Lunch Break

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He sent me a photo and I sent him one of mine. I dressed to go to work that morning as usual, but in particular that morning I slipped on a pink g string and wore a tight above thigh mini. At the point I hadn’t planned on doing anything. Plus when I arrived at work nobody noticed, after all those ankle length Melbourne winter coats do the trick in our office seeing the air-conditioning is down. I couldn’t concentrate at my computer. So I logged on at the off change that he might be cruising’. Three minutes to lunch hour, he sent a private message. Meet at the Blessington Gardens. I was so excited I left my desk immediately and headed for the door. Outside, the cold winter wind swirled around the chestnut leaves and people huddled in doorways away from the blast. I always love the gardens in winter.

Hardly another person dares brave the cold and only the council workers dressed in florescent jackets moved slowly through the grey overcast trees and hedges. I felt a thrill deep in my gut and almost turned around. Something made me keep walking though and that something was that Id never met this man in person. We had talked online, but compared to what I presume others talk of, our conversations were polite… careful… restrained. I kept walking around the butterfly house and suddenly I heard footsteps behind me. I stopped still and listened. I wanted to turn around so badly, but just when I was about to, two strong hands grabbed me around the waste and I was canlı bahis being blindfolded.

I felt that he was taller and broad; his chest dressed in a warm woolly material was hard underneath. He bit on my ear and frisked his hands under my coat, all over my body starting with my legs, up between my thighs, over my pussy, my tummy and my perky breasts. I felt my nipples go hard under his strong touch. My heart raced with anticipation. What a nice little cat you are he whispered hotly into my ear. He propelled me along the path and positioned me against a cold brick wall. I could smell the warmth of the butterfly house and the cold damp of the wall and didn’t know where I was.

He slipped the coat off my shoulders. He held my hand and guided it along the shaft of his cock and I felt the length and width of his throbbing cock. With the blood pounding in my ears, I must have missed the sounds of his belt and zipper. So I quietened my breathing and listened very carefully. He was standing so close I could smell his breathe. A faint taste of garlic and perhaps red wine. I held his thick long cock cupped in my hands and began to stroke it softly, like it was a little bird. I want to see those pretty lips go to work he said and pushed me down on my knees. I wobbled on the wet ground and pressed my cheek against his hairy thighs. He ran his hands through my hair and he guided his cock through my lips. I made my mouth warm with saliva. One of his hands was on the back bahis siteleri of my head and the other held my chin up. He nudged his thick cock between my lips and I made my jaw slack to take the heaviness of it so I wouldn’t hurt him.

I cupped his balls in my palm and massaged them, touching his arse I felt him thrust forward and his cock rammed into my throat. Gagging and trying not to fall backwards he held his hands over my ears firmly, so I couldn’t see or hear but only feel the movement of him fucking my mouth. His hands on my head gripped me like a vice. He moved my head towards his crotch pressing me hard and for a moment we struggled until finally I gave in. I was sweating so much I couldn’t feel the cold or the ground, but I felt my cunt quiver in anticipation, in need and desire for him. He must have sensed this because he withdrew his veined pulsating cock and took me by the shoulders. He felt like a beast smelling out the prey as his hands roamed over my back under my sweater and pinched my nipples. At this point we lost all sense of self and became like animals. He crouched behind me and I could feel his cock nudging aside the g string. His fingers entered my wet hot cunt and I gasped at the sudden intrusion. My body tensed up and I tried to control my breathing but I could hear myself whimper his name…he gripped my waste and entered me hard and pushed in so deep my head flew back with the force.

My cunt quivered and stung from the onslaught bahis şirketleri and I grabbed fists of dirt and grass in my hands. He slammed into me, his chest sweating against my back the heat of our bodies mingling and merging, making us into one. His cock hit me like a baton and Id never felt so filled and penetrated…he fucked me like I was a bitch on heat… like we are animals and he the strong lion took his prize. He bit me and pinched me and told me I was a slut and a whore and he rode me for what seemed a lifetime and then I felt his cock swelling up inside me and I didn’t want him to withdraw… I didn’t want this moment to finish and he must have read my mind because in one small swift movement he took his cock from my swollen cunt and pushed the head into my arse.

I cried out so loud and came like a bolt of lightning and he bit my neck and panted into my ear be quite the grounds men will hear you…so I bit my lip and took it… I was so tight and he could only fuck me shallow but the tightness made him cum all over my arse. He slumped down on top of me and we could only pant and twitch and lie there on the ground exhausted and sated. How do you recover from a moment like that? Well we helped each other dress and rubbed the stains from our clothes. He was paranoid that he smelt like sex. He told me he was married and he wanted to keep this secret. I told him I was dating a few people and I couldn’t handle another person in my life right now. We looked at each others face while we talked. We studied each other for a long moment. Then we walked arm in arm to the north gate. I watched him walk away back into his life.

And I made it back to work only ten minutes late.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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