Photographic Imagination

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I had seen the photo of you many times, sitting up on your elbow, a beer in one hand, smiling into the camera. Almost from the start I’d wondered how it would feel to be lying next to you, in warm shade on the rug. I would be on my side also, probably in a bikini top and a sarong, I’d be close enough to smell your sunned skin and feel the extra heat from your body, but far enough away so that when you lean over me, put your bottle on the ground behind my body, curve one arm along my spine and drag me against you, the contact of skin on skin crackles through my body like it always does. I feign nonchalance squinting up at you mischievously as the sun rays fights through the tree canopy above your head. ‘Hi’ I say low and quietly as you look down at me, your body leaning over me, you left arm rigid as you hover above me.

This is one of my favourite times, when the anticipation is physical and I can feel you looking right into me. ‘Hello’ you whisper at me, smiling, and bring your mouth down gently onto mine. You turn your head above me and slip your tongue past my lips. I can taste the beer on your mouth and smell the heat of your body. I slide my hand around your jaw, feeling the muscles there tighten and relax as you kiss me. I run the tip of my tongue over your lips and smile against eryaman escort your mouth when I hear you groan quietly. Your body is heavier on me and you move over me, your legs alternating with mine on the rug. My knee comes up instinctively around your hip, my hands at your waist enjoying the weight of you on my pelvis pressing me into the ground. You had been resting your weight on your elbows on either side of my head as you dip your head back to my mouth, but now you slide your left hand flat down my throat and over my breast and hesitate, gripping the mound, grazing my hard nipple and making me moan softly. Your lips move down my neck, hovering at my collar bone. I arch my back and press my body against you as I revel in the feeling. I can feel you smiling against my skin and you lick the tip of your tongue against me before biting me gently. Your mouth blazes a slow path up my throat and I throw my head back to expose my skin to you.

I can feel your hand move firmly down my thigh to my knee and then gather the material up until its balled at my hip, my legs underneath you bare. You press your lips to the hollow at the base of my throat and then stray down my body further as you move your hips from mine to undo your shorts. You flick you tongue against my nipple through the fabric of sincan escort my bikini, then nudge the cloth aside and pull it between your lips. I moan quietly and feel you smile again, my back arches almost against my will to feel your mouth on me.

My breath is coming faster now, my eyes closed. I feel the head of your cock against me, teasing me. You pull yourself up onto your hands and look down at me. You anchor your hands on my hips and push inside me. I let out the breath I’m holding as you settle your weight on me, holding me down purely by having your cock buried fully inside me. I can feel you burning inside me and close my muscles around you to feel every inch of your rock hard cock inside me. You groan above me, pushing at me, and I repeat the tension. This time you move from me only to force yourself quickly and deeply into me again. A groan escapes me and my hips roll against you as you start a restrained rhythm, your hands still gripping my hip bones to anchor me to you.

I can imagine looking at us from above, your strong body rolling against me, my legs wrapped around yours, my hands sliding up your sides, across your back or over your bum, pulling you inside me and moving my hips up to meet your thrusts, physically begging to feel you bury yourself batıkent escort deep.

You lean down to kiss me again, but this time it’s a firm kiss, possessive and hot. You’re moving against me faster now, insistently deeply, and I can feel the friction as I tighten around you, making you groan again. Your eyes are burning into my face and I can feel the tension in your body as you hold me, gripping me harder and dragging me towards my own climax. I recognise the point of no return in you now as you thrust into me harder and harder as my legs tense and hold you to me, the heat of me gripping your cock inside me tighter and tighter like a long vice, willing you to force your cum inside me.

Your face hardens above me as we both approach orgasm and I pull you down hard, squeezing your cock and angling my pelvis to feel you as deeply as I can as you ride me. Through clenched teeth you groan loudly as you force your cock fully inside me and make me come hard around you, my pussy throbbing around your cock as you start to buck against me with your own climax, forcing your cum hard and deep inside me.

You hold your body rigid over me, bucking with the aftermath of your climax as I writhe beneath you, impaled on you. Both our bodies are heaving for breathe and a sheen of sweat covers our skin. You move your hands up to mine, holding them against the ground at my head and kiss me again even as you still move inside me. You breathe hard through your nose, as your mouth claims mine, and you drop your body onto your elbows around me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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