Our First Meeting Pt. 01

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Double Penetration

We had been talking on the phone for nearly two years-we had met in a personal business type of setting.

She was less than half my age; kind, sweet and innocent in some ways, yet life-changing-ly sexy in others. The experiences she discussed seemed to belie her age. Over time I learned that she hadn’t exactly had a “normal” life to this point. Despite all of that, and the job she was in, she was always polite, friendly, and kind.

After months of skirting around the “what ifs,” we finally decided to meet. It was crazy-probably more so for her-that a 55 year old male and a 24 year old female, that either would run that risk of meeting someone in person. Serial killer? Creeper? Gold digger? Con artist/thief/black widow? While both of us knew we could trust the other, there is always that .001% of doubt until you meet and see for yourself.

Arrangements were made, we met in a city that was about a 5 hour drive for me and 3 for her. I made the reservation, booking two rooms initially-wanting to give her an out, and feel safe-in a rather lavish hotel a short walk from the Mississippi River. Two nights, Friday and Saturday, as it turned out, that changed my life completely.

We had never exchanged photographs, or even phone numbers, using throwaway email addresses to communicate the personal side of our relationship. We had described each other, and if what she had told me about herself was even 20% true, she was well out of my league-and would have been even if our ages had been closer.

She told me how I treated her, and the respect I showed meant more than be looking like George Clooney or whoever the younger studs are now. Our personal conversations were often sexual, yes, but they were usually more sensual-involving described kissing, closeness, cuddling and “making love,” and much less throat fucking, hard pounding and “fucking.”

The Friday arrives, and I get to the hotel at about 2PM, an hour before check-in time, but fortune was smiling on me, and I was able to check into my room, leaving her reservation open. I had booked a suite, nothing overly fancy, but a nice chaise/couch and chair I the sitting area, a jetted tub, large walk in shower, and an incredible view of the river.

I found myself slightly shaking in nervousness and anticipation as I unpacked and put away my clothes. Fearing the worst-that she would take one look at me and run in the other direction, but also feeling that emotional pull my heart had been experiencing for several months now.

My phone alerted me to an email, and she had sent a note to say she should be pulling into the valet in 10 minutes. One last look at myself, with the ol’ breath and pit check, and I headed to the elevator for a trip to the lobby. The lobby had someone playing a piano, and servers carrying around trays of drinks, as it was happy hour for guests.

Deciding not to have any alcohol, I declined, and as the waitress walked away, I looked to the door and instantly recognized her. Beautiful red hair, long with a bit of wave to it. About five foot six, wearing summer dress that subtly showed her fantastic curves. As she looked around to get her bearings, our eyes met, and I covered the 25 feet between us in a millisecond. “Harley,” I said, “you look incredible.”

“Thank you, David, I would have known you anywhere.” As I moved to give her a hug, she leaned forward, on her tip toes, and gave me the warmest kiss I have ever experienced.

“Let’s get you checked into your room, dear” I breathlessly said, after recovering from the warmth of her kiss and tight embrace.

“Um, that won’t be necessary. I came here to be with you, and that is exactly what I am going to do,” was her reply.

I sent the bellhop ahead to my room to deliver her bag, while we chatted a bit about her drive in.

After about 3 minutes of small talk, she asked “So do I get to see our room?” “Our room” echoed in my heart, down to anadolu yakası escort my soul. My heart caught in my chest. She actually said “Our” room.

I took her hand and led her to the elevator. Another couple, probably in their 70s, entered the car as well. “Your daughter is lovely,” said the Mrs. I blushed. Harley said, “Daddy, aren’t you going to thank them for the compliment?” Flustered, I mumbled a “thank you” as the car stopped at their floor, the door opened and they disappeared as the door closed.

She giggled, in the innocently sexy way that she does, and said “Daddy, I hope we have a good time this weekend.”

I am flushed, breathing irregularly, and this incredibly sexy young woman had her arm wrapped around mine as the car climbs the last few floors and opens into the hallway. I fumbled for the key card as we approach the door, and she asks “why are you so nervous, lover?”

As I close the door, she immediately turns around and presses me against it, saying “Please kiss me, I’ve been thinking about it since I woke up this morning. As I caress her jawline, our eyes meet, and my hand pulls at the small of her back, she tilts her head up and meets my lips with hers. Soon our lips part, and I find my head swimming as I taste her sweet saliva while our tongues dance together in my mouth.

Our embrace continues, and as the kiss gets wilder and more reckless, I feel her grasp my arm firmly, moan in her throat, and start to fall away as her knees buckle. Our mouths part, and she is breathing raggedly, as I come to the realization that she just had an orgasm.

“Are-are you okay?” I ask, not sure if I was misreading what just happened. “God yes, so much was pent up waiting to meet you, and it all just came to a boiling point much quicker than I thought it would,” was her reply.

Not sure how fast to proceed, I flip on the bathroom light and show her room, giving the nickel tour, in record time. Standing behind her as we look out at the river, I begin to kiss her neck and ear, wrapping my arms around her waist and holding her firmly against me.

She spins from my embrace, and walks over to the foot of the bed, giving a spin as her dress twirls a bit. “You like?” “Jesus, yes. You are incredible!” As I notice the light coating of freckles on her chest, she turns around and pulls her hair up. “Would you help me with this?” she asks, indicating the zipper. I bang my shin on the coffee table moving toward her, but a SEAL team couldn’t have kept me from getting to her. I gently kissed her neck above the zipper, then slid it down, taking in her gorgeous skin, again scattered with freckles, until the zipper reached the end just above her bottom. She turns around, and while maintaining eye contact, pulls the dress off of her shoulders and steps out of it.

She chuckled at my audible gasp as her breasts were exposed. F cups, I knew from our conversation. Almost obscenely too big for her 5’6″, 125 pound frame, yet utterly perfect. Her nipples were pointed and dark, and I caught myself staring, rudely and slack-jawed, at the perfection that stood before me.

“Your turn,” she said, breaking me from my stupor. I pulled my polo over my head, and my t shirt followed. As she sat on the bed, she said “Come over here” and beckoned with her finger.
I stepped to her, quite self-conscious of my middle aged spread dad bod. As I stood before her, she reached up and played with my nipples, sending shocks directly to my manhood, which impossibly seemed to get even harder.

She slid her hands down my belly and tugged at my belt, unbuckling it, then lightly grazing the hardness in my pants before saying “Take ’em off, mister.” I unzipped the fly and stepped out of my pants, now standing in front of her with a hardon as obvious as a diamond in a goats ass.

She kissed my belly just above my boxer briefs, then slowly rose, kissing ataşehir escort her way up my stomach to my cheek, stopping to deliciously suck on my left nipple, nibbling it a bit. Her lips approached my neck and face, and as she fully stood and embraced me, kissing my jaw line, I felt her stomach pressing against my hardness.

I didn’t know what to do with my hands, so I did everything. Running them through her thick, gorgeous red locks, then down her back, and finally, daring to cup the cheeks of her perfect bubble ass.

She stepped back, and ran her hand under the band of my shorts, chuckling again when I sharply inhaled as she wrapped her fingers around my hardness. “Mmm,” she purred, “I’ve been waiting so long to touch you,” as she began to slowly, lightly, caress my length.

She sat back down on the bed, kissing down my body again as she did so. I felt her hands slide to my hips, and her thumbs go inside the waistband. As she slid my shorts off, I swear I heard a murmur of approval as my fully hard, average length, thick cock sprung out. “Mmmm, very nice. Your balls are huge!” she complimented.

As I stepped out of the cloth around my ankles to prevent falling over, she wrapped her hand around me and slowly stuck her tongue out and smeared the large amount of precum around my head, before wrapping her lips around it.

My cock jumped, overwhelmed by the warmth of her breath on my shaft, the warmth and wetness of her mouth, and the snake-like dance her tongue was going on the v at the bottom of my cockhead.

She ran her tongue down the side of my shaft and she licked, then engulfed my left testicle, soaking it in her saliva and moaning deep in her throat, the vibrations pushing me even closer to the edge.

I made an executive decision, deciding that I had better treat her before I came everywhere. Placing my hands under her arms, I reluctantly pulled her to her feet, feeling the coolness of the AC on my saliva coated head and testicle.

Kissing her, I guided us both onto the bed, lying half on/half beside her, my free hand exploring her incredible breasts, amazingly firm for their size, and then focusing on her nipples, which were hard enough to hang a hat on.

I finally slid my hand down her belly, and ran my fingers under the band of her panties, encountering the fluff of bush she had described to me. “David, don’t tease me, please touch me” she said breathlessly, and as my tongue explored her mouth, my fingers grazed her prominent clit, then immediately dampened as they met her amazingly slick lips. I slid farther down, finding her dewy opening, and sliding my middle finger in to the first knuckle.

“My god, I have to taste you” I said as I broke the kiss. Reading my mind, she pulled my face back to her for another kiss, then reached down and grabbed my wrist, withdrawing my hand from her panties and pulling it up to my lips. “There you go, lover” she cooed as she guided my slick finger to my lips for a taste.

I love giving oral. I have had a fair amount of experience at it, and have tasted several wonderful women over my years, but her taste was unlike anything else. Fresh. Clean. Sweet. She smelled incredible.

“If you thought that little taste was going to satisfy me, you couldn’t have been more wrong” I said, as I started to slide my mouth down her body, kissing her neck, collarbone, and pausing to savor her breasts and super hard nipples.

As I shifted my weight to rearrange us, she moved toward the head of the bed, and then lifted her hips so I could remove her panties. I noticed a wet spot on them, and smiled to myself.

Kneeling now between her legs, I bent forward again to kiss her mouth, savoring that taste as well, before teasingly kissing my way directly down her chest and stomach, moving my knees back so I could lie on my stomach with my face perfectly positioned to access everything below ümraniye escort the waist, and still see her beautiful green eyes up past the mounds of breast and nipple that were between us.

Normally I like to tease more than I did here, but I only kissed her inner thighs down to her knees and back. She needed a release, and more so, selfishly on my part, I NEEDED to make her cum.

I pushed her legs back and up, allowing them to rest over my shoulders. I love this position, because it lets me put my tongue and mouth anywhere I want to. I started by simply licking the length of her lips. She was fully blossomed, fully aroused. Her moans and ragged breathing left no question what she needed and where she needed it. And I aim to please.

Few long licks coated my tongue in her incredible dew. I couldn’t not believe how wet she was, because I would have sworn I had swallowed more than she could produce. Finally, my tongue touched her clit. She twitched a bit and moaned even more, and I gently massaged it with my tongue until it was also so engorged it was hard to not make contact with every tongue stroke. Her hips began to roll a bit, her breathing even more irregular. One more place to visit before I concentrated on making her cum.

My tongue, lips and mouth well-coated in her juice by now, and ran my tongue down below her opening and found her tight puckered little ass. Transferring all of the wetness with my tongue that I could, I probed at her opening with my finger, watching it clench and loosen as her breathing became more erratic.

Finally, my finger gained access, and as I slipped it inside, I used the thumb of my left hand to rub across her clit while putting as much of my tongue as I could inside her throbbing young pussy.

While slowly rotating and sliding my finger in and out of her back door, I moved my mouth to her clit, sucking her labia into my mouth and nursing them like a newborn, before capturing her clit between my teeth, which were wrapped by my lips.

Holding her clit firmly, I relentless flicked at it with the tip of my tongue, alternatingly giving broad firm swipes at it with the width of my tongue.

I felt her nails slightly scrape my scalp, and she grasped at my head, trying to decide if she wanted more or needed a break when she suddenly screams “FUCK!” and goes stiff, breathless, for a few seconds until her body begins to shake and she collapses on the bed. Deep breaths. “Oh my god. Oh my god!” over and over. I back off, kissing her thighs, then up her body, lying next to her. She remains motionless for a bit, then snuggles in as the small spoon to my big spoon.

“Jesus, David. I’ve never cum like that! I knew you would be good, but goddamn!” she said, still panting as she spoke.

“Would you please make love to me? I can feel your cock, it’s right there. I need you inside of me” she finished, as she raised her top leg and reached between her legs for my cock.

“Say it again” I breathed into her ear, as I ran my dripping head up and down her crack and teased her opening with it”

“Please, David. Make love to me. I need to feel you inside of me. I need us to be joined as one”

Now, I’d like to say that I make love to her for 30 minutes, and changed positions three times before I came, but that wouldn’t be honest. I was slow and deliberate, going fully inside of her, then withdrawing all but the tip. Playing with her nipples and kissing her neck and ear, I was able to coax another orgasm from her almost immediately. However, the intensity of what had already happened, her passion, her sensuality, the emotional bond that we nurtured and had grown before we even met, the palpable sexual tension, plus her warm, wet and incredibly snug sex drew out my orgasm after only a few minutes. She shuddered as I filled her, as my orgasm triggered a nice small one for her.

Still inside her, I told her that, while my head was spinning and I wasn’t completely coherent, I loved her. She said that her mind had been the same way after her orgasm, and she felt it to, and now that she had come down off of the “incredible high that you gave me” she loved me too.

As hard to believe as it may seem, the weekend only got better from there.

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