Mr. Woulfe and Red

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Mr. Woulfe and Red
“Please Mr. Woulfe, don’t tell my parents.”

That was not the best thing to say to your guidance counselor after he caught you on your knees in the boy’s lavatory. Curiosity on school grounds, it seemed, was a punishable offense in spite of me being of age.

“You know that you just prostituted yourself, right?” He sighed as he glanced back at me.

I hadn’t considered that. I was curious and a classmate was willing to pay me for my time. It never occurred to me that prostitution was as simple as accepting money for sexual favors.

Mr. Woulfe smirked as he held open his office door for me, “Let’s forget about your parents for a moment, Ruby. I want you to tell me why I shouldn’t call his parents.”

“Because we both consented? We weren’t doing anything wrong,” I replied.

“Off school grounds, I would agree with you. What if a younger student had happened upon the two of you? Or a stricter teacher? I can understand hormones, curiosity, even a willingness to be paid. But you crossed a line when you didn’t wait until you were both off of school property. You get that right?” He asked, his brow furrowed in frustration.

“We both work after school. No one was around, we had a free period, and…”

“And you thought you wouldn’t get caught, right?” he interrupted.

I blushed, “Well…”

He locked the door then sauntered over to his desk, leering at me the whole time. His gaze made me shift and my arms instinctively covered my chest in discomfort. A soft smile lingered on his lips as he motioned for me to sit in the chair in front of his desk.

“You know he’s not 18 yet, right?”

My breath caught in my throat and I stammered, “Next week. I just turned 18 last month, he’s 18 next week, the law says…”

Mr. Woulfe laughed at my obvious unease, “That’s not what I meant. Because he is still a minor, I’m supposed to inform his parents of the situation. No disciplinary action can take place without their consent. They have a right to appeal on his behalf. You don’t have that luxury. You have the right to appeal on your own behalf, doing so is likely to bring much more scrutiny to the situation.”

“So you don’t have to tell my parents then?”

“No. I have to ask though. You’re so adamant that you’re old enough to make this choice on your own. Why are you so worried about me telling your parents?”

I laughed and leaned back into the chair, “Did you want your parents to know when you started experimenting?”
“So it was more embarrassment than worry?” His shoulders rounded and his expression softened as he spoke.

I nodded, “Yeah. I’m not afraid they’d hurt me over it or anything, I don’t want to have that conversation with them.”
His eyebrow ticked upwards, “They haven’t had that conversation with you yet?”

“Short of, ‘if you get pregnant before you’re married we’ll kill you?’ No.”

He laughed lightly, “Look, you’ve been here four years, you’ve never done anything to get in trouble in all that time. I’m not going to throw the book at you three months away from graduation because you got curious. I’m going to stress that you refrain while in school, but on your own time, just be safe about it. And maybe don’t do it for money? Your choice, of course. Guys that offer money in exchange for sex are generally going to treat you like an object rather than a person.”

I started to get up to leave but stopped for a moment, “Why’d you lock the door?”

He shrugged, “It seemed like a good way to ensure I had your attention while we talked.”

He handed me a note and motioned to the door, “Go back to class and give this to Ms. Creighton.”

I started to leave but he spoke up again after I unlocked the door.

“And, Miss Lane, I expect to see you after school every day until graduation. Starting Monday you are volunteering an hour each day to help me with the end of year assessments on the staff.”

I grimaced.

He smiled, “You can come an hour before school instead if you prefer, and I’ll keep Jace after school.”

I sighed, “Looks like I’ll see you at 6 on Monday morning then.”

The weekend was fitful for me. I was exactly as nervous at work as I was at home. Being worried about whether anyone knew what I did made my interactions awkward.

Mr. Woulfe came into the store I worked at a few times over the weekend as well. The knowing smirk and smarmy behavior made me that much more uncomfortable.

Then, I kept having dreams of Mr. Woulfe in Jace’s place in the boy’s bathroom. I knew they were dreams but they felt real. Right down to the way his hand felt on the back of my neck as he guided my lips over his cock.

I woke with a start, gagging as the sensation of the weight on the back of my neck subsided.

When I got to the school on Monday morning, his car was the only one in the lot. Of course, he’d always been the first teacher in and the last teacher to leave every day. Everyone at the school knew that.

My eyes were barely open as I shuffled up to the door only to find it locked. I got irritated by the inconvenience, but the magnitude of the slight was amplified due to lack of sleep crankiness.

I knocked loudly on the door and called out to him, “Mr. Woulfe! Come on, I showed up, let me in!”

The deep snicker behind me caused me to blush as he spoke, “I don’t have the keys, the janitor will be here in about ten minutes, have a little patience.”

“I could have slept an extra ten minutes then! Why ask me to get here early if you knew we couldn’t get in yet?”

He shrugged, “Just cause we can’t get into the building yet, doesn’t mean we can’t get to work.”

He walked back to his car. I put my bag down by the door and followed him. He opened the back of his hatchback and inside was a series of files. He grabbed a box and handed it to me, then grabbed another and stacked it on top. They were ridiculously heavy.

He started to put a third box on top but I whined, “These are heavy!”

He shooed me away and carried the last three boxes over himself. I dropped mine by the stairs and they landed with a loud thunk, damaging the bottom of the box a little.

He glared, “Hey, treat those like you own them for the next three months.”

“Sorry, they were very heavy,” I rubbed my upper arms and tried to get a little pity from him.

“It’ll do you good to do some hard work. Now you get to carry my three inside as well!”

I grumbled under my breath but he just laughed.

He sat down on the front stairs and pulled out a file on Mrs. Evans. He looked over at me, “You have her for English, right?”

I nodded, “Yeah. What’s this review for anyways?”

“Raises, tenure, who I recommend we keep and who can be replaced. Is she a good teacher? What have you learned from her?”

“I think so. She makes it easy to follow all of the arbitrary rules in English and how to note the exceptions. She makes us think for ourselves, logic things out and gives partial credit if we make an effort but still fail to come to the right conclusion. She’s fair to everyone, doesn’t play favorites, and she doesn’t let the smarter k**s take all of the credit.”

“So it doesn’t phase you that she’s almost 80?”

I shook my head, “We tease her about it sometimes, but she’s sharp and hits right back with a solid quip. She may be physically old, but mentally she’s on our wavelength. How is it that she hasn’t gotten tenure yet?”

“She’s only been teaching here for a couple of years. Before that she retired from a tenured position up north. Did you know she ran a marathon last summer?”

I looked at him in awe, “No, she never mentioned it.”

“She never does. She has an amazing history as a teacher and we’re lucky she came out of retirement to fill a need our school had. I was already going to suggest a significant raise for her.”

I glared, “If you already knew what you wanted to do with her, why ask my opinion?”

“I was testing your character. Jace said I should can the old bag. I wanted to see if you would be fair or cruel to your teachers if given a chance to voice your opinion with no repercussions.”

“Jace is a jerk,” I chuckled slightly.

He cleared his throat as the janitor walked up to unlock the door.

The janitor looked a little nervous as he approached Mr. Woulfe, “Sorry, sir. Car wouldn’t start.”

Mr. Woulfe shrugged, “Not your fault. I’m still trying to get the board to just give me a set of the keys to the front door, would make things much simpler for us both, Charlie.”

The tension seemed to ease from the janitor’s shoulders as he smiled at the counselor. Mr. Woulfe was definitely good at his job.

Charlie disappeared around the side of the front office and Mr. Woulfe held the door as I picked up each box of files and carried them into his office, one at a time. I was a little irritated that he actually followed through on making me carry all four boxes by myself.

He sat behind his desk and I sat on the chair in front. He went through a few more files and seemed to completely forget I was even in the room. I looked around, sleepily, and noticed a couch behind the door. With Mr. Woulfe going through the files he seemed oblivious to me. I got up and went over to lay down, dozing off quickly.

My dreams felt so realistic. Mr. Woulfe pushed his chair back from his desk and unzipped his pants. He smiled and motioned me over to him, “Under the desk, Ruby.”

I climbed into the dark, cramped space and he pulled his cock free of his jeans. I leaned forward and started licking along his shaft. He let me do that a few times, then he seemed to get annoyed and grabbed my jaw and pushed his cock into my mouth. I coughed a little and gagged, but he didn’t stop. He had his hands on either side of my face, holding me still as he thrust upwards and forced himself deeper into my throat. My eyes watered and I tried to protest and pull away. Before I could I felt my mouth flood with his cum. He held me tightly down on him as I gagged and swallowed in order to breathe, but most of it was pushed from my lips and spilled down my chin.

He pulled his seat back and looked at the mess he’d made on me and smirked, “Don’t worry, you’re a quick study, you’ll get the hang of it.”

I woke up coughing.

Mr. Woulfe looked over at me from behind his desk, “You okay?”

I nodded and caught my breath, I was suddenly very uncomfortable when he looked at me and he seemed to pick up on it.

“Bad dream?” He asked as he turned his attention back to the files in front of him.

“How come you didn’t yell at me for falling asleep?”

He smirked, “I have no proof of what happened in that bathroom, so I can’t hold anything over your head with it. You’re 18 years old and have a choice to make. You can either face the truth, knowing what I’m asking of you is fair because your actions broke school rules, or you can pretend it never happened and go on with your life and ‘get away with it.’ What would you like to do, Ruby?”

I walked over and picked up one of the files, guilt was not fair.

I grimaced as I looked at the top manila folder, “Mr. Jennings is a creep, always looking at the girls trying to give them a strike for dress code violations even when we’re in compliance.” I handed the file over to him, “He had Tessa McCady kneel last week to test the length of her skirt, even though it was nearly to her knees. He always waits until people are gathering by the classroom before he stops someone, it’s always when there’s an audience and is most embarrassing for the girl. Jace ran into his class right before Tressa without a shirt on after practice and all Mr. Jennings did was wag his finger at him.”

Mr. Woulfe’s eyes narrowed as he looked the file over, “Has any of the other teachers seen that?”

“Coach Willis did. But I wouldn’t doubt they had a thing going on over which students they flagged for violations for each other cause Coach was staring at Tessa the whole time and the week before that Coach flagged me, saying my shirt was sheer when it was just a normal t-shirt, he got three different teachers to come over and ‘inspect’ my shirt over it and only one of the teachers was a woman and one of the other two was Mr. Jennings.”

He grabbed the coach’s file and put it with Mr. Jennings’ file on a pile next to his desk without another word.

“What’s that pile for?” I asked, my eyebrow ticked up in curiosity.

“Warrants further investigation and possible firing,” he smiled as he said it.

“We have five new teachers coming on board this year, two teachers are transferring, which means we have to find room for the other three. If they are really being that blunt about abuse of power, I think it’s worth looking into.” He handed me a small stack of files, “Go through those and tell me which ones you think will last here.”

I looked through the files, but my attention lingered with the dream I’d had. It was odd. I knew it was all tied into Mr. Woulfe catching me and Jace, but I couldn’t shake the curiosity. Most of the girls in my class had harbored a crush on Mr. Woulfe since he started as our counselor three years ago. He was fairly young, maybe in his early 30s, but his hair was already greying at the temples.

“Why do you have to make these decisions?” I asked as I skimmed the file of an Agatha Blanchard.

“I’m part of a committee that makes recommendations to the school board. My opinion is just one of five. But my opinion has a little more weight because I work with the students without their grades hanging over them. They are more likely to be honest when I ask them a question,” he said, though he never looked up from his files.

“So how do you decide who to recommend to be fired? Isn’t that kind of a harsh thing illegal bahis siteleri to put on a co-worker?”

His smile faded to a bit of a scowl and he put the file he was looking through down on the table in front of him, “I do it because it’s my job to make sure every student in this school has access to the best education we can give them with our budget. If a teacher is acting inappropriately towards students it is a lot easier for me to fire them, admittedly. But, even if it’s just a matter of a teacher being lazy or not living up to their potential with our students, I owe it to all of you to try to replace that teacher with someone more effective and involved in ensuring you can move forward however you choose to do so.”

I smiled, “You’re a pretty good guy, Mr. Woulfe.”

He just smirked, not saying a word about my comment. I was expecting a thank you or something at least, but I got nothing. I turned my attention back to the files he’d handed me and pulled two from the stack and put them on his desk. Both were female teachers with vastly different styles.

He looked at the files and glanced through quickly, “Why them?”

I shrugged, “They seem like they enjoy what they do, it isn’t just a job to them.”

I went over to his side of the desk and opened the file on Agatha, “See, she listed here that teachers who overlooked her because she wasn’t top of her class were the reason she pursued teaching. She’s a lot like me in that way. I get overlooked because I’m not at the top or bottom of my class, those are the students the teachers put effort into. The k**s like me just get glanced over cause we’re doing good enough to not need extra effort.”

He looked up at me, a look of disappointment in his eyes, “Is that how you feel as a student here?”

I shrugged, “I get it. I mean I pass all of my classes so I don’t need the extra help, but I don’t go out of my way to get the best marks either. The exceptional and exceptionally bad are the ones the teachers need to focus on. The rest of us don’t really hit the radar unless a particular teacher takes an interest in our personality or dreams, which is rare.”

“And what are your dreams, Ruby?”

“What?” My mind was on a completely different type of dream, to be honest. And standing so close to Mr. Woulfe let me catch the slightest hint of his cologne. I didn’t know what it was, but there were definite notes of clove, pepper, and old worn out leather. It was a little intoxicating.

“What do you want to do with your life?” He moved away from me slightly as I stood just a little to close to him for his comfort.

“I don’t know. I haven’t really thought about it,” I was coming back to my senses and moved back around to the front of his desk. I sat in the seat that faced him and looked him in the eyes.

He broke my gaze and shifted in his seat, “Well, what do you like to do?”

I laughed slightly, “I like to make people feel good.”

He seemed to think about this a little and leaned back in his chair, “So like social work maybe? Or a doctor? Maybe a nurse or a ther****t?”

I shook my head, “I can’t afford college. I’ll probably be working a dead-end retail job the rest of my life.”

He sighed, “There are grants and loans, or scholarships, work-study programs, and financial aid.”

I played with my hands, nervously fidgeting, “I get that it’s your job to make me want to make something of myself, but being realistic, you’re going to have a few of us slip through the cracks as complete failures in spite of how much effort you put into us. I like to make people feel good, but I don’t want it to be my job, that would just take all of the joy out of it.”

He stared off into space, deep in thought, “What if I set up the applications for grants and scholarships for you and you just do the essays?”

“You can’t set me up with these things throughout college, Mr. Woulfe. I know myself pretty well, any effort required and I’m out.”

He shook his head, “That is not true. Last year you sat with Becca and Will and helped them study every day before finals. You had nothing to gain from it, but you made the effort to help them both out.” He pointed to the two folders I’d placed on his desk from earlier, “You could easily be on my desk in a few years.”

He blushed as he saw the smirk spread over my lips, “Your file…you would make a good teacher, I think,” he stammered and adjusted his tie as the blush faded from his cheeks.

“Becca and Will are my friends. I want to see them succeed, I know they are smarter than they think they are and they have the potential to make a difference in the world. I like the idea of being a small bit of what helped them get there,” I said.

Mr. Woulfe stood up and ushered me to the door as the bell for homeroom rang, “There are hundreds of Beccas and Wills out there that need a teacher to notice them. Tomorrow morning we’ll review some scholarships I think you should apply for, if need be I’ll walk you through the process every time you need to re-apply until you are a teacher at this school.”

For weeks I showed up and put in the work as Mr. Woulfe prepped me for college interviews. He inspired me to actually work towards something. A teacher. I was starting to see myself as capable of becoming a teacher. Then I started getting the rejection letters and my heart sank. My grades weren’t good enough, I wasn’t in enough activities, I didn’t do volunteer work to pad my college application. I was just me, and me wasn’t enough.

I stopped showing up to school early and avoided Mr. Woulfe, going well out of my way to ensure I didn’t run into him between classes. I was depressed. I had gotten my hopes up and began to think about having an actual, meaningful future and everything was coming back against me. It wasn’t fair to make me believe I could achieve something when he knew the kind of student I was and what these colleges would look for as criteria for acceptance in their programs.

A few days before graduation Mr. Woulfe caught me sitting on the front lawn of the school. I wasn’t doing anything, I was just sitting there. The problem was that I was supposed to be sitting in my math class instead. I don’t know how long he watched me, but I had been sitting there all morning. I had never skipped school before, but I wanted to have that experience before I graduated. Does it still count as skipping if you don’t leave school grounds?

He came up beside me and sat down, then he laid back in the grass and looked up into the sky with me. He didn’t say anything, didn’t scold me, didn’t yell or make me feel guilty, he just watched the clouds drift by. I pretended he wasn’t even there until he spoke up.

“You stopped showing up before school.”

I nodded, not saying a word as a dark and ominous set of clouds began to push the bright fluffy ones out of the way, blocking the sun and threatening to force me back inside the school.

He pointed to one of the clouds, “Do you see a dragon or a whale?”

I half-smiled, “Dragon, clearly.”

Mr. Woulfe shook his head, “I see a cloud that says I chose a bad day to wear a white shirt to school.” He half laughed and sat up.

I sat up too, expecting to be told to go back inside and go to class. Instead, he just got up and walked back into the school.

I watched the clouds filter across the sky, the darker storm clouds were quickly pushing the others out of the way and I just laid back and closed my eyes as the first raindrops began to hit my face. I didn’t get up until the last bell rang and the students hurried through the now pounding rain towards their buses and cars, retreating from the downpour that I welcomed.

I went back inside the school, dripping wet, and made my way to my locker to retrieve the books I’d abandoned for the day. I heard a slight laugh behind me and turned my head to see Mr. Woulfe leaning back against the wall behind me, mop in hand. I looked down to the ground and realized he’d mopped up the water I had carelessly tracked through the hall.

“Charlie’s got a big enough job to accomplish around here without you making it worse on him and spreading your misery.”

I shut my locker, leaving everything behind. I wasn’t doing my homework tonight. I was going to call out sick from work and just mope for the remainder of the day.

Mr. Woulfe quietly mopped up behind me as I walked back out the front of the building.

I sat on the stairs outside of the school. I was going to walk home, but I just lost all will to move. Instead, I sat there and waited to see how long it would be before a teacher noticed a lone student sitting in the pouring rain after all of the buses had left. I wondered if any of them would stop to ask if I was okay, or if someone was coming to pick me up. What would they do if I told them I wasn’t waiting for anyone, I just didn’t want to go home, and I didn’t want to be completely alone either.

I watched my teachers filter out of the school, some by themselves, others with another teacher, all were running to their cars to end their day and no one stopped to check on me. I wasn’t on their radar, easily overlooked in their busy lives. Another hour passed and the sun was starting to go down. I was about to get up and start walking when I realized the rain wasn’t hitting me anymore.

It was still clearly raining so I looked up, and into a big blue umbrella hovering above my head. I looked behind me and Mr. Woulfe was standing there. I wiped the water from my face, uncertain if all of it was rain, some of it may have been my own tears. He sat down next to me and held the umbrella over both of us.

“Did you really expect to get into the colleges you applied to on the first round at the very last minute?”

I shrugged. No one in my family had ever gone to college. I had no experience with how it worked.

“Twenty-seven rejection letters when I first applied at the beginning of my senior year of high school. I sent out 40 applications. The other schools didn’t even bother to waste paper to send me a rejection. I had been preparing to go to college since Freshman year. I worked hard, did every club I could get into, and did so much volunteer work that I never had time to get a job. Colleges don’t look at employment history, they look at humanitarian effort and engaged students. I had teacher recommendations and a glowing application. Then my guidance counselor pointed out to me that I was a cocky asshole and only half-assed all of my obligations. So I got a job waiting tables in a restaurant the summer after I graduated. I got some real-world experience and it knocked me down a few notches. Six months later, with much help from my guidance counselor, I reapplied to every school and got four acceptance letters. I did everything right and still got rejected because I had the personality of a thumbtack and it showed in every rehearsed and mechanical answer I gave to every stupid question on their applications. You have the personality, but not the exceptional history as a student. If you go to a community college for one year and then re-apply, I think you’ll come out much better.”

I sighed and looked at the ground, “I got my hopes up and now I feel like it was a huge waste of time.”

He smiled, “I know, but it wasn’t. Do you have someone coming to pick you up?”

I shook my head.

“You normally take the bus in, right?”

I nodded and wiped the tears from my eyes.

His smile softened, “Why’d you skip your classes today?”

“I don’t know. I just wanted to. How come you didn’t report me or make me go to class?”

“You’re eighteen, Ruby, I trust you to be able to decide what you need to do without an authority figure looking over your shoulder. I’m not your babysitter, I’m your guidance counselor, I can give you advice but I can’t make you take it and I sure as hell am not going to micromanage the decisions you make, for better or worse.”

“You scolded me for the bathroom thing,” I reminded him.

“That’s because it was a really dumb choice,” he laughed as he said it. “Curiosity makes even the brightest of us slip up, adults included, so don’t think that’s a dig at your intelligence. We’re human, we make mistakes, and it’s my job to try and get you to learn from those mistakes. Did you learn anything from that mistake?”

I smirked, “Go somewhere with a lock next time.”

He mockingly laughed at my joke and my smirk faded to a smile as I spoke, “I don’t know yet, honestly. I mean, I get that on school grounds was not the brightest choice, but was it really that horrible of a thing to do?”

He shook his head, “Not horrible, no. If you walk away from this with a feeling of shame over being sexually curious, I’ve failed in my mission to get you to think about what the issue was.”

“What was the issue?”

“Being sexually curious on school grounds with another student. At school, you’re our responsibility. What do you think would happen if I had walked into that bathroom, saw that going on, then just turned around to leave and he ended up r****g you or giving you some STD, or vice versa?”

I thought about it, “So the getting caught was the issue?”

He sighed and put his hand up to his forehead, “No, Ruby, well, yes, but no. The issue was that, even though you are legally an adult, the consequences would fall on the school, not you or Jace. That’s not fair to any other student here because it could affect the budget of the school, which will, in turn, affect every student that comes through here for an education. You get to make your own decisions, but not at the detriment of your fellow students.”

“I would have taken perabet güvenilir mi responsibility for it.”

“That literally doesn’t matter. Until you graduate, legal adult or not, your safety is our responsibility. Any failures on that and the school is the one that will pay for it, not you, not Jace.”

He sat there for a few quiet minutes with me before speaking up, “I can’t give you a ride home, you know?”

I tilted my head to the side a bit, “I didn’t ask you to, I’m going to walk home in a little while, I just don’t want to go yet.”

He furrowed his brow and looked at me, “Can you call one of your parents to come pick you up?”

“It’s just me and my mom and she’s sleeping, she works the night shift,” I got up and started walking away but he ran in front of me.

“I can at least give you my umbrella,” he reached it out to me and I just laughed.

“I’m not going to melt, Mr. Woulfe.”

“No, but it has reflective tape along the edges so cars can see you a little better. Or I can call a cab to come pick you up and take you home,” he said.

A faint smile crossed my lips and I took the handle of the umbrella he held out to me. I really just wanted to be alone for a little while, and the walk home would clear my head, hopefully leaving me much too exhausted to dream of Mr. Woulfe.

Sadly that wasn’t the case.

My sleep was fitful, but when I did manage, I was plagued with memories distorted with perversions that never happened. Mr. Woulfe lay on the grass next to me in front of the school when it started to drizzle. I wore a simple white dress and it clung to me as the drizzle turned into a downpour. He smiled and I got up and ran into the woods behind the school, laughing and taunting him to try and catch me.

The rain poured down on us and my game of chase turned into one that felt as though I were being hunted. I would hide against a tree trunk and he would sneak around, opposite the way I watched and expected him to come towards me, and push me against the tree to kiss me. His hands grabbed mine firmly and I found myself whimpering as he sank his teeth into my shoulder and lifted me up just far enough for him to lift me to his hips, teasing me with his throbbing cock pushing against the thin fabric of my underwear. I moaned and he growled in my ear as I arched my back, my white dress stained slightly with blood that trailed down from my shoulder.

He smiled and let me slide down him until I knelt with my hands on the waistband of his already unfastened jeans. I bit my lip and he gently ran his hand over my lower lip, pulling it free of my bite before letting his hand slide to the back of my neck. I looked up at him, my mouth was slightly parted and he slowly and gently guided my lips to his cock. He tasted mildly of sweat and soap. I moaned as he took great pleasure in the warm softness of my tongue on the underside of him.

His grip on the back of my neck tightened and he ripped my dress slightly, causing it to fall away from the shoulder he’d bitten. He looked me in the eye and smiled as he gripped my jaw and pushed himself deeper past my lips, gagging me just slightly as he orgasmed in my mouth.

When he finished he pulled free of me and knelt in front of me rubbing my jaw and down along my throat. I licked my lips and smiled, a slight blush crossing over my cheeks. His hands made their way down me, cupping and squeezing my breasts through the wet fabric of my dress. He kissed me and brought his hand down my stomach and slid it under my dress and up along my inner thigh.

I looked him in the eye as he slipped his hand beneath my underwear and rubbed over the slick flesh he found beneath. He moved his lips to my cheek and over to my jaw.

I felt his lips brush against my ear as he spoke, “Are you a virgin, love?”

I nodded and moaned as he rubbed his fingers on either side of my clit. I could feel him smile, his lips still brushed slightly against my ear.

“No other boys have pushed,” he penetrated me with his fingers and I grabbed his wrist tightly as I looked up at him, “their cocks inside this little flower between your thighs?”

I shook my head and whimpered as his thumb flicked lightly across my clit and his fingers curled inside of me.
He smiled and pulled his fingers free of me, I protested slightly, but he simply pushed my legs apart and lifted my skirt up. The thin piece of fabric that was my underwear blocked his view, his hands slid up my thighs and quickly ripped them at the legs, letting the fabric fall away. He took my hands and put the gathered skirt of my dress in them, guiding me to hold my dress up so he could see my lower body as he spread my legs further apart.

He could see me fully and he groaned audibly as he leaned down and lapped at my cunt. His tongue was much longer than I expected it to be as he curled it over my clit then liked downwards and slowly pushed it into me. I tightened my grip on my skirt and squirmed my hips away from him slightly. He growled and I sat still while he closed his lips over my clit. I moaned and his grip on my hips tightened as his tongue and lips became more forceful in their tasting of me.
He seemed hesitant to stop but he’d already begun stroking his cock as he coaxed moan after moan out of me. He kissed his way up my body and got frustrated as he reached the fabric of my dress that blocked him from my skin. He snarled and tore the fabric easily, fully exposing my body to him as my dress hung loosely ripped open down the center.

His hand grabbed my ass and lifted me onto his lap, rubbing his cock against my pussy as I whimpered and squirmed in his grip. He sucked on my breast and then looked at me and smiled, “Would you like me to fuck you, Red?”

I nodded. I was throbbing and needed to know what he felt like inside of me.

He smiled and lifted me slightly, positioning the head of his cock at my wanting cunt. I cried out as he just barely parted me with himself. He groaned and it was clear that he was restraining himself. His grip on my thighs was so tight, I was certain they would bruise.

He didn’t let me lower onto him, he kept me hovering just above him, his cock teasing me as I tried to guide myself down onto him. He resisted me as his eyes met mine, “Want me to tell you a story, Red?”

I nodded and moaned as he lowered me just a little more. There was a very slight pain but it was barely noticeable as he showed an intense restraint in pushing into me.

He smiled and his grip on my thighs tightened a little as he held my legs spread open above him, the head of his cock barely pushed into me. His voice was slightly strained, “There once was a little girl named Ruby.”

He groaned and lowered me ever so slightly onto him a little more. I could feel him twitching and throbbing just inside of me. “She never knew it, but growing up she was stalked by monsters. They lurked in the shadows, watching and lusting after her growing body. One of these monsters did all he could to resist the urges she brought to his mind, but one day, she changed, she became a woman and he saw that through the adult act he witnessed her committing with some measly human. Coming so close to wasting what was special to her on a mere snack that would never be able to fulfill her.”

Without warning, he stopped restraining himself and let me slide down on his cock fully. I gasped and my breath caught in my throat a little as I looked up at him. His lips found mine and it was clear that he was hungry for me. His hand grasped my ass and I had tears flowing over my cheeks. In a quick, fluid motion he had me on my back and was pushing and pulling himself roughly in and out of me as he fucked me.

I arched my back and moaned. He groaned, growled, and clawed at my hips to hold me in place for him. “He wanted her for his own, he knew he could mark her as his bitch and she would crave him for the rest of her life. He knew that he would be the one to get her when he saw her on her knees in the bathroom. It awoke the monster in him. Seeing her lips being wasted on a human nearly drove him mad. He decided to punish her.” His voice was strained and quickly tiring.

He snarled as he pounded his hips against mine, “Little did he know she would give him the opening he needed. He had intended on things going exactly as they did regardless, but her willingness to initiate this attack pushed any ounce of humanity he had learned through the years completely out of his mind. Ruby would lose any innocence she once held and he would be the victorious monster who claimed her as his mate.”

My hips were bleeding as his nails dug into me. I could swear his eyes flashed red for a moment as he bowed his head and watched his cock swell just a little more inside of me. My moans and whimpers were intoxicating him and he was finding it harder and harder to control himself. “This once innocent little girl would never be the same and she had invited the monster in, he made sure of that. The demon in him would create another, through her. She would feel things she never thought imaginable.”

He grunted and bucked within me. “And he would be,” I cried out as his thrusts became more powerful, more controlling, “the only creature to have her petals, ever, ever again.”

He gently bit my breast and I watched as he stretched, arching his back and keeping himself within me as I felt a hot stream spurting into me. He tilted his head up towards the moon high above us and howled. I saw him look back down to me, a smoldering smirk plastered across his face as he held me pinned to the ground, his cock throbbing within me as even the slightest movement allowed his cum to leak from me.

The look in his eyes began to scare me as he leaned down and dragged his tongue across the wound he’d made on my shoulder.. He was breathing heavily, sweating, and panting. I started to pull my hips away from him but he lowered his head close to my throat and growled at me.

I started to speak and he bit the front of my throat, gently, but firmly enough to let me know that I wasn’t to move. He moved his lips back to my ear and whispered to me, “She awoke the b**st within him and she would never forget the taste of her own blood from his tongue.”

He leaned down to me and the metallic taste on his lips and tongue was unmistakable. I put my hands on his shoulders, intending to try and push him away from me, but he grabbed my wrists and pinned them to the ground as he snarled at me, “Do you want to rule the woods at my side, Red?”

I nodded, my stomach ached.

He licked the wound on my shoulder and held me still as I felt sharp pains in my arms and legs. My eyes were wide and my breathing quickened as the pain set in. My limbs shifted and lengthened and I yowled and whimpered in pain. He stroked my hair and comforted me as my body shifted.

I woke in a cold sweat and looked around. Tucked safely into my bed, the window open and the howl of a wolf in the distance sent a chill through my spine. I rubbed my shoulder, it was perfectly fine. I put my hand on my stomach and couldn’t shake the feeling of want and desire flowing through me. I desperately wanted to fuck and felt a lonely whimper escape my throat. I suddenly couldn’t wait to graduate and go to college to become a teacher. Maybe he meant what he’d said and he’d have me on his desk once I’m a co-worker instead of a student.

I didn’t linger in bed. I got up and found the pretty white dress from my dream, put it on with a pair of shoes then climbed out of my window. The woods behind my house were the same woods that began behind my school. I ran through the woods, my dress caked in mud and I lost a shoe somewhere along the way, but I didn’t care. With the moon shining brightly I felt free to roam.

Then I came to a clearing, small cuts covered my bare arms and feet and my dress had ripped in more than a few places. I was cold and a pair of wolves stared me down from the other side of the clearing, hunkered down behind a fallen log. My breath caught in my throat and I started to back away, maintaining eye contact with the one baring its fangs at me as I did.

I jumped as I backed up into something soft and warm. Mr. Woulfe grabbed me and looked me over, “What are you doing out in the woods this late?” he asked with his brow furrowed.

“I-I…just wanted to run for a bit.”

He looked back to the wolves that were slowly stalking their way towards me and stared them down. The wolves looked from me to him and snarled, but he held his arm in front of me and was gently pushing me behind him. They whimpered and turned and ran off into the woods.

He turned his attention back to me, “You certainly know how to attract trouble.”

I pushed my hair behind my ear, “How is it that you’re always there when I do?”

He smiled and pointed in a direction between the way to my house and the school, “My house is about a 1/4 mile that way and I come out here to meditate all the time, this is the first time I’ve ever seen you in the woods though.”

I saw an opportunity and I took it, turning and kissing him on the lips before he could really react to it. He didn’t push me away, but he didn’t kiss back either. I tried to make it a little less awkward by turning to head back towards my house after I pulled my lips from his with a quick and quiet, “Thank-you.”

He grabbed my hand and I turned back towards him, “Have you ever meditated before?”

I shook my head.

With a gentle tug he guided me out into the clearing, “You want the moonlight on you. It should be quiet and dark otherwise.” tipobet

He sat on the ground and motioned for me to sit in front of him and I did, splaying my dress out around me as I sat cross-legged and watched him close his eyes and take a few breaths in and out before stopping and looking at me, “You focus on your breathing. Your mind might wander and that’s okay, but you want to really focus on your breathing and taking deep full breaths.”

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath in and out. I opened my eyes right after.

He moved over to me and had me lie down on the ground, “You’re breathing here,” he said as he ran his hand over my chest. He slid his hand down to my stomach, “You should be breathing here, try to lift my hand with your breath.”

I breathed deeply and found that it actually hurt a little to raise his hand instead of my chest. He smiled, “Again.”

I did it again as instructed and he helped me sit back up, “And again.”

My chest lifted and he pressed down slightly on my stomach, “Try it again. You can control where the air flows if you try, it’s not easy but it gets easier the more you do it.”

I took another deep breath and lifted his hand again. I opened my eyes and saw him smiling as he went to sit down across from me again, “Now breathe in on a count of ten, hold it for 10, then release for a count of 15.”

He did it with his eyes closed and I did it with mine open, watching him breathe. He wasn’t wearing his normal blazer and jeans look. He was in clothes that were a little too big for him and looked more like pajamas than anything he’d wear outdoors on a cold night in the middle of the woods. I was trying to focus on the breathing, but my eyes kept lingering on his lips, the slightest hint of a smile was noticeable at the corners of his mouth.

I remembered the taste and smell of him from my dream and when I pressed my lips to his just a few moments ago, I got the hint of that same experience. He opened his eyes as I crawled up onto his lap and pressed my lips to his again. He, again, didn’t push me away or kiss me back, he just watched me kiss him and nibble at his lip as I straddled his lap.

It actually wasn’t until he felt my hand slide between us and over his pants that he pulled away from my lips and grabbed my wrist. His cheeks were flushed and his voice was much weaker than he realized, “Red, stop.”

But I didn’t want to. I grabbed my dress and lifted it up and off of my body, it had been the only thing I was wearing and he put his hands on me only to push me off of his lap and stand up. He picked up my dress and held it, as if he expected me to step forward with my arms up so he could put it back on me. Instead, I stood there, naked with the moonlight reflecting in my eyes and illuminating the soft curves of my very pale body. I tilted my head to the side slightly, “Would you rather I be on your desk?” I asked playfully.

He got flustered and tried to avert his eyes from my form and I stepped closer to him and pulled the dress from his hands, dropping it back to the ground. I took his hand in mine and guided it from my jaw down my neck and over my chest, my pink nipples were stiff in the cold night air and his fingers caught on them as I lowered his hand down my stomach and along my side to my hip. I could see his erection growing beneath the loose pants and looked up at him with a smile, “Or maybe in the boy’s bathroom, on my knees?”

I knelt down in front of him and latched my fingers into the elastic waistband of his pants and slowly pulled them down. He let me do so, only until his cock was almost exposed then he grabbed my hands and stopped me, “Stop it. Put your dress back on and let me walk you home.”

“You don’t really look like you want to walk me home, Mr. Woulfe. You kinda look like you really want to push your cock into my virgin pussy,” he twitched in his pants and I smiled, “You could just taste me? Have you ever wanted to taste one of your students before, sir?”

He groaned and closed his eyes. I took the opportunity to reveal his cock and slip it between my lips before he could protest again. He was pretty much exactly like I pictured him in my dream, a thin shimmer of precum glistened at the tip of his cock and I saw it for just a moment before I lowered my lips to him and pushed his foreskin back to unsheathe the throbbing red tip of his dick.

He took a deep breath and held it in as I tried to get his cock into the back of my throat. He was much thicker and longer than Jace had been, much more solid as well. It hurt a little but I could feel the head of his cock rubbing against the back of the roof of my mouth when I felt his hands grab the back of my head and pull my hair, forcing his cock from my mouth with an audible pop and string of thick saliva threaded from it to my lips.

“You…you…” he started, his hands still pulled at my hair and clung to the back of my head as I looked up at him.

He didn’t stop me as I began to kiss my way down his shaft, taking his balls into my mouth and suckling on them gently as my hand started stroking up and down his shaft, pulling his foreskin away from the head and back over it as I could. He grabbed me by the hair and pulled me away from him. I was a little scared as he looked a bit menacingly down at me.

“Try again, Red, leave my skin where it is and slide your tongue around between the head and the foreskin,” I smiled as I did just that. He groaned and tightened his grip in my hair, “Now pull it back as you come up and pull it up as you go…go down,” he got out in a harsh whisper as he taught me how to suck an uncut cock.

He guided my head and it was only a few minutes before he came in my mouth with a surprisingly plentiful load that spilled from my lips even as I tried to swallow it down. He pushed me down onto my back and brought his lips straight to my cunt, they closed over my clit and he sucked on me for a few seconds then pressed his tongue tightly to that sensitive bit and rubbed in tight little circles until I moaned and writhed.

He kissed his way up my body, suckling and biting gently at my pert little nipples, bits of his cum had dripped onto my tits and still lingered on my chin. He licked it from my body and shared it with me in a deep kiss. His finger worked my pussy, sliding my fluids around and over the clit, and gently rubbing his middle finger around the entrance to my cunt without completely penetrating me. There was a bit of a vacuum effect as he closed his finger over the hole and rubbed though and he groaned in my ear at the feeling of my cunt trying to pull his finger into me.

He whispered to me, “It’s probably gonna hurt, you know?”

I nodded and he started pushing his finger into me just a little, slowly in and out, stretching the thin skin at my hole until his finger up to the first knuckle penetrated me without making me bleed. He kissed my neck and sent my heartbeat racing as he teased me and worked me to the edge of my first orgasm with another person. He held me on that edge, watching me, kissing me, tasting me until tears, begging for release streamed from my eyes. Then his thumb rubbed my clit harder and his lips locked down on mine as he brought me over that edge, my stomach tightened and released and my pussy pulled his middle finger into me just a little more, going near to the 2nd knuckle.

He kept his lips on mine as the tremors subsided then he again moved mouth over my skin, sucking and biting me in sensitive areas to get me tensed up again. He was certain he could get me off again and he wasn’t wrong. His tongue gingerly lapped back and forth at my slightly stretched hole then his lips closed over my clit and gave it a swirling rub with the pointed tip of his tongue.

I arched my back as I got close to that crest again and he quickly turned me onto my stomach and lifted my hips to him. He grabbed my hair and pulled hard as he guided his cock into my cunt roughly. I screamed and squirmed and he pulled my hair and grabbed my inner thigh, pulling my leg open to let his cock slip deeper into me. My legs trembled, my stomach tightened and he grunted as he pounded into me. “Rub yourself for me. Make yourself cum for me, love.”

He growled and I listened. My fingers worked my clit, rubbing back to feel his cock spreading me open then sliding back up to my clit with the moisture between us. I was pretty sure at least some of the moisture was blood, but it didn’t hurt anymore. All I could feel now was his cock hitting inside of my pussy and my cunt trembling as I quickly crested again, squeezing and milking his cock as he released inside of me with a final deep thrust and howling grunt.

He didn’t pull free of me though. Instead he wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me over. He lay back on his back and I was suddenly looking at the moon above us instead of the wet muddy ground he was fucking me in. “I think we can do better, Ruby. I think we can make your whole body convulse in an orgasm. He resumed thrusting his cock into me as he rubbed his fingers over my clit.

I tried to close my legs but he pried them open with one hand, “No, no, Red, the moon should see your slutty cunt cumming all over your teacher’s thick cock. That’s what you want, right? To be the slutty schoolgirl that seduces her teacher into fucking her?”

I nodded and turned my head towards him, “Yes please, sir.” I cried.

He smiled and brought one hand up to grope and squeeze my breasts as his fingers and cock worked my clit externally and internally, “Then let’s have it. Let’s see that pretty tight pink pussy squirt all over your teacher’s hard cock, Red.”

He moved his hand from my breasts up to my throat and squeezed as my pussy contracted on him again, “Nuh uh, Ruby, you don’t get to stop me before you squirt for me,” he growled as his fucking pushed harder and faster against the inner wall of my vagina.

I squirmed and whimpered and his grip on my throat tightened slightly as he thrust his dick up into me and rubbed my clit roughly. I gasped and whimpered and felt the release explode from my body, a slippery fluid coated us both and he kissed my cheek and groaned in my ear, with a few very hard deep thrusts as his hand grabbed my hip and pulled me tightly to him. My back arched and my hips tipped to let his cock deep inside of me as he came.

He was sweating profusely, as was I. His hands slid up and down my body as the tremors finally began to fade and we looked up into the night sky and watched the moon shift as the hours ticked by. He kissed the back of my neck and lifted me off of his cock as he sat up beside me. My legs were wobbly and I could only kneel on the ground next to him.

He looked me over, his expression was suddenly filled with shame as he saw the spattering and streaks of blood drying to my thighs. “Shit.” he said as he lifted my chin to look me in the eye, “I-I…”

I climbed over his lap and kissed him deeply, interrupting what would have undoubtedly ruined the moment for me. When I pulled away I was smiling, “Don’t tell me it hasn’t been on your mind since you saw me on my knees in that bathroom.”

He averted his gaze from my eyes, “But I’m the adult and I’m the one with the power here.”

I giggled and kissed his lower lip again, he held me down to him and kissed me back wantonly. When we broke away from the kiss, I bit my lip and looked him over, “Next time, if you pin me against the tree and fuck me without another word, I’ll believe you’re the one with the power here. Until then I would very much like some private lessons on all the pleasurable ways a teacher shouldn’t use his student’s body.”

I kissed him again and breathed in deeply. He tasted of sweat and skin and smelled of aromatic spices. I was certain I could get drunk off of his scent alone.

When I pulled back I looked him over and bit my lip.

He smiled, the moonlight glinted in his eye and his wide smile showed his sharp canines quite clearly, “I think you’ve awakened a monster within me, Red.”

I could feel his cum dripping from my cunt as I tilted my head and looked down at him. He’d been calling me Red, not Ruby. But I knew I was very much awake as he lifted me off of him and we both put our clothes back on. I wondered if my dreams had any inkling of real life when I felt sleepy all of a sudden and lay back in the dirt. He picked me up and carry me through the woods as he whispered to me, “You’re already feeling the changes in your body, aren’t you? Bleeding for the second time tonight.”

He put me in my bed and I looked at him as he knelt beside my bed and lifted my dress from my body again, the blood on my legs caught his eye, “Oh, dear, I can’t have you waking up to that. Open up,” he said as he tapped my inner thigh. I did and he knelt on my bed between my legs. His tongue was much longer and rougher than I remembered it being. I moaned softly, half asleep as he cleaned my blood and his noticeable cum from my body. When he was done he rubbed my cunt and I heard him chuckle to himself, “Already healed back up. I’ve created a perpetual virgin chemically drawn to please me in every way possible.” He put my nightgown that was strewn on a chair onto me and took my dress as he climbed back out the window.

When I woke in the morning and found myself in the nightgown, I knew it hadn’t been just a dream. I sleep nude, with a nightgown nearby in case I have to leave my room, but he had no way of knowing that. One mistake for me to know my dreams weren’t just dreams, at least not all of them. I had an awful ache as I rubbed my cunt until I came, breaking my hymen in the process of a rather rough fingering. I took a shower and got ready for school, only to find my hymen healed, the soft pliable border surrounding me once again. Mr. Woulfe had some explaining to do.

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