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It starts with just a gentle kiss this evening. Few minutes after an amazing first date. Inside a car parked by the roadside. Her car. But it soon becomes more than just a kiss; it becomes intense foreplay. Becomes hands searching bodies; becomes me groping her breasts, and she reaching down my pants and trying to pull out my erect penis.

‘We should get a room.’ She soon pulls back, abruptly, and says, this yearning in her eyes. ‘We should get a room.’

She would straighten in her seat, put on the car and speed down the road. Barely two minutes, and we are at the door to a hotel room she’s paid for. She shoves a key into the door and as soon as we surge in I grab her neck, pushing her against a wall, not caring that she is at least ten years older than I am. We’ve talked about this a lot of times. During those cold nights before she moved into town days ago; when I would text her, when we would share our fantasies and nudes alike until either one of us falls asleep. So, I know she is cougar and loves to be tamed. More, if she’s being tamed my a younger man. And this why I don’t care that I am choking her.

My hand still around her maltepe escort throat, my other hand searching her body, I would kiss her for long minutes. Her feeble gasps and moans feeding my ears.

When she lowers to her knees, I unbuckle my belt and pull my pants down. She wraps my erect dick in her hand and strokes it, smiling up at me.

‘Suck, bitch.’ I spank her chin, spitting on her forehead. ‘Suck.’

She would lick the head of my dick and then take it into her mouth. Deepthroats it, so that when she pulls back, the dick is swathed in saliva. She spits on the it, stroking it with a hand, and then takes it back inside her mouth, shoving it deeper down her throat this time.

Warm pleasure runs through me, so I lower a hand and grab her hair. Pull her even closer to my pelvis, so the dick is balls deep in her throat. So that she gags and chokes and spanks my thighs, pleading that I let go of her. When I do let go, she pulls a deep breath, gasping and gasping as one who has run out of breath.

I would bend over and grab her neck and pull her to her feet. I would help her take her clothes off. Bend her over and escort maltepe spank her ass. I like what I see when the big, black booty wiggles and so spank again. Again and again.

When she lies on bed and spreads her legs apart, I drop to my knees and pull her even closer to the edge of the bed. Then, I start to eat her out. I flap the tip of my tongue across the knob of her clitoris. Then I bite softly and just lick and lick and bite and bite and then start to finger her.

Her moans become screams and her attempts to slam her legs shut fail because my hands are over her thighs, pressing them to the bed. She just jerks and jerks and shudders until I am done eating. I then pull her into the doggy position and stick my dick into her creamy vagina. Her legs throb when the dick goes in, as if she is trying to jerk away from the dick, and so I hold her waist to keep her still.

‘Oh, shit.’

My slow strokes become fast, hard strokes and I start to spank her ass because I want her to scream my name. She does not scream my name. Just moans. And so I spank harder and harder and bark, ‘Say my name!’

‘Daddy!’ She screams. ‘Fuck maltepe escort bayan me, daddy!’

I soon turn her around so I can look at her face. The missionary position. Her forehead is sheen with sweat, her eyes red, a solitary vein bulging from her forehead. Before thrusting, I lean forward and kiss her, my fingers fondling her boobs, gliding down her body, down to her belly button. I spit on my dick and rub the saliva across it, then stick it into her. As I fuck her, I rub her clitoris with a thumb.

‘Choke me, daddy.’ She soon says. ‘Choke me.’

I do choke her. With both hands this time. Loosening my grip when only she starts to cough. I would spank her. Pull her face when she swivels around, to stare in her eyes. I want her looking at me when I fuck her. Makes things a lot more better. Makes me feel more dominant.

When she screams about wanting to pee, a smile stretches my face. I know it’s something more. Something better. She begs me to let her go pee. But I do not. I in fact increase the pace and depth of my strokes. She’s about to cum, I know. A but early, yes, but I know she is about to cum. And I want her to cum. I want to feel that tightening as pressure builds up in her pelvis. I want to see that look on her face. That look I see on every woman’s face when she squirts. It’s a calming look. I want to see it.

I want to see this cougar cum for me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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