Love Amid the Christmas Trees

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It was one Sunday early into the month of December. The first snowfall of the season had fallen the day before.

Christmas was coming and until yesterday, I really didn’t have much of a Yuletide spirit. You had left early this morning and was afternoon when you finally walked through the door. “Hey, the field down on the main road has some mighty nice looking Christmas trees how about we go down and find ourselves one?” you stated. I replied, “Yeah, that would be fun, and gives me a chance to get out of this house.”

When we got to the field, we followed a snowplowed dirt road. You found a place off the road to park your truck. Okay, you exclaimed I saw a nice one up towards the back. Are you ready for a walk? I just smiled and grabbed your hand. I always have loved snow-covered trees the way each one has their own unique pattern. The brisk air entering into my lungs and the fragrant pine tickled my nose. I let go of your hand and made a snowball lagging behind you so that I had a chance to get a good shot at the back of your head. I hit my target and then you returned the throw with one of your own hitting my leg and that just started a snowball war.

We laughed like kids playing at recess but then grew tired so you put your arm around me and we continued our journey. We are getting closer you told me – you also added that this tree is such a beauty that it was worth the walk. I didn’t mind walking, as it was so nice to be out in the fresh air alone with the man I loved so much. Okay you stay here and let me go make sure this is where that tree is. I will be right back you hollered as you walked away. You returned and said yes this is the spot as you put your scarf around my eyes. I want it to be a surprise you stated. I don’t know why I didn’t argue tuzla escort with you about the scarf but I decided just to follow your game.

Well, you led me just a little ways telling me when to step and when to duck so that I wouldn’t be tripped or hit by a branch. Here we are as you untied your scarf and there in the midst of all these trees was a campfire, a bottle of wine chilling in the snow, a radio playing soft music, and sleeping bags laid out over the snow with one red rose laying on top. The tears just poured down my face, as you haven’t done anything like this in a long time. You kiss me passionately entwining tongues as you wipe the tears that venture down my cheeks. I heard my parka being unzipped and felt the cold rushing in as my heated body soaked up the cool air. Your hands finding their way under my sweater to my breasts making the coolness of your fingertips send a wave of eagerness throughout my body ending in my warming pelvic area. You stop stating that you want this to go slow so we must have a glass of wine first before things get hot and heavy.

I sat on the Sleeping bag as you poured us some wine sipping slowly as I looked around at the Christmas trees how beautiful it was to be amongst them. You sat down beside me and put your arm around me. The fires so warm that I to remove my parka. . We talked quietly and I thanked you. It hasn’t even begun your replied. You set your wine glass down in the snow and united my lips with yours. As we kissed I found a spot in the snow for my glass, removing your parka and wrapping my arms around your neck- sticking my cool hands down the back of your shirt. You run your fingers through my hair and then move to my cheek. Our lips part as you move them to my neck planting soft kisses making me weak but yet tuzla escort bayan wanting more. You remove your clothes and then mine revealing my white skinned body to nature. My hands touch your back as you suck my nipples to erection. My body getting hotter not feeling the cool brisk air. I want you not to stop but continue I want to feel you deep inside me.

You lay me down, and kiss each breast as you move down planting kisses on my stomach, and then nestling your face in my damp pussy. I bend my knees and spread my legs wider making room for you to eat my pussy. You kiss the inside of one thigh and then move across to the other brushing my clit with your mouth along the way making me moan. Then you move back but this time stopping that first lick of my clit just makes me wetter. I move my hands down to where your face is moving my lips out of the way so that my clit can have your mouth to itself. You suck and lick putting pressure on that special spot making me so horny almost in pain from wanting your cock inside me.

I am begging but you refuse making me suffer with pleasure longer. You move your tongue in and out of my love hole as your fingers keep my clit occupied. Make love to me please! No, you said. I could feel my body shaking as my sweet juice exploded from my pussy. Yesssssss was all that could come out of my mouth. But you didn’t offer me your manhood then you continued but this time you licked my clit and inserted a finger moving it in and out of my dripping pussy. I played with my tits as you finger fucked me my moans becoming louder as I neared my second orgasm. Oh baby that feels good. I am going to cum. My body getting ready to expel more juices oh yes as my body began trembling a second time. You didn’t stop until my body calmed.

My escort tuzla body burning with desire for you but you got up your manhood standing at attention. It was getting dark. You added more wood to the fire and went over to a tree I thought you were peeing but you had decorated it with lights, and a star at the top it was beautiful the tears started flowing again. You again sat next to me. How would you like to make love under this tree? I said sure. We moved the sleeping bag under the tree. You turned me onto all fours. But you didn’t stick your cock in just yet. You took the rose and ran the petals over my back, butt, following its path to my pussy and finding each nipple. I just got another shock of pleasure and told you I needed you. You took the head of you cock and teased my pussy and clit then you pushed your way inside my body I let out a moan of relief you were in finally banging me from behind, my tits swaying with each thrust. Your balls slamming my clit giving me more pleasure. You grabbed my hips moving slowly and then adding a hard thrust, fuck me harder baby. I love when you fuck the shit out of me. I was moaning so loud now my pussy tightens and relaxes on you cock trying to squeeze the juices from you. Oh yes baby as I bring one of my tits to my mouth sucking – you reach under and find my clit making circles putting pressure.

Your pussy is so wet you said. I am screaming with pleasure spank me baby now I said and then you slap my ass hard! again, I replied. Make me cum. You were so turned on from me being wild that you couldn’t hold on anymore you shot your load deep inside my hot cunt and I soon followed. We came to a stop, and our breathing calmed we held each other for a long time, and then got dressed. We ended up spending the night and drank the bottle of wine. The next morning you said this is the beginning of a Merry Christmas and cut down the tree we made love under. But best of all whenever I hear the words Christmas tree I have an instant orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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