Primal Pleasures

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Theme: Female finds herself in a compromising situation and is claimed by a primal male.

Changing POVs are indicated by ~~~~

Disclaimer: All characters are over 18 years of age. I imagined this story taking place during the time of primitive man so I tried to make it seem like the typical “cave man” type of behavior. Comments and suggestions are more than welcome.


You are walking alone in the forest looking for delicious berries to have as a sweet treat. You know you aren’t supposed to leave the cave without being accompanied, but the lure of sweet, plump berries and the exquisite, almost euphoric, juice on your tongue encourages you to go beyond the boundary lines. You follow the familiar paths left before you by the herds of gentle deer until the path opens up into a large open meadow. In the middle of the meadow is your favorite berry bush. You were so overcome with excitement and unheedingly bounded over to the bush and started collecting as many as you could carry.

What luck! These berries were even larger and more juicy looking than you have ever seen them. It wouldn’t hurt to have just one, you think to yourself. You reach out gingerly and pluck one of the ripe fruits from the fragile branch and bring it to your luscious lips. You can smell the intoxicating aroma and you feel yourself salivate. You quickly pop the berry into your mouth and you feel an explosion of flavor. Your eyes roll back in your head and a low satisfying moan erupts from your throat. It is the most delicious thing you have ever tasted. Your knees become weak causing you to collapse as you succumb to the pleasure of the berry.

Your body feels so wonderful. A pleasant heat radiates from your core and seems drawn to the special place between your thighs. High pitched mewls and gasps escape between your lips as the heat envelopes your most tender of areas. A liquid heat erupts from you and you feel your own juice begin to come forth and cover the roots of the bush. Little did you know that a dark figure crouched just beyond the clearing. Waiting. Watching. A hunger growing within his own body as he watched you squirm in ecstasy. Without you noticing he steps out from beyond the shadows and silently approaches you.

The pleasant heat has deepened within your body and your mind feels heavy like the heavens right before a storm. Your body feels flushed and the subtle tickling of the furs you wore over your breasts cause your nipples to become hypersensitive. Every breath, every minuscule movement caused the material to roughly caress your sensitive buds. Sweet moans escape from you as you arch your back wishing for more stimulation. One of your hands caresses the edge of your top and lightly traces the swell of you breasts.

The sensations are intoxicating and you rub your thighs together to try and quell the rising and urgent need within you. Your hand slips underneath the material of your top and you gasp at the feeling of touching your erect nipples with your fingers. With each hand you lovingly take a swollen bud and caress and gently pinch and roll them between your fingers. You no longer have control of your hips as they continually undulate; the liquid from your most secretive spot pooling beneath you making the grass shimmer in the sunlight.

You have never felt so utterly aroused before and you wish that this feeling would never end. All too soon you feel your muscles clench and strong jolt of lightening cascaded across your nerves and blissful cry of released echoed within the meadow. Your breath is ragged as you try to force air back into your lungs once you come down from your orgasm. Subconsciously, you lick your lips and nibble at your lower lip relishing in the euphoric daze you found yourself in.


The dark figure feels himself tighten all over his body. Never had he seen or even known that a female could be so erotic and tantalizing. The females he had bedded before had felt limp and were silent during their matings. This female, however, was entirely different; her sensitive reactions and the pitiful mewls awoke something primal in him that ankara eryaman escortlar he had never felt before. It didn’t matter what happened or how, but he was going to claim this female and he would not let her escape his grasp.


As your mind slowly comes back down to earth you hear something that immediately sets all of your senses on alert. Behind you, to the left, a twig snapped beneath the weight of something large and heavy. Your body tenses and you swing your head around whilst turning your body into a crouching position. At first you see nothing, but as your eyes adjust to the darkness of the trees you see the slight reflection of eyes shining in the foliage and quick flash of teeth before a large man launches himself straight towards you. In a panic you immediately race off in the direction of your cave. In your mind you know if you can only make it there then you will be safe and protected.

You race through the dense forest feeling the biting sting of leaves and twigs whip your naked breasts, thighs, and stomach, but you do not hesitate to push on. Behind you there is the heavy footfalls of your pursuer shortening the distance between you. You chance a quick peek behind you to judge the distance, but find yourself propelled flat in the dirt in front of you with a hard thud. You curse and groan under your breath as you look to see what caused you to trip. It was nothing more than a gnarled, old, tree root covered in slippery moss.

You look down at your ankle and wince at the instant pain that shoots up your leg. You know that walking, much less running, would be possible for you now. You worriedly look up in the direction of your pursuer and realize there is no one to be seen. You try to quiet your racing heart to hear the pounding footsteps, but all you can hear is the pounding of your heart. Naively you hope that the man gave up and returned to whatever place you came from until the hair in the back of your neck stands on end. The feeling of being watched overwhelms you as you quickly look to your left and see him standing in all his glory.

For what it was worth, you found him incredibly attractive upon getting a good look at him. His body was strong and his muscles bulged enticingly beneath his skin. When your eyes locked with his you feel instantly frozen with desire; he is looking down at you with a dark and hungry gaze and smiles slightly. It was not a smile of humor or compassion. It was the pure, raw, sensation of pursuing a desired prey…and catching it.


The female was much quicker than he anticipated, but found it easy enough to keep up with her until she felt safe enough to chance a look behind her at his progress. Once she did that he knew it would be all over. Only a moment after she did she slipped and fell to the ground and lay helpless. As quietly as he could he slowed his progress and shifted his position so that he would approach her from a different angle. From the shadow of the foliage he peered down at his prey to ensure that she was not too badly injured. An injured female would be completely reluctant to mating which would put an end to anything intimate.

He observed her as she inspected her wounded ankle. It was most likely a sprain; something that was painful enough to ensure that she could not escape, but not life threatening and would heal quickly. He confidently strode forward and stood before and crossed his muscular arms over his chest. The fear shown brightly in her eyes which only ensued to make her that much more desirable. He felt his cock harden under his loin cloth as she took in the sight of his body and allowed the same desire he felt to be reflected in the dark color of her eyes.


You are terrified. You are terrified that you are all alone with no means of escape. You are afraid of the large, strange man gazing at you with intense lust in his eyes. But mostly you are terrified of the reaction you feel from your body; the heat and intensity you feel emanating from him is being reciprocated within your own body. You try to play it off as remnants escort etimesgut from the affects of the berries, but deep down you know that isn’t the case. Deep down you know that none of the males within your tribe could elicit such an intense physical response from you like he does. The others were weak and pathetic compared to this ravenous beast before you. Despite the throbbing pain in your ankle you feel your juice begin to flow forth once more and your breasts heave with each breath. It sends a thrilling chill down your spine as you watch his gaze become fixated on your hardening nipples. His eyes filled with lust as he licks his lips as if deciding the best way to devour you. And devour you he will.


Carefully, he takes at first one step and then another closer to his prey. He did not want to risk her trying to run away again and further injuring herself. Every movement was slow and calculated and his eyes never left her’s. She continued to gaze at him with her large eyes as he seemed to hypnotize her into stillness. He’s so close to her now that he could reach out and touch her quivering lips, but he refrains. He leans in slightly towards her neck and deeply inhales her scent; marking it to memory so that he would be able to track her anywhere she happened to escape to. She holds her breath as he continues to take in her scent. Within the sweet, musky, scent of his mate to be he also senses her growing arousal. He can smell her sweet juices flowing from her dripping pussy and he growls approvingly in his throat causing her to shiver.


He is so close to you that you can smell his heavy scent and feel the glaringly heat from his skin. You can sense him inhaling your own scent and shiver with delight when he growls deeply. More of your liquid heat pools forth from your center and you can’t stop yourself from lifting your chest to his appreciative gaze. He leans forward and softly brushes his beard against your sensitive skin before placing kisses along the swell of your breast and leading up to your neck. You willingly lean your head away giving him full access to you neck which he hungrily devours.

He starts with strong, firm, kisses before allowing his tongue to sneak out and lap at the tender hollow. His firm, wet, tongue caresses you and you can’t help, but want more. You can feel the subtle grazing of his teeth and whimper quietly. He begins to nibble and suck along your neck and shoulder leaving his mark proudly upon your skin. You tentatively reach out and grasp at the hard muscles of his stomach and back trying to draw him closer to you. You desire to feel his heat against you as he continues to mark you. To completely claim your entire being.


Feeling all of her resistance melt beneath your attention he is caught off guard when he feels her body pull him closer as if she was begging for more. And more he will give her. He pulls away abruptly and forces her to lay flat on the ground. Her large eyes flickered between fear and desire as she looked at her captor who hovered above her prone form. With a somewhat comforting smirk he leans down and captures her lips with his own loving the way her softness parted beneath his strength. Never has he tasted such sweetness which only makes him that more determined to taste her dripping cunt.

He continues to kiss her while he uses his hands to caress and memorize every delicious curve of her body. Her body writhes and arches into his touch which drives both of them wild with the intense desire to mate. The heat radiates from their skin urging them to go faster. He feels his instincts begin to completely control his mind pushing him to claim his little female. His and his alone to look upon and to caress and to fuck with wild abandon.


Your body is consumed with the desire to be his. You run your fingers up and down his body loving the way he feels against you. You slowly work your way down the length of his hard body until you find something that is incredibly hard between his batıkent escort legs. You gasp at the realization of his size, but continue to tenderly stroke his cock. His hips begin to thrust with your hands as his arousal hits its peak. You feel him shudder and moan deeply before releasing his seed on you stomach and thighs. He has officially marked you with his seed and his teeth successfully claiming you as his; now all that was left was to fuck you into oblivion to seal the bond.

Propping himself on his elbows he feels for his cock and angles it towards your tight opening. Letting go of his cock he feels your dripping wetness and coats his fingers in your juices. He lifts his hand to his nose and inhales your musky sense before sucking his fingers into his mouth to taste your deliciousness. He was not disappointed by your offering and sought to reward his precious kitten. He slips first one finger inside and gently probes within to find all of your sensitive spots. When he feels your pussy slowly stretch he adds another finger in to try and stretch it further so that he would be able to enter you with his throbbing cock. You gasp and moan beneath him as your hips meet each thrust of his fingers inside of you. For the second time that evening you felt your body burst with euphoric delight and coat his fingers in sticky, creamy juice.

He laps at his hands delighting in your flavor as you come down from your orgasmic high. Before you can fully regain consciousness he lines up his shaft to your pussy and slowly enters your tight cavern. You both moan slowly as he buries himself deeper and deeper inside of you until you can feel him go deeper than anything has ever gone. He growls deeply loving how tight you feel around him and minutely begins to thrust inside of you. Every small movement sends spasms of pleasure throughout your body as you cling to him. With each thrust the pain you feel fades to pleasure and soon you are crying out loudly; encouraging your mate to go deeper inside of you which he gladly does.


He is utterly consumed by the pleasure and continues to thrust into her cunt while he suckles and fondles her breasts as they sway in front of him. He knows she will not try to run from him anymore and continues to drive them closer and closer to the edge. In a rush of strength he picks her up by the back of her thighs while she held onto his shoulders and roughly forces them against a tree. The textured surface of the bark seems to heighten her senses and she meets each his thrusts with an equally strong thrust of their own. They both feel that the end is near, but desire to enhance the feeling even more than it already was.

Without having to explain, she drops her legs from around his hips and he pulls out with a loud wet suction. She turns around to face the tree and bends over slightly in order to give him the best angle to re-enter her messy pussy. He lines his cock back up with her entrance and thrusts in and begins building his tempo. All that she could is cling to rough bark as he roughly pounded into her from behind bringing them closer and closer to oblivion. She was so close now. Right on the edge. It would only take one more movement to send her completely over.

He lifts her up so that her body is flush with his and wraps one arm around her stomach to help him thrust and the other he uses to gently, but firmly grip her neck. She whimpers in his grasp and he responds by sucking and biting at her sensitive ears and neck willing her to cum. Which one particular bite on her neck and thrust inside her cunt she erupted in pure orgasmic bliss. Her juices and her spasming muscles milked him of his seed as they stood frozen in their release. She can feel the molten heat of his seed coat her insides as her body milked him of every last drop.

When their orgasms faded he falls backwards onto the ground pulling her with him. They were both utterly exhausted, but incredibly sated. He pulled her close to his body where she nuzzled into him before drifting off to sleep. Always on the alert, he allows himself a brief moment to wondrously gaze down at his beautiful, vibrant, and incredibly sexy mate and revel in the idea that she was his and his alone. She was everything that he had wanted and more and he couldn’t wait to mate with her over and over again. Until then, he would allow her to rest and regain her strength as he protectively nuzzled her within his arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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