Little Pink Pill

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Internet is truly the best way to get ideas. For recipes, helpful tips, and especially fun things to do. I was scrolling one day and found a video that immediately caught my interest. While the people in the video were absolutely no interest to me the topic was mind blowing. Female Viagra.

The idea of it was amazing. A horny pill for girls. The video gave an amazing exhibition of the effects. She was all over her boyfriend. Like an animal. I was envious to be sure.

My girlfriend Katherine was the epitome of one sided sex. She never let me touch her unless it was me moving her head while she was sucking me off. She was really self conscious because of her weight so she wouldn’t ride me or let me fuck her missionary. She was always on her hands and knees or bent over something.

The thing that really bothered me was that she wouldn’t ask for sex. Even when she was horny. It embarrassed her. I caught her fiddling her cunt more than once to our homemade videos. That was about the only kinkiness I could have between us. She made me promise that I’d keep all of the videos secret.

Katherine was full of nervousness but I found her incredibly sexy. She had a little stomach that poked out and was fun to lay on. Her DD tits were massive and soft as pillows. She had hips and ass that she always tried to cover up. I was lucky to have her but I had something I couldn’t even truly “have”.

Seeing the video about the female Viagra sent my mind into motion. I almost immediately went onto Amazon and ordered a bottle of those pills.


The package came around five days later. It was addressed to me so I knew Katherine wouldn’t open it. Luckily she was at work and I had just gotten home. I ripped open the box and stared wickedly at the white and pink bottle. Perfect.


When Katherine walked it she commented about how dinner smelled good. She loved to cook so she would usually make dinner for us. I thanked her and took her coat and hat. She looked at me like I was crazy as fuck but it was all slowly going to be worth it.

She sat down at the table and I poured her a chilled glass of wine. It was in a bucket of ice next to her. I served the meal and we talked about our day as we ate. I watched as she drank two glasses of the wine. She asked why I wasn’t having any and I laughed. I told her that I had drank enough while cooking and that why she got an open bottle with almost half gone.

What she didn’t know what that I had crushed three of those little pills up and put them in the wine. I didn’t know how many to give her but she always told me bigger sizes need more than the recommended dose. She took three pain pills and sleeping pills instead of two so I just took her philosophy.

I had cleared away the dishes and we found ourselves as we always did at bursa escort the end of the night. On the couch in front of the TV with her feet in my lap. I was stuck in the Big Bang Theory reruns when I felt Katherine’s heel running against my crotch. At first I didn’t comment. I figured she was just getting comfy. But soon I felt her toes prodding and running.

I looked up at her and she looked like the cat who caught the canary. Her face was flushed with red and her eyes were dark. I asked her what she was doing and she just giggled. After I while I could feel my boner pressing against my zipper and it started to hurt.

I pulled my jeans away from my crotch and tried to give myself more room. Katherine had leaned forward and stopped my hands. She told me to let her do it. I watched her slide to the floor and make a place for heself between my legs. Katherine’s eyes were on me the whole time as she unzipped my pants and pulled my hard on out of my underwear. My rigid 8 inch cock stood at attention for her.

Katherine started by kissing around the base of my cock. Her lip were cool so every kiss sent a jolt through me that made my hard on twitch. By the time she took it in her hand the tip was alreadt covered in precum. Her long tongue quickly licked up the excess drawing a moan from me. I was panting and groaning as she captured the head into her warm mouth. I watched her eyes close and her plump pink lips slowly descend until I could feel the back of her throat clenching around me.

My muscles clenched tight and every bob or tongue flick made a moan fall from my mouth. When I was slick enough Katherine pulled off and started to stroke my length fast. Her tongue trailed downward and swiped across my balls. Her hand and her tongue had my hips bucking and my legs shaking the whole time. I almost lost my mind when she sucked both of balls into her mouth at the same time. I had been going on about how amazing her mouth was and how she was making me feel. My heart nearly capsized when Katherine took my length back into her mouth the whole way.

Katherine looked up at me again. She wasn’t moving but took my hand and put it on the back of head. She dipped her head down further and I felt gag softly. I put two and two together and started to press her head roughly into me. Each push pressed my cock further down her throat making Katherine moan and groan. I felt my end coming near so I told her that I had to stop and that I wanted to make it last. She nodded and sat back on her butt in front of. I had to catch my breath but I knew exactly where this was going next.

I looked down at my flush faced beauty and felt a new wave of excitement. I told her that I wanted to see her play with herself so she took off her pants and spread her legs in front of me. Her cunt was already dripping wet and the light glistened off of it. She had bursa escort bayan recently shaved and the skin looked so smooth and delicious. She sat up slightly and kept her eyes on my as two of her fingers disappeared inside of her. Katherine was panting and whimpering as she quickly fucked herself.

The sounds of her wet pussy were enticing and I was ready to take things up a notch. I told her to stop but keep her legs open to me. I got on my knees in front of her and she had the idea that I was gonna fuck her. I told her that I was gonna eat her out and if she gave me any lip that I would tie her down and play her favorite porn in front her to tease her. Katherine’s eyes widen and I watched her for a brief moment weigh her options.

Katherine spread her legs further and nodded at me. I smiled wickedly and laid on my stomach with my head and my left hand resting her thigh. I made small kisses toward her dripping pussy until my lips met Katherine’s enlarged clit. I gave it a few soft kisses before slowly running my tongue from her hole up to her quivering hot spot. Her sweet little moan urged me to go further. I sucked her clit into my mouth and started to flick my tongue back and forth against it. Her hips bucked against my face in a desperate way.

I slipped two of my finger deep into her sopping pussy and started to fuck her hard with them. Every time her hips bucked up I curved my fingers inside of her. Katherine started to shake violently and her moans were almost echoing throughout the apartment. Suddenly her hands had found the back of my head and she was basically face fucking me. I could barely breath but Katherine’s delicious taste and her desperate moan made me want to see her to the end. With one last whole body shake Katherine cried out and a rush of her excitement coated my chin and hand. I pulled away and sat in front of her now splayed open legs.

Katherine was breathing hard and mumbling somethin I couldn’t hear. She sat up quickly and basically dove on top of me. Her tongue was in my mouth and her hands were tangled up in my hair. Her bare skin was grinding against my jeans and my naked cock. Katherine told me that she needed to me to fuck her and I could do it anyway I wanted.

She got up and told me to come into bed room. I followed her more than willingly and shut the door behind us. Katherine was already kneeling on the bed with her shirt off. I wasted no time getting on the bed and pulling her into a kissing. I knew exactly how I wanted this to go.

I laid on my back and pulled off my jeans. My cock hadn’t lost any hardness, it was craving something more. Katherine leaned down to suck it again and I told her to stop. She looked up at me confused. I told her I wanted her to ride me. Her eyes widened again and her cheeks got even more red if you can believe it.

Katherine bit her lip escort bursa and nodded at me. She straddled my pelvis and asked me to hold my cock straight her. I heard her gasps softly as she slowly slid down my shaft. When she got every inch inside of her Katherine threw her head back and moaned loudly. I watched her slowly but surely raise up on her knees and slam down onto me.

After the fourth time she got her rhythm and put her hands on my chest for balance. I reached back while she was lost in the moment and unclipped her bra. Normally she wouldn’t let me take it off but today she didn’t seem give a fuck. Her heavy breasts fell out of the bottom of her bra and jiggle as Katherine fucked herself on my cock.

I started to tweak her stiff nipples making Katherine moan even louder. To give her even more I started to meet her bounces with my own thrusts pushing my length even deeper into her. The litany of fucks and oh gods were even louder than the smacking sound of skin. All of which were coming from Katherine.

She got tired of this position and pulled off to lay on her back. With a short command I was on top of Katherine with my hard cock pounding away at her. Her legs were almost touching her chest and my hands were gripping them so tight I wouldn’t be shocked to see my hand prints there days after. It felt so right being able to feel her softness against me for the first time.

My attention was fully on her face that was twisted up in pleasure and her hands tightly gripping my arms and my shoulders. Suddenly Katherine’s hips and thighs started to shake. She was gripping unbelievably tight on me and I knew that her orgasm was coming. This was going to be the first time that I made her cum. She preferred to take of her orgasm herself and never let me finish her.

I let one of her legs go and used that free hand to press my thumb into her clit. Katherine’s response was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. Her hip came off the bed slightly and she bit onto her fingers as she squealed. I worked her twitching little clit slowly pressing hard as I continued to piston into her. The moment had come when I felt her pussy get incredibly wet.

The first word to come out of Katherine’s mouth sounded like a mix of my name and the word fuck. Feeling her soaking wet pussy clenching and spasming around my cock sent me over as well. I let off several shots of hot cum and was still vibrating from my orgasm even after I had pulled out. Katherine grabbed me and kisses me hard. Her lips were soft but the kiss was desperate and demanding.

She looked up at me and I gave her a soft smile. Katherine commented that she didn’t know what came over her and ended with an embarrassed giggle. I’d eventually tell her about the pills but for right now I was in no shape or mood to explain it. I felt too good being cuddled closely to my beautiful girlfriend.

Katherine gave the kiss this time. A soft kiss that made me feel even more lucky to a have her. I thought about the bottle of pills sitting in their packaging. We were definitely using those again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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