Mildly Interesting Fantasies

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Mildly Interesting Fantasies
I have quite a few fantasies, but can you blame me? What’s a bored girl to do when she’s horny and alone?

These are just a few funny things I’ve thought of over the years, but these are just my go-to thoughts when I rub one out. You know what’s funny, a lot of guys I meet are surprised that I masturbate as much as I do.

If you’d like, these can be used for roleplay starters.

1: Mistress has been busy at work all day, but she comes home early to surprise you. How sweet! But she gets quite a disappointment when she comes home to the sounds of you pleasuring yourself. Looks like Kitten’s being naughty!

2: Your college professor (I know that this is ridiculously cliche but it’s fun sHUT UP) notices you staring at them not-so-discreetly while they lecture. Whaaaaat? güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Sweater vests can be hot on the right person. Obviously, the only solution is teasing you by sexily biting their lip and bending over to give you that perfect little glimpse of their ass. Fallen pens don’t pick themselves up, you know. They can see you squirm around in your seat, trying to ignore the steadily growing puddle in your panties. You’ll fall apart like putty under their touch when they bend you over their desk.

3: You’re having some fun dancing at a bar when a guy comes up and offers you a drink. You refuse, because you’re not a fucking dumbass that accepts drinks from strangers. That’s just common sense. You assert dominance by buying him a drink. Unfortunately, your bets10 giriş so-fucking-hot-you-actually-might-die boyfriend is standing right next to you. He didn’t find your stunt amusing, and by the end of the night, your ass is fifty different shades of red.

4: You’re looking for a book at the library. You’re talking to your dear friend on the phone, but you two can get a bit loud at times. The librarian gets tired of your shit, and asks you to “keep it down a little”. In case you didn’t know, that’s librarian for “fuck off, you bitch, and shut the fuck up” How do I know this? I’m a librarian. Is this related to the story in any way possible? Absolutely not. Anyway, you don’t listen to her, because fuck librarians. You prefer the parks and recreation department. Well, you continue bets10 güvenilir mi to loudly talk to your friend. That’s a big mistake, sweetheart.

5: You and your boyfriend are twitch streamers. You play video games, and he vlogs and does reactions/challenges. Due to a drunken bet, you’re sucking him off while he’s streaming to see if he can keep a straight face and not moan. He’s failing. Miserably. Once he finishes, it’s your turn. Can you do any better?

6: Your roommate walks in on you humping a pillow. You freeze, squeak out a shaky “fu-fuck you!”, and throw the pillow at him, due to a severe lack of things to throw at him within the reach of your short, depressing arms. He just grins and licks the pillow, smirking at your beet-red blush.

Honestly, these are just shitposts. I thought I had better ones to be honest.
I think my favorite is number three. Ladies, if someone offers to buy you a drink, buy him a drink to show him you’re a top. Unless you’re a bottom, in which case do whatever the fuck you’d like.

Until next time, darlings.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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