Marie’s Senior Year Pt. 02

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Marie subtly popped her birth control in her mouth while her parents weren’t looking. She then got up to wash her dish. Her mom looked her over and said “I can’t believe you are wearing that to school.”

“What?” She responded. “Its normal clothes!” She looked at herself in the mirror. She was wearing a tight white blouse, buttoned down to reveal her perky breasts. Her tight skirt cut off just above the knee and was complimented by her lacy stockings. She did dress like this for a reason however. She wasn’t sure about it, but having made $120 off of Alex the other day really had her thinking about doing it again. And she knew that if her body was going to be a product, she would have to advertise.

“Don’t worry too much.” she said to parents just before leaving. “Bye!” She quickly walked out and started up her Mini Cooper. After looking in the mirror to make sure her white hair was perfectly parted, and quickly touching up the dark lipstick she smeared during breakfast, she began her commute. She hadn’t told Matt about what had happened yet, but she swore she would eventually.

She met up with some of her friends before classes and talked a bit. She thought about telling them about Alex, but she was hesitant. She didn’t want to seem like a slut or anything. So she decided she would only tell her best friend, Anna, during lunch later that day.

Marie went to her first class, Psychology. She sat alone in the front. “Let’s see…” she thought, “How can I make it clear I’m on the market without totally exposing myself.” A group of guys she knew walked in. “Heyyyyy guys.”

“What’s up Marie?” asked one of the guys.

“Oh you know, just waiting for school to end. Oh my gosh how was your summer? We should tooootally catch up soon! All of you.” She said in a semi-flirtatious tone.

“Yeah for sure.” said one of them.

“I’m down. Hit me up.” said another.

Marie couldn’t help but fear that she was too obvious and cheesy. But that fear quickly subsided as she watched Alex enter the room with his friend Bryan. They said hi to each other, but didn’t really make a big scene to her relief. Alex and Bryan went to sit on the other end of the room. She looked over and canlı bahis noticed that they were staring at her while whispering to each other.

Classes slowly dragged on until lunch. She went to the cafeteria with Anna and spent most of the time talking about Anna’s new job at Sears. At one point, Anna asked, “So what are you gonna do to make money?”

Marie nearly choked on her food. She swallowed and said “That’s actually something I wanted to talk about. So, um, the other day, I was at registration and-“

“Hey Marie can I talk to you for a minute?” She turned around, and to her surprise, was Bryan.

“Oh, yeah, what’s up?”

“In private?”

“Oh, um, Anna do you mind if I step away for a bit? I’ll text you later okay? Byee!”

She walked off with Bryan and he said “So I heard what happened at registration.”

“What about registration?” She asked nervously.

“Oh come on. With Alex?”

“Oh. Um, yeah.” she confirmed, kind of nervously. “What about it?”

“I have $100. What do you say?”

She looked him up and down. It was less than what Alex payed, but she thought he was pretty hot. “Um sure. I’ll meet you at your house after school.”

“Sweet. See you then.”

The bell rang soon after and she finished up her last two classes. She walked over to her car and drove over to Bryan’s house. “I’m outside.” she texted to him.

“Come in. My parents aren’t home.” She took a deep breath, and stepped out of her car. She had told Matt that she was going to Anna’s house to catch up and she would see him later that night.

“When I make enough money, I’ll buy Matt a gift.” she thought, “Yeah. He would like that.” Feeling a bit more justified. She walked through the door with confidence and a smile on her face, but then was surprised. Sitting on the couch with Bryan, was Aaron; also known as Anna’s boyfriend. “Umm, what’s this?”

“You know Aaron. He’s the guy you are hooking up with.”

“What? I thought I was hooking up with you, Bryan?”

“Oh no I’m broke. Aaron has money though so I’m just letting him use my pad.”

“But, Aaron,” said Marie “You’re supposed to be with Anna!”

“She doesn’t put out. Besides, bahis siteleri you’re cheating on Matt so what do you care?” responded Aaron.

“Well, yeah but… Fine. But why me?” she asked curiously

“What do you mean? You’re hot, and you’re easy.” With that, he took her by the hand and led her into Bryan’s room.

Upon entering he immediately pinned her down on the bed and began making out with her. Marie ran her hands through his hair and bit his lip. Between breaths, Aaron said “You even dress like a little slut don’t you?” Soon after, he unbuttoned her blouse further and pulled her bra down, revealing her plump breasts. He licked her nipples in circle and sucked gently on each one. Marie moaned in ecstasy. He kissed his way down her body and rolled up her skirt. Pulling off her panties, he pressed his mouth against her pink slit and licked her perfect pussy. Marie’s thighs quivered in pure joy.

“W-wait. Aren’t I suppo-supposed to be pleasing y-you?” she asked, barely able to articulate words.

“I’m paying. I get to do what I want.” he responded. He then stuck two fingers in her pussy and slid in and out while licking her clit in circles. Marie pulled his head in closer and thrusted against his mouth.

If only Matt could see her right now.

Aaron took his pants off and crawled up over her, dangling his thick cock in her face. Almost subconsciously, Marie opened her mouth and raised her head forward. He dipped his cock into her mouth and she licked the tip in soft swirls. She then continued to hold his cock with two hands and twist gently, picking up the pace. “Fuck” he groaned.

She moved one hand down to play with her pussy while sucking. She thought of Anna and wondered why she wouldn’t fuck Aaron on the daily. She said, “If your dumb girlfriend won’t make you feel good, then I will.” She sucked his cock, enamored by the scent and taste of his precum. Finally after massaging her own pussy, she began to cum. Moaning with a cock down her throat, Aaron thrusted deeper and deeper. “Oh my god.” she said, “Fuck me daddy. Fuck my little pussy. It’s all yours.”

He aggressively scanned down her body and stuck his cock in her pussy. He pulled on the hemming bahis şirketleri of her stockings and gripped her ass firm. Marie scratched his back and bit hard into his neck. “You like that baby?” he asked.

“Yes daddy! Yes, yes, yesss!” She exclaimed, not caring if Bryan heard. He was a potential customer after all. “Let me ride that cock.” she demanded.

Aaron lied down on his back and she straddled him, slipping his cock into her pussy. She proceeded to remove her top entirely and let him grope her boobs. He smacked her ass repeatedly, each time harder than the last, causing Marie to scream. As her ass turned red, she felt the urge to cum again. “Oh baby. Oh daddy I’m cumming again. Oh my god. Oh yes keep going!”

“Fuck I’m gonna cum too.” he responded. “Fuck hold still. Ah.”

“Shoot your load in my pussy baby. Yessssss..” she trailed. Simultaneously, they were both overcome with waves of pleasure, and his thick, hot seed flushed her slutty pussy until it began to drip out. She slid off his cock and wiped some of the cum off of his waist. Proceeding to lick it off her fingers. “Mmm. Your cum is tasty. Tastier than Alex’s. I should tell Anna about what she is missing.”

“Woah you better not tell her shit. I’ll tell Matt.”

“He already knows,” she lied “but Anna doesn’t. So I’ll cut you a deal. Tell your friends who are interested about how great of a fuck I was and let them now I’m willing to cut deals.”

“Sure. Just don’t tell Anna.”

“Of course.” She said, buttoning up her blouse. “See you around.”

As she walked out , Bryan said, “That took a while.”

“Oh you’re just jealous, aren’t you?” She asked, pulling her blouse apart, revealing her boobs a bit to him. He sat silently, saying nothing. “You sure you don’t have anything?” She asked seductively.

“Um, uh. Uh I mean I have like, 30 bucks.”

“I’ll suck your dick for that.” She said while biting her dark red lips. She was getting good at this.

Two minutes later, Marie was on her knees, giving Bryan his first blowjob. She thought it was cute how he managed to cum in four minutes, but he came all over her face. “That wasn’t part of the deal, Bryan. You owe me.”

“Fine. Just let me know.”

She walked over to the bathroom to wash off. While splashing her face, her phone sounded off. A text from Matt came in. “Hey babe, you busy tonight? Wanna hang out?”

To be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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