “I like to get my tongue around something different now and again, don’t you?”

Julia felt her face flush as Jamie flirted, “Only if it is appropriate,” she replied swinging her legs from the car.

She realised he could see straight down the top of her dress as he took her hand to help her from the car. He didn’t step back deliberately making her brush against him as she stood up.

“Are you going to show me in?” she asked, “Or do I have to wait here?”

Jamie stepped back and bowed with a flourish, “Definitely not my lady, after you,” he said and placed a hand on the small of her back and guided her to the front door. Just then the door of the neighbouring cottage opened and a silver haired woman stepped out.

“Oh, Jamie I see you have company,” the woman said, “Can you spare a moment?”

“Yes, Mrs O,” Jamie replied, “Anything for my sexy neighbour!”

“Oh stop your chatter, young man,” she laughed, “You would run a mile if came on to you!”

“How can you be sure?” laughed Jamie, “Maybe I’m into the mature woman.”

“You don’t want my saggy body and titties, when you have gorgeous company,” Mrs O said nodding towards Julia.

Mrs O saw the shocked look on Julia’s face, “Only joking my dear, an old woman’s fantasy world,” she said with a laugh, “Mind you I don’t think you will be disappointed, if you know what I mean!”

“Well my GILF neighbour, what can I do for you if it isn’t another marathon bonk-fest?” asked Jamie.

“Well you can keep an eye on my cat while I’m away for the weekend,” she declared, “I’m off on an old peoples cruise, hopefully I might find a nice young sailor looking for an inheritance.”

She winked at Julia, “You won’t have to worry about making too much noise out here, with me gone no one can hear a thing, you can let yourself go mad!”

“Thank you,” said Julia not really knowing how to respond.

“No problem old woman, I’ll try to remember your pussy,” laughed Jamie, “If my bird here let’s me alone for a while!”

“Oh good, well I’m all packed,” Mrs O said with another wink, “I’ll be going now, so give the young girl a drink to relax then you can get down to it!”

She gave Jamie a kiss on the lips, waved then headed towards a big 4×4 Range Rover. Mrs O started it up did a wheel spin and sped off down the track to the main road.

Jamie was still smiling when he saw Julia’s bewildered face, “She’s always like that, it takes a bit of getting used to but she is a great laugh. We got blind drunk together a couple of weeks back on her homemade wine. Actually her titties aren’t that saggy!”

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