Little Did My Wife Know

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Big Dick

A few years ago when I, “Bill” and my wife, “Chris,” were in our 50’s, we hooked up with a guy we met on line who wanted to do a threesome with a married couple. “Kevin” was a SWM in his late 40’s who lived near us. We met Kevin for a drink and some talk, sex talk.

Kevin had done a few couples and described some of the action. His hottest story was a sandwich fuck, the wife mounted on her hubby who sat on a couch while Kevin stood behind the wife and fucked her in the ass. When Kevin got to the part where he climaxed in the wife’s ass, my wife squeezed my thigh under the table REALLY HARD.

As I listened I got a throbbing erection, but only partially because of Kevin’s stories. I was struck by how much Kevin looked like a guy I had known at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, in the late 1960’s.

“Donald” was a guy who I played with in the woods near the old campus at night on the way home from the library. We enjoyed a lot of oral sex and a few fucks. Now-a-days you would say we were “versatile.” It was great fun.

In those days, a co-ed would let you finger her pussy and give you a hand job but that was usually as far as she would go. It was a different generation. Donald and I first met in the Union Building and complained to each other about the lack of sex from the girls we were dating. One night we realized we both wanted a blow job so we decided, “Why not?” and headed for the nearby woods. Donald had a soft mouth and liked to swallow cum. I learned a lot and took a lot of cum from him. We worked off a lot of frustrations on those warn springs nights.

The longer Chris and I talked to Kevin the more I wanted to see him fucking Chris, and maybe fuck him at the same time. I remembered Donald leaning over that park bench in the moonlight as I fucked his ass. His jeans and underwear were around his ankles and I was unzipped. Lots of ass eating. Spit for lube made for a quick, slippery fuck. What a climax! Always looking over your shoulder to avoid being surprised by Campus Security. I could imagine Kevin on top of Chris and me on top of him.

Kevin came over the following Friday night. We had a couple of Margaritas and then headed for the bedroom. We undressed Chris and she took our clothes off, sucking us to full erections in the process. Kevin led her to the bed, put her face down over the side and lubed her pussy with K-Y from our bedside table. Without much hesitation he plunged in, all the way. Chris gasped.

Kevin was an only inch or so bigger than my 6 inches but really fat. I mean, he was a sausage. As I watched him pump in and out of Chris, I was caught up in the rhythm. I walked up behind him, put both hands on his bottom and “helped” him move. He looked over his shoulder and smiled. My wife was moaning and bursa escort too far gone to notice anything.

As Kevin pumped, I played with his crack. He seemed to pump a little harder. In a minute or so Kevin said, “Hold on to the sheets, baby, ’cause here I cum!”

With a groan he climaxed. As he did I shoved a well lubed index finger into Kevin’s bottom. When I hilted he actually stood up on his toes and then fell forward on her back. He must have liked my probe.

In a couple of minutes, Chris said she had to pee so Kevin pulled out. Chris ran to the bathroom and Kevin sprawled out on the bed. “Now it’s your turn,” he said. “Get up here and clean me off. Taste me and your wife.”

I did as he requested, kneeling at his side. As I took his half-hard penis into my mouth, his right hand landed in the middle of my bottom, one finger in my crack. As it worked it’s way into my anus, I thought how much can we do before Chris gets back? I soon found out.

As I sucked Kevin’s cum and my wife’s pussy juices off his penis, I had one ear focused on the bathroom, listening for sounds indicating Chris was finished and would soon re-join us. That made my sucking pretty intense. In fact, Kevin began to get hard again. Even he couldn’t believe it.

So there I was with Kevin’s dick in my mouth going to town, when I heard the fan in the bathroom turn off. Chris would be in the bedroom in a few seconds. I quickly sat up and leaned against the headboard. Kevin wised up and began jacking himself. Chris walked in and was surprised by what she saw.

AS she entered the room she said, “Ready so soon, Kevin? I figured Bill would be up but not you. So honey, are you ready for sloppy seconds? I washed off but I left Kevin’s cum in my pussy and I haven’t cum yet.”

I took Chris by the hand, pulled her to the center of the bed, put a pillow under her hips and laid her face down. I crawled between her cheeks and began to run my tongue all over her asshole.

At the same time I began to finger her clit. As I tongued her I said, “Sure, seconds are OK but once I am lubed, guess where I’m going?” Chris did not reply. She just made moaning noises in the pillow. And I got really hard.

While I was busy on her bottom, Kevin got to work on mine. He stood next to the bed spread my cheeks and got me really wet. What a tongue! When I felt his finger entering my bottom again I knew what he was going to do. No time to waste. I found the K-Y, lubed me and poised my penis at the entrance to my wife’s ass. I leaned forward and gently put me inside. She stopped moaning and began to breath hard and then said “Go, go, now, fuck my ass.” I hilted myself in one thrust.

Kevin pulled his face out of my crack and I honestly forgot about him. Chris’ ass was so bursa escort bayan tight. I got into a rhythm. As my cum started moving towards the exit I felt Kevin’s hands gently pulling my cheeks apart. He inched up behind me and touched my asshole with the head of his penis. I jumped forward and laid on her back, hilting her again. Chris gasped and said, “Don’t stop, please.”

But I had to stop for a minute. Kevin’s penis was working into me. No penis had been in my bottom for a very long time. I wasn’t a virgin but I was little unused to the full feeling back there. I didn’t know if Chris knew what Kevin was doing but I didn’t care. I was too far gone.

I started pumping again and as I did I felt her right hand go under her hips and begin to play with her clit. I slowed a little which forced Kevin to slow his movements. He and I hung there in suspense as Chris fingered herself towards a climax. When she came it was a whopper. She bucked her hips up hard, which forced me deeper into her and Kevin deeper into me. She moved hard for almost a minute and then collapsed under me.

As she stretched out she said, “Come on Kevin, fuck Bill’s ass good.” She knew what was going on! I came immediately and fell forward onto her back. As I lay there, Kevin picked up the pace of his thrusts. He really plowed into me. Slap,slap,slap. I hung onto my wife’s shoulders and pushed my bottom back a little but Kevin was doing all of the work.

Without warning he shouted, “Oh my god” and filled my ass. His cum was actually hot. I don’t remember much after that until we uncoupled. As we untangled ourselves I was thinking “now that he has fucked both of us, will Chris divorce me or move him into our house? We all crawled up into the bed and sat there for a while. Sweaty,slick with bodily fluids and satisfied. None of us were sure what to say.

I had not been fucked for a long time and I wasn’t sure what to say. I mean, when I was a teen-ager and then later in college I took a lot of cocks up my ass. I really enjoyed the fullness then and the warm rush of cum into me. But it had been a while.

About the time the AIDS crisis hit, I decided to be more conventional and got married. A few years into my marriage, I told Chris about my younger days. She got very hot and asked if she could fuck me. I had not fucked an ass in several years so we made a deal. I could each fuck her bottom whenever I wanted to but then she could return the favor–and she got to choose the strap-on.

We shopped on line and in sex shops to find a strap-on that worked for Chris and my asshole. We experimented with a few until we found a black one with a slight upward curve. It fit into a holder she wore in pair of special panties and it hit my prostate just right. We also tried different escort bursa lubes. She preferred K-Y for my ass. I stayed with Vaseline, the lube from my youth, for hers.

With all this on my mind, I broke the ice and said, “Kevin, your cock filled me and I want to fill you. Chris, get up to the headboard, put a pillow under your butt and spread your lips for Kevin to lick. Kevin get to eating her.”

After he got into position, I spread his ass cheeks and ran my tongue over and into his hole.

The more I ran my tongue over Kevin’s anus, the more he squirmed under my face. I could feel the root of his penis getting hard. So was I and the desire to be in his bottom was getting to be more than I could resist.

Foreplay is great but at some point you have to fuck. I came up for air and looked up his back. Chris was on a pillow, legs spread on either side of Kevin’s shoulders and her pussy only inches from his face. Kevin was licking her cunt but he had to compete with her fingers. She had three fingers from her left hand going in and out of her cunt and the index finger on her right hand was punishing her clit. That was too much for me to handle. I pulled up and found the Vaseline I used on Chris’ ass. I got two fingers of that goo and put it in Kevin’s crack. I laid my erection in the furrow and got slick. Much better way to slick up your cock than self-lubing.

I raised a little more and centered my little head on his asshole. When Kevin felt me about to go into him, he raised his head–and pulled his moth back from Chris’ pussy. Before he could say a word I pushed in. The head went in and then I stopped for a moment and looked down. A very exciting scene. Then I slowly pushed me into Kevin and when my groin was flush with his anus we both moaned. What feeling. The older I get the more I appreciate it. There is nothing like hilting your cock in an asshole, male or female.

By this point I was so close to cumming I had to start moving. His bottom is smaller than mine and my hips are wider. I can almost fit his butt into the space between my belly button and my cock.

As I went in and out, I could feel the sperm moving–and then I was gone.

Pump,pump pump and I shot into his soft,warm anus. Kevin’s bottom felt like a warm glove. I fell forward onto his back. We were stuck together with cum at his asshole and slippery with sweat chest-to-back. We both were a little out of it but Chris was putting on quite a show.

In a very short while, she bucked her hips up, closed her legs around our heads and shrieked “Oh,Oh my god..” She kept moving for a little while and then threw her hands over her head and said “Wow.”

That was Kevin’s cue. In a soft voice he said “Now that you two are good and relaxed, I have a cock that needs some attention. Chris,turn over on your tummy. Bill, get off me and lay next to her. Both of you put pillows under your hips. Raise your bottoms up high. We are going to play a little 2 on 1.”

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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