Mary’s Dream Sex

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Mary is a good wife and we have been mostly happy since we were married. There have, of course, been moments and events that have caused problems. But, on the whole, we have lived in relative harmony. We enjoy a healthy sex life and there are few unopened doors, if you know what I mean.

Every once in a while Mary likes to have what I call her “dream sex.” She seems to get in the mood for this every few months or so. She’ll wait until some night when we go to bed a little early. I usually sleep on the left side of the bed. Mary will wait until I lay down then she starts her ‘set-up’.

While I am lying there on my back, Mary will pull my right arm out to about a thirty-degree angle and arrange it with the palm up. She does this all without saying a single word. She next takes two pillows and puts one between my arm eryaman escort and my body and the other along side my arm. Then, she takes off her nightie and lies down on my arm with my hand at her crotch. She nestles her head against my pillow and turns her face away from me. I always let her lay there for a few minutes before I begin.

Slowly, I spread her pussy lips with my fingers and begin to lightly massage her clit. I do this very slowly so as not to rush her. She is usually good and wet before we start so lubrication is never an issue. I continue to gently rub her for a few minutes. Then I begin to concentrate on her clit with my middle finger. I don’t touch her with my other hand, she doesn’t like it. She says that she only wants to concentrate on what I’m doing with my hand ‘down under.’

I escort eryaman keep this up for as long as she wants. She usually takes her time but, after a little while, I can feel her hips begin to move. Slowly at first, she eventually is pumping her pussy against my hand at a good pace. I can tell when she is getting ready to come by her breathing. When she starts taking long deep breaths, I know that she’s getting ready.

Mary always has a long and strong orgasm this way. She bucks and writhes for a minute or so while she comes. I can feel her get even wetter when this happens. I keep rubbing until she reaches under and pulls my hand away. Then she just lays there for a couple of minutes and she doesn’t move a muscle.

After about two or three minutes, Mary raises herself up eryaman escort bayan and gathers one of the pillows under her hips. She lies back down with her ass now raised up by the pillow and she buries her face into the other pillow. I move down the bed, kneel between her legs and put my hands on her hips. She raises her butt a little and I ease my cock into her vagina. Once I’m in, she lies back down on the pillow and I pump away until I come.

I’ve offered to reach under and try to get her off again, but she has always refused. She says that she ‘likes it this way’. I always have a great orgasm this way myself. Afterwards we roll onto our sides and assume the “spoons” position. I try to stay inside her for as long as I can. Sometimes I fall asleep while I’m still inside her.

We never speak while we are doing her ‘dream sex’. I don’t know who or what she is dreaming about, and I don’t really care. She has a private moment while she is with me and it seems to make her happy. I’ll continue to do this as long as she wants me to.

Mary has some other tricks that I will share with you as time goes by.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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