Ride Me, Baby! Ch. 04

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It felt like a jack hammer was drilling a hole into her skull when Louise awoke the following morning. She groaned when Gillian’s alarm rang shrilly. “Turn the fucking thing off,” she muttered from beneath her pillow.

“GOT A HANGOVER, LOVE?” shouted Gillian with amusement. “It serves you right for drinking all that crap last night.”

Nausea threatened to overwhelm her and reluctantly Louise pulled her weary body from the narrow bed before dashing into the bathroom to be sick. Oh the evils of drink. That’s it, she thought miserably. I’m never drinking again! The mirror on the wall agreed with her; she looked like death warmed over.

Breakfast was a seriously muted affair. Even Alicia barely said a word over her bowl of muesli. Several people were conspicuously absent and Louise heard Sam say that Rebecca and her friend, Lucy, had been seen disappearing into Bob’s room in the early hours. Sipping her cup of black coffee, she silently wished she could cut her head off. This headache was the worst she had ever endured and the painkillers she’d swallowed in the room had barely dented it.

“Morning ladies!” said Gary cheerfully as he sat down at the table with a huge plate of meat and cheese.

Alicia took one look at the pink salamis and sausages, and turned an unattractive shade of puce. “Gotta go,” she mumbled before shooting off in the direction of the toilets.

“Oh dear,” said Gillian sympathetically. “I think she’s feeling poorly.”

Gary chuckled. “I did warn you lot not to drink too much!”

Louise thought about that as she sipped her black coffee. Strangely enough she had no recollection of any warnings. In fact, she seemed to recall Gary downing an equally large amount of alcohol last night, too. Despite her intention to head back to the hostel after the peep show behind the club, she had been persuaded to join an exploratory foray deeper into the red-light district. Alicia’s exploits had paled into insignificance with what followed.

* * *

Gary plonked yet another round of drinks on the small table in their secluded corner of the seedy dive he’d taken them to. “Drink up,” he urged cheerfully. “I’ve arranged some entertainment for us!”

“What kind of entertainment?” Sonya asked curiously.

“You’ll have to wait and see,” winked Gary. He sipped his evil looking drink innocently and refused to say another word.

Rick was nowhere to be seen much to Louise’s consternation. Whilst she didn’t feel the need to discuss what had happened between them anytime soon, she decided it was a bit fucking rude to have vanished without so much as a check to see that she wasn’t too traumatised by his molestation.

Bastard, she thought venomously. Hopefully he had fallen into a canal and drowned.

A collective gasp from her inebriated companions soon distracted Louise from further maudlin meanderings. She looked up from the bottom of her glass and saw that a statuesque red haired woman had appeared in front of their table, dressed in a black basque creation with stockings.

“This is Faith, a very good friend of mine,” said Gary with a huge grin. “She’s agreed to do a special dance for us tonight, so enjoy!”

Faith leaned over Gary and kissed him lingeringly on the lips. Louise couldn’t help but notice his hand reach round to squeeze her rounded bottom and she wondered what Gary’s definition of ‘good friend’ was exactly.

Soft music began to play as they sat, spellbound. Faith stood and began to slowly gyrate to the beat of the song, swaying seductively to the hypnotic tempo. She was incredibly sexy with long, wavy red hair and milky pale skin. Her body was magnificent, lush feminine curves combined with endless shapely legs.

Sonya was certainly entranced. Her tongue was practically hanging out as Faith teasingly moved her delectable body within touching distance. Slowly they watched as she swayed in time to the music, breasts threatening to spill out from the confines of her tight basque. With a seductive smile, Faith gradually moved forward and straddled Gary’s thighs, still moving to the beat. Her hands caressed the swell of cleavage, drawing everyone’s attention to the fact that her nipples were almost exposed. Adeptly she reached down and swiftly began to pull apart the flimsy ribbons ataşehir escort bayan that kept the sexy garment together.

Within a heartbeat, the lace and satin concoction dropped to the floor, revealing a pair of firm breasts, tipped with large pink nipples. Faith reached up to cup her exposed flesh, rubbing her thumbs across the hard crests. Her audience watched as she leaned forward, allowing Gary to take one nipple in his eager mouth.

“Is that allowed?” whispered Gillian doubtfully.

Louise didn’t reply; she watched in total disbelief as Sonya moved swiftly from her seat to stand behind Faith. Her hands reached round to cup the other woman’s breasts, lustfully stroking her flesh. Faith tilted her face upwards and the two women kissed sensuously, their hair creating a shimmering curtain of red and gold.

A few of the women took the opportunity to leave and head for the bar as they obviously thought this was a step too far in the entertainment stakes. Louise, however, found her body welded to the velvet seat in fascination. Gillian was equally entranced as Sonya continued to caress Faith’s nubile body while Gary played with her breasts.

Louise felt guilty for watching, but at the same time, she was undeniably turned on once more. It was rapidly becoming a night of debauchery to rival the dying days of Rome, she thought.

“Have you ever?” asked Gillian quietly.

“Ever what?” Louise replied eventually; she was still very much distracted by the saucy scene.

“You know…” Her voice trailed off and she paused to sip her drink. “Done it with a woman?” she continued in a low voice.

Louise was slightly shocked at the idea. However, the more she thought about it, the more interesting it became. “No,” she admitted. “Have you?”

“Not yet!” Gillian’s blue eyes sparkled briefly in the dim light before she turned away to watch the show.

Faith kissed Sonya as she slowly began to undo her blouse. They made a very seductive picture; one that was not lost on Gary. He tugged Faith backwards until she sat on his lap, her lips still touching Sonya’s. As he reached round to cup her generous breasts, Sonya dropped down and knelt between her thighs, slowly stroking the smooth flesh above her black stockings. Her pink tongue flicked across her lips and she looked up hesitantly.

“Go on, touch her,” urged Gary, oblivious to the onlookers around them. Sonya remained still for a long time with her hands tentatively hovering in no man’s land between stocking top and the lacy edge of Faith’s french knickers.

“Do you want me to?” Her question was addressed to Faith.

The red haired siren gazed at her longingly. “You know I do,” she whispered.

Louise held her breath as Sonya gently moved her fingers towards the apex of Faith’s thighs. Her eyes darkened as she eased the sodden lace aside, revealing the other woman’s glistening pussy. “So beautiful,” she murmured, her voice barely audible above the music still playing.

“Isn’t she,” agreed Gary. His hands dropped down and pulled Faith’s thighs further apart, exposing her flesh for all to see.

“Drink,” said Louise in a strangled voice. She couldn’t watch any more; her brain felt like it was about to explode from sensory overload.

Gillian didn’t respond. She was far too absorbed in the scene unfolding before her avid gaze.

* * *

The bored girl on the coat-check barely gave Louise a second look when she dashed outside. The light drizzling rain cooled her feverish skin as she found herself leaning against metal railings beside a canal. Faint music drifted through the air, carried on the warm breeze. It felt unreal, like she was in a bizarre film. Her hands gripped the rusty metal tightly; it was the only thing keeping her upright. She was horribly afraid that she might fall into the stagnant water if she let go.

“Don’t do it!”

The voice penetrated her befuddled brain and she turned her head. “What?” she asked wearily.

“My job description doesn’t extend to rescuing cyclists from canals, I’m afraid,” said Rick dryly.

Where the hell had he materialised from? “Funny,” she replied, unable to think of a suitably scathing response. It was late and she was way too pissed.

“Where’s Gary?”

“Ahem…” escort kadıköy Louise wondered how best to explain that one. “He’s busy in there.” She pointed across the cobbled street towards the glowing neon lights of Club Pussy Kat.

Rick rolled his eyes. “I get the picture,” he said. “Is she called Faith, by any chance?”

“How did you know that?” Louise stared at him in surprise, momentarily distracted from the beginnings of a monstrous hangover.

“I remember last years visit to Club Pussy Kat!” Rick grinned wickedly. “Gary’s exploits were legendary. It was just fortunate his wife never saw the pictures.”

Wife? He kept that one quiet! Louise wasn’t all that surprised when she thought about it.

“Does YOUR wife not object to all this?” she couldn’t help asking with barely veiled disgust.

“Unlikely – we’re divorced.” He turned away and stared at the lights reflected in the water below. There was a definite chill in the air all of a sudden.

She felt like kicking herself. “Sorry,” she apologised meekly. “I just ass—”

“Assumed all men are like that?” he interrupted. “Well for the record – we’re not.”

Oh yes, it was definitely time for bed. Peering cross-eyed at her watch and wondering why the digits kept blurring, she managed to work out that it was extremely late. Now, where was the hostel?

As she turned to walk towards the road unsteadily, her foot slipped. “Aghhh!” she yelled, falling helplessly sideways towards the waters edge.

“Did I tell you I can’t swim?” Rick grunted as he caught her swiftly.

“Thanks,” Louise gasped gratefully. She stared into his dark eyes, wondering why her heart was suddenly racing in her chest.

Her stomach began to churn in tandem with her pulse. “I feel sick,” she admitted querulously.

“Come on, let’s get you to bed.” Effortlessly he scooped her up and began to walk along the narrow path.

She rapidly decided that it was far easier to go with the flow than to protest at his cavalier approach. Relaxing against his chest, she closed her eyes. It felt kind of nice as long as she didn’t think too much about the details. No, thinking was seriously bad for her health.

* * *

“I need your key.” Rick’s voice drilled into her brain insistently and she tried to focus on it through the alcoholic fugue that threatened to swamp all conscious thoughts.

“My bag,” she mumbled incoherently, wishing she he would let her go back to sleep again.

“What bag?”

Oh shit. That woke her up. “The red bag with my cash and key in it!”

“This bag?” He held up her leather bag and she glared at him crossly.

“I thought I’d lost it!” she said furiously. “That’s not nice!”

“Well I got your attention,” he laughed. “Now then, are you going to look for your key or shall we just retire to my room instead?”

She ignored the invitation and rummaged hurriedly in her bag. Bingo! The key slotted into the hole and the door swung open with a squeak. Fortunately Gillian and Sam were still out and up to God only knew what, so the room was empty.

Throwing her bag on the nearest bed, she turned to close the door, expecting Rick to have left, but he stood watching her uncoordinated movements with a faint smile. “Are you gonna be okay?” he asked when she bashed her leg on the metal bed and swore loudly.

“Probably not,” she admitted. Her leg now hurt, but at least it took her mind off her head.

He strode across the room and grabbed hold of her wrists. “Lie down or you’re gonna have an accident,” he said firmly.

Before she had realised what was happening, she was stretched out on the bed with him lying beside her. “What are you doing?” she asked, slightly befuddled as to how this had happened.

“I’m making sure you’re okay before I leave.”

“Where are you going?”

“Now I know you’re drunk! I’m going to my own bed, remember?”

“But you’re in bed.”

“Yes, but it’s YOUR bed, not mine.”

He had a point there, although, now that he was lying beside her, Louise suddenly decided she didn’t want him to go. Why was she having a change of heart? She was damned if she knew the answer.

She snuggled up against his warm body and sighed. “That’s okay,” she murmured sleepily. “I don’t mind.”

“Only bostancı escort because you’re drunk; trust me you’ll mind in the morning,” he said softly, his breath tickling her hair.

She tilted her face upwards and looked at him searchingly. “I think—”

The rest of the sentence was lost when he kissed her. Her body melted into his warmth and a slow delirious heat began to spread through her veins. It felt so good; he felt so good. Surely this couldn’t be wrong?

The kiss deepened and she felt herself responding helplessly. The memory of his hands caressing her body ignited the fires of passion and she pulled him closer with a hungry moan. He wanted her, she could feel it. This only served to further inflame her desire. When he pulled away reluctantly, she groaned with disappointment.

“I need to go,” he said firmly.

He was gone before she had time to protest. The door banged shut in his wake and she was left alone in the empty room, the faint lingering scent of his aftershave the only reminder he had been there. Louise closed her eyes again and curled up on the bed, still dressed. She fell asleep wondering why she felt so bereft.

* * *

Alicia returned from the toilets just as Louise was finishing her third cup of black coffee. The other woman looked extremely pale with a slight green tinge to her complexion. She actually began to feel sorry for her until she opened her mouth.

“Glad I’m not the only one who looks like death this morning,” she said as she cast a bloodshot gaze over Louise.

Gillian smothered a laugh and looked out of the window to avoid Louise’s eye. “Fucking bitch,” muttered Louise mutinously.

“Take no notice,” advised Gillian sagely. “You know she’s just jealous because Rick won’t give her the time of day. Ooh, speak of the devil…”

They both looked up as Rick walked into the large room, a tray of food balanced in one hand. “Hey ladies,” he said cheerfully, briefly glancing at Louise before swiftly moving on.

“I’m off back to the room, Gillian.” She needed to escape. Suddenly it felt horribly claustrophobic in the bright airy space. Managing to avoid Rick’s eye, Louise shot out into the reception area of the hostel and nearly fell over a pile of rucksacks by the desk. “Shit,” she muttered.

“Careful!” Gary said as he materialised beside her. “We’ve had no accidents so far and I wouldn’t want you to be the first!”

Louise managed a brittle smile and headed for the stairs. She couldn’t quite erase the memory of him, Sonya and Faith, and she pitied his poor wife.

* * *

“We need to talk,” Rick said quietly.

“Do we?” Louise stared into the distance and continued to lick her ice cream. It was mid morning and already the sun was beating down relentlessly. At least here, in the shade of some large trees, they had some respite while they took a short break. The small shop had certainly made some unexpected money from sales of cold drinks, ice creams and iced lollies.

“Yes, we do. You’ve been avoiding me all morning and I’d like to know why.” He fixed with her a look that said, don’t mess me about, I’m too hot.

He was right. She had been avoiding him. It was because she didn’t know what to say or think after the events of the previous evening; that and because she was dying with the hangover from hell.

“No, I haven’t been avoiding you,” she lied unconvincingly.

He grabbed her arm and pulled her towards the canal and out of earshot from the rest of the group. Not that anybody was looking. They were all too busy nursing hangovers, sore backsides and sunburn in various degrees of pain.

“Okay, maybe I have,” Louise finally admitted. “It’s just that…”


“RICK!” Gary’s voice rang out clearly.

“Tonight, we talk, okay?” He waited until she nodded her head grudgingly.

“I’M COMING!” he yelled back towards Gary, then, without warning, he bent and kissed her briefly. “Later,” he reminded her with a grin.

Louise watched him sprint up the slope and felt butterflies dance in her belly. This wasn’t how she imagined things to be. It was a complication she really didn’t want, but it seemed that fate was playing games with her once again. For the first time that day, her oppressive headache lifted and she felt almost human. Maybe by tonight she would have everything straight in her head. Maybe then she would know what the hell she was doing, messing with another man after what Kevin had done to her.

* * *

Thanks go to Brett for his careful proof reading!

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