Love in Jamaica

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Ted and Patti had been in Montego Bay for three days, and it had been great so far. Ted had been chosen to come to the resort and have meetings with clients for his company. The first three days he would have meetings from 8:00am until 12:00pm. The rest of the time he and Patti could enjoy themselves.

On the third day the meetings were over at 11:00. Ted decided he would surprise Patti with a picnic and they could do some exploring of the area. If she was a good girl they would explore each other too.

Stopping at the front desk he had ordered a picnic basket. He had asked the desk clerk if there were any secluded spots where he could take his wife. At first the desk clerk was reluctant to tell him. When Ted slipped some money into his hand the desk clerk told him of a VERY secluded spot a couple of miles down the beach. The clerk told Ted to follow the beach until they came to a small shack that sat back from the beach. Following the path behind the shack about a quarter of a mile there was a special spot. Ted thanked the man and waited for them to get the picnic basket ready for them. Checking to make sure everything was there he went back to their room. Opening the door to their room he found she wasn’t there, probably shopping he thought to himself.

A few minutes later he was in the shower. He thought back to the night before and how Patti had given him one of the best blow jobs ever.

Soaping up he washed off and quickly washed his hair, thinking of the feeling of her hot wet, mouth around the head of his cock. “Mmmm.” he moaned as he reached for his dick, stroking himself. “Suck my dick.” he told her out loud remembering the feeling of her mouth on his cock. Almost being able to feel her licking him, nibbling his cock. He could see her down on her knees between his spread legs. Seeing her naked body. He rubbed his balls while still stroking his dick. He thought of the way she had sucked him off on the balcony of their room, he had to wonder if anyone could hear his moans and him begging her to suck the manjuice out of his dick. Each balcony was secluded, you couldn’t see the people next door to you, but they could probably hear you.

“Damn, I wish she were here.” he said as he touched himself. Stroking his cock it was starting to feel good to him. “Yeah suck my cock baby.” he moaned as he played with himself. He would love to sink his cock into her tight pussy. He must have gotten a little carried away because he didn’t hear her walk in.

“Hey! You started without me.” Patti said as she entered the bathroom.

“Shit! Baby where did you come from?” startled he let go of his cock.

“My mother…” she said as she stood there and watched him.

“Oh look a nice hard cock…is it for me?” she asked as he turned off the shower and opened the door.

“Where were you when I got here?” he asked “Having a play date with a sexy waiter or something?” he said as he stepped out of the shower.

“No I wasn’t, but thats a good idea.” she commented as he started to dry off. “I went to the salon and had my hair and nails done. I thought I’d splurge for once.” she admitted she was not one to spend money on her hair and nails or anything like that. She always said the money could be used for something better.

“Damn baby, you look great!” Ted told her as he dried himself off. He noticed she had her hair curled and styled, she was even wearing makeup. He did like what she was wearing too, a thin Pink tank top, no bra with spaghetti straps. Her skirt was gauzy thin material almost thin enough to see through.

“Do you really like it honey?” she asked worried he wouldn’t like it.

“Yes, I really do love it baby.” he said as he finished drying off. “I’ve got a surprise for you.” he told her as he walked past her, she reached out and stroked his cock as he went past.

“What is it?” she asked excitedly, she loved surprises.

“Well I thought we’d go on a little picnic, maybe do some exploring.” he said as he started getting dressed.

“I’d like that, sounds like fun honey.” the past three days they had went sight seeing and shopping and out to dinner before returning to their hotel room. Now the next 7 days would be for them to do as they pleased. They had never had a honeymoon after they had suddenly eloped, now was their chance.

“Oh I promise you it will be.” he hoped she liked what he had planned for them.

Walking over to him Patti grasped his hard dick, “I hope your not going to let this hard cock go to waste.” she told him as she sat on the end of the bed and pulled him toward her.

“Ahhh so some little girl is horny I bet.” he said as she stroked his dick.

“I’m breathing aren’t I???” she replied. Bending her head she licked the tip of his cock with the tip of her tongue.

“I am so glad you’re always horny baby.” he said as he felt her tongue on his cock. “Make it good.” he said as he looked down and watched her. Taking the head of his cock a bit deeper she sucked him, reaching for his balls with her other hand.

“Mmmmm.” bursa escort he moaned as she sucked his cock slowly. Grabbing both sides of her head he thrust his hips giving her his dick deeper. Ted could hear her moaning softly, one thing she did love to do was suck his cock.

Patti let his cock slip out of her wet mouth, she licked down to his balls. Swirling her wet tongue over his balls, gently sucking them

into her mouth one at a time. She did love the way he tasted.

“Yeah, lick the boys make them feel good.” he told her as she reached up and stroked his cock while she continued to suck his balls. The way she licked and sucked his cock and balls you would think she had never done it before.

Damn but she was making him feel good, he thought as she licked her way to the head of his cock. Taking him back into her mouth she took him deeper than before.

“Ahhhh yes.” he moaned as he watched her suck him. In and out she took his cock. Stroking him up and down “Suck that dick little girl.”

Patti would love to get fucked hard right now. She pulled her mouth off of his cock and she looked him in the eyes. “Who’s your naughty girl?” she asked him.

“You know you are the only naughty girl I want in my life baby.” he told her putting his hands on her head and pushing her towards his cock. “Nice baby, don’t stop.”

“Oh I won’t.” she said stroking his cock faster, watching as pre cum started to leak from the head of his dick. “Mmmmm, yummy.” she said as she licked the pre cum from his cock. Taking his cock back into her mouth she sucked him deeper, slurping on his cock. She stroked him a bit faster. She wanted to taste his load of cum, feel it spurting into her mouth.

Ted was feeling like a million, she knew just how to make him feel good.

“Yeah, suck that cock like the little cum sucker you are.” he said as he held her down on his cock. He thrust his cock into her mouth, in and out faster and deeper.

Patti took his cock as deep as she could, sucking him harder. After a few minutes she had to come up for air, gasping she pulled away from him, looking up at him.

“Are you my little girl?” he asked watching as she stroked his cock and balls at the same time. Bending down she licked his balls again, sucking them into her mouth. Holding her long hair in his hand he made her look at him. “Are you my little girl?” he asked again.

All she could do was nod and continue to suck his balls. Patti reached under her thin skirt and rubbed her damp panties, wanting to slip a couple of finger’s inside of herself.

Ted loved to look down and watch as she sucked his cock and balls, she was the best. Pre-cum was leaking down his shaft. She couldn’t lick it up fast enough. “Fuck yeah slut take my cock.” he said as he forced his cock as deep down her throat as he could. They did like to get a little rough at times, just enough to make it exciting.

Ted saw her reaching for her pussy, he wasn’t going to let her touch herself. He had plans for later. “Take your hand away from your pussy baby.” he told her, she did as she was told. “Finish me off, make me cum.” he told her as he fucked her mouth, holding her down on his dick. In and out, deeper and faster she took his cock. She could feel his dick getting harder, hear him breathing deep and gasping and moaning as she sucked him. “Fuck yeah, awww, suck it…” he moaned loudly pounding into her wet mouth. He was at the point of no return, he could feel his balls tighten up knowing he was going to give her his load of cum.

Patti wanted to taste his cum so bad, she loved sucking him off any time. She was so turned on but she knew she would have to wait for her turn. Feeling his cock get even harder she knew he was going to cum. She loved being his whore and his slut. He was slamming his cock into her mouth, he suddenly slowed down. He wanted to feel her tongue on his cock when he came in her mouth, or maybe he’d cum some place else. This was the best feeling, he thought as he looked down at her. Reaching down he managed to pull the straps of her tank top down exposing her sweet tits.

“Awww yeah cumminnng.” he told her as he felt his cock explode in her mouth. “Don’t swallow.” he told her as he suddenly pulled out of her mouth and gave her spurt after spurt onto her tit’s. He watched as his cum dripped off of her nipples. “Fuck yeah, I love when you suck me babe.” he told her as he pulled away from her. Bending down he kissed her, slipping his tongue into her mouth. They shared his cum, she finally had to swallow. Ted pulled away from her and kissed her again. “That was so good baby girl.” he told her.

Patti was trying to catch her breath, she reached for some tissues to clean up with. “I’m glad you enjoyed it honey.”

“Don’t.” he said stopping her from wiping the cum off of her tit’s. “Leave it.”

“Well all right honey, if you say so.” she said pulling her tank top back on.

After Ted got dressed they picked up two large blanket’s and the picnic basket and headed bursa escort bayan for the beach.

“Isn’t this great!” Patti said full of excitement, as they walked along the beach hand in hand.

Ted kept a look out for the shack the desk clerk had told him about.

“Yeah, this is great honey.” Ted said as he spotted the shack in the distance.

“Hey, do you know where you’re going?” she asked as they walked away from the beach.

“Yepper.” he said taking her by the hand and walking towards the shack.

“Is this where we’re going to have our picnic?” she asked looking at the run down shack as they reached it.

“Oh no, it’s back this way.” he told her as he led her past the shack and down trail.

“We’ll be there in a few minutes.”

“Ok you’re the leader.” she said following him. “Honey, do you think they’re wild animals out here?”

“Naw, just you baby just you.” he replied with a chuckle.

Minutes later they stepped out into a clearing they found themselves in a tropical paradise. There in front of them was a small lagoon with a flowing waterfall. They were surrounded by tree’s and bushes and the waterfall. It was perfect for a romantic picnic.

“WOW! This is great!” Ted exclaimed as he put the picnic basket down.

“This is so cool!” she said spreading the blanket out on the ground.

“Come on!” he told her as he started stripping out of his clothes.

“Where’re we goin’?” she asked as she watched him.

“Skinny dipping of course.” he said as he pulled his pants and undies off and tossed them onto the blanket.

“But, but honey I can’t swim.” she said worried about how deep the water was. The water was so clear you could see the bottom.

“I’ll go in first and then you follow. You know I wouldn’t let anything happen to you honey.” he said trying to reassure her. He went over and stepped into the water. Wading out he found the water was no more than maybe four feet deep.

“Come on in honey, it’s not deep.”

“You promise you won’t let me drowned?” she asked as she stripped out of her clothes and walked toward the water.

“Sweetie, I promise I won’t let anything happen to you.” he said holding his hand out to her she walked into the water and he pulled her closer to him. “Besides I don’t have life insurance on ya yet.” he said with a chuckle. He was right it wasn’t deep so she felt safe.

“Oh thanks!” she replied with a laugh, she knew he would never let anything happen to her.

Pulling her into his arms he kissed her passionately, nibbling on her neck kissing his way to her ear lobe.

“Mmmmm.” she moaned as she felt him biting her ear, she slipped her arms around his neck. “I like that.”

Kissing and nibbling his way down from her neck to her chest, he reached for her tits. Her nipples were nice and hard. Squeezing her tit’s, hearing her moan. Ted could feel the dried cum on her tits as he bent down and took her left nipple into his mouth. He could taste his cum as he licked and sucked on her nipple.

“Yummy cum.” he said as he kissed his way to her right tit, he caressed her lower, over her tummy, down to her pussy. She was moaning softly as she felt his fingers rubbing her wet slit.

“Please?” she asked him as he rubbed her shaved pussy, feeling her pussy open for him.

“You know I’ll take care of you.” he told her as he gently slid a couple of fingers into her slit.

“Ahhh.” she gasped as she felt his finger’s enter her. Holding him tighter she wanted him inside of her. In and out he played with her pussy. Hearing her moaning just made him hotter. He wanted to bring her off. He bent down and continued to suck her nipple as he finger fucked her. Rubbing his thumb over her clit he heard her gasp.

“You like this baby” he said as he looked into her eyes, he felt her spread her legs even farther apart. “You like when I finger fuck your tight pussy?”

“Yes.” she managed to tell him as she reached for his cock. Taking his cock into her hand she stroked him.

Ted pulled her hand away and kissed her. “Not yet, this is for you.” he said.

They could feel the mist from the waterfall as they stood there and he continued to finger her. The deeper and faster he fucked her pussy the more excited she got. Moaning and gasping she loved the way he was making her feel.

“Do it, finger me, make me cum.” she begged him, she needed to cum so bad.

She grabbed his hand and tried to force him to fuck her harder. “Yes, thats it. Oh my God fuck me.”

“Come on.” he said pulling his hand away from her pussy. He couldn’t wait he had to have her. Taking her by the hand he led her out of the water back to the blanket. “Lie down.” he told her. Taking a second blanket he made a pillow for her.

Patti did as she was told, she got comfortable and just watched him. Ted joined her on the blanket.

“Just lie back and relax.” he told her as he started all over again, licking and kissing his way down her body. He licked and nibbled on her hard escort bursa nipples. Kissing and licking his way lower and lower until he was back down between her legs.

He spread her legs and put her ankles on his shoulders. He could hear her breathing get deeper and her moans louder as he touched her.

“Oh yessss…” she moaned as she felt him spreading her pussy open. He could see how wet she was. There was a slight breeze and she felt it on her naked body.

Bending down Ted softly licked her pussy slit from the bottom to the top, tasting her juices. He avoided her clit for the time being. He licked her up and down, sucking her pussy lips into his mouth. She has always worried that her pussy lips were too big but he always told her that he loved them. He loved sucking them into his mouth, flicking his tongue over them. He could hear her moans getting a bit louder, feel her thrashing around as he made love to her.

Looking up into her eyes, he very slowly pushed two fingers inside of her pussy. He could feel his cock getting hard again, he would fuck her before the day was out.

All she could do was gasp in pleasure. She needed to get fucked, feel him inside of her. “Yeah…” she moaned loudly as he started to fuck her. In and out he finger fucked her. Her pussy was so wet, he loved it. He pulled his fingers out of her and he licked her juices off of them.

“More.” she begged as he entered her again, curling his fingers up inside of her he found her g-spot and rubbing and fingering her faster and harder he fucked her. She couldn’t lie still she was jerking all over the blanket. Suddenly he bent down and licked her slit again, flicking his tongue across her hard little clit.

Patti was going wild, moaning and getting loud. She needed his hard cock inside of her. “Yesss…” she moaned. “Oh yes.”

Meanwhile on the other side of the bushes Harold and his wife Claire were exploring in the same area. “Can we go back to the hotel now?” Claire asked slapping at an insect on her arm. She hated the outdoors and she hated bugs.

“No, you take all of the fun out of a vacation. All you want to do it stay in the room and watch tv. You could have done that at home.” Harold said as he heard someone moaning nearby. “Say, did you hear that?” he asked as he found he could look through the bushes and he saw a couple about his and Claire’s age. This couple was naked and the woman was lying on a blanket with her legs up on the guy’s shoulders and he was eating her pussy.

“What are you watching?” Claire asked as she walked over to have a look. “Oh my God!” she said turning away. “They’re, they’re you know…”

“He’s eating her pussy you remember that don’t you Claire?” he asked sarcastically as he watched the other couple.

“We’re too old for that kind of nonsense.” she said grabbing Harold by his arm.

“I bet they’re about our age and they’re going at it like a couple of teenagers.” he said as he watched. “That’s it, eat that pussy.” he said as he watched the show.

“Fuck me.” Patti begged him. Needing to feel his cock inside of her pussy.

“You want to get fucked baby???” he asked as he moved up over her.

“Please?” she said watching him as he kissed his way up her body.

Ted moved up over her, stroking his hard cock, looking at her. He rubbed the head of his cock over her slit. “You want my cock little girl?” he said teasing her pushing the head of his cock in a bit and pulling out.

“Yes I want your cock.”

“How do you ask?” he said pushing his cock in a little deeper.

“Please fuck me?”

“That’s a good little girl.” he said as he suddenly pushed in deeper, hearing her sigh he pulled away again.

Lifting her legs he held them up as he started to fuck her in and out. Feeling her wetness and how tight she was. He loved it.

“Damn! They’re fucking!” Harold said as he watched, reaching for his crotch he rubbed his cock. Rubbing himself he felt his cock start to harden.

“Harold! Stop that!” Claire said as she turned away.

“I seem to remember that you used to liked to get fucked.” he told her as he unzipped and pulled his dick out.

“Well we’re grandparent’s now.”

“So? I bet they’re grandparent’s too.” he said peering through the bushes.

“Yes, yes fuck me!” Patti said loudly, she needed to cum.

“Oh I’m going to fuck you.” Ted said as he speeded up his thrust. Pumping his rock hard cock into her tight pussy, in and out he rammed her.

Gasping and moaning she felt him pounding into her. “Yes, oh yes!” she said loudly.

“Turn over.” Ted said as he pulled out of her. She turned over on her hands and knees.

“SMACK! SMACK!” she felt as Ted slapped her ass leaving red marks, he never smacked her hard enough to hurt her just enough to make her hotter.

“Ummm, ummm.” Patti moaned each time he smacked her, she looked back at him, saw him stroking his cock.

“Like that?” he asked as he smacked her one more time.

“Yes.” she answered as she waited for him to give her his cock again.

Ted rubbed the head of his cock over the opening of her wet pussy. Without a word he entered her slowly, taking his time. Patti moaned as he gave her his cock. “I love your tight pussy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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