Love , Prostitution Ch. 14

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Sitting quietly in the lounge of their hotel suite drinking hot chocolate before they go to bed, Emily opens the letter and reads the contents carefully. She tells Sansa it is the surveyors report on the bungalow. It is very thorough and apart from needing basic maintenance, it is in sound condition. The roof needs attention fairly soon and most of the rain water gutters need renewal. The surveyor values the Punjabi Bagh property, when the points highlighted have been rectified, at $10 million U.S. dollars, so the selling price of $8M agreed by the vendor represents an immediate advantageous investment. They love the property and location and being paid very generously as virtually full time employees, there is no need to advertise and publicly reveal both their identity and their profession. They decide to proceed with the purchase and contact the estate agent to set things in motion. Then they go to bed and snuggle up together … both are sound asleep within minutes. Sudesh takes the first watch while Nilesh sleeps.

After sleeping soundly, they rise refreshed and hope they’ll soon adjust to their different work and sleep patterns. The solicitor has left a voicemail asking that she makes contact to pay the required 10% property deposit of $800,000. She calls him and tells him that she works nights. He understands and will visit her at the hotel at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow, if that is convenient, to go through initial formalities. In the meantime he gives her the bank details required to send the deposit electronically. She agrees the appointment and says she will send the deposit shortly. She calls the bank and is talked through how to do it via internet banking, it works! Pleased with herself she calls the solicitor to tell him the deposit is already on it’s way to him. He thanks her and looks forward to meeting her in the morning.

Emily decides to wear her royal blue chiffon sari with gold motifs so that when she meets the solicitor, it gives the right impression. Anyway, what she wears to and from work hardly matters due to her not needing any clothes at all at work. Sansa wears a pale yellow sari in which she looks fabulous and Amy asks if she might wear a sari too. When asked to choose one from the dressing room racks, she wonders about Emily’s black sari but chooses the pink.

Nilesh and Sudesh join the ladies and they go down together for high tea. Nilesh keeps watch for half the time that the girls are asleep, so the plan is that they will both take turns to sleep in the reclining chairs in the car, while the other keeps watch, if that is acceptable. Emily says of course they may and for the first time they feel part of the family when Sansa adds: “We can’t have our brothers not getting their sleep, can we?” Everyone is smiling as the coffee and finger sandwiches are consumed. On arrival at the mansion, each of the girls kisses both Nilesh and Sudesh on the cheek, after all Amy is family now as well.

After the girls had changed into their working outfits, i.e. black choker and heels, they go to the beauty department. There is an massage couch in the room now, beside which there is a man stood by the couch and beside it is a table on which are his tattooing instruments and inks. They all opt for their Monarch butterfly tattoo to be positioned in the small of their back. The tattooist smiles, showing them an adorable sample image, and then each in turn lies face down on the couch and the tattooist carefully picks up just enough ink to produce a pretty butterfly tattoo for each pretty lady. When completed they take turns in admiring each other’s tattoo, the colours and details are beautifully clear. The joke that now they are marked women receives well deserved groans!

The girls, with Amy leading the way, arrive at the Office of the Treasurer where they provide details for the accounts their monthly salary is to be sent and was created for business purposes. They are conducted to the Office of the Secretary where they complete and sign some forms, including a non-disclosure agreement. They are now legally permanent full time employees of the club. The Chairman is the next port of call, and both the Secretary and the Treasurer join them. Their ‘dates’ for tonight are: The Chairman & Emily, The Treasurer & Sansa and The Secretary & Amy. They are all complimented on their beautiful new tattoos and then each lady is accompanied by her ‘date’ to the most beautiful suites they could ever imagine.

They are getting along very well, when the Chairman’s Newfoundland dog enters the room and heads straight for Emily. The Chairman tells her not to worry, he is very friendly, pet him and you’ll see. Emily leans forward to stroke his head and her breasts fall right in front of him, she takes notice when he starts to lick one of her nipples, which responds to his touch. She is embarrassed: “Oh my …” and changes her intended ending to: “… what a beautiful dog, what is his name?”. He smiles knowingly and appreciates her ‘save’ and illegal bahis tells her that his name is Randy, suggesting that she opens her legs. She responds with a giggle and says: “Okay, this sounds interesting.” She opens her legs exposing her vulva, not sure what to expect. Randy moves between her legs and starts licking her intimately which actually feels nice: “Oh … oh my … mmm.

Now she feels flustered and the Chairman smiles saying: “No need for embarrassment, if something feels nice, it simply is nice. Randy obviously enjoys what he is doing and apparently so do you … watch his reaction to me giving you a kiss, it’s hilarious”. Randy growls at the Chairman and then lies down with a whine and puts his paws on his snout as if unable to look. Emily can’t help laughing and the Chairman passes her a pack of wet wipes. Emily takes the pack and with her sense of humour restored, cleans herself thoroughly in case Randy’s master wishes to follow his lead.

The Chairman stands holding out his hand to Emily who puts her hand in his and rises. He embraces her and when he looks as if he is going to kiss her, she meets him with her lips slightly, but invitingly, parted. The kiss is long and passionate and when his tongue finds its way into her mouth, she sucks it suggestively. He whispers: “You are one special lady Emily, I knew it during the first part of your practical interview. I believe that you think about the emotional connection as much, if not more, than any particular act. But also, you wish to be the consummate professional and ‘go with the flow’ to make any experiences with others as rich as possible. Now young lady, what do you think of that!” She says that she isn’t sure she deserves such an accolade but cannot disagree with the basis of his analysis.

A gong rings and he smiles: “Dinner is served! Shall we?” and taking her hand leads her into the dining room. Emily is comfortable being naked, it feels natural even though she knows CMNF is sexist, she enjoys it, anyway she tells herself being a prostitute, however well-paid, seems to be an endorsement of sexism. When the chair is pulled out for her, she is sure to put one leg in position before closing the brief exposure by bringing the other leg close beside it, then leaning forward so her breasts hang freely before setting her naked bottom on the chair. She smiles as she wonders about the naked bottoms that preceded hers. The Chairman beams a smile and tells her that she is so accomplished, even the act of sitting down makes her all the more alluring. Emily smiles and putting her forefinger to her cheek says innocently: “Why, thank you kind Sir”. The repartee continues through the delicious meal and she senses a connection between them by the time they leave the table.

He takes her through his bedroom and his dressing room, arriving in his bathroom where a large whirlpool spa has been prepared for them. She helps him undress and then removes her choker and shoes. They hand each other into the beautifully scented bath and sit together with the water level above their waists. He puts his hand between her legs which open for him as if by magic. His fingers find her entrance, he inserts 2 fingers then using the ball of the thumb to pivot over her clitoris starts a gentle finger fucking that draws soft moans of pleasure from her. With his arm around her trim body snaking under her arm he gently circles a finger around her nipple. Inside her, the fingers find her g-spot and his simultaneous three point titillation brings her close. She moans again … and again, encouraged he increases the pace and pressure of his titillation to a frenzy that sends her over the edge. He withdraws his fingers and concentrates on her clitoris and nipple to be rewarded with her gasps and moans and mostly, he delights in the sight of a small jet of thin white fluid into the bath water.

He embraces and kisses her, she melts into the kiss as their tongues dance with each other, she becomes at one with him. They get out of the bath and dry each other, then he leads her to the four poster bed with red satin sheets. He lies on his back and she straddles him, holding his manhood so she can lower herself onto him and he is deep inside her. She starts riding him while he reaches for her breasts to stimulate her nipples. Emily clenches her muscles to increase his pleasure and rides him until she feels him swell inside her. Sitting back she prevents his ejaculation and he shows his pleasure by bucking his hips. Knowing his imminent orgasm has subsided just in time, she resumes riding him until he swells again. She repeats this cycle until his imminent eruption reaches such a magnitude that neither of them want to delay any further. Like the sprint for the finishing post, she rides him hard to take the ultimate prize of him emptying himself deep inside her. When he softens, she moves off him and licks him clean.

They lie in the sublime close embrace of post coital satisfaction for a while and illegal bahis siteleri then he says he loves the way she can control his orgasm with her body, but what he loves even more is, after a few denied orgasms the one that gets away feels like a rocket blasting into space. She giggles at his description and says that it feels good being launched into space. If she weren’t on the pill then that rocket would have had a perfect landing. As they lie there, she idly plays with his manhood … there’s something he wants but might not want to ask her. Using his cock as a barometer of his libido, she continues to fondle with it. As it hardens, he asks his question right on cue: “I would like to ask for something special Emily”.

She says that his wish is not only her command, but also her opportunity to give pleasure … so please ask the question. He asks her if she is still an anal virgin and she replies that she is. She nearly asks if he would like to pop her anal cherry, but manages to restrain herself and let him ask to take her innocence … in that respect at least. He does ask and she says there’s no one she’d prefer to take it than him. His cock is now rock hard and although long is not too thick, but she is dry. Just as that thought occurs to her, he produces a tube of KY jelly from the bedside locker and gets off the bed. He wants her on her feet, well apart, beside the bed with her chest on the bed i.e. presenting her rosebud!

She assumes the position and he says it is just perfect. She can feel him liberally applying the jelly to her rosebud and inside her, the finger causing her no discomfort at all. She recalls being told that it is easier and less painful if she relaxes and that clenching or trying to stretch wide open will make it more painful. Suitably prepared, she feels the head of his cock slide into her vagina which is both lubed and wet, he is being very considerate. Feeling him at her rosebud she reminds herself not to tense up. A little pressure and she feels the head push just inside her. He pauses allowing her to get used to the intrusion, then pushes a little further and grunts, the head is well inside her without any real pain but she utters an “ahhh” anyway. He moves back and forward in her, gradually getting more of himself inside her, then utter glory, she feels his balls slap against her bottom and she gives him an encouraging moan of pleasure.

Emily has the full length of a man inside her bowel and she sheds no tears for the loss of her anal cherry. Having heard her moan of pleasure he starts to pump, but this time with him in mind. As his thrusts become harder and faster, her body jerks against the side of the mattress but not further … A soft landing! She can feel his passion inside her, and clenches her anus to increase his pleasure, strangely it is very different but somehow not so different, i.e. just a prostitute getting another of her passages fucked. Somehow as his thrusts increase in power and speed, she feels empowered by the way men want every part of a woman and some are prepared to pay a small fortune to have it. His grunts are only interrupted by her soft moans and very soon she feels he is near to climax, she clenches her anus again and is rewarded with his volcanic ejaculation.

The only thing she doesn’t understand, is why anal is so special for some men … perhaps it is misogynistic humiliation. She clenches her anus to milk his balls of every drop as he makes his last thrusts with a softening penis. She is spared having to lick him clean as he offers her some wet wipes and uses some on himself. He embraces and thanks her … She could almost believe he has feelings for her but reminds herself that he is paying a great deal of money for his pleasure … it is after all only a business transaction. They shower together and then he takes her to his bed and they fall asleep in a lover’s embrace.

A little before dawn, they wake up to find themselves still embracing. Emily can feel his manhood hardening against her belly and purrs into his ear as she reaches down to stroke it, as if stroking his dog. He turns her onto her back and she smiles: “There’s nothing nicer than a wake up call like this”. He chuckles and rubs the head of his organ up and down her vulva. She holds herself open and guides him into her entrance which is already getting wet, he pushes inside her with a moan of pleasure. Emily caresses his face as he thrusts deeper and inside her. This feeling of being filled with hard manhood is what transformed her from being an abducted & trafficked forced whore into a career prostitute. Or, was she always a whore just waiting for her to discover herself. It doesn’t matter, she loves her new career. His thrusts have become more urgent now, he is pounding her as if he had read her thoughts. Sweet moment, she can feel her climax approaching as he swells within her. As he explodes like an erupting volcano, she cries her release and their juices mix deep inside her.

They canlı bahis siteleri lie together for a while, then he kisses Emily and they go to shower together. After he has dressed he walks her back to the changing room and watches her get dressed. They share some special time embracing closely and he tells her how very happy she makes him and how pleased he is that she accepted all 3 offers. She reciprocates and it is clear that she means what she says. He walks her to her car and meets Nilesh and Sudesh. He says he is happy to know the men that are keeping his Emily safe, she reflects on being called ‘his Emily’ and reality kicks in, she really has sold herself. A final kiss, then he helps her into the car and says: “Good day Memsahib.” As the car pulls away with the girls safely on board, she looks back to see him waving goodbye and thinks: “Did he really call me Memsahib? Yes, he did!” Now she wonders if it was significant.

Going into their en-suite, Sansa & Emily turn on the taps and whisper to each other agreeing that they set up standing orders from their accounts for Nilesh and Sudesh’s monthly salary payments. Their salary from the 1st of the month to increase by 20% so that their payments start at Rs 30,000 per month in advance. Their first month’s salary of Rs 25,000 to be paid by personal cheque that very day. They turn off the taps and return to the lounge.

Sudesh asks if there is anything he can get them and Sansa nods, asking him to fetch Nilesh as they wish to speak to them both. As they enter 2 cheques are written, one for each of them. Sansa signs one for Sudesh and Emily the second for Nilesh. They are delighted with the news of their generous increase in salary and receiving cheques for the full Rs 25,000 in spite of the first period being less than a month and they haven’t yet moved into the bungalow. They ask if they may be permitted to … hug their wonderful, beautiful … sisters. The ladies rise with a smile to embrace them and kiss their cheeks. Emily asks if they already have banking accounts, they confirm that they have. She asks for the details necessary to set up automatic monthly salary payments and they confirm, for reasons of security, that she will have the necessary information on paper very shortly. Nilesh answers the hotel phone to be told the ladies have a visitor waiting in reception. He relays this information directly and Emily asks that reception sends him up to their suite.

When the gentleman is shown into the lounge he bows and introduces himself as Mr P. V. Chatterjee, Solicitor and presents his business card. Sansa and Emily welcome him and ask him to make himself comfortable, pointing out a nearby chair with occasional table close at hand, then offer him refreshment which he says he has only just taken. He says: “Memsahibs, may I thank you for the honour of appointing me to be your solicitor and reassure you that the deposit we discussed on the phone has been received safely. It is being transferred to the vendor’s solicitor this very morning.

Full legal ownership of the property will take about 44 days, when the completion balance payment is required. It is normal for the purchasers’ solicitor to hold the balance so it is ready for immediate transfer at that time”. Sansa and Emily exchange nods with a smile, then Emily asks if another bank transfer would be suitable. He confirms it would be very suitable and Emily replies that it will be accomplished this very moment. She takes her personal smartphone out of her handbag and brings up her online banking app, enters $7,200,000 then asks Mr Chatterjee to confirm the amount and details. He does, so she sets the transfer in motion and says it is on it’s way to his account.

A number of documents are presented and then carefully explained to Emily and Santa, who sign as joint purchasers/owners when asked, in the places indicated by a pencilled cross. When they discuss the qualifications required to own property in India, there is no doubt that Sansa meets the requirements as an Indian citizen and she has residency well beyond the qualifying 18 months.

Mr Chatterjee asks Emily, as a fellow lawyer, to describe how she qualifies under the law. Emily explains: “Non-Resident Indians (NRI), whether Indian citizens or foreign citizens of Indian origin, do not need permission from the Reserve Bank of India to acquire property if the seller is an Indian citizen”. She explains further: “A foreign national of Indian origin is ‘any person who or either of whose parents (her mother) or any of whose grand-parents was born in India as defined in the Government of India Act, 1935’ or any person who held an Indian passport at any given time”. She produces her papers, issued by the Chief Justice of Kolkata (a relative), 1. Citizen of India. 2. Member of the Kolkata bar. Mr Chatterjee examines the papers and agrees that Emily is qualified to own property in India and asks if he may have copies for his records. Nilesh offers to get them copied by the Reception staff. It seems no time at all before Nilesh returns with the copies and following a confirmatory nod from Emily, hands them to Mr Chatterjee, who checks they are true copies and hands the originals back to Emily for safekeeping.

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