Love and Witchcraft Ch. 02

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This took a while, huh?

I didn’t know if I would ever finish this or post it, but here we are I guess. I want to continue this, and I have plenty of ideas for another chapter, but I’mma be honest, idk if that’ll happen at this rate. If you’ve stuck around between the literal years between posts, I appreciate it, and I hope you enjoy this one.


It was nearly noon when Natalie awoke. She tried to get up and stretch, but her arms wouldn’t move when she commanded them to. Looking down, she realized her wrists were still bound around her waist. Asleep next to her, drooling a bit onto her pillow, was Lia. Even though she was sleeping, her outstretched hand was still cupped around Natalie’s breast.

“Uh… Good morning?” Natalie said. Lia groaned and stretched as she slowly woke up. “Listen, last night was great and all, and it seemed like a great idea at the time, but I think sleeping while tied up really fucked up my arms and back. They’re all cramping up.”

“Yeah hold on, I can fix that,” Lia said, rubbing sleep from her eyes. She stood up and stretched again, and Natalie took the moment to take in her full naked figure for the first time. Her boobs were certainly smaller than Natalie’s, but her figure was still perfect. Despite how uncomfortable her arms were, Natalie found herself content with just staring. “Lemme just uhh,” Lia started. She snapped her fingers and the ropes binding Natalie fell off and slipped away. She tried moving them around and rubbing out the soreness, but they were still terribly cramped. “Oh yeah here, hold still,” Lia said.

Lia clapped her hands together, then grabbed both of Natalie’s arms. Natalie felt a rush of warmth surge through both arms, and her soreness and pain faded away.

“Wait, what? Satanic magic gives you healing powers?”

“Hey, no one said it was Satanic. Only demonic. I’m not even sure there is a Satan. But either way, magic is magic. You can use it for pretty much anything.”

Content with the answer, Natalie lied back down on the bed. She was lost in thought for a while until she noticed Lia was poking her in the boob.

“What’s up babe? Something on your mind?” Lia asked.

“This is all just so fast. Am I your babe? What are we? Magic is real? Like what the fuck?”

“Hey,” Lia said. “We’ll figure it all out. But for now, come into the shower with me. Sound like a plan?” Natalie nodded. Lia got the shower ready, and she joined her. When they got in, Lia turned to her and just hugged her. “I know this is all a little crazy, but I really like you. We had a LOT of fun last night and I want to keep this going, if you’re up for it. It won’t be dom/sub stuff 24/7 if you don’t want to. Okay?”

“Yeah. I really like this too, I think. And I am okay with doing more sub stuff.”

Natalie smiled. Instead of saying anything back, she just stared into Lia’s eyes. The hot water poured over them as they stood with their naked bodies pressed together. Natalie’s D’s were squished against Lia’s B’s, and Lia was gently caressing a line down Natalie’s back. Eventually they both moved in for a kiss, Lia repositioned to pin Natalie against the wall as they made out. They stayed in the shower together like that for a long time.


Freshly showered and clothed, Lia and Natalie spent the rest of their Saturday at Lia’s, hanging out and practicing magic. Natalie was still trying to get the hang of it, but by the end of the day she could levitate small objects with occasional success. Being able to cast spells and use magic was incredible to her, but what she found herself enjoying more was the company she shared with Lia. She was funny, she was smart, and Goddamn she was hot. If she hadn’t had the most intense orgasm of her life the night before, she wouldn’t have been able to resist the urge to throw herself at Lia at every possible moment.

Unfortunately she had projects to work on for school, so she eventually left back to her dorm for the night. Before she left, Lia gave her strict orders not to cum until Sunday, because she had a “surprise” in store for her. Natalie spent the whole night rubbing her pussy through her panties, bothered and frustrated.


Natalie showed up to Lia’s place the next day at 8, as they had planned. Or rather, as Lia had ordered her.

“Get in here you magnificent piece of ass,” Lia said, beckoning Natalie in. She led her to the kitchen table where she had laid out several slips of paper, some cardboard boxes, and a pen. “We’re going to do some setup for all the games we’re going to play. It works like this: you write down every sexual fantasy you’ve ever had. Every. Single. One. I maltepe escort have spells that can tell me if you’re holding out on me, so don’t try to be sneaky. Next, you’ll fold it up and write on the outside a number from one to ten. This is going to be a rating of how much of a punishment it is. One would be no punishment, only pleasure. Five would be more neutral, like a light spanking and some fingering. Ten would be something incredibly painful, embarrassing, or awful. Like… being tied up and locked in a closet for a whole day.”

“Why would that be a fantasy? That sounds awful.”

“That’s why it would be a ten,” Lia said with a smile. “Anyways, once you’re done you put each fantasy in the box that corresponds with the number. Then later, if I think you’ve been good, I’ll take a paper out of one of the lower number boxes. If you’ve been bad, it’ll be from a higher number box. Got it, Nat?”

“Seems easy enough,” Natalie said. “So what’s the catch?”

Lia smiled. “Babe, by the end of this I’ll have boxes full of ways to make you cum and scream. I don’t need a catch.'” Natalie blushed, and could feel herself getting turned on by the way Lia was talking about her. “So here are the rules of this relationship. First rule: I make the rules. Second rule: the safeword is allowed at all times. Third: no cumming unless I specifically allow it. You earn points by completing tasks that I assign, as well as doing whatever number is on the fantasy tasks you do, and you lose points by being naughty. Each orgasm will cost 50 points. Fourth: no magic in public. Fifth: we split the cost of all meals evenly. Sound good?”

Natalie paused a moment to take it all in. “My lord, that sounds amazing. Where do I sign?”

“Aww, I knew you’d love it. I’m gonna go get us some food, you get crackin’ on those fantasies. The nastier the better!” Lia drew Natalie in for a quick kiss, then headed out, leaving Natalie to her assignment.

When she returned with Chinese food, she found Natalie on the couch wearing only a shirt and panties and watching Netflix. She handed Natalie her food and cuddled up next to her. They watched Parks and Rec and giggled and ate their takeout and just generally lost track of time. Several episodes later, their food was finished and Lia’s hand has crept up to Natalie’s boobs. She caressed them through the fabric of her shirt, slowly teasing the nipples as they got harder and harder under her fingertips.

“Wanna start earning some points?” Lia whispered into Natalie’s ear.

“I thought you’d never ask.”

“Then be a good girl and go grab a task from one of your boxes. Let’s start off with a three.”

Natalie reluctantly left the couch to go fulfill her duty. She returned with a slip of paper labelled “3” and unfolded it.

“It says… ‘suck on Lia’s nipples while she rubs my head.'”

“Awwww, you’re adorable. Now get over here,” Lia said. Natalie reached up to move her shirt, but she swatted Natalie’s hands away. “Hey! You gotta ask me nicely. In fact, you have to ask me nicely to perform any of these tasks. Minus two points for not asking!”

Natalie rolled her eyes. “May I please suck on your nipples, Miss?”

“Yes you may,” Lia said, and took off her shirt and bra. Natalie didn’t waste a second, moving in quickly to encircle Lia’s nipple with her tongue. Lia moaned in delight. “Ohh yes girl, earn those points.” She ran her fingers through Natalie’s hair as the girl pleasured her. Natalie should’ve been upset that this was only getting her 1% closer to her own orgasm, but as she felt Lia’s nipple stiffen in her mouth and listened to her moans, she thought to herself, I would honestly do this for free all night long if I could. Eventually Lia stopped her, grabbing her by the hair and pulling her face downwards. Natalie was eager to get her face in Lia’s crotch, but didn’t want to risk losing more points.

“May I take off your pants and underwear and eat you out please Miss?” Natalie asked.

“Gosh you are just full of good ideas aren’t you? Get on it. And 5 points for being a good girl.”

Natalie excitedly disrobed her girlfriend and got to work. Their foreplay had left Lia already soaking, and Natalie was happy to press her face in and enjoy the taste and scent. She pressed her tongue in deep and licked eagerly, eliciting low moans from Lia. Natalie could feel herself getting wetter and wetter but she didn’t dare touch herself without permission. After several minutes, Lia stopped her again and pushed her to the floor. Lia straddled her head while keeping herself facing towards the rest of Natalie’s body. She held Natalie’s head in place with her feet and reached down to pin her arms to the floor. She wiggled her butt teasingly just out of reach of Natalie’s face.

“Lemme hear what you want to do,” Lia said.

“I want to lick your pussy Miss.”

“Nah, you want more than that,” Lia responded. “I think you want to put that little tongue escort maltepe of yours somewhere else too.”

“Wh-what do you mean Miss?” Natalie asked.

“If you don’t beg for it in the next ten seconds, I’ll take away 10 points and I’ll tie you up and masturbate without you.”

Natalie knew what it was Lia was getting at. She had, of course, gotten off to porn involving eating ass before. But to do it herself? That was totally different. Fuck it, she thought. In for a penny, in for a pound. Besides, I’m sure Lia can use her magic to deal with any possible health risks.

“Please, please Miss, may I eat your ass?” Natalie squirmed as she tried to get her tongue closer to Lia’s hole.

“Alright, if you insist,” Lia said, and lowered herself onto her girlfriend’s face. Natalie’s tongue tentatively pushed forth. It didn’t taste nearly as bad as she imagined so she grew bolder, working her tongue more and more around Lia’s bud. Lia moaned in pleasure and pinched Natalie’s exposed nipples as she rocked back and forth on her face. Natalie flinched and reflexively moved her arm to protect herself, but Lia stopped her. “No no no. You have one job right now and that’s to please me. Besides,” she said, reaching down to finger Natalie under her panties. “You’re plenty wet from all of this.” She sat back up and started to finger herself while Natalie ate her ass. “God damn, I need to start having you do this more often. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

Natalie could only grunt in the affirmative in response. Lia then lowered herself further so that all of her weight was pressed onto Natalie’s face. She stopped licking as her air supply was cut off and she started gasping for breath. Just when she couldn’t take it anymore, Lia lifted herself and allowed Natalie to gulp in fresh air. Lia looked down at her and giggled. Her face was red and covered in sweat and her own spit.

“Alright, now you can service my other hole.” Lia leaned forward to 69 her sub, placing her pussy right above Natalie’s awaiting face. Natalie attacked it with enthusiasm, glad to be licking something tastier than an asshole. Meanwhile, Lia only teased Natalie gently with her tongue, too engrossed in her own pleasure to go any faster. Natalie was incredibly aroused, but managed to focus on her task at hand. Lia began ignoring Natalie’s pussy more and more and she moaned louder and louder, getting closer to orgasm. “Oh fuck yes, get me off you little slut.”

Natalie rapidly flicked her tongue across Lia’s clit. She could feel Lia’s half-naked body tense on top of her as she came hard, moaning and grinding her pussy against Natalie’s face. After her long orgasm subsided, she remained on top, panting and enjoying herself.

“God you’re such a good pussy licking bitch,” Lia said.

Natalie grinned beneath her. “Thank you Miss. Do I get extra points for that?”

Lia laughed. “Yes, why not. I’ll give you 5 extra points for that, so now you’re at 11.” She nuzzled her face against Natalie’s pussy, still only barely teasing it with her lips. Natalie made a meager attempt to get up or move her arms to touch herself, but Lia adjusted position to pin her down better. “Mmm, it’s hot when you get frustrated, you know that?” Lia asked. Natalie could only pout, her face still wedged between Lia’s thighs, saliva and pussy juice dripping down onto her face. Eventually Lia got up, made Natalie brush her teeth, and they both made their way to bed.


Natalie began her morning extremely sexually frustrated. She got to take a shower and make out with her incredibly hot girlfriend, but she wasn’t allowed to touch herself! She hadn’t gone this long without cumming in forever, and now she was desperate. And yet she only had 11 out of 50 points.

“Miss? May I please pull another card?” Natalie asked over breakfast.

“Sure thing, but keep in mind we both have class today. Go for it, pick a number.”

A 4 shouldn’t be pretty doable today, let’s start with that, Natalie thought. She pulled a card from the “4” box. She read it to herself, and felt her heart sink.

“Well?” Lia said mischievously. “Don’t keep it to yourself, what does it say?”

“Um. ‘I am not allowed to wear a bra or panties today’.”

“Well you heard the card, take ’em off!”

“Uh, well when I wrote this one, I kinda figured I would be doing it on a day where I’m just at home, y’know? Like just with you?” Natalie said.

Lia took Natalie in her arms. “Babe, I don’t want you doing anything you’re not okay with. But the whole point of you writing on the cards was to give you a say in what I have you do. If you wrote it on there, you had to have known that this was going to happen, and you were down for it, right?”

Natalie smiled. “Yeah, I guess you’re right.” She started to undress, then stopped herself. “Um. Even with this I’m only at 15 points so… could maltepe escort bayan I pull another card?”

“My my,” Lia said. “You’re a desperate little slut. Of course you may, go pull a 5.”

Natalie pulled one from the box and read it aloud. “‘I will have degrading and humiliating things written on me.’ Oh.”

Lia jumped up and down with joy. “Oh this is perfect! I have such a good idea for this, wait here.” She ran out of the room. Natalie continued undressing, and when she finished stripping down Lia returned with two black sharpies. “Alright slut, get over here.” Natalie held still while Lia used one of the sharpies to write “slut,” “cunt,” “whore,” “horny bitch,” “I love pussy,” “humiliate me,” and “make me beg to cum” on her tits, waist, thighs, and butt. She then wrote “fuck me here” on Natalie’s ass cheek and drew two arrows pointing to both of her holes. Natalie obediently sat still through all of this, and could feel herself getting progressively more aroused as the humiliation continued.

“Now then,” Lia said. “Everything so far has been in regular ink, and it’s written in places that will always be covered up when you have clothes on. However,” she said, holding up the second marker, “this one will be different. See, I enchanted this sharpie so that only you and I will be able to see it. Okay?”

“Okay…” Natalie said tentatively. She could see where this was going.

“You trust me?”

“Of course Miss.”

“Good girl. Then hold still.” Lia took her time adding more writing to Natalie. After she finished, she stepped back to admire her work. In addition to the other discreet writings, she had added “punish me” onto one arm, “tie me up” on the other, “abuse me” on one cheek, and “I <3 eating ass" on the other. She pulled Natalie into the bathroom in order to give the girl a look at herself. “Wow,” Natalie said. “And you’re absolutely sure no one will see these?” “Positive. Well, unless you somehow undress and show your tits to someone else, but I don’t see that happening. Now let’s get going or we’ll be late to class. Get dressed, but remember no underwear!” Natalie put on a pair of jeans and a shirt that she hoped was thick enough to not expose her nipples too much. She and Lia walked together to campus until they had to split up to go to different classes. She could tell by the lack of shocked looks in the walkways that Lia was telling the truth about the “invisible” pen ink. Still, she could feel her face burn with embarrassment as she sat down in econ class. The words begging for abuse on her face and arms might not have been visible, but she was sure that her nipples would be. They had stiffened from her shirt fabric rubbing against them on her walk, and she was sure that people could tell that she was braless. Halfway through class she got a text from Lia: hey babe. how are those nips? Rather stiff, miss. but i dont think anyone has noticed, she replied. hmm well im sure they can be harder, rub them a bit when no ones looking. Natalie glanced around sheepishly. No one was looking directly at her, so she started to rub her nipples through her shirt as stealthily as she could. Her arousal increased and she felt shivers go through her body. ok miss I did, she sent back. gosh ur such a slut. good girl. Lia blushed. She had to admit, she was enjoying being called a slut. The rest of the class period passed without incident, although she kept reading the “punish me” and “tie me up” on her arms and getting even more turned on. Her class concluded and she had about an hour to kill before Lia was free. She took a walk around campus, and without realizing it she realized she had instinctively walked to her favorite secluded–and almost always empty–bathroom. She looked around to make sure she wasn’t followed this time, then slipped inside. She paused in front of the mirrors to take a look at the “abuse me” and “I <3 eating ass" written on her face. Embarrassed, she sat down in a stall. What am i doing, she thought. I’m not allowed to masturbate, I don’t have enough points. Natalie sighed. But goddammit am I horny! I’m sure if I get off now I’ll still be ready to go tonight and Lia won’t be able to tell. And so she dropped her drawers and started fingering herself as she usually did. This time however, she didn’t need to open any porn since the events of last night were still fresh in her mind. Her pussy was already moist from her earlier humiliation, and in no time at all her fingers were slick with her juices. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of rising heat from between her legs. Her phone began to ring but she ignored it. She could feel herself getting closer and closer to orgasm. However, instead of finding the release of waves of pleasure, she could only remain on the edge without quite going over. Her phone stopped ringing. She was now rubbing her clit as fast as she could but she still couldn’t get over the edge. Her phone started ringing again. Frustrated, she picked it up and saw that it was Lia that was calling her. “Hello?” “You’ve been a bad, bad girl, haven’t you?” Lia said. “W-what do you mean?” Natalie stammered.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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