Love Beyond All Bounds Ch. 06

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Chapter Six (The Heart of the Problem)

*Being smart is like being sharp. Be careful you don’t cut yourself.*

I had Mom and Sister sitting down in my basement, eating do-it-yourself tacos in a kind of family night. I’d even gone through the motions of inviting Dad, but he’d had ‘prior commitments’. By accident, we all had on nearly identical clothes — draw string bottoms and t-shirts.

“What are you planning for tonight?” April asked. She knew me well enough to be suspicious. Mom looked around the taco she was munching down on, clearly curious. She’d assumed that this was merely another attempt at family bonding.

“Well, you asked me to do something about Dad, and I’ve been working on that problem,” I started. I picked up the remote, cut on the DVD player and hit play. I had converted only the section of Dad and his partner, plus their little discussion. Mom dropped her taco.

“Oh crap,” April said in a small voice. “She’s my gynecologist. Dad recommended her. She’s Mom’s too.”

“That Bastard!” she stood and screamed. “He’s been sabotaging me.” Tears began streaming down her face. She slumped back down and put her face in her hands sobbing. I stopped the DVD then April and I closed a circle around her, pulling our Mother tight. “And he cheated on me with that bitch,” she went on. “She’s had her hands inside me. I’m going to rip her tits off and stuff them down his throat.”

“There, there Mom,” comforted April. I rubbed Mom’s back. Mom began crying on April’s shoulder and wrapped her arm around her. I think she had woken up to what she’d been doing, what we meant to her, and in doing so, took a serious step toward forgiveness.

“Mom, how does a dose of revenge sound?” I suggested. She rose up her head until we were eye to eye.

“Hell yes,” she rasped. “Fuck him worse than he fucked me.”

“Well, I admit I had more incentive to deal with you. He doesn’t do much for me,” I joked. Mom and April looked at me confused then Mom smiled.

“Point taken, Damien,” she said. “I want him to be my bitch. He’s been giving it to me up the ass all these years. I want to return the favor. What do you have in mind?” I responded by cutting the DVD back on. Quickly we finished with Dad and cut to patient one.

“I think that act would cost you your medical license,” April groaned. “What they are doing looks painful.”

“Oh, it stretches your hamstrings, but I like it,” Mom said absently.

“I’m going to pop to the faces of the other three patients. Mom, I know who the last one is and I’ll deal with her. Find out who the other three are, and if they are married.”

“I can do that,” Mom replied. “Can you get me a picture I can use?”

“Done,” I promised.

“What can I do?” April asked.

“If you really want to help, there is one thing you can do.” April looked at me. “I want you and Mom to sixty-nine.” April’s eyes went wide. Mom’s look was indescribable.

“How does that help you?” April begged.

“Have you ever gone down on a girl before?” I replied.

“No,” April said sheepishly.

“I need you to learn from the best. I’ve seen Mom at work, and she’s fantastic. You need to start learning about this stuff, because I know it will come in handy.”

“He’s got a point,” Mom reluctantly agreed. “Honey, if you are going to go in the direction your brother and I are, you need to get started.” April looked pretty terrified, but she finally nodded. “Damien, we will use your bedroom and you may not watch. My baby will be nervous enough as it is.” With that, she led April off to my room. All I could do was sit back and listen, and listen. As I told April, Mom was the best. That she was actually considering how April might feel about something spoke volumes about the level of introspection she tuzla escort was going through.

My next week was busy. I had my actually job to do, I began actively seeing Danielle during the day, and I was nightly gathering data on Dad and his partners. Even though Heidi and I flirted, she knew I was with Danielle. Danielle was like a flower coming into bloom. We hadn’t actually had sex yet, but we had fun torturing each other. She was coming to appreciate that the submissive had the control in the dominant-submissive relationship. Part of the thrill was she knew she could stop her suffering at any point, but choosing not to. Danielle was stressing herself sexually, and all other life stresses were melting away. She told me that for the first time in her life she loved her job.

Dad’s practice was the gift that kept on giving. Four of the five partners were screwing around with their clients. The fifth, the youngest and newest, had buried her in debt to buy into the practice, so she was terribly vulnerable too. Her only crime so far was knowing what the others were doing and not putting a stop to it. She was even on tape talking to another partner about her. The man jokingly assured her that there was nothing to worry about.

During a late night viewing, I saw Dad do yet another arrogant, stupid thing. He was taping some of his special sessions for future viewing pleasure. My tapes gave me the code to his safe, as well as the password for his computer. I put some late night work in his office copying videos and files, including reams of personal and financial data on his willing victims. I had April go through it all. She rated people on guilt, vulnerability, looks, and financial status. I had Mom laying the groundwork for my next two parts of the plan.

Part one was getting Dad home and in a position so that we could apply pressure. I fully expected Dad to explode then try to bully us into submission. We had to get ready for that. Mom had to set her business up for when we snatched it out from under Father’s thumb. We would have to do some serious restructuring and getting ready for what we wanted to do. I fully expected Dad to struggle to find a way out from under this. We were going to be one step ahead of him.

Part two of the plan involved getting Mom and Dad invited to a large charity function coming soon. Dad had the money and connections to get in, as did the people we were choosing to target. It was up to Mom to convince him. Once he wrangled the invitation, we would be ready to ambush him. After the ambush, Dad would bow out and I would take his place and take Mom in. Mom and I would move into action, confronting our chosen targets. They would give us an admission of guilt, or we would immediately take that information to their spouses. Mom figured with the high stress social situation would get them to break. She should know.

April had taken to sneaking down to my room and sleeping in my bed. I hated to move her when I came in from the club, or from my midnight raids on Dad’s place. So I snuggled in and held her to me as I slept. I’d often wake up to see her on her side, propped up, looking down on me. Her smile was a hell of a great way to wake up. The only better thing was Dad’s smug condescension to all of us. He really couldn’t help himself. As Mom came up and Dad made ready to leave, he let slip this one comment to me.

“It is good that your Mother has you,” he joked sarcastically. “She needs help.” Of all the things to say to any of us, that sealed his fate. Even April agreed he had to go.

Before my family took the plunge, there was one thing I had to do. I went home with Danielle. She had a nice, high-rise apartment. She said her Father bought it for her after her divorce.

“It is good to finally get you here,” she smiled. When the outside tuzla escort bayan door shut, she raced into my arms, pushing me against the wall. We kissed hungrily. I could feel the heat and need radiating from her. “Bedroom,” she teased. She grabbed my tie and led me through her place and into her room. It was a dark decor, all in steels, gunmetal grays, and black. I could see how someone surrendering to depression would crawl into this place. I dove into her neck, biting her with my teeth and tickling her with my tongue.

“Is my Whore hungry?” I teased.

“Master, less clothes and more tongue,” she gasped. She was desperately tearing at my clothes. Deep down, I knew she was afraid that this night might never come. I was on the verge of breaking down that last barrier. I had to be honest with her though. She had trusted me with so much. I got her dress off. She was in her lacy black bra that barely contained her heaving chest, no panties, and a sheer garter for her black hose. She knew I had a thing for stockings.

“Wait,” I commanded. She made to protest, but I put a finger to her lips. “You must listen then decide.” Again she made to speak, but I kept my finger in place. “Danielle, before I do what I’ve wanted to do with you after spending only ten minutes with you, there is something you must know.” She nodded. “Do you know that woman I was watching when I came in that first time?” She nodded again.

“That older woman, older than me maybe. I was jealous when I first saw you staring at her, but you never did anything,” she admitted.

“That is my Mother. I went there that first night to find something to blackmail her with. She had treated my Sister and me horribly for most of our lives. I hated her.”

“Okay, but you came back for me, right?”

“Yes, I came back again and again for you, but I couldn’t get her out of my mind.” I took a deep breath. “I slept with her. I forced her to have sex with me, to hurt her. I’ve slept with her several times since then, because I liked it.” I waited for the tears, and the crying, and the cry to get out. She stared at me, hoping I was joking. When she saw I wasn’t, she flopped down on the bed. She covered her eyes with one hand.

“Do you love her?”

“No,” I responded honestly.

“Do you love me?”

“Would I be telling you my deepest, darkest secret if I didn’t? Yes, I love you.” Danielle sat up and gave me a calculating look. She looked very intelligent, bright, and fierce.

“Fine, but if she joins us in bed, I get to be on top. I’m your submissive, no one else’s. Master would you please fuck your Slave now before I explode?”

I kicked off my pants and through my shirt behind me the dove into her. I would play with her later, but right now, she deserved what she was begging for — a good, hard fucking. I hooked my arms around her legs and pushed them over my shoulder. I shifted them back until I could see the pain behind her gasps. I held my cock along her labia only a second before I began pushing it in. I swore the groan she gave out rattled the windows. He grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me in deeper.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, yes,” she moaned as I pushed my girth into her. Her eyes were clenched shut and she was starting to sweat. She was so tight, I was afraid I was hurting her too much.

“Danny, am I hurting you?” I whispered. Her eyes popped opened and she looked at me utterly starving for my presence.

“Don’t you dare stop!” she screamed. I responded by pushing the rest of me into her. Her head rocked back and she shook with her first orgasm. I didn’t stop. I plowed straight through her spasms and drove her deep into the mattress with each thrust. She grunted each time I bottomed out against her cervix.

“Please, please, please,” she begged when the orgasm passed. “Not escort tuzla so hard.”

“Take it, Bitch!” I snarled. She shuttered and came again. Her fingernails dug into my ass so hard, I could feel the blood on my cheeks. When this second orgasm subsided, I relented. She was panting and bathed in sweat.

“I really am your Bitch,” she smiled up at me in wonder. She brought up one hand and gently touched my cheek.

“Until you get tired of me,” I grinned back.

“Or you fuck me to death,” she laughed breathlessly.

“Does my Slave want more cock?” I said as my rhythm resumed, but at a gentler pace.

“God yes,” she gasped. “Whatever you want, but I beg you; don’t stop.”

“Anything? Funny you would say that. I actually want you to do something for me.”

“I said anything,” she panted.

“How would you like to get revenge on you Ex and the woman who took him from you?” She bucked up against me at the very suggestion.

“And I thought you couldn’t get me any hotter. What do you want me to do?” she breathed.

“I want you to fuck her. I want us both to fuck her, and I want him to know it, but only after we make her divorce him. Do you know any good divorce lawyers?” I snickered.

“I can think of one,” Danielle groaned being that she was one of the best in the city, “and she’s right beneath you. Do you have any more secrets?”

“Well, my Sister wants me to fuck her and I really don’t know how to handle that?” I confessed. Danielle laughed between gasps for air.

“For the love of God don’t let her. You’ll never get out of the bedroom,” she giggled. I slapped her thigh which only made her giggle harder. I pulled out of her abruptly and she gave a surprised yip. I didn’t give her much time to wonder what was happening. I manhandled her around onto her hands and knees. I sprang behind her, lined up my dick with her asshole and pushed slowly. She took in a sharp breath.

“I’ve never had a man up my ass, Master, please …” In response, I spanked her ass playfully, enjoying the way it moved when I did.

“I will fuck you any way I want to. Now grab hold of the sheets and hang on, Slut.” She did so eagerly. I was kind to her, pushing in very slowly and letting her adjust to each stage of the intrusion. When I was all the way in, I rocked back slightly so she had some wiggle room. It took her a moment to realize this, but when she did, she pushed back up my shaft and groaned like a wanton whore as she did. “Do you like it,” I asked as I hesitated in mid-stroke.

“Master, I do. May I have another?” I thrust hard and deep. She grunted. “And another?” I pounded her again. We played this game for twenty piston-like blows until she groaned out, “God, it feels like you are splitting me in two.”

“I am going to split you in two,” I boasted as I rammed her again.

“I fucking love it … fuck … Master, never stop. Please, never stop,” she moaned. She screamed out and I felt her juice shoot against my balls. The flexing of her thighs propelled her half off her. I had mercy on her. She fell face down and didn’t move. It took me a few seconds to realize she’s passed out. I lay down beside her, pulled her to my side and put her head in my lap. I lovingly brushed her hair until she stirred and looked up at me.

“Did you just fuck me to unconsciousness?” she whispered bewildered and euphoric at the same time.

“It looks like I did,” I said with a devilish glint in my eyes.

“What now?” she murmured, snuggling into my side and slipping one leg over mine.

“I was thinking that you would suck me off, while I ate you out. Then we would break for snacks and discuss the merits of blindfolds versus handcuffs.”

“I choose all of the above,” she sighed contentedly.

“Then you shall have it all, my lovely, desirable fuck toy,” I said before kissing her. We proceeded to do all of the above and a few more creative things that came along as it became known to me that Danielle had become ambitious in her choice of sexual aids.

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