Revenge Sex

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Most women say that the best sex is makeup sex. Most men myself included would have to say that revenge sex is the best. You cannot find or even buy sex that good at any price. When a woman tells me she wants to have revenge sex I am more than willing to overlook a lot of physical and personality short comings in fact I usually give her an extra 2 to 3 points on the 10 point scale and that is before the beer goggles go on.

If a women wants to use me for sex to get even with her ex that is fine with me I have no problem with that. It is more than alright with me if she wants to pretend that she is getting even with him by fucking my brains out. By all means go for it. When she wants cheap and degrading sex with a complete stranger just for the sake of fucking it is a great and mind blowing experience. She can use me to get herself off as much as wants.

So many women don’t know how to enjoy sex and because of that they make it impossible for me or any man to satisfy them in the way they need to be satisfied. I feel like they are always holding something back. When they are trying to get even with the ex they somehow manage to put all that stuff out their head. When she is not worried about what I think or what I feel as just wants to fuck me silly it takes a lot the pressure off for both of us.

There is no greater turn on than to see a woman giving in totally and completely to the moment and losing herself in her organism. She doesn’t care about how she looks or anything else other than enjoying sex. She puts her body and her whole being into the act of having sex and that makes me want to do the same. When she focuses her mind on her own orgasm in the process she makes mine even greater as well. I don’t worry about performing or if I am going to please her or not. For all these reasons I will take revenge sex over makeup sex every single time.

I have only had the pleasure of revenge sex twice and this is the story of one of those times.

My story begins at a bar on Fort Lauderdale Beach, a nice-looking middle-aged woman was sitting next to me and we struck up a conversation. She was down on vacation from Chicago trying to get away from the cold weather. She obviously had consumed more than a few drinks and was making a number of sexual innuendoes in my direction.

She began telling me how she has been divorced now for number of years and was tired of the dating scene and just really wanted to get together with somebody for some good recreational fucking no strings attached. She was drunk and horny my kind of women that certainly meets all my basic criteria.

I told her I would be more than happy to get together and hookup. We had a few more drinks and started making plans.

At some point she started going on and on about her ex-husband, she obviously had a lot of excess emotional baggage she was still carrying around. It sounded like her ex-husband had cheated on her a number of times and eventually left her for a younger woman. She clearly felt betrayed and angry about the whole situation.

I told her since we had already decided that we were going to get together and have sex anyway why not make it something useful like using it to get back at her ex, help her let go of some of that baggage. She thought was a great idea so we decided that we would we started working up our fantasy on how we might go about doing that.

One of the things I suggested was she might put on her old wedding ring and make-believe she was still married. She could pretend we were having an affair going out on a date to have a few drinks go back to her place for sex kind of like role playing.

She thought it was a great idea we had a few more drinks so we started heading back to her hotel room. Walking in to the hotel room she was wearing a low cut blouse and her ample cleavage spilling out of the top. From the look in her eyes, I recognized that she wanted to get laid in the worst way but was also a little unsure herself.

She turned and looked at me as I walked towards her. We seemed to glide into each other’s arms and we kissed. She moaned as our bodies pressed ataşehir escort bayan together and I ran my hands over her tits and her ass.

She pressed her pussy against my cock and I humped against her. I opened her blouse and released her tits from the confines of her lace bra. Our tongues worked furiously as I fondled her tits and I felt my cock growing rock hard. She whimpered when I pinched her nipples and I felt them grow erect in my fingers.

She kissed me hard with an open mouth. I slid my hand between her legs feeling how wet the crotch of her panties was as I fingered her pussy and she began pulling my shirt out of my pants as she humped against my hand.

I kept rubbing her pussy while she made sexy little noises and then she began fumbling with my pants. She pulled them open practically ripping the zipper and then she reached down my shorts and grabbed my cock.

“I want you to fuck me,” she panted as she stroked my cock. “Please fuck me.”

She went down onto her knees in front of me. My cock was sticking out in front of pointed directly at her. She took my warm, rigid pole into her mouth, her lips rolled down the top couple of inches and she pressed her tongue flat on the underside. She was such a fucking good cock sucker, slowly teasing and torturing me until I was about to cum.

I placed my hands on the back of her head and gently moved my hips back and forth, matching the rhythm of her warm, moist mouth; she placed a hand on my buttock and gently squeezed it whilst her other hand fondled my balls, pre-cum was oozing from my cock. After a short while I withdrew my cock from her mouth, it glistened from the mixture of her saliva and my own juices.

I pushed her up against the wall and I knelt down; I lifted her skirt and spread her legs wide apart and pushed her black satin panties to the side exposing her moist cunt. I ran my tongue up and down the insides of her smooth thighs, then around the edges of her pubic mound and then I started flicking the tip of my tongue up and down across her clit.

I then pulled her panties down, took them completely off and threw them across the room. I placed my hands on either side of her thighs and then used my thumbs to spread the lips of her pussy open nice and wide. I dragged my tongue up and down the length of her slit, rubbing it across her clit before trailing back across her opening. I nibbled on her clit and suck it into my mouth. I then started sliding my tongue in and out of her pussy between her slightly swollen and dripping lips. I moved my tongue over her opening… up her length across her clit…and then reversing direction… back down to her wetness.

I then stuck my tongue all the way in her pussy and then as I pulled it out I flicked it across the top of her pussy all the way out and then up to her clit. By this time she was purring like a kitten.

She bit her lip and moved her own hand onto her breasts where she tweaked and rolled her enlarged nipples. Her hands left her tits and were placed on the back of my head, holding me tight between her spread lips. She began gyrating her hips, rubbing her soaked pussy all over my face, squeezing every ounce of ecstasy she could from my tonguing.

I stood up; “How do you want it?” I asked her.

“Any way you want baby,” she purred.

Taking her hand I led her to the bed as we both pulled our cloths off along the way. I sat her on the edge of the bed. She pulled me onto the bed between her legs. She lay back and placed her feet up on the bed with her legs spread open wide offering her body to me.

She reached down and guided my cock to the opening between her pussy lips. She wiggled the tip of my cock between her pussy lips and then I sank my cock deep into her cunt then she put her hands on my ass and pulled me so that I would shove my cock up into her cunt!

I slid all the way in, as far as I could go, in one slow steady push going deeper and deeper. I stopped there for a minute enjoying the feeling of her red HOT cunt enveloping my entire cock the lips of her pussy tight around the base of my cock! Then escort kadıköy she began to buck against me.

“Come on baby, fuck me!” she said.

She was fondling my genitals and I could feel her rubbing her crotch against my shaft. I flexed my hips, and moved my penis forward and back. She began to grunt as the contact between our genitals worked its magic.

She abruptly stiffened and she sucked in a deep breath and held it. I could feel her hips thrusting and jerking against my penis as she used both hands to press it firmly against her clitoris. She arched her head back and kicked several times with both legs. Her body trembled for several seconds, and then she finally exhaled. Her breath came in little gasps. I began to gently stroke her nipples.

“OH GOD! Don’t stop that!” She shuddered.

My erection was still between her legs. I began to thrust my hips forward and back. I could feel her pussy rubbing against my shaft.

My climax began to build. Her hips began to thrust forward and back in time with my motions, and once again she pressed my penis firmly against her pussy. She took another deep breath and held it as she began to climax. As her head arched back, I stopped thrusting, and her hip motions bounced her crotch forward and up towards me. I pull my cock out and left it resting on the lips of her pussy.

My penis was positioned directly against her opening. She was still pressing her fingers firmly against my penis, and I felt the head of my cock slide inside her. I pushed forward and up with my hips, and I easily slipped completely into her as her vagina began to squeeze my penis. She cried out.

Her body jerked and shook once again as another orgasm consumed her. She spread her legs apart and shoved back against me as hard as she could. Each shot of cum caused her vagina to violently squeeze my penis.

Her body continued to tremble in orgasm. My penis was still erect inside her, and as she inhaled, I felt her vagina clamp down on my penis. Her body shook as her orgasm exploded again and she inhaled with another tremor of her vagina.

I told her I was so full of cum that my balls ached. “Then fuck me, lover,” she breathed, “Fuck me… and pump me full of your cum.”

Slowly, I withdrew until my head was the only part of me in her and then I pushed into her a little more quickly.

“Oh, yeah, gimme that cock,” she cried.

I picked up the pace of my thrusting and leaned down to suck one of her nipples. I was really giving it to her now, with long strokes but varied rhythm to keep myself from cumming too quickly.

My cock had grown about as rigid and long and thick as it ever had. I began to drive into her. She grunted when I hit bottom, my balls slapping against her. I couldn’t last much longer, so I looked into her eyes and made sure she knew it.

“I’m… gonna… cum… in… you!” I roared.

“Oooh, yeah… sh-shoot that… cum in me… give me that… gimme that sperm!” she squealed.

I held on for as long as I could, but finally my body took control and I felt the semen welling deep inside me. My cock began to spurt hot jets of potent sperm, boiling up from deep inside me and streaming through the full length of my straining prick into her willing, wet cunt.

Her legs were kicking violently as my load squelched in her pussy as I continued to pound her and fill her with hot cum. I closed my eyes and imagined my thick semen pooling around her cervix, sperm swimming strongly into her uterus.

I wanted to stay inside her well-used cunt for as long as I could stay hard. I rocked against her, dick deep inside her, tonguing her erect nipples. She loved the orgasmic after-shocks she got and I just plain didn’t want to stop fucking her.

“I just emptied my balls into you… You’re full of my sperm,” I whispered.

My semi erect penis pulled out of her. I felt her tremors beginning to weaken, and I held her against me until they were done. She went completely limp in my arms.

I kissed her cheek. She twisted around and kissed me hard on the mouth.

“That was the best sex I’d ever bostancı escort experienced,” she said. “That was fantastic, I needed that!”

We went to the bathroom, rested and shared a soda. After 20 or 30 minutes we laid down on the bed again and began kissing and touching each other. She asked if I was ready for some more fun and I indicated I could go another round.

She reached down and pulled on my penis. I could feel it starting to stiffen again. We were soon rubbing our slippery bodies against each other and moaning as we hungrily kissed. Our hands roamed everywhere we could reach and in a few moments I was hard as a rock again.

She sat up and impaled herself on me again, and she began to bounce up and down, more violently than she had done earlier. I could feel heat building in my groin as she bounced, twisted, and squeezed my penis.

Her breasts were swinging wildly, and she was grunting and moaning. The scent from her body mingled with the aroma of sex, and every time I inhaled through my nose I felt my balls throb – almost painfully.

She reached the point where she had climaxed earlier, but this time she kept bouncing up and down on my cock. Her vagina was twitching as it squeezed my penis, yet she continued to move me in and out of her. She was making little high-pitched squeals. I thrust my hips up several times and I felt my ejaculation starting to explode.

I took a couple more good deep strokes, and then I plowed deep into her snatch and let my load of cum go up into her HOT cunt! There was a wonderful hot, burning sensation as each burst of cum squirted out of my penis. I screamed as the pleasure was simply too intense, and I felt myself head start spinning after my second shot of cum.

Her motions became more violent, and my penis jerked out of her just as my final burst of cum shot out of my penis. “Oh, god…” she moaned and then she started to cum. I was aware of her trembling body falling on top of me just as I thought I was going to black out.

She tried to get off me, but I pulled her back. I could feel wetness dripping onto me from her pussy. The smell was as wonderful as the sex had been. My cock softened and our combined cum ran out around my cock, and onto the bed. I looked down and her pussy. It was red and swollen and cum had started dipping out of it.

I laid there for a few minutes, savoring the feeling of her hot, cum filled pussy around my cock, as I told her how much I enjoyed that, and we kissed a couple of times. Then I pulled out of her and got up off the bed.

Her fuck hole was slightly open and cum was oozing out, running down her crack and dripping on the bed.

“I think you almost fucked my balls off! Damn! I almost passed out when your pussy started sucking my cock!” I said as she set up on the bed.

She giggled. “Well, it’s about the best sex I’ve ever had! But I really am sore, so what do we do now?”

“Well why don’t we rest for few minutes then get cleaned up and go out to dinner?” I said. “I know I am supposed to wine and dine you before we have sex but what the hell better late than never right?”

“Sounds good to me,” she replied “Maybe after dinner we will be ready to do it again.”

After we got cleaned up and dress to go out and were heading out the door I asked her if she had managed to get rid of some that animosity she had for her ex.

“You know I think it really did, it helped me put some of my emotional baggage behind me. Thanks for that.” She said as she took her old wedding ring off and stuck it in her purse. “You know this works like a magic spell you have to do it three times for to take effect so when would you like get together for the second round? “I told her. She smiled.

We did get together over the next two days. The next day I showed her around Miami and South Beach. The following day we drove down to Key Largo and I rented a Catamaran and we went sailing for a couple hours and then snorkeling. Over the course of those two days we had sex numerous times needless to say we did do it more than three times and made sure the magical spell worked.

On the third day she left and went back home and I have not heard from her since. I hope she enjoyed her holiday fling I know I did. I still think about her and the time we spent together and it always brings a smile to my face one of the many good memories I have.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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