My Life as a Wittol Ch. 03

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Chapter Three; CJ meets Roger’s friend from LA

Rick and Stephanie had a small fight so Stephanie and CJ had gone to the club by themselves. As they walked towards the front door CJ noticed Roger talking to another guy she did not recognize. Roger had noticed CJ as she approached him. He turned and smiled as he whispered something to the guy, and both guys turned and smiled as they watched the two striking young women walk towards them. Roger greeted them both at the door with a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

He introduced the unfamiliar guy as his friend Alex that was visiting for a few days from LA. Roger asked CJ and Stephanie if they would show Alex around the club and introduce him to some friends. Roger grinned slyly at CJ as he mouthed, “And show him a good time.”

As CJ agreed with a nod and a suggestive smile, she wondered what Roger had in mind. She turned and smiled to Alex and said, “Come on and let’s get you introduced to the crowd.” Alex turned towards Roger and with a handshake and chest bump Roger told him he would catch up with him later.

I noticed that CJ and Stephanie had spent most of the evening with Alex and danced with him numerous times, often the three of them danced together. Several times throughout the evening he would put his arm around CJ’s shoulders as they socialized with the popular crowd. It was not hard to guess which of the young ladies interested Alex, mostly because he knew that Stephanie already had a boyfriend.

He seemed charming and CJ wondered if Roger had said anything to him about their anomalous relationship. Roger had arranged another after-hour party for Alex at his home, but Alex would have to wait around for him after the bar closed for Roger to complete his closing duties. So CJ suggested that Alex ride with Stephanie and her friends to Roger’s place.

As several people crowded into Stephanie’s small car, CJ volunteered to ride in the back seat on Alex’s lap. She felt Alex start to squirm as they rode to the party and assumed she may be making him uncomfortable as she sat on his lap, so she moved a bit to get more comfortable, and that is when she felt his hard cock pressing against her ass.

She turned towards him with a knowing look and he raised his eyebrows as he shamelessly smiled, he shrugged his shoulders as if saying he couldn’t help it. She just shook her head and smiled at him as she laughed. The others wanted to know what was so funny, but they both just laughed as they answered, “Oh… nothing.”

Roger had asked a lot of people to the party including me, and it was going good when CJ and Alex arrived. I spotted her as she walked in with the small group that had ridden with Stephanie. She was dressed in shorts and a loose top and it was visibly apparent she had not worn a bra as her tiny nipples pressed against the thin material of her top. With her petite but firm breasts, it was not uncommon for her to go braless at that time.

She stopped and chatted with the group I was with for a moment as Alex went to get them a beer apiece. He handed her a beer when he returned and CJ introduced us. Alex then asked CJ to go out back where the crowd was considerably smaller.

CJ showed him around to the side where Roger had built a small secluded patio surrounded by large plants that made it hard to find and see into. As they went inside the enclosed patio CJ paused and they made small talk as she leaned into him. She asked him, “So how has your trip been so far?”

Alex smiled as he answered, “Much better since a hot girl showed me such a good time at the club tonight. Roger had told me a bit about you before you got to the club and I was excited when you agreed to show me around.”

CJ blushed as she chuckled and asked, “And just what did Roger tell you about me?”

Alex set his beer down on the window ledge and shrewdly smiled as he pulled her to him, then leaned in and kissed her. He chuckled as he told her, “Well… For one thing he told me you were a very good kisser…”, and smiled as he added, “Among other things.” They both chuckled as he pulled her back to him and their lips met in a sensuous kiss.

CJ was the first to break the kiss and told Alex, “Roger said to make sure I showed you a good time while you were here.” As they kissed again her hand slid slowly down his chest and eventually over the crotch of his pants. She slowly rubbed her hand over his hardening cock, and as she looked up into his eyes and grinned as she sighed, “But he wasn’t real clear in what he meant by a good time.”

I had found a secluded spot where I could see thru the shrubs into the hidden patio. Even though it was not a clear view, I could faintly hear them and could partially see them kissing. I grew hard as I watched CJ’s hand slide down over the front of his pants and I knew she pendik escort was undoubtedly feeling his cock.

She took his hand and led him over to a love seat swing and they both sat down and he started to assertively kiss her again as he cupped her breast in his hand. I watched as her hand return to his cock and I could just barely hear him moan as she rubbed her hand over it. I grew harder as I imagined it growing as she caressed it her hand and I watched as she struggled to unfasten his shorts.

I could not see what was going on in much detail, but when I saw her lean down into his lap I realized she had taken his cock out, and then I heard his unmistakable moan of pleasure and knew her lips had just slid down over the shaft, a feeling I would eventually get to know well.

Her lips slid slowly up and down as she took her time. She was proud of her oral skills and enjoyed pleasuring his cock. She let his hard cock slip for her mouth and she slowly stroked it as she asked him, “Does that feel good?” She smiled as he told her how good it felt and she took it back into her mouth. He moaned slowly as her lips leisurely slid up and down as her head slowly lowered and she took the remaining length deep into her mouth.

She had been sucking his cock for almost ten minutes when his moaning changed to a low growl and he laid his head back as his body jerked and he started to cum in her mouth. She continued to slowly bob her head up and down and he finally pleaded with her to stop because his was too sensitive. I quietly moaned as I watched her kiss the sensitive head.

I quickly left my hiding spot and made my way in the back door and got a fresh beer. I was leaning back against the counter top when I saw them walk in together. Alex had his arm around her shoulder and a knowing smile on his face that left no doubt about what had happened. She whispered something to him and he walked off.

CJ walked up to me and put her arm through mine and leaned up and whispered, “Hope you enjoyed the show?” I realized she had caught me watching and tried to smile as I blushed. She raised her eyebrows inquiringly as she waited for my answer, and all I could do was nod, embarrassed that I had been discovered. She just winked and walked off to rejoin Alex.

Later a few of us were on the front porch when we saw Roger take Stephanie into his car. We could barely make them out in the dark driveway. I knew that Stephanie had been partying hard and was pretty wasted on all the beer and pot she had consumed. Roger had left the windows down, whether it was because of the warm evening air or just Roger wanting others to hear his conquest. We could faintly hear them as he started to kiss her and we could hear Roger mumble things when their kisses broke.

We saw Roger as he laid the seat back, and I started to grow hard again as I watched Stephanie’s head disappear into his lap. Stephanie was not used to such a large cock and we could hear her choke and gag a few times as Roger pushed her head down forcing her to take more of its length.

Not much later we heard Roger moaning louder and we could faintly see him tense as he came and he filled her mouth with cum. We could see Roger struggle to hold her head down as he continued to fill her mouth with cum.

Stephanie’s head come back up and we could tell that Roger was fastening his shorts and we knew the blow job was completed. We quietly made our way back into the house so as to not let Stephanie know we had witnessed their private show. A short time later we saw Roger and Stephanie return to the party. They stopped to talk to a group and Roger went to get them fresh beers. With his arm around her waist he walked her down the hallway and they disappeared into Roger’s bedroom.

CJ finally noticed that Stephanie was nowhere to be found and wondered if her ride had already left. She started to ask around about her and was told she had gone to Roger’s bedroom to smoke some of Roger’s better pot. CJ knew that Roger would try to fuck her faithful friend and would most likely succeed.

She walked up the short hallway and noticed that Roger’s door had been shut. She listened and could hear Stephanie moaning. She opened the door slightly and peered in and saw Stephanie straddled over Roger as she rode his big cock. She watched for a few moments and quietly closed the door and as she walked back down the hallway.

She wondered if it would affect her good friends’ relationship. She knew with the large group at the party it would be hard to keep it a secret from Rick. She would later find out that Stephanie had earlier sucked off Roger in his car in the driveway as a few partiers watched from the porch.

As CJ quietly walked back down the hall in deep thought about her friend, Alex met her with fresh beers and maltepe escort as they chatted he slowly led her to the back bedroom where he had been staying while visiting Roger.

Alex closed the door and turned to CJ as he took her in his arms and he started to kiss her intensely. His aggressive manner frightened as well as excited CJ and she started to return his kiss. She raised her arms as he forced her top up over her head and tossed it across the room. His fingers curled into her long hair and he pulled her head back as he bent and took a nipple into his mouth. She whimpered as he bit it, making her flinch from the sudden pain.

His hand slid down her smooth stomach and she parted her legs as she felt his hand slide between her legs and he roughly started to rub her pussy. He soon had her shorts open and was eagerly forcing them down over her hips and ass until they finally slid down her legs. He kissed her as he walked her back towards the bed and she stepped out of her shorts and panties as she walked backwards.

She helplessly feel back onto the bed, looking up at Alex as he pulled his shirt over his head and slid his pants down revealing his hard cock. Although his cock was not as big as Roger’s, it was still impressive as it proudly stood up.

Alex pushed CJ’s legs further apart as he moved up between them. He hooked his arms under her legs and pulled them up as he leaned over her and asked her, “You want me to fuck you? Tell me what you want.” His hips rocked slowly as his hard shaft slid along her slit and he smiled as she started to plead with him to fuck her. His face looked almost angry with desire as he ordered her, “Then put it in.”

She reached between them and took his cock in her hand and started to rub the head along her dampening pussy. She winched and cried out, her head fell backwards and her body arched upward as he suddenly thrust brutally into her. She panted and put her arms around his neck as he started to force his cock deeper with each vicious plunge. She finally became accustomed to his cock as it became covered with her juices and her pussy grew familiar to it. She soon started to rock her hip upward and accepted his long cock with each thrust.

After only a few minutes his body grew tense and he thrust his cock all the way into her pussy. He groaned as he came and filled her pussy with his warm cum. She moaned, mostly in disappointment, as her hips moved slowly up and down, working his shaft as he continued to cum in her. Finally his cock started to soften and she felt disappointed as it slipped out. He fell down beside her and took a big breath and proudly told her, “Wow… that was pretty intense.”

CJ nuzzled beside him as he lay next to her, disappointed that she had not yet cum. After a short time she decided to try again and her hand slid down. She gently grabbed his limber dick, she smiled as she felt it and realized he was still mostly hard. His cock started to respond to her tender strokes and it soon started to grow hard in her hand.

She kissed his cheek and said, ‘Let’s try that again but slower this time,” and she lowered her head and took his hardening cock in her mouth. Slowly her lips began to slide up and down as she caressed the head with her tongue. He started to respond and was soon hard again.

He started to push her onto her back and tried to lay over her again. She pushed him onto his back and threw her leg over him. She straddled him and grasped his cock and guided it to the opening of her cum filled pussy. She easily slid down taking his full length deep into her pussy, slick with his cum. She leaned over him and held him down as her hands pressed against his chest and she started to rock her hips with him deep inside her aroused pussy.

She soon began to moan more as she felt her lingering orgasm at long last approaching and she leaned down on his chest as her hips started to hurriedly bounce up and down as she took his cock deep. She suddenly sat up and pressed down as she took all of his cock and she started to whimper and tensed just before her orgasm rushed through her body. Her head laid back and she groaned long and loud as she finally came, her hips excitedly rocked back and forth as she savored her orgasm.

As CJ gradually calmed after her orgasm, she smiled down at Alex and said, “Now that was much better.” She noticed that he was not as arrogant now that she had taken control. She rose up off his hard cock and swung her leg over him and crawled onto her hands and knees. She slyly looked back over her shoulder and wearing her cum face, she smiled as she told him, “Let’s do that again.”

Alex moved up behind her and guided his cock back into her once again as he gripped her hips and pulled her back on his cock. He easily slid into her wet sloppy pussy. He kartal escort became more animated and started to fuck her harder, thrusting his cock deep each time. He growled low as he asked her, “Is this what you want? You want me to fuck you hard?”

CJ could only moan as he fucked her and she spoken in broke words, “Yes… fuck me hard… just like that.” She pushed back against him and took his cock deeper. His fingers slipped into her hair and his fingers tightened as he gripped her hair. He pulled her head back as he stated to fuck her faster, plunging deep inside her.

CJ could only whimper as he gripped her hair and savagely thrust all the way in her quivering pussy. She trembled as yet another intense orgasm rushed throughout her body.

She was still recovering from the intense orgasm when he suddenly backed off. He grabbed her ankles and jerked her knees out from under her. She landed face down and he flipped her onto her back. He put his arms under her legs and pushed them back against her breasts as he thrust his cock back in her.

CJ gasped when she felt the hard shaft plunge back into her. She started to whimper as another orgasm loomed and she knew it would not be long. She put her arms around his neck and pulled him down and quietly begged, “Cum with me Baby… cum in my pussy…” Her hips started to rise up to meet his hard thrust and he started to plunge his cock into her faster.

She grunted as he thrust into her over and over, and his body stiffened and she felt him jerk inside her as he started to cum. She pulled him tight against her as she pressed her hips up as he plunged deep in her and she cried out as she came again.

They lay quietly beside each other as they caught their breath. CJ rubbed is chest as she kissed him on the cheek and purred as she whisper, “Now that is how you fuck a girl.” After they lay still for a while and calmed she told him she needed to get dressed and find her ride home.

Stephanie had felt guilty and embarrassed when she learned she had been watched from the porch as she sucked Roger’s cock and then let him lead her to his bedroom where she eagerly fucked him. She had quietly left unnoticed and drove home hoping to make up with Rick.

When CJ came out of Alex’s bedroom the sun had not yet started to rise and she found out that everyone had left and only three people remained, Roger, Alex, and CJ. She quietly made her way into Roger’s bedroom where he laid on his bed sleeping. She moaned softly as she saw his bare ass as he was sleeping nude. She kneeled on the bed and gently nudged him trying to wake him.

He moaned and stretched as he turned to see who was shaking him and he smiled as he saw CJ. Half asleep he lightly chuckled as he joked, “What… Alex was not enough for you?”

CJ smiled slyly as she snickered and told him, “I think Alex will be sleeping in today, but… Stephanie left me and I need a ride home.”

Roger rolled onto his back and put his hands behind his head and as he looked CJ in the eyes and shrewdly smiled as he asked, “So… what is the going rate for a taxi ride these days?”

She laughed as she looked towards the ceiling and shook her head as her eyes rolled back. She took his cock in her hand and as she started to stroke his soft cock. She felt his cock start to grow and she laughed and asked, “Are you always horny?”

She lay down beside him and as she leaned over she told him, “Just don’t expect a tip too.” She smiled to herself as she heard him softly moan as her lips slid down over the soft head. His cock grew quickly, but she knew he would not cum soon.

He lay back with his legs spread, hands behind his head; content on just enjoying her great blow job. He moaned softly as her soft wet lips glided up and down along his hard shaft. He smiled as he intended to make the blow job last as long as possible.

Eventually his moans grew louder as his hips started to gently rock and she finally felt his hard cock as it began to swell even more and she knew it would not be long. She moaned in anticipation as he put his hand on the back of her head as he started to rock his hips faster. He held her head down as he thrust his cock up into her mouth and he groaned loud as he exploded and started to spew his thick warm cum into her mouth.

CJ, uncertain of the situation between her room mates, asked Roger to drop her off on the corner and she walked a few houses down to her home. Stephanie was sitting on the front porch holding a cup of tea in her hands.

As CJ climbed the few stairs up to the porch she could tell Stephanie had been crying. She put her arm around Stephanie as she sat beside her on the glider and asked, “How did it go when you got home?”

Stephanie just looked at her with sad red eyes and shrugged her shoulders and laid her head over onto CJ’s shoulder. The two good friends quietly sat and slowly swung on the glider. CJ wondered how her other friend Rick was doing.

CJ’s chin quivered as she told Stephanie, “I am sorry, I should have been looking out for you.”

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