One Night with an Angel Ch. 01

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Okay guys, due to some criticism back in February, I’ve taken this story down and worked on it a little more. Now that I’m done with the first chapter I’ve decided to re upload it.

This is Chapter One of a multi chapter series. Enjoy.


One Friday Summer evening, 18 year old Maxwell Saberhagen was walking home from an afternoon of playing video games with his friends. Unfortunately for him, he was on the losing end of every single match and lost $50. Max was 5 foot 11, 190 pounds of lean chiseled muscle with light brown hair and brown eyes. He wore a pair of jeans, some sneakers and a black pull over jacket that covered his black tee shirt. Max inherited his Mom’s good looks with his father’s athleticism. All in all, he had no problems attracting the ladies.

As he rounded one of the corners, he reached into his coat and pulled out his wireless controller.This damn thing, must be going out on me. This thing has never been this unresponsive. I’ll have to get a new one soon. he thought.That must be the problem. When I get a new one, I will win the next few matches against Robbie and the boys.

Max shook his head and put the almost busted controller back in his jacket. As he walked, he noticed a “Road Closed” sign in the middle of the street.Damn, I can’t go this way. I forgot the city was repairing the pipes in this road. Looks like I’ll have to find another way home. The male brunette continued on and started to make different turns until he came on the street he lived on. The problem was it was a very long walk. “Oh man. Of all the luck.” Max spoke out loud. “Well, might as well get this over with.”

Max started the long walk to his home. He wasn’t more than 10 minutes into the walk when a female called his attention. “Hey sweetheart. Can I talk to you for a minute?” The male brunette had his head down at the minute as he tried to get his mind off the long walk when he heard the female. His head snapped up and looked in the area where the voice came. “Yes.” He answered to the female.

“Can you come here for a minute? I need your help with something.” the female spoke.

Noticing how dark it was he answered. “Okay but can you step into the light so I can see you better, miss?”

The female took a few steps forward into the light and revealed that she was an ebony haired Caucasian cutie with beautiful brown eyes. She wore a trench coat and a pair of black stiletto heels, well one of them. Max grinned when he saw how pretty she was. He quickly nodded before he spoke. “Okay, so what do you need help with miss?”

“Can you walk with me this way?” the female asked as she thumbed behind her in the alley. “I passed through here when one of my heels came off. I’d be ever so grateful if you help me find it.”

The muscular teen looked in the dull lit alley as he nodded. “Okay. I’ll help you. Can’t have a pretty lady like you in that alley by yourself.” Max advanced with caution into the alley and looked around as he kept his guard up. When he didn’t see the shoe, he advanced more in the dull lit alley. The female waited until the teen was halfway in the alley until she reached in her trench coat, pulled her shoe out and slipped it on. “Um sir, I found it.” she called out to him.

“You did? Where was it?” Max asked as he looked behind him.

“It was right besides that mark.” the female replied as she approached Max. The male brunette had a confused look. “It was? I walked by that mark and didn’t see anything.” he replied.

“Well I’m sure you didn’t see it, sweetie. Thanks for helping.” She gave Max a peck on the lips out of appreciation. “What’s your name, sweetheart?” The female asked.

“Maxwell. Maxwell Saberhagen but I go by Max for short, miss.” the brown eyed male replied.

“Thanks again, Max.” The black haired lady turned around and walked to the light. “Now I have a proposition for you, sweetheart.” the female said as she stopped before entering the light before her.

With a confused look Max asked, “What kind of proposition?”

“The truth is sweetheart..” the female started. She stepped in the light, took off her trench coat, and revealed her naked body to him. “…I’m a hooker and I want to show you good time.”

The first thing Max noticed was the lady’s big boobs. “Wow! Are those… real?” he asked out of stupor.

“Yes they are very real. 36Ds to be exact.” the night walker answered as she rubbed them. “And I have a big booty to go with it.” she said as she winked. She turned around and bent over giving the male brunette a good view of it. “Like what you see?”

Max was at a lost for words as he gazed at the hooker’s big butt. When he finally found his voice, he asked, “What’s your name, miss?”

The black haired cutie stood up straight, turned around and went over to Max. “My name is Angelina, but I go by Angel cause one night in me will feel like Heaven.” She kissed him on the lips. “I’m sorry for tricking you earlier, but this is the only way to get pendik escort you in the alley, sweetheart.” Angel said before she stepped back. She placed her hands on her big tits. “So.. are you interested?” Angel asked.

Max nodded with a big grin on his face. “Good. Since I tricked you, I guess I’ll cut my prices a little.” Angel told the male brunette as she grabbed him by the hand. “Blowjob will be $50 and sex will be $100. If you’re really daring, going bare back will.. uh oh. My trench coat!” she let go of his hand, went back and grabbed her trench coat. Max watched as Angel bent over and picked up her trench coat.Wow this lady is fine. Good thing I did stop to help her. Max went into another daze as Angel came back with her trench coat on her arm. “So have you made your choice, sweetheart?”

Max snapped out of his current daze. “Umm.. what was the choices again?”

Angel smiled. “Blowjob for $50 and sex for $100. But if you’re very daring and want to go bareback, that will be for $200.” Angel took one of Max’s hand and placed it on her big ass. “But for you since I tricked you into the alley, I’ll sweeten the deal more. Whatever you pick, I’ll cut the price in half. And I’ll let you cum inside me.”

A hesitant look came across Max’s features as he squeezed and rubbed Angel’s big butt. “Come on sweetheart. I’ll make it worth your while. And for a cute guy like you, I’m willing to do this.” She took his other hand and placed it between her legs directly on her moist pussy. “Feel how wet that is, sweetie? I know deep down you want to slide your big dick in and out of that warm wet pussy.”

The male brunette smirked and answered without a second thought. “I want to be daring and go bareback, Miss Angel.”

“Good. But before we do this, I want to see how big your third leg is.” Angel told him as she began to grope the brown eyed male through his jeans. Max moaned softly from the ebony haired hooker’s ministrations. “One second Miss Angel, let me take it out and show you.” Angel nodded as she removed her hand from the teen’s crotch.

Without any hesitation, Max unzipped his jeans and pulled out his 5 inch semi erect dick. Angel’s features developed a cute little smirk as she gripped it gently. “You have such a nice dick sweetie. I’m going to enjoy wrapping my lips around it.” Angel told the male teen as she started to jerk him off slowly. Max moaned from the black haired cutie’s handjob. “You have such soft hands, Miss Angel.”

“Thank you sweetheart.” Angel replied as she jerked Max off. The more she jerked, the bigger his erection became until he was at his max. Angel smiled when she noticed how big Max was now, 9 inches. “I’m really going to enjoy this now. I can’t wait to get started sweetie.” Angel started to think. “Were you heading home when I saw you?” she asked.

Max nodded. “I was when you stopped me. We can go there.” Angel developed a look of confusion on her face. “You live alone, sweetie?” Max shook his head no. “No, I live with my wonderful and loving mother. She’s out on the town right now.” Angel didn’t give it a second thought. “Okay, we can go there but first I’m going to give you a little sample sweetie.”

A surprised look came across Max’s features. “You.. you are?” He stammered out. Angel smiled and nodded as she lead Max deeper into the alley. She placed Max against the wall and turned around. Max immediately reached around and squeezed her D cup tits. Angel moaned softly while Max squeezed her tits. She took one of his hands and placed it between her legs.

Instinctively, Max rubbed and pinched on Angel’s clit getting a soft moan from her. Angel started to grind on Max’s exposed cock as he continued to squeeze her tits. After a few more rubs and pinches, he curled two of his fingers and slipped them into her warm pussy. Angel moaned as she continued to grind on Max. “Do you feel how wetter I am sweetie? Mmm..”

“Oh yeah.” Max responded as he slid his fingers in and out of Angel’s womanhood.

After a few more minutes, an orgasm rocked Angel to her core as she shuddered and creamed all over Max’s fingers. A couple of seconds later, she went limp in Max’s arms. Max caught her and held her up as he kept his hands on and fingers in her. “I take it you enjoyed that, Miss Angel.” Max replied to the limp hooker in his arms.

“You really don’t know how much, sweetie.” She responded a few moments later. She reached back and gripped Max’s hard, exposed member and jerked him off slowly. “I know a good place for this sweetie..” she began. She stopped the handjob after a couple of minutes. “but we can’t finish this here. We’re too out in the open.”

Max groaned when Angel released his cock. Angel turned around and gave the brunette teen a kiss on the lips. “Don’t worry sweetie. I’ll return the favor when we get to your place.” Angel told him. The ebony haired hooker turned around and went for her trenchcoat.

Angel found her trenchcoat a couple kartal escort of feet away, bent over and picked it up. Max couldn’t help but to gaze at Angel’s big butt as she bent over. Fifteen seconds later, Angel walked back up to Max. “Okay, lead the way sweetheart after you put that away.” She told him as she pointed to his exposed dick.

Max took his exposed hard on and gently put it back in his boxers and jeans. Angel had an amused smirk on her face. “Will you be able to walk with that hard on like that?” she asked the teen. Max nodded. “I have it in a way so it won’t be so noticeable. What about you?”

Angel slipped on her trench coat, closed, buttoned, and tied it tight. “I’ll be fine. Let’s go.” Angel told the teen as she grabbed his hand. Both left the dim light alley and made their way to Max’s home. As they walked, Max took glimpse of the ebony haired cutie he walked with.Tonight’s going to be my lucky night. I hope that Mom don’t come home to early while I’m there with Angel. the male brunette thought.

Ten minutes into the walk, Max looked at the ebony haired vixen he walked with.There’s something about her I just can’t put my finger on. the male brunette thought.Maybe it’ll come to me when we get home. Max stared at Angel a little too long and she noticed. She smiled before she spoke. “Something on your mind, sweetie.”

Max blushed. “No, no. I’m just ready to get home, Miss Angel. It’s been a long but fun day.”

“Well maybe I can make it a bit more better for you.” she replied as she winked.

Max smiled at the brown eyed hooker as they continued their walk to Max’s home. Five minutes later, they reached Max’s home. They walked up to the front door as Max reached in his pockets and grabbed his keys. As he pulled the front door key out of his pocket, he felt Angel’s hand on his crotch.

The male brunette looked back at the black haired prostitute. She smiled and spoke, “Just giving myself something to look forward to sweetie.”

“Really?” Max asked.

“Yes and trust me it’ll be worth the wait for you too, sweetie.” Angel replied as she smirked.

Max smiled as he opened the front door. The door swung open and revealed the inner sanctum of Max’s home to Angel. Angel smiled as she entered. She looked around and noticed how nice it looked. “This is a nice living room.” Angel said getting a smile from Max. “But I got to know sweetie. Are you going to college?” Angel asked the brunette.

Max answered honestly. “Yes I am until but I haven’t decided where. Until I do, I’m going to be here and help out my Mom as much as I can.”

Angel smiled at the comment. “That’s good. Most sons wouldn’t care about helping their mothers these days.” She looked at Max. “So, ready to continue our fun, sweetie?” she asked as she removed her trenchcoat. Her nude body was on display once again for Max.

Max nodded as he looked the ebony haired hooker over. Angel smiled as she approached him. She pressed her nude form against Max’s clothed one. “Where’s your bedroom sweetie?” Finally when he regained his voice Max spoke as he grabbed Angel’s big booty. “It’s down the hall, last room on the right.” Angel kissed Max on the lips. “Take me there sweetie.”

“Sure.” With quickness, he picked Angel up and carried her bridal style to his room. After entering his bedroom, he kicked the door closed with his foot, walked over to the bed and gently laid Angel on it. Angel sat up and slid over to the edge of the bed. Max sat down next to her. Angel slid her hand underneath Max’s shirt and rubbed his chest. “Mmm.. you’re very toned.”

Max smiled. “Thanks. Long hours in the gym at the high school.” Angel rubbed Max’s chest more. “Before we started, money up front. You said you wanted bareback right?” She asked. Max nodded. “$200 sweetie no wait, it’s $100 since I did say I was going to cut it in half. And I didn’t forget the other things sweetie.” She told him as she moved her hands down to his crotch. “And if you must know, I’m clean. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I passed on a disease like that.”

Max stopped as he reached for his wallet. “Do you have the paperwork to prove that?” Angel smiled. “It’s in my trenchcoat. Let me go get it.” Angel got up and went for her trench coat which she left in the living room. While Angel left the room, Max took the money out of his wallet and stripped down to his boxers.

Angel returned with her trench coat and the paperwork in her hands. “Here you are sweetie.” Max received the paperwork from Angel and looked over it. Angel sat down before she spoke. “I also have my tubes tied if you’re wondering about birth control.” Satisfied with the results, he gave Angel back the paper and the money with the paper. “Here you are. Your paperwork and the money for your services. I’ve decided to give you the $200 anyway.”

“Thanks sweetheart.” Angel took the paperwork and the money from Max. She placed the paperwork in her pocket maltepe escort first then counted the money. As she smiled, she placed the money in a different pocket. She took her trenchcoat and placed it on a nearby chair. Max got another look at Angel’s big booty.

Angel looked back and caught Max staring. She shook her butt while Max watched on.Damn she has a big ass. Max thought. The more he watched, the more his other head took notice. Angel finished her dance and stood up straight. “Ready to fuck sweetie?” Angel asked with a smirk on her on face. Max nodded. Angel went over to Max and saw the tent he produced in his boxers. “Good, let’s get these boxers off.”

Max stood up and removed his boxers off and sprung his 9 inch member from its clothed prison. When he sat down, Angel turned around and sat down on his lap. Max gave a soft moan when felt Angel’s soft ass on his lap. “Wow you have a soft ass Miss Angel.” Angel smiled. “Thanks sweetie.” She replied as she started to grind on his lap.

Max reached around and cupped her big soft tits and squeezed them gently and got a moan of approval. As Max kneaded and played with Angel’s tits, she continued to grind on Max’s lap until she stopped. “Mmm.. stop a second sweetie.” She stood up, turned around and gently pushed him back on the bed. “Slide up on the bed sweetie.” She commanded.

Max did as he was told. He slid up on the bed and had his back against the headboard. Angel crawled up near his crotch and took his 9 inch member in her hand. She had a seductive look on her face as she started to jerk him off. “Mmm… I can’t wait to feel this big monster in my pussy.” She said before she leaned forward and planted a kiss on the head of Max’s dick. Max moaned as he enjoyed the handjob he received from the beautiful ebony haired hooker.

After a few minutes, Angel spoke again. “Let’s see what this monster tastes like.” She leaned forward and took the head of Max’s cock in her mouth and sucked on it. Max instantly moaned after he felt Angel’s mouth on his member. With his eyes closed, he enjoyed the sensation of his first blowjob. Angel continued her oral magic on Max as she took more than half of him in her mouth.

“Mmm.. this feels so good Miss Angel.” Max moaned out. Max was a little tempted to place his hands behind her head but didn’t do it. Angel removed her suck toy from her mouth and started another handjob. “I can’t wait to get this big cock in me.” She told Max as she continued to jerk him off slowly. Max moaned more as Angel continued to jerk him off before she stopped. He looked down at the ebony haired cutie as she smirked at him. “I’m so ready for you right now, sweetie.” Max smiled as Angel climbed on top of him.

The pair of brown eyes looked down at the other pair with a smile. Angel reached back and gripped Max’s cock as she positioned it at her heavenly entrance. Just when she was going to lower herself on him, there was a knock at Max’s bedroom door.

“Max sweetie, I’m home.” Angelica Saberhagen announced. “May I come in?”

Uh oh.. Max thought. “Just a minute Mom.” Max lifted Angel off of him and sat her on the bed. “Cover yourself.” he told her. Angel slid her nude body underneath the blankets and smiled. Max got off the bed and slipped on his boxers and a t-shirt. He approached the door, opened it, went out and closed the door. “Hey Mom. How was your night out?” He asked.

“It was fine. Just glad to be home now.” Angelica noticed an unique scent in the air as it came from her son’s room. Knowing the scent she smirked. “Were you in the the middle of something, dear?” Max blushed. “You could say that.” He replied. Angelica smiled before she replied. “Well have a good time sweetie and don’t stay up too late. We’re going to see your Auntie Angela in the morning.” Angelica reached out and hugged her son. She leaned forward and whispered in her son’s ear. “I know you have a girl in your room sweetie.”

Max’s eyes went wide as his Mom revealed what she knew. “H-h-how did you know Mom?” He asked.

Angelica broke the Mother/Son embrace and tapped the tip of his nose before she replied. “I can smell it sweetie. Her perfume and her arousal. Just make sure you wear a condom sweetie and keep it down.” She kissed her son on the forehead. “Have fun sweetie.” Angelica left her stunned son standing front of his bedroom door as she walked to her bedroom.

“Good night sweetie.” Angelica told her son before she entered her bedroom. Max responded with a good night of his own as he entered his bedroom. Angel smirked as Max entered the bedroom blushing. “She knew you was here, Miss Angel.”

“It’s okay. I guess I’ll have to keep it down then.” Angel replied as she kicked the blanket off her nude form. Max stripped down nude again and climbed in the bed next to his “date” for the evening. Angel snuggled up to Max and gripped his hardon again. “Shall we pick up where we left off?”

As the blush went away, Max smiled and nodded. He moaned softly as Angel worked her magic again and had Max at attention. “Ahh.. there we go.” Angel said as she climbed on top of Max. She looked into Max’s eyes as she reached back and grabbed Max’s cock again. She looked over her shoulder at the bedroom to make sure there was no further interruptions.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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