On The Run

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It had been raining ever since Dan Meadows had left work. He loved the fresh clean scent of the rain so he had his window rolled down just enough to let the scent in without getting wet. Today he had completed the job, so Dan would have a lot of free time on his hands. He wasn’t sure if he’d go camping and do some fishing or stay home and do some remodeling of his house. All he wanted to do tonight was to go home, shower and call his friend to see if she wanted to come over tonight.

He had the radio on and was humming to a song that was playing when he rounded a sharp blind curve. There he saw a car pulled off to the side of the road and a young woman standing behind it. From the look’s of her, she had been standing out in the rain for a while. He pulled up beside her and turned on the dome light. He saw that she was 6’0″ with an average build. When she stepped towards the truck, he noticed that her eyes were light blue.

Her blonde hair was cut short and was so wet that it was plastered to her head. She was wearing a white t-shirt, short shorts and flip flops. Her t-shirt was wet and clung to her, revealing the outlines of her breasts and causing her hard nipples to press against her shirt.

“Having car trouble?’ he asked.

“Yeah,” she answered in a voice that was just above a whisper.

“Let me get out of the road and I’ll take a look at it for you,” he said.

Dan backed up and pulled in behind. It was still raining so Dan put his rain coat on. Then he got out of his truck with a flashlight.

“What seems to be wrong with your car?” Dan asked.

“If I knew what was wrong with the damned thing I’d tell you,” she answered sarcastically.

“If you want my help knock off the damned attitude,” he shot back.

“I’m sorry. When I was coming up the hill a few miles back, it started acting like it wasn’t getting any fuel. Then as I was coming around the curve here, it started doing the

same thing. I barely managed to pull it to the side of the road before it quit on me,” she informed him.

“Pop the hood so I can take a look,” Dan said.

She opened the driver’s side door and unlatched the hood.

“Why don’t you sit in the car out of the rain?” he offered.

“I’m fine,” she answered.

When Dan raised the hood he noticed a strong odor of gas. He checked the fuel lines, then he checked the fuel pump. He closed the hood.

“You need new fuel lines and a new fuel pump,” he said as she looked at him.

“Can you fix my car now?” she asked.

“No. There two reasons why I can’t fix your car here and now. One, I don’t have the parts. Two, I wouldn’t work on your care here even if I had the parts since this is a blind curve. Cars can’t see you until they are upon you, then it could be too late to stop. There have been many car accidents on this curve, some ending in fatalities,” Dan answered.

“Where will you take my car to have it fixed?” she asked nervously.

“I’ll tow it to my place and I’ll work on it,” Dan said.

“Can you fix my car tonight?” she asked.

“The parts store is closed now. I’ll have to get the parts I need in the morning,” Dan


As they stood there in the rain, Dan’s friend Teddy Morton pulled up beside them in his tow truck.

“What’s up big Dan?” Teddy asked.

“This lady is having car trouble and I’m going to tow it to my place so I can work on it when I get the parts in the morning,” Dan answered.

“I’ll tow it to your place,” Teddy volunteered.

“I’d appreciate it bro,” Dan replied.

Since Dan had pulled in behind her car, Teddy pulled in front of it. He got out he walked to the back of his tow truck and unfastened the tow chain. Then he pushed a lever forward so he could pull it freely. He pulled the chain to the front of her car. Then he checked under the front of it for a place to hook the chain. After Teddy had the chain hooked to the car, he went back to his truck. He pulled the lever that he had pushed forwards back and pushed another lever forwards. Dan and the young lady watched as her car was pulled forwards and was being raised. After a few minutes Teddy came to them.

“I’m ready to roll,” Teddy said.

“You can ride with me or Teddy,” Dan said as he looked at the young woman.

“I’ll ride with you,” she said causing Dan to nod.

“See you at my place Teddy,” Dan said.

Then Teddy went to his tow truck and got into it. Dan and the young woman watched as he pulled out and left after a few minutes. They got into his truck and pulled out.

“I’ll drop you off at the motel for the night I’ll pick you up in the morning when I go to

the parts store,” Dan said.

“No motel. I don’t want anyone to find me,” She said frantically.

“Okay, calm down. You can stay at my place,” Dan said.

“Thanks,” she said, causing Dan to nod.

It wasn’t long until they pulled into his driveway. It was raining harder when they parked

beside Teddy’s tow truck.

“Want my coat?” Dan asked.

“I’m already wet so it doesn’t matter if I get wetter,” she answered as she got out of

the truck istanbul escort and headed towards her car.

Teddy was looking at the 1969 mustang that Dan was rebuilding.

“Dan’s a great guy,” Teddy said when she walked over to him.

She looked at the car for a few minutes. Then she went to her car and got her suitcase out of the trunk. As Dan and Teddy talked, she went up on the porch and sat down in a rocking chair beside the door.

“Thanks man,” Dan said.

“No problem. Just be careful,” Teddy said.

“What do you mean?” Dan asked.

“As I was waiting for you and her, Gus called me from home. He told me that a couple of guys came into the station earlier today and were asking about a woman who fits the description of the woman you picked up,” Teddy answered.

“She’s been acting like she’s running from someone or something,” Dan said.

“Just be careful okay?” Teddy said.

“Okay,” Dan said.

They talked for awhile, then Teddy left. As Dan started towards the porch, the young woman met him half way.

“Who are you running from and why are you running?” Dan asked.

“Why do you ask?” she Asked.

“A couple of men came into the gas station earlier today and they were asking about you,” Dan answered.

“What makes you think that it was me they were asking about?” she asked.

“You fit the description of the woman that they were looking for,” Dan answered.

“What did the did the person working there tell them?” She asked.

“He told them the truth, that he hadn’t seen you,” Dan answered.

“Good,” she said.

“If they come to me asking about you, I might hand you over to them,” Dan said as they went up onto the Porch.

“They’re not cops,” she said.

“I don’t care who they are. I don’t want any trouble,” he said as he unlocked and opened the door.

“You can take me to the motel,” she said.

“You can stay here if you want to,” Dan said.

“What if the ones who are looking for me come here?” she asked.

“I’ll deal with them,” he answered causing her to smile for the first time since he picked her up.

“Do you have anything to drink?” she asked.

“I have is some box wine,” he answered.

“Box wine?” she asked.

“It’s wine that comes in a box instead of a bottle,” he answered.

“I’ll have a glass of it if you don’t mind,” she said.

“I don’t mind. I don’t drink it. I keep it for a friend so when she comes over she can have a glass or two,” he said as he got a glass from the cabinet.

He poured some wine into it. When he Started to hand It to her, he saw her looking into the mirror running her fingers through her hair.

“Here’s your wine,” he said.

“Thanks,” she said as she took it from him.

“Are you hungry?” Dan asked.

“I could eat,” she said.

“I hope you like leftover meat loaf, mashed potatoes and gravy.” he said.

“Whatever you want to cook is fine with me,” she said.

Dan went over to the fridge and took the meat loaf, mashed potatoes and gravy out.

“Need any help?” she asked.

“I’ve got it thanks,” Dan said.

After he put the meat loaf on a pan and placed it in the oven, he placed the potatoes in a bowl and put them in the microwave. He set the timer for ten minutes. He turned the burner on. Then he got a sauce pan and put the gravy in it. He set the pan on the burner.

As the gravy began to get hot, Dan began to stir it. When they gravy was hot, he removed it from it the burner and set the pan on the back burner. He checked the potatoes and stirred them.

“Could you hand me the milk from the fridge?” he asked.

“Sure.” she answered.

She went over to the fridge, got the milk out and handed it to him. He poured some into the potatoes to make them creamier. Then he hand the milk back to her and she put it back in the fridge. When the potatoes were done, he checked the meat loaf. It was done. He took it from the oven and place it on top of the stove.

After he plated the food, he got two plates from the cabinet and placed them on the table. He got some silverware from the drawer and

place a spoon, fork and knife by each plate.

“Ready to eat?” he asked.

“Yep,” she answered as she sat down at the table.

“Dig in,” Dan said.

“May I have another glass of wine?” she asked.

“Sure” he said.

He got the wine from the fridge and filled her glass back up, then he put the wine back into the fridge as she sat there she looked at Dan.

“I am running from someone,” she said.

“Want to talk about it?”Dan asked.

“There’s not much to talk about,” she answered.

“Would you like some more wine?’ he asked.

“I’ve had enough wine for one night. I’d like a soda if you have any,” she answered.

“I have coke,” he said.

“Coke is fine,” she said.

Dan got a glass from the cabinet and put some ice in it. Then he sat the glass and the can of soda in front of her. She opened the can and took a long drink from it. She poured the rest of the soda into avcılar escort the glass

“My name is Vanessa Blake,” she said.

“It’s nice to meet you,” Dan said,

“My boyfriend has connections to some very mean men. When I first met him, he was sweet, loving, kind, caring, everything I’ve always wanted in a man. But once he got involved with those men, he began to change. He started to cheat on me with women that he’d meet in clubs and strip joints. When I’d say anything about it to him, he’d beat the hell out of me. I had every thing, cars, yachts, maids, and butler, you name it. So I ignored his cheating. But the last straw was when he demanded that I become a prostitute for him and his friends. When I refused, he began to beat me. I told him that he Could beat me all he wanted, but I wouldn’t be a prostitute for anyone, not even a dick licking son of a bitch like him. That made him madder. He beat and kicked me for a few more minutes, then he left. When he came back, his friends were with him. After I served them drinks, they went into the den. They thought the door was closed, but it wasn’t. I heard them talking and making plans for my now ex boyfriend to have me killed. I had a suitcase already packed and some cash on me. When he left to go screw one of his girlfriends, I took an ATM card for several special accounts that he and his friends have for their businesses. I tossed my suitcase into the trunk of my car and left. I stopped at a gas station/mini mart. After I filled my car up with gas and got Some snacks and sodas for the road, I used the ATM card and emptied all the accounts. I burnt the ATM card before I left the gas station/mini mart and I’ve been on the run ever since,” Vanessa said.

“You’re safe here,” Dan said, causing her to smile.

After they had finished eating, Vanessa helped Dan put the dishes into the dishwasher. Then she went into the living room. After Dan had turned the dishwasher on, he went into the living room. He saw Vanessa looking at some photographs that he had on his wall.

“That’s me, Teddy and Rattler,” Dan said when he

was by her side.

“Is Rattler a biker?” she asked.

“Yep, he’s the leader of the Devil’s Disciples,” he said.

“My ex boyfriend and his friends are scared

shitless of the Devil’s Disciples. They won’t go near their turf,” she said.

“They should be scared of them. The Devil’s Disciples are a nasty bunch of guys when they’re pissed,” Dan said.

“How do you know so much about the Devil’s Disciples?” Vanessa asked.

“I was a Devil’s Disciple,” he answered.

“Do you still keep in contact with any of them?” she asked.

“Yep. Rattler and his posse stop by here whenever they are passing through,” Dan said.

“Cool,” Vanessa said as she looked at Dan.

After a few minutes, they went over to the couch. Dan sat down and Vanessa sat on his lap facing him.

“You’re more man than my ex boyfriend and his friends,” Vanessa said, causing Dan to smile.

He ran his fingers through the front of her hair, causing her to smile. She looked at Dan, leaned forwards and kissed him passionately.

“What was that for?” Dan asked.

“I just felt like kissing you,” she answered.

“What would you say if I told you that I wanted to have sex with you?” she asked.

“I’d have to ask why,” Dan answered.

“I like you, and I want you to screw me silly” she said.

Dan looked at Vanessa for a few minutes.

“You really want me to screw you silly?” he asked.

“Yes,” she answered. “I want you to screw my mouth, pussy and ass repeatedly, until I pass out from all the orgasms I’ll have” she said.

“If we have sex, let’s take it slow for now and make it last for as long as possible,” Dan said, causing Vanessa to smile.

“Tell me what you like and dislike when you have sex,” Dan said.

“I like to cuddle and have some foreplay before having sex. I love to deep throat roughly, but I love slow and easy when it comes to my pussy. I’ve never had anal sex so I don’t know if I’d like it or not. I love having my breasts and neck sucked on. The more you play with my clit, the stronger the orgasm will be for me. I love to have my ass cheeks licked and bitten, but not too hard though,” Vanessa said.

“How do you like to be pampered?” Dan asked.

“Since my ex boyfriend never pampered, I’m not

sure about what I’d like,” she answered.

“Tell me what would you’d like for someone to do to you, as a way of pampering you,” Dan said.

“When I go to the salon to have my hair done, I love for a man to wash my hair. It relaxes me and make’s me horny as hell. I love to go to a spa and have a male masseur give me my massages. I get horny from that also,” she said.

“How do you feel about a man shaving your arm pits, legs and pussy?” he asked.

“I’ve never had a male to do that for me, but it sound’s wonderful,” she answered.

“I used to go online, watch videos and look at pictures of women getting cum facials,” she said.

“How did you feel when you watched them and saw the pictures şirinevler escort of the women getting cum facials?” Dan asked.

“I got horny and so wet that I had to put on another pair on panties,” she answered.

“I think I can handle all of that,” Dan said, causing Vanessa to grin.

Dan placed his hand on the back of her head. He began to kiss her passionately while he rubbed her back, causing her to moan inside his mouth. After a few minutes, Vanessa removed her t-shirt, revealing to Dan that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Nice,” Dan said when her saw her breasts.

Vanessa softly moaned as Dan rubbed his hands over her breasts and gently squeezed them.

“What do you think?” she asked.

“I like them. They’re not too big or too small. They’re firm, but yet soft, the way I like breasts to be,” Dan answered as he looked at her.

He licked her right breast, making sure he licked her nipple. Vanessa leaned her head back and moaned louder, as he licked her breast. After a few minutes, Dan began to kiss her throat, causing her to moan louder. Dan kissed her throat for a few minutes. Then he began to kiss up her jaw line to her ear.

As Dan kissed her ear, he lightly stuck his tongue inside it, causing her to moan louder. After a few more minutes, Dan kissed down the side of her neck, across her shoulder and down her arm, causing her to moan as loud as she could. Dan looked at Vanessa, then he began to kiss her passionately. He rubbed the back of her head as they kissed. Vanessa slipped her tongue into his mouth and began to explore every inch of the inside of his mouth. After a while, Vanessa looked at Dan, “take me,” she said. Then she kissed him again. Dan picked Vanessa up and carried her into his bedroom and sat her on the bed. Then he undressed as Vanessa finished undressing.

“Damn, you have a big dick,” Vanessa said when she saw his dick. “I hope that I can take all of your dick down my throat,” she said as she looked at it.

“Take as much as you can without choking yourself to death on it,” Dan said.

He began to groan when Vanessa took his dick in her hand and began to rub it.

“I love how your dick feels in my hand,” Vanessa said, as she continued to rub it.

Dan groaned louder when Vanessa began to kiss down his shaft to his balls. Then she kissed up the underside of it. Vanessa stuck the tip of his dick inside her mouth and began to suck on it, causing Dan to groan louder. After a few minutes, she took the tip of his dick out of her mouth.

“Shove your dick down my throat slowly, so I can see how much of it I can take,” Vanessa said.

Then she put the tip of his dick back inside her mouth.

Dan placed his hands on the sides of her head. He began to slowly shove his dick down her throat. She gagged a little as his dick started down her throat. Dan stopped shoving when his dick was half way down her throat. He began to shove it down her throat again when she motioned for him to continue. Her lips were almost against the bottom of his shaft.

He began to thrust up and down her throat. She gagged as he deep throated her, but didn’t try to pull away from him. When he was ready to cum, Dan shoved her face tightly to him.

Vanessa began to gag as his cum flowed down her throat. Vanessa deep throated Dan for a while. After he had finished cumming, he removed his dick from her throat and mouth. Vanessa looked at Dan and smiled.

“That was great. Even though your dick is big, I took every inch of it without choking on it,” she said, causing Dan to smile as he stroked her hair.

She laid down as Dan moved down so that his face was over her hairless pussy. He rubbed his finger over it, feeling her wetness.

“Someone’s wet,” he said, causing her to grin.

Dan licked his fingers after he had rubbed her pussy for a few more minutes.

“Not bad,” Dan said.

Vanessa let out a squeal when Dan began to rub her clit, making it hard. Vanessa began to squirm as he continued playing with her hard clit. After a short while, Dan began to eat her extremely wet pussy, causing Vanessa to squirm harder. She moaned louder as Dan continued to eat her pussy. He played with her clit, driving Vanessa wild. When Vanessa was ready to cum, she shoved Dan’s face against her wet pussy and moaned as loud as she could. She began to cum. After Dan had licked her pussy clean, Vanessa let go of him.

“Damn! You taste better than any woman I’ve eaten,” he said as he looked at her.

“Do I taste better than your friend who cooks for you?” Vanessa asked.

“She won’t let me eat her. All she wants is to suck my dick or jack me off,” Dan answered.

“I’ll do more than that,” Vanessa said, causing Dan to smile.

“Make love to me,” she said.

Vanessa laid back down and Dan laid on top of her. Vanessa reached between them and placed the tip of his dick against the opening of her wet and messy pussy. As Dan began to kiss Vanessa, he plunged his dick inside her pussy, causing her to moan into his mouth.

Dan continued to make love to Vanessa. He began to kiss and suck on the side of her neck, causing her to moan even louder. When he was ready to cum, he plunged his dick deeper inside her pussy. He filled her pussy with his cum, causing Vanessa to moan as loud as she could. As Dan continued to make love to her, Vanessa began to cum. Dan made love to Vanessa for a while longer, then he laid down beside her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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