Mistis’ Adventures Part 46

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Mistis’ Adventures Part 46
They arrived back at the house to find Mama Campbell cooking dinner, and Mama Breen setting out the dishes and putting the food in dishes for the family. They all rushed over to the two mothers to kiss them “Hello,” and being kissed in return, Mama Campbell cocked an eyebrow at the group in her special manner, and commented wryly, “Looks like someone has been plowing the South 40 today. Do you reckon the seeds will take hold?” Betty and Cathy both understood her inference at once, but, Misti, who hadn’t been exposed to these references, before, didn’t catch her drift. They clarified Mom’s meaning to her. She shook her head, still puzzled. Betty gave another try at explaining to her. “Shes saying we all look like we got laid, and will we get pregnant, country style. The South 40 are our pussies, and getting plowed means we have been having sex. Will the seeds take hold means will we get pregnant.” Broken down like this, Misti at first blushed, something she hardly ever did, but was extremely becoming to her. Then, getting the joke part, she joined in the laughter. “Mama. I thought you said I was pregnant, already? How can I get pregnant, again?” Her question sent everybody into another fit of laughter. Misti had backed into the families sometimes rough humor, and had made herself at home. She DID catch, with a little thought, the meaning of what she had said. “I hope I am pregnant. I told Michael what you said, and he was SOOO happy. I lit incense to Buddha, and got down on my knees to pray to Jesus and the Father that they would make it so. We want a baby more than anything we can think of. That’s why I want to see the doctor. If I am pregnant, he can take care of me. If I’m not, he can tell me what I need to do so I CAN get pregnant.” Mama Breen, taking in the whole conversation, stepped over to put her arm around Misti’s shoulder to hug her, and kissed her forehead. “Don’t worry about it, Baby. There’ s a story in the Bible about a woman who had a baby, her first and only baby, when she was 72 years old. I’ll read it to you, sometimes. Sometimes the way we act makes people believe we don’t believe in God, but we do. It’s just OUR way of loving one another, like the Bible teaches. In old times, men had many wives. This isn’t much different. And there are plenty of stories about parents and their c***dren making love, so we don’t make a big deal of it. Everybody does what they do, with whoever they want. Nobody forces anybody to do ANYTHING. NOW! You k**s go wash up. It’s almost time to eat. You girls might want to freshen up a bit, too. NOW! SCOOT!!!

They all went scampering up the stairs to douche, and wash for dinner. They would bring Carol and the baby down when they came. The men had gone into the downstairs bathroom to wash their hands and faces. Jerry would be here with Mary after he washed, and Sharon would be here as soon as she had changed and did anything she needed.
They canlı bahis siteleri heard the garage door opening and knew that Dave was here, so, the only one not accounted for was Mike. He would come over as soon as he got home and changed clothes. There were still a few things not ready, yet, so there was plenty of time.

As if he had been materialized from thin air, the back door slid open. It was Mike. He had changed into a swearsuit that looked VERY comfortable, and low top sneakers. He kicked them off as he came in the door, leaving his sweat socks on to protect his feet from the cold. Making a bee line for Mama Campbell, he grabbed her, pulling her into his arms and kissing her. ‘How’s my favorite Mommy? You both look beautiful.” Mama Breen had stepped behind him and took him and Mama Campbell around the waists. “Hello, Son. How did YOUR day go? You sure look nice.” He pulled her around so he had one of them in each arm. He kissed both of them several times. “I may have some news in a day or two. I just heard a rumor that sounds too true not to be so. I’ll know for sure tomorrow or the next day. I’m trying to figure out if it’s good or not

Just then the girls came back down the stairs. Misti and Betty were on either side of Carol to steady her, and Cathy had Sarah in one arm, like she had been taught in school, and held the baby carrier in the other. Mama Breen looked at the way Cathy was holding the baby. “It looks like you’re carrying a football, girl.” Cathy explained, ” Like this I have her cushioned between my arm and my body. Her whole body is cushioned and supported by my arm, and her little head is against my waist to protect it better. They showed us this in school. All I have to do to cover her completely is to lean over a little bit so my whole body is around her.” Betty had looked at her style upstairs, and now the two older ladies came over for a closer look. Mama Campbell, looking at her closely, remarked. “So simple. It DOES look like it would be better, but I still want to hold her up where I can cuddle her. It’s no fun to hold a baby and not cuddle them.”

Carol had been escorted to the table and seated, so now the others joined her. The back door opened and it was Jerry. “Sorry I’m late, everyone. There was an accident, and traffic was backed up over by the supermarket. Just a good fender-bender. Nobody hurt.” He stepped over kissing Carol, and the rwo Mothers. “Mary will be here in a minute. Another Mother and Daughter conference. No Dad’s allowed.” They all laughed. Some thing were for Mom’s ears only.

Five minutes later, Mary was here. Just some motherly advise had been needed. Everything should be settled, now.

They ate, and discussed the days activities at length, with the girls all but gloating about what the men had done to, and with, them. Mama Breen smiled at their stories. “I’m just happy that my girls are happy.” Sharon looked over at William. bahis firmaları “I just hope you saved some for ME. I’m needin’ too. My pussy is wet enough to start dripping.” Mike looked over at her. “If you don’t mind, I’ll offer MY assistance. Misti has been taken care of for a little while, so maybe I can help. I got a yard on a hard long.” Mary looked over at Dave. “I got dibs on Davey. I’m hot to trot, too. He can scratch my itch for me. Mama Campbell, in her usually direct manner, told them, “They all better do whatever is needed. We got 3 old, and one young girl needin’ breedin’. I don’t need a finger wave. I need a pole dance, tonight. If I have to, I’ll take it away from someone.” Mama Breen nodded in agreement. They ALL knew that Mom would make good on her threat. Jerry looked around the table at each of them. “Gentlemen. Break out the vitamins and the Viagra. This looks like a suicide mission.” The laughter became a roar. Carol sheepishly looked around the table. “I’m so horney I’m cross-eyed. What am I supposed to do, besides without?” Her Mom looked over at her. “Have you stopped leaking, yet, Sweetheart?” Carol nodded that she had. “The most you can do is take a tongue, if one of these fine gentlemen would agree. It’s still a little soon for the full Monty. It would probably hurt to have full sex this soon. It’s only been 5 days, now. As much as you want it, it would be, at best, uncomfortable, and would, most likely, be VERY painful. Carol sadly cast her eyes downward. “I know, Mommy. It bothers me to no end. But I can’t help it. I want it so badly. Billy, wise for his years, suggested, “If you can hold on, we’ll all give you a special night. We will ALLLL take care of you. If YOU want, we can let you pull a train with all of us. Will that be good enough?” Carol looked at her younger brother. “Are you JOKING? That would be the best thing I could imagine. Being held and loved by all of you, one after another. I would love it.” Billy went around the table to lean down and kiss his sister. “You know we all love you. We’ll do anything YOU want. All you have to do is give us the word.” He kissed her on the neck. She turned to return his kiss, but gave him her kiss on his lips. “That’s the best thing about having three brothers. They take such good care of me

The evenings festivities were more than anybody expected. All the ladies were well taken care of. The next 2 weeks went by quicker than anybody could have imagined. Cathy and Billy moved the remainder of there things to the farm, and got settled in. Christmas and New Years were celebrated. The two Fathers, came up, with Tod, Robbi, and the biggest surprise of all. RICHARD!!! He had received a shore leave for the holidays, and didn’t have to be back until the 5th of January. He had, unknown to them, been in the Base Hospital. He had been hit by a piece of shrapnel from a terrorist gunboat. He had been on deck, and had been kaçak iddaa hit by a stray round. It had hit him in his thigh, missing the bone, but had been painful. He had received a blood transfusion, and had been off his feet for 2 months. Now he needed a cane, but, was told he would fully recover, and would have a nasty-looking scar. He received a Purple Heart medal. He was also told that he was going to receive a commendation, soon.

Everybody agreed that THIS was he best they could have gotten for Christmas. He would have to go back until March, but then he would be home for good, and, the Doc had told him, he would be receiving 50% disability for the rest of his life. He had only been a half inch from losing his leg. He was going to see about a job at the airbase where Mike was, so he could be close by.

The day finally came when Sharon and Misti had their appointments to see Dr. Immelmann. They were greeted like family by the nurse and the receptionist. They had asked if he would see them together. He agreed, and had the samples for lab work done. Then they both received ultrasound examinations. He joined them, smiling. “Good news, ladies. You’re BOTH pregnant. Sharon is in her 4th month, and Misti is in her second month. Sharon has a son, and it looks like Misti has a daughter. It doesn’t show well, but the heart rate tells me it’s a girl. Congratulations to you BOTH! I know you’ll both be fantastic mothers. Now. Is there anything else you want to talk about. You won’t need a pelvic exam, yet. We’ll do that in 3 weeks.” Both got up and held him in a tight embrace, kissing him all over his face. They were both laughing and crying with joy. Mike was due home in an hour or so, and William was at the farm. The field was right, the weather was good, and Billy and William were clearing some brush and burning it. The ash would be spread around when it was cooled, for fertilizer. Each of them wrote a check for their visit, and they went out to the farm. Cathy had been getting some things she would need for her new job. William and Sharon had decided to wait on their wedding, so Ricky could be there and, Billy and Cathy had held their wedding earlier than they had planned, so Ricky could attend before he went back to the hospital. Ricky had been Billy’s “Best Man.” He had been SO handsome in his dress uniform. AND, ONCE, AGAIN, after the ceremony, and the reception were over, he had performed above and beyond the call of duty. Several times.

Sharon and Misti drove up to the house. Cathy had just returned from her shopping and had carried her things into the house. They gave her the news, and they decided to drive down to where Billy and William were working. The two mares and their foals were standing at the fence watching the girls drive up. They followed their people around like puppies. They were constantly nuzzling them, wanting to be petted.

Misti had called Mike to tell him she was at the farm, and since he had to pass it on the way home, he would stop and get Misti. He should be there, shortly. Sharon had left him a note on her windshield, telling him where they were.

This was about to become a day they would all remember in years to come.

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