my ‘Toy Story’ :-)

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my ‘Toy Story’ 🙂
Someone here asked me about one of the pics in my little gallery, the one of my toys (some of them anyway Lol). So I thought I’d be brave and write this for you. I have to say I don’t think of sextoys as being particularly naughty at all or something I shouldn’t have, I think they’re just fun, lots and lots of fun. 🙂
My first one ever was bought for me by a boyfriend (ex boyfriend) who hoped I’d use it in front of him …. I did a couple of times and I remember it was a bit embarrassing at first! The vibrator he bought me was about 6 or 7 inches long, white, smooth and I had to admit rather sexy (although I was relieved he didn’t get me something rather more ‘adventurous’ for my first one!) But he didn’t and I still have it – it’s one of the ones in the photo in my gallery, the larger one of the two white ones.
Now I enjoying browsing online for toys, it’s such fun and I love all the amazing shapes and sizes and trying to imagine how they’d feel. I don’t buy many but sometimes if I see a toy that looks nice I might buy it, or if it’s a little unusual or something I haven’t got already.
Oh, I also tried visiting a sex shop for a toy but that wasn’t quite such a success …. I loved all the things on sale but when I was asked by a rather ‘sleazy’ male shop assistant if I ‘wanted any help’, things canlı bahis got rather embarrassing, lol. Especially when he handed me a huge vibrating penis and asked me if it was ‘the sort of thing I was looking for’!! As you can imagine I went bright red and left in rather a hurry. But that story can wait for another time if anyone would like to hear – it’s funny now but at the time, omg.

But anyway, once I was a little naughty and bought myself one of those ‘plug’ toys online ….. I mean one for my bum! I’d seen pictures of them and thought they looked rather extraordinary and tempting, it wasn’t expensive so I thought ‘why not’? Although when it arrived in the post I couldn’t believe I’d bought it … it was a little larger than I expected, (not TOO large though thankfully!) made of black plastic and well, you know what they’re like I’m sure. The first time I tried it OMG, I could barely believe how it felt. But I loved using it and still do, I don’t know why really but it feels a little bit naughty to even own one of those.
Don’t laugh but the very first time I tried it I thought, should I really be doing this? But because of the special shape the moment it suddenly ‘popped into place’, wow I nearly died. Ever since then when I use it it always takes my breath away and I have to admit I always let out a little perabet giriş cry of pleasure each time I put it inside me. It feels exactly the same now as the first time I ever played with it and you can’t imagine the sensation of that first moment, I press gently and for a second nothing, so I press a little harder until suddenly it almost feels as if my body is pulling it inside me and the shape makes it fit so tightly I just love it (sorry for describing it like that but I can’t think of a better way).
I think of it as my secret pleasure, no-one knows I do it but it’s SO sexy 🙂
And now I sometimes go out with it inside me, shopping, seeing friends, I even use it at work too sometimes. Of course not ALL the time! No-one knows, I sit at work or in a meeting trying not to wriggle around on my chair because the slightest movement drives me absolutely mad. I’ve used it during flights when I’m working and it’s almost impossible to concentrate on what I’m supposed to be doing …… I get myself in such a state that I have to go into the little toilet cubicle on the plane and take it out because it’s so distracting! Thankfully none of the passengers can possibly know, or my colleagues who I’ve never told of course.
I have one last secret for now – it’s probably quite enough already really! But at home I perabet güvenilir mi sometimes lie on the bed with my ‘plug’ toy in and use a vibrator at the same time 🙂 I don’t even need to do anything else I just lie still close my eyes and enjoy the amazing feeling which is simply out of this world. Sometimes I can orgasm without even touching myself although other times I might help myself along a little but not very much really. When I feel my orgasm coming I love to TRY not to touch myself, (don’t laugh!!) or perhaps only to hold my boobs, I try to let the toys do it to me on their own. Sometimes it works sometimes not, but always it’s lovely. I feel SO naughty but in a good way. I’m sure it’s both things – the vibrations in my pussy and at the same time the ‘plug’ in my bum which feels like it’s ‘stretching me’ a little but not in a horrid way, it feels strange but nice I suppose, it all sends me crazy with the most intense sensations imaginable, sorry I can’t even describe it properly.
I suppose what’s nicest is using both toys together makes me feel so ‘full’ which is a lovely lovely feeling. I’m sure some of the ladies here must know exactly what I mean and how incredibe it can be.
Oops, please don’t worry I know toys aren’t as nice as the ‘real thing’ but at the right time they’re wonderfu, (I think you can probably tell that already! LOL), the only problem might be that I enjoy that particular plug toy a little bit too much. I know it’s bad of me but I can’t help it!
Sorry if this is a little longer than it should be but hope you enjoy reading,
P x

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