Luna and Riley Ch. 06

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Disclaimer: This story is dramatically fictitious and possesses depictions of completely unrealistic and unattainable body standards. If that isn’t your forte then you may not find this story to your liking. If you decide to read the story regardless I thoroughly hope you enjoy it! Thanks!

Notice: You should read the earlier chapters, so that the story makes more sense. Your choice though, hope you enjoy it regardless. Xoxo

Chapter 6: Big Changes

Riley squinted as she woke up, her eyes adjusting to the dim, cool, early morning light. The room was still and silent, except for the slow, quiet breaths of her sister, who warmed the bed next to her. Riley was unsure of what had awoken her when suddenly she felt an odd sensation at her chest. It felt like her muscles were pulsing between tense and relaxed states.

At first, the sensation was calm and barely noticeable, but as time went on, the effect became more and more powerful. In addition, after a minute or two, it was no longer just her chest that was being affected, but rather her whole body. She could feel muscles flexing and relaxing, deep inside her, that she didn’t know existed.

Her whole body would scrunch up into a fetal position when all her muscles tightened together, and she would melt back down into the bed once they relaxed. After a few minutes, the sensation was becoming painfully strong. Her muscles felt like they would tear at the seams each time they flexed, only offering her a brief moment of peace when they would relax, before tightening back up.

She wanted to call for Luna, who was still asleep despite the movement, but couldn’t muster the strength due to the immense fatigue she was feeling.

Riley struggled to think as her world became near constant pain. Her chest flexed so tightly, it was hard to breathe. She could also feel her vagina and asshole flex and stretch longer and longer with each pulse. Suddenly she began to feel another sensation, rising in intensity as the pulsing continued.

She felt her very bones start to move and stretch into new shapes and sizes. The feeling was more alien than unpleasant, but the pain from her muscles flexing, still remained. Riley whimpered as she felt her skin tighten over the growing areas of her body, and seemingly disappear over the shrinking areas.

The flexing continued for another ten minutes before the sensation started to weaken and eventually subside all together. Riley breathed and trembled, her muscles hot and weak from the intense “workout”. Almost immediately after the sensation had ended, Riley fell back asleep, sweaty from exhaustion. She slept for another 30 minutes, before promptly waking back up with an incredible thirst.

She had never felt so dehydrated in her life. She quickly sprang from the bed and raced to the bathroom.

She didn’t even turn on the light as she dove to the sink, sticking her mouth directly under the faucet. She gulped the water impatiently, coughing as she did so, unable to breathe and drink simultaneously. Once she had gotten her fill she shut off the water and turned to leave the bathroom. Riley caught a glimpse of her own dark silhouette in the mirror as she was about to leave and suddenly stopped in her tracks. She turned on the light, squinting as her eyes adjusted and focused on the image in the mirror.

“I have to be dreaming.” Riley thought to herself as she looked herself over in the mirror. To her immense surprise, her body had completely changed. Her body curved where it hadn’t before, and was trim where it wasn’t. She no longer had a flat chest, but rather two large tits that hung off her chest proudly and firmly, like two drops of honey.

She brought her hands up and hefted them. They had significant weight, but hardly sagged. Her hands left her chest, caressing her abdomen on their way down to her waist and hips. Her waist was now slim and tight, creating a beautiful hourglass figure oddly similar to Luna’s. Infact, the longer she looked, the more she realized just how similar her body now looked to Luna’s.

Proportionally, they looked almost identical. Riley was still only 4′ 3″, and she didn’t have the muscles that Luna had, but the ratio of her bust to waist to hips, had to be identical. The curves were almost exactly the same. Riley scurried off to her room to get a better look at her new body in her full length mirror. Her waist flowed down and out into her new wide hips and round, firm ass.

She turned to admire the delicate plumpness of the cheeks of her ass. She reached down and bounced them, marveling at how they jiggled and rippled. They stuck out proudly from her small frame, just like her new tits. Riley looked at her vagina, hopeful that maybe it too had grown, allowing her to finally experience penetration. Unfortunately, to her disappointment, her pussy appeared identical to before, although it was perhaps a touch more sensitive.

Riley frowned, upset that her pussy hadn’t expanded. Regardless, she was still happy with the other illegal bahis changes, and her mind raced with the new possibilities with Luna. Riley was nervous but hopeful that these new changes may be just what she needed to make Luna finally see her as a woman. She would have to be extra forward with Luna, and Riley knew just what to wear.

Luna’s eyes fluttered open as she awoke in her sister’s room. A smile spread across her face as she recalled the events of last evening. It was a night she would not soon forget, having received one of, if not, the best hand jobs she had ever experienced. Luna sat up in the bed as she realized that Riley wasn’t there. She must have woken up already, she thought to herself.

The bed was especially ripe with Riley’s fragrance, even without her present. She looked to the digital clock on Riley’s night stand as she climbed out of her bed. It was 11:00 AM, her late awakening a result of their long lasting affair. Luna noticed a large wet spot on the bed where Riley had been. It didn’t smell of urine, so Luna was fairly sure it was just sweat. “Riley must have had a bad dream or something”, Luna thought. She rubbed her eyes, as she stood.

Not thinking much of it, Luna quickly scurried to the bathroom, taking a short shower, and returned to her own room. It was Monday, so her parents were likely at work. She was feeling a bit lazier today so she decided to throw on some loose fitting thick fleece pajama pants and a plain white tank top. She decided not to hide her penis in her pussy, as now Riley knew about it, and it was a bit more comfortable this way.

She left her room and descended the stairs, the sound of the TV becoming louder the closer she got. She walked past the living room, into the kitchen, where she started to look for some breakfast.

“Good morning!” She called into the living room, without having actually seen Riley.

Luna heard her quickly turn off the TV and hop up from the couch, making her way to the kitchen. Luna turned to face her as she made her entrance. Her bulge instantly twitched from the view that graced her eyes as she approached.

“Good morning sleepy head!” Riley chirped, hopping energetically.

What had happened to the Riley Luna knew? This Riley was thick in all the right places and looked so erotic. She was wearing nothing but a pair of black thigh high socks, that had two white stripes across the top. The tight leg coverings sank into her new creamy thighs, making her seem so soft and cute.

The socks did an excellent job of emphasizing her now beautifully proportioned, long and toned legs. She ran up and hugged Luna, her arms wrapping around her upper thighs due to her overall shortness. Luna hugged her back, pulling her naked body tighter against her, Riley’s new tits squishing into her legs.

“I’m not complaining but what happened to you?” Luna asked softly as they embraced.

“I don’t know!” She giggled, “But after some weird things happened, I woke up like this.”

“Weird things?…” Luna questioned.

“Don’t worry too much about it.” Riley insisted.

They broke their hug, and Luna returned to admiring Riley’s new sensual body.

“Do… you like what you see…?” Riley asked, standing nervously as she watched Luna’s eyes dart around her body.

As Luna looked on at the goddess of a sister that she now had, her loose, dangling penis began to quickly swell. The sight of her firm round breasts and soft, wide hips were having a rapid effect on Luna’s stiffness.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” Riley chirped mischievously, noticing the rising log in Luna’s pants.

Luna looked down to see her left pant leg stretching, doing its best to contain her massive erection. She couldn’t take it anymore. Suddenly she sprang forth and scooped up her innocent, helpless little sister. It was rude of Riley to tease her so much, and it was time to teach her a lesson. Riley yelped in excitement as Luna easily hefted her over her shoulder.

“You’ve been a naughty girl!” Luna claimed in a faux sinister voice, “And you know what happens to naughty little girls, don’t you?”

Riley was silent in response, already trembling and near orgasm from the sheer way Luna was treating her. Due to their size difference, Riley had subconsciously developed a submissive love towards Luna, and new feelings were beginning to boil over as her wildest fantasies played out. Luna carried her over to the living room couch, where she plopped her down with a dramatic thud.

Her small, tight body, bounced on the springy sofa, as she giggled eagerly. Riley swallowed as she peered up at her gargantuan sister, towering over her ominously, unsure of what she might do. Luna immediately grabbed Riley by her small yet toned calves and forced her legs up by her sides. Luna knew Riley was flexible, so she wasn’t too worried about hurting her.

Riley now lay on the couch completely open and defenseless, a position she would never have imagined would turn her on so much. With her arms pinned beneath illegal bahis siteleri her legs, which were each held firmly in place by her powerful sister, Riley was completely at Luna’s mercy.

Luna held her there for a moment, admiring Riley’s pungent fragrance and lewd position. Luna had never felt such a rush of adrenaline as she felt in that moment. Her heart thumped so loudly she was sure Riley could hear it. This would be the first time Luna had initiated any sort of sexual situation between the two of them, and she was worried how Riley might react. Her mind was rapidly losing it’s sway over her decisions, however, as her blood was directed to a new, more in need, source.

Luna couldn’t hold out any longer, diving her head into Riley’s crotch as she continued to pin her down. Riley squealed with pleasure and excitement as Luna began to devour her tiny pussy. Riley came almost immediately, her body shaking as Luna refused to let up. Riley moaned out loudly, her sounds of pleasure easily filling the whole house. Luna flicked her tongue back and forth quickly over her tiny clit, enjoying Riley’s enthusiastic groans.

Riley writhed and convulsed as Luna increased her speed and intensity, guzzling her now flowing juice readily. Riley kept spasming for nearly three minutes, with Luna continuing her oral pleasure the whole time. Feeling particularly devious, Luna decided to try and push her tongue into Riley’s opening. Riley hadn’t even finished her first climax before her second hit her.

“OOoOOoOHH…. FUUuUCCcKKkKK!!!!” She screamed shakily due to her writhing body.

Luna was rewarded with a refreshing burst of Riley’s squirt, which due to the small size of her pussy and Luna’s proportionally larger mouth, all got deposited directly inside her mouth. Luna swallowed the orgasmic liquid as she continued to explore Riley’s vagina with her tongue. Riley’s incredibly tight pussy pinched Luna’s tongue as it penetrated her.

Luna could faintly feel her heartbeat in her tongue as Riley’s small hole squeezed it tighter and tighter with each wave of her orgasm. Luna enjoyed the taste of her pussy as she came again and again on her mouth. Luna looked up to Riley’s face to see she had been reduced to an incoherent mess. Her eyes were nearly fully white as they rolled back in her head. Her face was flushed a deep pink and her jaw was clenched tightly as she mumbled random sounds and absolute nonsense. Luna loved seeing her like this, so vulnerable and euphoric.

She returned her focus to her cunnilingus, twisting her tongue back and forth within Riley’s tight confines. After a few minutes she retracted her tongue from within her as Riley continued to spasm and shake. Luna brought Riley’s legs together so she could hold them both with one hand. She brought her newly free hand down to Riley’s vagina and prodded a finger against her opening, licking her small clit all the while.

Luna was fairly sure she wouldn’t be able to penetrate her with her finger, as Riley herself had said she had never been able to. But, as she pushed against her opening, it parted, allowing her finger to slip in. Once inside, she admired the way her vagina seemed to almost suck on her finger, as it constricted with her climax. Her incredibly slick walls writhed and squeezed on her finger with immense strength. Once again, she could feel her pulse in her finger as it began to lose circulation.

She pushed in deeper and continued licking her until her finger pushed against something at the back of her vagina. She felt it, unsure of what it was. It was far too shallow to be her cervix, especially considering Riley’s state of arousal, but it didn’t feel like her hymen either. Regardless, Riley didn’t seem to mind that Luna was pressing up against it, granted it was hard to tell in her delirious state.

Luna decided not to worry about it and began to pump her finger in and out of her tight hole as she licked around the outside. Riley’s convulsions became even more intense as she hit what Luna assumed was her third or fourth consecutive orgasm. She looked as though she needed an exorcist as her body contorted and trembled in a magnificent fashion.

Riley never once stopped shaking as Luna kept up her pace for the next ten minutes, making her cum three more times before deciding to give her a break. She pulled her finger out as a satisfying string of lube stretched between her opening and her hand. She sucked it clean and let go of her tense, shaking legs. Luna sat back on the couch as Riley very slowly came back to reality, convulsing for another three minutes before even beginning to slow down.

She rolled up into a fetal position as she continued to tremble slightly after the affair. She twitched as she gasped for breath, her chest rising and falling spasmodically with each one. Luna became a bit worried when her delirious state didn’t seem to fade, even after she had calmed down for the most part.

“Tht…I…ndd…bdd…(Gibberish)” Riley mumbled, as her eyes seemed unable canlı bahis siteleri to focus on anything in particular.

“Are you… okay?….” Luna asked slowly, a tone of sincere concern in her voice.

“Ibb g….husdw….(Gibberish)” She responded shakily.

Luna was now very worried. The majority of her climax seemed to have ended, but she was still an incoherent mess. Luna rested her hand on Riley’s forehead; she was extremely hot. Luna nervously rushed to the kitchen to retrieve a thermometer, hastily returning to Riley.

“I need you to open your mouth.” She spoke very clearly to Riley in hopes she would understand her better.

She seemed to half understand as she turned her head and flashed her a weak smile with her eyes closed. Luna grabbed her jaw and gently forced her mouth open, sticking in the thermometer. Luna closed Riley’s mouth and waited. She pulled it back out as it beeped and looked at the small display. 105°. She dropped the thermometer on the living room table and picked up Riley.

She swiftly made her way to the stairs and began to climb. Once at the top she made her way to the bathroom and, holding Riley under one arm, turned on the shower to its coldest setting. The frigid water stung as it cascaded against her, but Luna was too worried about her sister to even remotely care. To her relief, the water seemed to help as Riley began to regain control of her muscles and understanding of her surroundings.

Luna stood there holding Riley in the air, her feet one yard off the ground, directly under the shower head for another five minutes. Finally Riley started showing enough signs of recuperation that Luna felt safe turning it off. Luna gently placed her on the shower floor and knelt down next to her, wiping the wet, clingy hairs from her gorgeous face.

“Are you okay Riley?” She asked, “Can you hear me?”

“I’ng okray,(I’m okay)” She replied, still a bit oddly but much more coherent than before, “I jushch neot tu liigh deounn.(I just need to lie down)”

“You need to lie down?” Luna confirmed.

Riley nodded somewhat comically.

“Okay, can you stand.” She asked.

Riley tried to move her legs but lacked the strength to actually do anything with them. She shook her head.

“Okay, that’s alright.” Luna reassured, “We just need to dry you off and then I’ll put you in bed.”

Riley began to take on a much more goofy mindset as her delirious state changed into more of a drug like one. She snickered as she tried to move her body, only able to muster very small movements. Luna placed a towel on the floor before picking up her limp, wet body and placing her on it. She giggled like a little girl, still unable to speak as Luna did her best to dry her off and take off her soaking socks.

Luna’s heart and mind were still racing a mile a minute, but she was calming down as she became more confident of Riley’s well being. Riley smiled up at her with the biggest grin Luna had ever seen. Riley’s eyes finally seemed to be able to refocus as they locked onto hers. She seemed truly happy, despite being unable to talk or move. Once Riley was dry, Luna quickly undressed to dry herself. She pulled off her white tank top, her stiff nipples catching on the hem, giving her boobs a slight bounce.

She then shimmied off her pajama bottoms, which clung to her thick legs, drenched in cold water. The large dick which had been pressing against the inside of her pants with mighty firmness only moments before, now hung in the open, dangling between Luna’s knees.

“Kadn wee dun ruent tooo.(Can we do round two)” Riley said sloppily as she saw Luna’s cock come into view.

“No,” Luna laughed as she dried herself, “I don’t think we can do round two any time soon.”

“Awwmwmm.” Riley pouted.

“Sorry, but I think you’ve had enough,” Luna stated, “You just need to lie down and get some rest.”

Luna picked her up, cradling her small frame in her thick, strong arms.

“Weeeeee!” Riley chirped childishly as Luna carried her to her room. “Yuuer soooo schronk!(You’re so strong)”

Luna carried her and carefully placed her on her bed. She felt Riley’s head again as she continued to look up to her with a big smile and loving eyes. Riley still felt warm, but thankfully much cooler than she had before.

“I’ll be right back.” Luna said, about to leave and fetch the thermometer.

“Noooouuu duntf guoon.(Noooo don’t go)” Riley cried, her fingers grasping at the air by her sides, “Staii wifft meee.(Stay with me)”

“Okay,” Luna chuckled at her loopiness, “I just want to be sure you’re okay.”

“Ibb okes.(I’m okay)” She tried to convince her.

Luna placed her hand in Riley’s, and she felt her quickly grasp it with what weak strength she had remaining. Their gaze remained focused on one another as Luna sat there nurturing her. Suddenly Riley’s eyes started to water and she squeezed Luna’s hand a bit tighter.

“Inn luff yuu.(I love you)” Riley said, as a tear began to roll down her cheek.

“Aww, I know,” Luna responded with a smile, “I luff you too.”

“Nuo,(No)” Riley said, still looking her in the eyes, “Ib Rrearlie luff yuu. Lieek huoo moum add ded luff eechover.(I really love you, like how mom and dad love each other)”

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