Questions Ch. 01

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Big Tits

(Great thanks to my editor, Takemeawaymylove)

I’m a carpenter and remodeler by trade, and as such I get to meet a lot of interesting people and work in all kinds of homes, from simple mom-and-pop neighborhoods to the richest of estates at times.

This line of work usually has me working for wives, while their husbands are at work, which has given me a few very fun stories to tell, but I’ll save those for another time. For the moment, I want to tell you a story about my wife and her questions.

I was working for a couple that I had met by referral from a close friend. They live in a posh neighborhood, and had the house and toys to back up their six-figure corporate big wig incomes.

Their large house was in need of several small repairs, inside and out. Mostly though, the wife wanted to have the master bedroom and on-suite repainted and a few settling cracks in the drywall taken care of as well. All of their work was going to take place while they were gone for a three week period of vacation, which was ideal since that would allow me access to the home without worrying about disturbing them. As a thank you for getting to the work quickly, they suggested that my wife and I should use their pool and hot tub all we wanted in those three weeks!

We live a decent enough life, but there was no personal private pool or hot tub in it at the time, and I couldn’t wait to see my sweet, sexy wife in her little bikini… or less… as we enjoyed their offer.

I started work on their repairs the day the homeowners, Gina and Rob, were to leave on their vacation.

Gina welcomed me into the house and showed me around, adding a few fixes to the project and explaining the color choices for the master bedroom and on-suite.

As she lead me around the home, I couldn’t keep my eyes off her luscious body. Gina was about five foot six and she was the definition of “dynamite comes in small packages.” She had sexy, athletic legs, a firm rounded ass and breasts that stood firm and high, possibly the result of a boob job, but who am I to argue with that beautiful investment.

As we discussed what she was calling the “accent wall” in the master bedroom she looked up at me and caught me staring at the sweetly tanned flesh of her cleavage that was so wonderfully on display in the deep v-necked blouse ankara escort she was wearing. I looked up quickly to see a sexy grin on her face and a sparkle in her eye for just a moment, then she returned to talking about the paint and walked into the connected on-suite bathroom.

I followed her into the spacious spa-like bathroom and discussed the paint colors with her. As we talked, I noticed that her nipples, erect with arousal, were now visible through the fabric of her bra and red satin top. My mouth watered a bit as the fantasy image of my lips sucking those hard buds flashed through my mind.

Gina thanked me for my time, and said she would let me get back to work. She walked off, stopping in the doorway and said, “Rob mentioned he invited you and your wife to make use of our pool and hot tub while we are away.”

“Yes he did,” I replied, “Thank you so much for the hospitality.”

“Have fun, and be sure to tell your wife I said thank you for letting us use you… I mean, your talents.”

“Sure thing, we should have all the work done well before you get home.”

She smiled that sexy grin again and the sparkle seemed to return to her eye.

“My guess is that this is just the beginning of your talents being put to task around here, I know I have some things in mind for when we return, one of which could be quite hard to manage, but I’m sure we could work it in.”

My mind nearly exploded when I heard her quip! It shouldn’t surprise me, like I said, I have a few really good stories to tell, but it still caught me off guard a bit that she would be so forward with her husband in the office just around the corner.

I smiled and returned the double entendre as I assured her that, “I will do whatever it takes to satisfy your desires. The harder it gets, the more I enjoy it.”

She smiled even bigger and then walked away with a sultry sway in her hips that caused her skirt to swing as she turned the corner, out of sight.

I went right to work on the drywall repairs in the master bedroom ceiling, planning to have them finished and ready to paint the next day. Rob stopped to check in on me before they left.

“I hear that Gina got you lined out on all the paint. Are you sure you understand how she wants it? She can be very hard to satisfy.”

I about choked on that elvankent escort one. I wasn’t sure if he had intended the pun or if it was a coincidence. I tried not to act stunned and answered the best I could.

“I’m confident we’ll get the job done right. We’ll make sure she’s satisfied with the outcome.”

He smiled and chuckled as he turned to leave, “I know she will hold you to that. See you in three weeks.”

I finished the day, and the drywall repairs, my mind drifting to Gina’s playful flirting. I knew my wife would find it as amusing as I did, if not a bit of a turn on. We agreed long ago never to keep anything like this a secret between us.

That evening, while laying in bed, running my hands slowly over my wife’s silky skin, I told her of my day’s work and the interesting conversation with Gina. Her response to the flirting was to start to ask me questions.

Kissing my neck, she rolled us over and straddled me, pressing her evident wetness against my growing hardness.

“Did you enjoy following her around, staring at her body?”

I felt her wet folds open and spread over my stiff cock as she rocked her pelvis back and forth.

“Did it make you want to see more of her? Did you undress her with your eyes as you pretended to listen to what she was saying?”

She pushed herself down my body, licking and lightly biting my nipples.

“Did you want to suck her nipples? Did you fantasize about tit fucking her until you cum on her face and boobs?”

She sank further down my body and licked my cock, tasting herself on me and leaving it sloppy wet with her saliva. Then she proceeded to press her large tits around my cock and tit fuck me good.

“Tell me how much you like her tits wrapped around your cock, baby. Tell me how it feels for her mouth to be sucking you.”

She sucked me into her warm mouth deep, nearly gagging.

“Fuck! It feels so good! Those tits and mouth are driving me crazy!”

She rose up quickly, crawling up and putting her knees over my shoulders, straddling my face. I eagerly began licking her wet pussy from her dripping hole up to her tight clit. Her hands grasping my hair, pulling my face to her need.

“Would you have licked her cunt if she had asked you to?”

She rocked her hips and relished the otele gelen escort feeling of control she held.

She leaned back and began to stroke my still damp cock with quick hard strokes as I tongue fucked her, making her moan. I fixed my attention on her clit and flicked my tongue quickly over it as her body flinched in response. I reached up and took her nipples between my thumbs and fingers, pulling and punching them just like I know she loves. This is usually the trigger she needs to get over the edge.

“Ohhh…my…god!! I’m fucking cumming on your face! Oh yes! Pull my nipples! Fuck! Suck me good!”

She came hard as I licked her pussy, her hand giving up it’s attention of my cock while she was overcome with the throes of her climax. Her pussy gushed love juices over my mouth and chin, and I licked up every slippery drop I could get to. Finally she could take no more and she collapsed over beside me, one leg still across my chest.

I kissed her ankle and foot while she recovered from the peak she had just crashed over, her body shuddering, breathing heavy sighs as she moaned her approval of my loving.

She rolled over and lay across my lap facing me, her left breast resting against my balls. She lowered her head and began sucking my cock as she purred away happily. Her head lifted up and my cock came out of her mouth with a pop. She smiled at me and vigorously stroked my hard rod.

“Do you think she wanted your cock in her mouth? Would you like to spray your jizz on her tits or would she have swallowed it for you?”

With that, she sucked me deep and stroked me at the same time, until she pushed me over the edge.

“Fuck yeah! Swallow my cum, baby… Oh, fuck yes!” I exclaimed, feeling my orgasm race through my body and my cock pulsed streams of cum into her loving mouth.

She sucked me dry, not spilling a drop of my seed, then looked up at me and opened her mouth, showing me the huge load she captured, then she swallowed it with a sexy moan after. She then straddled me again, crawling up my body and kissing me, letting me taste myself on her lips.

“Mmm… such a nice treat. Do you want some company tomorrow? I would love to help out, just in case things get hard.”

She reached down between us and positioned my semi hard cock at her slippery entrance, lowering herself onto me slowly.

I thought to myself how interesting the next three weeks could get, and with a smile I grabbed two handfuls of tit and began thrusting my hips.

“Like I told Gina, the harder it gets, the more I enjoy it.”


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