Mistis’ Adventures Part 50

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Mistis’ Adventures Part 50
Shortly, they all arrived home. After a trip to the bathroom for each of them, they met outside Dave’s back door. They always used it to visit. Sharon and Misti both related what the doctor had told them. William was still gushing over Sharon’s carrying a son and Mike was just as glad to have a daughter. He repeated what he had told the others earlier. Mama Campbell smiled and told him, ‘You sound like a wise young man. My girls can do anything my boys can do, and STILL act like ladies in public. Some things they can do BETTER than the boys. Carol and Betty can out shoot all the boys, except for Billy, and they can all operate the machinery just as good. Betty, if need be, can out ride everyone, except her Daddy. He’s still better by a little bit. They all know stock, and how to take care of them. You already know that they can out lady the most fancy pants women you’ll find, and willingly turn to being the biggest sluts you can find for their men. That part I gladly take pride in for teaching them. Sharon is the only one I have shared that secret with. Not even the husbands know that story about my early years. I’m still pondering whether to tell it or not. Things have changed so much over the years. Some I like, some I could do without.”

Mike had deep feelings for this lady. She was the sort he had always wished HE had had. His own Mother had been a hellion on her BEST days, and a total bitch on the rest. She had gone out of her way to make his life miserable. She relished the chances to belittle or embarrass him, or hurt his feelings. His Father had been even worse. He had stayed just long enough to graduate High School, where he was Salutatorian, and had joined the Air Force. He had lied to them so they would sign the papers for him to join. He had told them that he would be sent to Vietnam, and, most likely, be killed. As witnessed by Misti, they had been disappointed that he had survived. He had never been able to discover the root of their hatred.

He had told them about the developments at work, hoping that one or both of the Moms would give him some idea as to how he should handle things, but, no matter which way he decided, he would be separated from his beloved wife. He was heartbroken at the very thought. Mother Breen had asked if there was a way he could stall them. He told her that, if there was, it was something he had never heard of. Misti had been just as hopeful of their wisdom as he had been. He was all but resigned to having to leave her behind for 6 long months, but that, it seemed, was the best he could hope for. Mama Campbell had promised that, if it came to that, they would all be there to take care of her. Misti had gone over and knelt by her chair, and kissed her hand, thanking her. Misti felt the exact same way as Mike did about their two adopted Mothers. They had both given her the same love and support that HER Mother had given her.

It was growing late, so, thanking them, and telling them ‘Good Night’ they went home. Sharon and William decided that they would call it a night, also, and took their leave. The others, noting the time prepared, and went to bed. This time, though, Betty stayed with Dave. Her sympathy for Mike’s situation, had gotten to her. She had nuzzled Dave’s neck as they were sitting on the sofa, and had, once again, joined him in the shower. Only this time she let her feelings show with tender touches, and soft words. He recognized his sister’s mood for what it was. He was having much the same feelings. He didn’t know how he would handle the situation, if it were him. He had been unable to sleep for just the one night he had been separated from Carol. The next morning he and Betty had had words for the first time since they had been c***dren. kaçak bahis He had apologized to her, and, to his great relief, been forgiven. She had let him know, in her own special way, that he meant as much to her as she did to him.They let the others go ahead to take their showers, while he made sure the doors were locked for the night, and everything was turned off. He had checked everything, and was standing in the dark, next to the back door. Betty had wrapped her arms around him from the back, and was kissing the back of his neck. He turned, taking her in his arms and holding her in an embrace, not as a sister, but as a lover. He kissed her, holding longer than he usually did. She returned his kiss and sank to the floor, pulling him down with her. She pushed him back and rolled to where she could kiss him repeatedly. She didn’t want to wait even a second longer. This time it was she who was the aggressor. She kissed her way down his body until she reached the critical point, and took his already erect penis into her mouth. He didn’t need any more stimulation. She just wanted to feel him in her mouth, and to give him pleasure. Her head bobbed slowly up and down, holding him in her pursed lips, her tongue working on him inside of it. He moaned from what he was feeling. He pushed on her hip, wanting to give her the same. She turned, allowing him to return her caresses in the same fashion. He parted her labia with his tongue, letting it slide inward to lap her juices. Her clit was at attention. His mustache had stimulated it beyond all reasoning. Her moans mingled with his. They were both giving each other all the pleasure they were capable of.

Recognizing that he wouldn’t be able to restrain much longer, Betty rolled off of him and on to her back. She held him where he would have to roll with her, and be on top of her. As soon as she felt the coolness of the rug under her back, she opened her legs to give him free access. She lifted her knees, spreading herself more open to receive him better. She was from the very first, dripping wet from her desire. His dick automatically was in just the right position. He pushed gently, and she raised her hips to receive him. He slid inside of her, as he had done so many times in the past. When they, during their whole semi-adult, and adult lives had had something happen, they had turned to each other in the same way. It was difficult for them to remember when the first time had been. The best they could remember was when Betty had broken up with her first boyfriend. She had been crying, and Dave had heard her sobs. Their parents bedroom was at the other end of the hallway, and on the other side. They had long-since been in the habit of seeing each other naked, so Dave had lightly tapped on Betty’s door. She and he had had their own rooms, and Sharon and Robbi had shared a room. She had opened the door for him, and embraced him. He had given her the shoulder to cry on. He had held her, kissing her cheeks, and trying to comfort her. She had held him as tight as she could. Both of them were naked, and the feel of her pubic hair was tickling his young prick. Soon it was standing at attention, pulsing between her slightly spread legs. They both were well aware of sex from watching the livestock. They both had seen the horses, cows, sheep, and even the deer, in rut. They both knew exactly what they were doing, and the usual results. Betty had even seen their Mom and Dad doing the same thing, and, out of c***dish curiosity, had watched them, in many different positions. She had continued to hold him as she backed up to her bed. She sank down on it, pulling him down on top of her. She had reached down between them and guided him to the right place, and told him to, “push it inside tipobet güvenilir mi me.” He did, and at her bidding, had begun to pump in and out of her. Mom had taken her to the doctor a year or so before, and got her started on birth control. She had had HER first sex about six months before, with TOD. She had wrapped her legs around his waist, just like she had seen Mom do with Dad, and putting her hands around the cheeks of HIS ass, had tried to pull him closer. He had discovered how wet, warm, and small his sister was inside. After a bit, he felt a tingling in his groin, and she had squeezed him even tighter, and begun to put her tongue in his mouth when she kissed him. He felt like he was going to pee, and she told him to go ahead and do it INSIDE of her. He did, and it felt soooo good. He kept on humping into her. She whispered in his ear to roll over beside her, she wanted to show him something. He rolled over and she turned to show him some whitish stuff coating her private parts, and inside her thighs. He asked what it was. She giggled, putting her hand over her mouth and hunching her shoulders. “That’s cum, you silly. That’s what makes a girl have a baby. That’s why Mom took me to the doctor. To get pills, I take ’em every day, so I don’t have a baby. Now we can do it any time we want to. I let Tod do it to me several times. Mom caught us one day. All she said was she was glad that she had got me the pills when she did, and closed the door. She told Mommy what she had seen. Mommy only asked if we had done it very many times. We told her we had done it a few times, but not very many. Mommy said she was only surprised we hadn’t been doing it every day. Dad asked me if I enjoyed letting Tod fuck me. I told him, “Yes. It felt good.” He told me to bring Tod over that night after supper, and the grown-ups would teach us how to do it the right way. That night, they had taken Tod and Betty into Betty’s bedroom, told them to take their clothes off, and watch. Mom had been naked as she almost always was, and Mommy had only wearing her panties, like always. Dad and Daddy had taken their clothes off, too. Dad had taken Mama Breen’s hand and pulled her to him and started kissing her, then he started rubbing her breasts. She couldn’t couldn’t figure out why Dad would be kissing Mama Breen instead of Mom. Then Daddy Breen started doing the same things to Mom. Both Fathers had laid both Mothers on the bed, and got on their knees and started kissing them between their legs. Then we looked from the other side of the bed, and they weren’t kissing them, they were licking them and sticking their tongues inside their holes. We went back around the bed, and I didn’t know that the Fathers could get so BIG! Both of them were much bigger than Tod. The Mothers scooted up all the way onto the bed and opened their legs. Dad got on top of Mama Breen, and Daddy got on top of Mom. Both of them reached down and held them and they shoved their dicks into each others wives. Daddy Breen was fucking Mama Campbell, and Daddy Campbell was fucking Mama Breen. They fucked like that then they got up and the two women got on their hands and knees. Now Daddy Campbell was fucking Mama Campbell, and Daddy Breen was fucking Mama Breen. Daddy Campbell told us the first way, with the man on top of the woman was called “Missionary Style.” The second way, with the woman on her knees, and the man behind her was called, “Doggy-Style.” He said they would show us more in a day or two. They finished fucking and shot cum into the women. Both of them licked the women’s pussies clean, and told us that that was called eating a cream pie.

Coming back to the present, Betty felt the first tingle of an orgasm. She pulled Dave’s head down tipobet to kiss him, and to muffle her groan. She felt the popping firecrackers of her orgasm, and pulling Dave closer, moaned into his mouth, darting her tongue into his mouth. She squeezed him even tighter with her legs. She was so glad she had taken his cherry, and passed her lessons on how to fuck to him. He had learned well. Many of the other girls had asked her where he had learned to screw so good. She had shrugged her shoulders, and told them that he read a lot of “girly magazines,” but, otherwise, she didn’t know. A few of them had asked if he had ever fucked HER. She had told them he hadn’t. The idea of letting her brother fuck her was “icky.” One or two had suggested that she SHOULD let him. He was GOOD! Before SHE had graduated, he had already fucked all but two of the girls in the High School. They were both virgins, they claimed, and were saving themselves for their husbands.

Dave was picking up the pace, and Betty was coming almost non-stop. He almost always had this effect on her. He always seemed to know what she needed, and how much of it. The only one that could make her cum harder, and more times, was Tod. They had even stopped closing the door when he fucked her. She would be screaming so loud it would nearly rattle the windows. He could make her scream in a very few minutes, and he NEVER seemed to fuck her for less than 30 minutes. She wouldn’t be able to stand up for a while, her throat would be raw, and she would be soaked in sweat. BUT, MAN OH MAN!!! WOULD HER PUSSY FEEL SO GOOD!!!! She might be wrung out, but she still couldn’t wait for him to do her, AGAIN!!! He was even better than the two Fathers, as good as they were.

OH MY GOD!!! HERE WAS ANOTHER LEG-SHAKER!!! She grabbed Dave’s ears and tried her best to muffle her out cry, but this time she didn’t make it. She, barely, heard a couple of giggles. She got her wits about her for only a second, and looked toward the kitchen. Both the Mothers were sitting at the table drinking cups of coffee. Both were smiling. Mama Breen spoke around her cup. “You k**s sound like you’re having fun. Yaw’ll makin’ such a racket we had to close the door so you wouldn’t wake the baby. Carol’s enjoying hearin’ the noises you’re makin’. She said it sounds like Davey is workin’ you over REAL good. She also said she’s expectin’ the same for HER in a few days. She wants Davey to make HER legs shake, too. She’s a wishin’ she could come watch. She likes to see Davey makin’ bacon.”

Suddenly, she felt the MOTHER of ALL orgasms taking her. It started down deep in her abdomen, and slowly built until, with a roar, she screamed as loud as she ever had. “AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!! AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!
OOOHHH MY GOOODDDD!!! I’M COMING!!! I’M COMING!!! I’M COMING!!! She felt the wave of sperm bouncing off the inner walls of her pussy, splashing its way deep into her womb. She squeezed Dave so hard with her legs, it had to be a miracle she didn’t break his ribs. He was pushed in as tight to her as he could push, and was STILL pushing. He hadn’t realized he had THAT much cum inside of him. The Mothers gave each other a knowing smile, pushed their chairs back and went to the “rag bin”, where they kept old, worn out towels, retrieved a couple, and, wetting them, prepared to see how much of a mess their wayward c***dren had made. Betty and Davey could clean themselves with one, so they wouldn’t leave pecker tracks on their way to the bathroom, and the other to clean the floor where they had lain. It wasn’t the first time they had helped them with a clean up, and certainly wouldn’t be the last. The only thing both of them regretted was that it hadn’t been THEM on the receiving end of Davey’s dick. He HAD learned well. Maybe, tomorrow or the next day, they might coerce him into giving them a dose of the same medicine.

They were both wet from watching Betty and Dave, so, before they went to sleep, they entertained each other with a little 69. It was okay, but…

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