My younger years

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My younger years
Ive always had a high sex drive & I like to date older guys, my friends think I’m strange and one of them has a really cool dad.
he’s single and really fun, he always compliments everyone and makes me feel good.
The first time we had sex was when my friend went to her moms and I had a big row with my mom, so went to stay with her forgetting she’s not there. I always let myself in through the back door and I saw her dad and said “Hi” as I walked passed and went to her room. He said hi and after I got halfway to her room, he shouted she wasn’t in. I walked back downstairs and asked him when she’s back. “Not until Monday night” he said, hardly lifting his head from his iPad.
I began to tell him I had an argument with my family when he looked at me and said he was sorry to here that. He offered me her room till she got back. I said thank you and went to her room to ring her. I called her about 20x and she still didn’t answer, I text her loads as well. As I couldn’t get hold of her, I went and asked her dad if I could use a few of her things and have a shower. He still didn’t look up and just said help myself to anything. I went and made some food before going for a long shower. It felt like I washed all my problems away for them few seconds. After I finished I went back to her room and lay down to get some sleep.
I woke up about 3am needing the toilet badly. When I walked back to my room I thought I could hear he dad watching porn or fell asleep watching it, I couldn’t help but giggle as I went to get under the covers. Now back in the room I can here it’s not coming from his room but next door. I put my ear to the wall to listened, I could here the porno and it’s really bad acting with the girl screaming.. I did get turned on tho. I got Her dildo out her draw and wiped it over before fucking myself with it as I listened to the crap porn sounds. Now I assumed her dad was asleep because his door was shut and It was very late. I lay there naked on her bad fucking her toy and rubbing my nipples, I thought I heard a noise and froze till I was sure it was nothing to worry about.
I began to start where I left off, I turned the toy back on, fucking myself with it again. I was soon on my front pushing it up me and biting the pillow as I orgasmed.
I pulled the toy out and lay there for a few seconds before I felt a draft. I looked round and my door was open. “OMG I thought”, what if her dad saw me, I got really worried and went to make sure his door was shut & it wasn’t completely shut now. I walked to the toilet again and went passed his room trying to peek in. I could see he was on his back and I quickly went passed, trying to make no noise. I used the toilet but didn’t flush as I wanted to try and peek in without him seeing me. I was sat on the toilet and thinking, what the heck am I doing. He’s not great looking, but. he’s not bad for his age.
He is well to old for me anyway and I never looked at him sexually Ever. Anyway I still wanted a peek as I passed, so I did it.
I looked in to see him on his back looking up at the ceiling with his cock in his hand. It was massive. I watched for abit & when he got faster and I wanted to see him cum. I stood just a little back from the door but so I could still see in. I got so turned on watching his cock I didn’t noticed he was now looking at me as he wanked. He tuned his back to me and I couldn’t see so i tried to get closer. He stood up with his back to me and walked backwards. I was confused by what he was doing now and I sort of just froze staring at his very sexy naked bum.
He got so close he reached out the door & grabbed me, I screamed. He pushed me to the bad and I was in a dream state as he got on top of me. He’s kisses was soft and gentle, I could feel him grind against me. Still up on his arms kissing me. I pulled my robe open and he entered me. I was so turned on I kept grabbing and kissing him as he pushed inside of me. He pushed deep and I bit his lip hard. “Be nice” he said, as I let his lip go.
I looked up at him and asked him if he was going to be nice to me because he threw canlı kaçak iddaa me on the bed. “Do you want me to be nice to you” he asked. I’d never been with a man this old before, he is twice me age. “I want you to make love to me” I said, hoping he won’t hurt me, he did have an intimidating cock and I wasn’t sure it would fit. My last boyfriend only had a skinny cock and it wast that long.
He lubed me up and it was so cold. He pushed his cock up me and I lost it. I was grabbing him and biting his shoulder as I kissed him. It stretched me so much.
When he pushed deeper, it hurt, but I loved it. He fucked me for ages, he had me on the bed, floor and sideboard. We even fucked in the shower.
He went to make us a drink and I went to get my phone out of her room. 10missed calls and text saying she is worried about me. I went to pick my clothes up when the phone rang, it was her. Now I want to answer her, but I still feel sore from her dad fucking me. I felt sick in my stomach. It went to answer phone. I sat on the bed and wondered what I’m gonna say to her when I heard her dads phone ringing in his room. He ran up and answered it. It was his daughter, (my friend), I could hear her voice asking about me. He calmly explained that I turned up upset and he let me use her room for the night. I heard him say he loved her and he hung up and went for our drinks. I just sat there thinking “what have I done”. He called me and I shouted back “In Here” he walked in and gave me my drink. As we sat there on the bed drinking our drinks, I had a really dirty thought, he lives alone with my friend do they do this. I joked with him, “no wonder your daughter likes you so much if you do this together” he didn’t look impressed. “I have never fucked my c***dren” he said, making his point clearly. Now normally you would leave it there but I ask him why he was so defensive, “what if she asked to fucked you” I joked, “would you love her to scream daddy fuck me” I said as I got up and showed him my pussy. He stood up taking my drink and putting it on the side. He lay me on her bed, so I thought I’d tease him. “Fuck me daddy” I said in my little girl voice. He told me to behave and got up, “where you going” I asked him, “toilet” came he’s reply halfway out the door. I quickly grabbed a hanger out of her wardrobe and it was her old school uniform. It looked fresh pressed so I put it on quick but couldn’t find tights so grabbed her socks instead. He walked in the room and told me to behave again. Now I was in a playful mood so I got up walked to him and said “what’s a matter daddy, don’t you want to fuck my tight little pussy” I could see he felt uncomfortable so I got on my knees and pulled his cock out.i began to suck him making sure I kept looking up at him, because I know men like that. I pulled his cock out and said “thank you daddy” and then put it back in my mouth and continued to suck him, he held my head gently as i did. I pushed him back and said “daddy don’t cum in my mouth” I then got up and grabbed her sleep blindfold, It actually says daddy’s little girl on it. I walked back to him and put it on his head making him lay on the bed. I grabbed the belt off the robe and tied he’s hands to the headboard. “Are you ready daddy” I said as i put him inside me, I began to ride him & I thought I talk dirty, “what’s it like having your daughters wet pussy on your cock daddy, do you like it, would you have fucked me sooner if I asked daddy” he was obviously enjoying this as much as me. I began to kiss him “daddy I want kisses” I said, as I pushed my tongue in his mouth and pushed down hard on his cock. “Daddy my pussy is wet for you, you have such a big cock daddy” I was liking this a-bit to much.
“How long have you wanted to fuck me daddy” now I was gonna explode, your gonna make me orgasm daddy, I said as I slid up and down on his cock. It wasn’t long before I was exhausted. “Untie me” he said, “only if you don’t take off the blindfold” I replied. I was enjoying teasing him.
Once untied he got behind me and pushed himself deep in me “gently daddy” I said, internet casino making sure he knew I wanted him to be gentle. I began to push back on his cock after a while to get him deeper when I heard he’s door go. I jumped off his cock thinking we been caught by his daughter coming over, but it was just the cat flap. I felt him behind me and his arm go around me. “We have to stop now” I said, walking away to the sofa. He called out “can I ask you something” I turned to him smiling and said “you babe, can ask me anything”. He walked closer to me and asked if I ever had rough sex before. I told him I had but never with someone of his size, I could feel myself wanting him again. He got closer so I could feel my own breath on his chest, “What would you do if I took you to my room and ****d you”, I ran to his room. I won’t let you **** me I said as I shot passed him. He came behind me and apologised for being so rude. “You can’t **** me because I’m gonna give myself to you” I said removing the little clothes I managed to keep on. He walked up to me and grabbed my hair kissing me passionately, “Well, fuck me daddy” I said. “Stop that” he said, getting on the bed. I looked at him blew him a kiss and said in my cutest voice. “I have daddy issues, and daddy needs to see to them”. I got in the bed with him and cuddled into him. “Daddy, can we play now”. This is where I think he enjoyed himself the most. He grabbed my legs and almost doubled me over, he got up and from above pushed his cock into me, I screamed in pain because that’s the deepest I’ve ever been fucked. He must of fucked me like that for at least 5mins and very hard. I could feel the tears rolling down my face when he slowed up. He took his cock out and I called him a bastard, “Are you ok” he asked. I just nodded. “Did you like me fucking you hard” I just nodded again. He pushed me on my back and began to lick me, pushing 2 fingers deep up me as he did. He fingered and licked me till I begged him to stop. “Have you cum yet” I asked inquisitively. “Do you want me to” he replied.
I sort of growled back, “yes I want you to cum” he grabbed me and opened my legs, he pushed his cock up me and began fucking me hard and deep till I felt him growing and he pulled out, cuming on my belly. We lay there and I fell asleep, when I woke he had carried me to my friends room and I heard voices, it was him and his daughter in the kitchen. I walked down to say hello feeling very nervous, I couldn’t even look at her dad. She walked up and for some reason kissed my belly like I was pregnant. Saying she had been to a friend who had a big baby bump. Normally this would of been ok and I would of laughed it off but instead I burst out out laughing as she walked off. She walked up the stairs and I walked over to her dad and explained I hadn’t had a shower since he cum in me and she just kissed it. She came walking back down the stairs talking about something neither of us was paying attention to till she got close and kissed my belly again, “you taste salty babe mmm, what you been up to” I bust out laughing and she just laughed and carried on with what she was doing. As she made another pass by, she told me she was sorry but she has to go back to her mom’s place for a few days but I can use anything I need to, she kissed me on the cheek, told her dad to make me feel at home and take extra special care of me before leaving again. I looked at her dad “can you get a few days off” he laughed. “Don’t be cheeky, we can’t do that again, he said going towards he’s room. I run to the room I was staying in and grabbed her school outfit again, this time making sure I got stockings and suspenders. I spent some time getting my make up right and I walked into his room to catch him wanking. “Want help with that daddy” I asked. He grabbed my arm and bent my over the bed working his tongue against my pussy lips, before licking inside me. “Take the school uniform off” he demanded. I took it off leaving just the stocking and suspenders on. He climbed back on top on my and I opened me legs as he did. “Did you always güvenilir casino have daddy issues” he asked me, as he pushed up me. “If your my daddy, then yes I do, because I want to keep fucking you” I wrapped myself around him and we made love in his bed till a few hours before his daughter came home. I have since stayed with them both. On my birthday I was sharing the bed with my friend when I felt her cuddling into me and playing with my breast, I kinda liked it, imagine fucking daddy and daughter, I turned to her and although she was asleep I began kissing her, she kissed me back, I grabbed her bum and she moved closer and kissed me again. She began to nudge my legs open and kiss down my body, “not very asleep then” I said as she went down on me, Fuck! she’s good, better than her dad, I thought as she expertly brought me off in her mouth. She kissed her way back up, looked at me in a very sexy way and said “I didn’t know you like girls” I told her I don’t normally. I wanted to say, I’m so turned on that I fucked your dad that I couldn’t resist you, but I don’t think that would go down well. She got a double ended dildo out of her draw and lubed it up. “Let’s play babe” she said sliding one end up her, “jump on” she said waving at me as it stuck out of her. I got up and put it in me sinking down till I met her pussy, “don’t move” she said as she got it so deep our lips was firm against each over, she then began sliding and Fuck me if I wasn’t I heaven thinking about her dad fucking and looking at her as she did. She lent in and kissed me sending me over the edge, “your a little cum bucket” she said as she watched me orgasm. She moved round so she was on top of me and she began fucking me, it felt amazing and without thinking I had my eyes closed and screamed out “fuck me daddy”, she pressed down and fucked me harder when I felt another orgasm hit me and she orgasmed too. We lay there in each other’s arms and she asked me if I ever fucked my dad. “Of course not” I replied. “Have you?.” I asked, she laughed and said her dad probably had a tiny cock, my mouth opened without thinking and I said “he definitely ain’t tiny”. “How the fuck would you know” she said glaring at me. “I saw him waking in his room” I said, thinking quick. she told me she see him once but he was on his side, “how big is it ”she asked.” “he’s your dad” I said trying not to blush. “So what, I’m not fucking him, you are” she laughed. “If I did would you be upset “ I said half laughing. “Oh my god, you fucked my dad” she said opened mouth. I hadn’t said yes but hadn’t Denied it either, “what’s he like in bed” she asked to my shock. She looked almost happy I’d fucked him. “Is he a dirty old man in bed” she asked. I said “do you really wanna know”. “Yes” she said excitedly. I pulled the dildo out of me and told her that she was the best woman I’ve ever been with. “Who cares, tell me about it, was he creepy and do you regret it now”. She was like a c***d waiting for the next story. “You’re Dad is one of, No the best fuck over ever had, he has the stamina of an athlete in bed and there’s not one thing he did I wouldn’t beg him to do again” I just realised that I’ve told my friend who I have had sex with for the first time tonight, that I’d also been fucking her dad. I would of gone nuts, she grabbed me and called me a dirty bitch and moved me on the bed where she began eating my pussy again. I lay there flat out exhausted and all I could do was look down to see her head as she licked me. I put my head back and orgasmed. This time it almost sat me up right but she pushed me back down and carried on. I noticed her dad was watching us and could see me, his little fuck toy, being used by his daughter as her fuck toy. He wasn’t there long but I bet he loved it. When we finished having sex we cuddle up till she had work. We both went in the kitchen and she looked at her dad and told him to keep his hands off me. She kissed his cheek winked at me and ran out the door. As soon as the coast was cleared I said to him. “I know you watched us” he began to tell me he didn’t like that I’d fucked him and his daughter. I didn’t know if he was serious but I told him that she knows we fuck. He grabbed my waist and lifted me onto the side. He kissed me and asked if he could take me to bed again. I just looked at him and said “yes daddy”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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