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The library was quiet this time of day. Roland placed another book he finished the night before back onto the shelf and scanned the titles for something interesting to occupy his mind. Class was in session and though Roland was one of the teachers he had no classes today, Abjuration wasn’t everyone’s favorite subject. He would love to go home and spend time with his wife but he made an agreement with the staff of his Wizard Collage. Three weeks on and one week off each month. It felt unbearable but he understood. He wouldn’t be much of a head of the collage if he never spent time here. Roland sighed as he remembered last seeing his wife, Trudy, a week and a half ago promising to reward him for his effort and patience. The anticipation and curiosity kept him going as the weeks slowly crawled on.

With a new book selected Roland leaned up against the shelf and began to devour its contents. Only a few pages into the book and he was completely engrossed in its theories and assumptions. He became so engrossed that he didn’t hear the main doors to the library open and close. Nor did he hear the high heeled steps approaching him from the side. It was only when he heard the throat clearing cough that he realized he was no longer alone. With some hesitation he pulled himself out of the book not wanting to retell details the final battle in the Black Room with another starry-eyed student. He looked up from the book and felt his breath catch in his throat as in front of him wasn’t a student, it was his beautiful wife.

Trudy gave Roland a bright smile framed by her hair which cascaded down her shoulders drawing his eyes to the long forest green dress that hugged her body in the best ways. His eyes couldn’t leave her hips or her chest until he heard Trudy’s voice again, “I guess you like the dress then huh?” Roland snapped his attention back up to her blushing face and couldn’t help but smile back.

“I especially like who is in the dress.” He happily watched her face redden even more which made his heart skip a beat. “What are you doing here honey? I really don’t think you are allowed this deep into the college, not that I’m complaining.” Trudy softly chuckled and subconsciously stepped closer to him.

“Well I was really missing you, and the house is way too quiet without you in it.”

Roland couldn’t help but laugh, “I do think most of those noises come from you when we have the house to ourselves.” Trudy let out an embarrassed laugh glancing around the library making sure that they were alone.

“True, but I don’t think you were complaining about it.” It became his turn to blush harder remembering the last day before coming back to the college was a blur of passion and messes to clean up much later.

“Also no one saw me come in. For a college of mages your security could use some improvements.” Roland groaned knowing now that he was going to have to have meeting with the rest of the staff about the supposed ‘high class security’ that was put in place.

“Well, however you got in I can get you out before anyone sees you.” Roland saw Trudy’s pout and sighed, “I love that I got to see you but you know the rules. I really don’t want a repeat of last year honey.”

She sighed and nodded, “True, but there is one thing I want to do before I leave.”

Roland thought for a moment looking into her suggestive eyes before coming to his own conclusion, “The black rose gardens? I know I showed them to you a few months ago but they have started to bloom.” Trudy couldn’t help but giggle as she shook her head. He tilted his head still trying to figure it out. “What is it then?” She reached up grabbing the collar of his shirt and pulled him down to put her lips level with his ear.


Roland’s heart jumped in his chest as he felt her tongue lick him from ear to chin to lips giving him a hungry kiss. After a moment of him canlı bahis instinctively wrapping his arms around her and exploring her mouth he was barely able to pull himself away enough to catch his breath. “Right here?”

She silently nodded as her hands found the bottom of his tunic and forcefully lifted it over his head. He complied and took her chin in his hand tilting it up to him, “Gods, how I have missed you.” Without another second of hesitation, he leaned down and kissed her fully on the mouth like a drowning man going for air.

Trudy happily giggled accepting the aggressive kiss and answered it with more of her own while her hands explored more of his bare chest wanting to again have all of him for herself. After a few minutes of struggling between air and tongue she finally let her husband’s mouth free only to give him more hickies on his neck and collar. Roland happily moaned from her attention letting his own hands explore her hips, back, and hair never wanting to let go.

He was surprised to feel her kisses and tongue going lower and lower on his body until he realized her target and again felt somewhat self-conscious. Getting a blowjob from his wife in the library of his wizard college was not something he remotely thought possible. Yet he felt her teasing kisses against his hips and her hands undoing his belt as she pulled his pants down just enough to expose his hard-frustrated cock.

Down on her knees Trudy looked back up into his eyes as she gently stroked his slightly throbbing cock, “You haven’t masturbated at all have you?” Roland was fighting a losing battle between trying to look innocent and the pleasure that her familiar hands caused on his entire being. She giggled as he couldn’t come up with anything but a soft moan and felt his hips slowly bucking against her hand.

“My poor husband. Here, let me help you.” Her hand moved down to the base of his cock as she took the head into her mouth and began to have her tongue dance right under the head sucking lightly the entire time. Her smile grew the entire time as his moans became louder as one of his hands was placed on the top of her head almost desperately trying to get her to take more of his throbbing cock. Wanting to enjoy the feeling of having him at her mercy a little longer she continued as she was only sucking harder every once in a while, to draw out more desperate moans.

After what felt like forever to Roland, she finally took pity on his pleasurable whimpers and began to take his entire cock in her mouth sucking and licking every inch of it with passion. He showed his thanks for the mercy by thrusting his cock deeper into her mouth and letting out unconstrained moans. Trudy enjoyed every moment and could feel in his even more desperate thrusts and adorable whimpers that he was getting close to his climax.

She thought about torturing him a little by stopping him here but decided against it as she also missed the feeling of him cumming in her mouth. With only a few more thrusts she felt his cock spasm and her mouth flood with his hot sweet cum that she more than happily swallowed as she continued to suck on his pulsing cock. Lasting for a little while and with one last long drawn out suck on his cock she swallowed the last of this load of cum before getting up from the floor with a grin.

Not hesitating for a moment Roland took her in his arms and kissed her deeply on the mouth not caring about any aftertaste. He looked in her shining eyes and couldn’t help but share in her grin before leaning down and purring in her ear, “Now it’s your turn.” Without giving Trudy a second to object, not that she would, he turned her around putting her hands on the shelf away from him. He took a moment to enjoy the view of her unprotected backside covered only by the thin cloth of the dress.

Feeling him devour her body with his eyes Trudy stretched out her bahis siteleri back pushing out her ass to give him an even better view of her. Breaking out of the spell that her body put on him, he wrapped one arm around her waist, pulling her closer against him, while his other hand gently groped for her breasts pulling out gentle moans from his wife. At the same time, he began to aim for her slightly pointed ears lightly sucking and licking them drawing out deeper and more playful moans from her. A little revenge for her torture earlier.

Roland’s torture of Trudy continued for a few minutes forcing out more and more sweet moans as he felt her need grow. Not wanting to be too mean to her but enjoy this position for as long as he could he began to kiss down to her neck and back. At the same time his hand on her breast moved to the bottom of her dress and began to slide it up over her legs slowly, loving the feel of her soft smooth legs. What Roland was surprised to find was Trudy’s exposed ass infront of him, with no underclothes to speak of.

He heard only the faintest sound of surprise as he spread her cheeks and licked her dripping pussy from clit to hole. Her gasp quickly turned into long deep throated moan as his tongue glided along her slit touching all of the right places. Though a new technique he learned recently Roland was more than happy to try it out as a pleasant surprise for his wife. In this situation tasting her slightly sweet earthy cum as she moaned and tried to hold back her screams was more than worth it.

After several blissful minutes that felt like they were stretched into infinity Roland knew he was at his limit. He could feel the same with Trudy as she swayed her hips wanting something a bit longer and thicker than his tongue inside her. Without wasting a moment longer, he stood up and pressed the head of his cock against the hole of her needy pussy. Feeling what was about happen she forcefully pushed her hips back into him pushing his cock deep inside her pussy bringing out a sharp pleasurable moan.

She knew is has been too long since he fucked her hard and she needed it now more than ever as she felt his hands on her hips and his cock thrusting in and out of her. After a few moments of wild pounding he was eventually able to get her into a rhythm that would let him last for just a little longer. It was during this time that neither of them heard the door at the end of the library open up letting in two young students.

Lucky, they didn’t keep the noise of their steps low or Trudy’s distracted ears wouldn’t have picked it up until it was too late. With only a moment of hesitation she quickly realized what those noises were and immediately turned to Roland to get his attention. Noticing her sudden stiffness, he looked up and began to hear the same noises coming toward them. Taking a short instant to mutter a few words under his breath he finished his spell and watched as their bodies vanish from view.

They waited to see where the steps would stop and they watched as two students stopped at the end of the bookshelf away from them and began to scan the spines. Both Roland and Trudy held their breaths waiting and hoping that they were going to leave with some books. Instead they took a pair of books each and went to a reading table just a few feet away, still within eyesight of the invisible couple.

Roland leaned down and whispered, “I can teleport us out and back to my office but they might notice and ask questions. What do you think?” Trudy thought about the situation for a moment, while still feeling his hard cock throbbing inside her, before she came up with an idea.

She slowly turned her head toward him, “How long can you hold the invisibility?”

He was initially confused but figured she had a plan, “A few hours, eight at most. What are you thinking?” Biting her lip and feeling herself getting bahis şirketleri wetter than she has ever felt, Trudy began to slowly thrust her hips back and forth along his cock. Not wanting to make more sound than necessary but still very much enjoying the slow grinding sensation inside her. Roland on the other hand was having difficulty grasping her reasoning.

“Wha- What are you- What if they-” It didn’t take too long before feeling of her pussy pleasurably gripping his shaft was too much and he began to rock his hips against hers.

Struggling to both properly fuck his insanely hot wife and not make enough noise that the two students no more than ten feet away from them was a hard battle to win. He knew that if they didn’t finish soon enough the noises they were trying not to make would get louder until the students would start to notice. He knew that he could cum almost any moment now but also that when Trudy got into a mood, she could cum from sun up to sun down and still want more. The only chance he had was to make her cum hard now and make it up to her later.

Still wanting her to very much enjoy the experience with one hand still on her hip he reached around and began to aggressively play with her clit. He could practically hear the sound of her biting her lip to not let out every moan and scream trapped inside her. After several more moments of silent ecstasy he began to thrust harder in and out of her adding some risk of noise to her reward. Feeling the grip of her pussy on his cock tighten he knew she was close to cumming and picked that moment to redouble his efforts.

The moment Roland felt her entire body tense and tighten he furiously rubbed her clit as he pressed his cock as deep inside her as he could. Feeling Trudy almost silently climax and her pussy gripping him tight pushed him over the edge and immediately flooded her pussy with his cum. A moment that seemed to last forever, he tried to keep his panting ragged breath quiet and looked over to the two students. Not seeing them at the table he glanced around the room and after hearing only his wife’s orgasmic moans he gave a silent prayer of thanks for that little relief.

He could feel himself slowly soften inside her but didn’t want to be out of her for a few moments longer. Feeling her still pressing herself against him told him that she felt the same. A few minutes later he released the invisibility and watched his thoroughly fucked wife stand up, letting the skirt of the dress flow back down to the floor. She turned back to him and gave him a deep loving kiss that was returned with equal measure. After a few more seconds she finally broke contact, standing straight, and began to straighten her dress with a beaming smile as he buckled his pants.

Once Trudy felt somewhat satisfied with her dress she looked back at her husband, “Seeing how I can feel our cum dripping down my legs and I have nothing to clean it up with you should probably teleport me home.”

Roland’s stupid happy smile turned into realization and concern, “Oh right, I mean I can just-”

She vigorously shook her head, “No, you don’t need to.” Her blush brightened as she hesitantly spoke, “I like it.” He grinned as he again kissed his amazingly hot wife. After regaining his breath finally, he nodded and began to silently weave a teleportation spell in the air. All the while Trudy seemed to be bubbling with energy and just before he cast the spell, she blurted out the reason, “I stopped taking the contraceptive potion last week!”

Roland suddenly looked up into her eyes with shock before breaking out in the biggest grin possible and hugged his wife. She immediately returned the hug and after a minute whispered in her ear, “I’ll be back home soon alright?” Trudy nodded before feeling the spell take hold and send her away.

Roland leaned back up against the bookshelves letting out a happy sigh waiting for the feeling in his legs to return. After a few minutes of sorting out thoughts, plans, and fantasies one thought came to the forefront of his mind.

I’ll get to stay home longer now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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