Riding with the Storm

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Chapter 1

It was hot as hell and the only thing that I wanted besides a hot coffee was sleeping like the dead. It was night and the moon was full; the hot air was making me tense and despite the fact that I had to drive all night, I was going to stop at the next roadside cafe and drink some well-earned coffee. I could feel my body complaining and as soon as I unloaded the truck, I was hitting the bed and sleep for two days.

When I spotted a cafe I sighed and parked the truck. I really needed to get some coffee to wake me up bur the last thing I expected was to enter in the middle of a fight. Some girl was crying, some guy was trashing the place and the few costumers were trying to calm things down. Another woman was on the phone probably calling the police. So much for my coffee… even less my so desired rest. As a truck driver, I need to follow some rules, like don’t drink and drive, don’t get in fights of any kind and don’t harass people. Basically, you don’t do anything that could put you and your job in jeopardy. Being a truck driver involves long nights and days, many miles alone listening to crappy songs on the radio but most of all, what you just need is a heavy dose of patience and love for curvy road.

I just wanted a hot cup of coffee despite the heat outside. I had still many miles to go and the road at night is dangerous without being fully awake. The only thing I could do was wait for the police to arrive and calm things down. Surely, the sirens of the police car could be already heard and within minutes the patrol car was in the parking lot.

While I was minding my own business, I heard some words were and there about the situation. Short story: hot girl, crazy possessive jerk and one bad look and boom… stupid guy jumps another guy for looking at his girl. Talk about the heat and the full moon making people doing crazy stuff.

Finally, the cops take the crazy guy away, the few people that were still around left and the waitress came to my table and in the most annoyed tone said, “Do you want anything or you were just watching?”

“Coffee, I just want a large cup of coffee, if that’s no trouble.” She looked at me as if I was some sort of bug and off she went to get it. Usually I don’t get this kind of treatment, quite the opposite in fact, but taking into account all that had happened, I gave the girl some slack.

I looked around and the fight girl was getting out of the bathroom and sure enough, she was fucking hot. Blue eyes, black hair almost to her waist and man, legs that could stop traffic. Wearing a pink top showing her sexy belly button and shorts very short, I could understand the looks she was receiving and why the guy went crazy. My mind conjured all sorts of thoughts, including thoughts of those legs around my waist while I was pumping my cock in and out of her. Talk about hot…

She looked at me and started to walk in my direction. I just kept on looking at her and she said, “I’m sorry but, I know you don’t know me and that maybe you think I’m crazy but, can you give me a lift? I mean, if you’re going my way… there isn’t anybody here for me to ask and my friend was taken by the police… and my cousin can’t pick me up… I’m sorry.” My mind was foggy and all I could think of was her fucking naked in my truck.

“My name is Anne, by the way.” She was a little nervous and embarrassed and looking at me like I was her all problems solution.

“Here’s your coffee, pal,” the waitress said, “You can pay it on your way out. You´re still here, sugar? Better get going now; I don’t want another fight because of you.”

The girl got a little teary and I hear myself saying, “Name’s Jake. I’m going to Pasadena. I’m a truck driver.” And just like that, her eyes started to shine and she gave me a big smile.

“Great, I’m going to South Houston; you can just leave me there and then I get a bus. Thank you so much, let me pay for your coffee.” I drank the coffee too fast and almost burned my tongue. I followed her to the pay station admiring the way her hips moved, watching that perfect ass fill those tiny shorts and thinking to myself, “Jake boy, what a fucking mess you’re getting in.”

Chapter 2

“You know Anne, usually I don’t go offering rides to strangers. I can lose my job if someone sees or hear something about it, so in exchange for my help, I appreciate if you kept quiet about it, ok?”

“Of course, I’m so sorry to put you in the middle of my troubles but I couldn’t reach anyone else…”

I was curious to know why she didn’t go with her friend and decided to ask her that. “Why didn’t you go with the police?” I noticed that she hesitated before answering me.

“I told them that I didn’t know the two guys… I don’t want to spend the night in jail or waiting for that jerk.” she said while we were walking to the truck. When we reach it, I needed to help her to get in and sure enough, I had to touch her.

“Sorry but I need to push you inside. You’re small and the truck’s big and I need to touch etimesgut escort you, ok?”

“Oh, sure, that’s ok.” She said smiling at me. That tight ass was within my reach and I could grab a feel but instead I controlled myself and just pushed her inside.

Man, I was with a hard on and getting more uncomfortable by the minute. I tried to arrange my swelling cock inside my pants but my tight jeans were making that task a very difficult one. Thank God I wasn’t wearing my sweatpants; she would get an eyeful for sure.

“So, Anne, tell me why you lied to the police? Since that I’ve broken some rules here, I think I deserve to know the truth.” I told her in a no nonsense tone, while I started the engine. She shifted uncomfortably in the seat and staring straight ahead into the night, she put her hair in a ponytail and wet her lips before answering me.

“Well, I didn’t want to go with the police and those two jerks. It was all a big misunderstanding. I mean, yeah, I know Bob, that jerk, but the other one was really a stranger. Bob is a friend of a friend and since I’m moving to South Houston, he offered to help me. I already sent my stuff so this was the last time that I needed him. Since he was going my way too, the help was welcome. He isn’t my boyfriend but he thought that he could push me around and do things his way and maybe get in my pants, you know? Like, ‘hey, baby, since I’m helping you and all that, maybe we could get together and all that kind of shit’ and I said, no, thanks. But he went crazy and the other guy at the dinner said something about me and you know the rest.”

“Hum… ok. So, why are you moving to South Houston?” I said, trying to make small talk.

“Oh, just trying to make a better living, you know? My cousin is there and she’s going to help me for a while until I get a job.”

“Ok.” As I really suck at small talk and could not think of anything more to say, I focused straight ahead at the road trying not to think about those legs, bare belly and tits. I was doomed to sexual frustration.

“I’m very thankful for your help and I can’t ever pay you for it but if there’s anything that I can do for you, please, just let me know, ok?” she said. In my mind, thoughts of those lips around my dick, of her on all four while I was fucking her from behind were making me almost incapable to talk.

“That’s ok. Everything is fine but please, don’t tell anybody that I offered you a ride.” She nodded her head yes and for some miles, those were the last words spoken.

Chapter 3

While I was driving, Anne fell asleep and I was left alone with my thoughts and my fucking erection. It was making me feel very uncomfortable and the heat was not helping much. I don’t know why but the heat has a strange effect on me since I discovered sex. It makes me extremely horny, with a hunger to fuck that makes me almost insane. When I’m alone and stop the truck at night, yeah, I stroke myself and the relief is ok but with this hot woman beside me, I couldn’t do anything about it. I could see her nipples outlined, small points that I was dying to suck until she begged me to fuck her hard and her shorts were so fucking short that I could see her cleft outlined by the fabric of the jeans… I was starting to become painfully aroused and frustrated at the same time. Talk about an uncomfortable ride… Anne was still sleeping and we were almost in the middle of our journey when black clouds started to gather above us, all the electricity in the air was about to explode in the way of thunder and lightning. It was expected though, summer storms are usual but not a good company to drive. I needed to stop until the storm moved past us and that was a hard task since I couldn’t pretend that I wasn’t aroused. Fuck, even the nature was exploding.

She awoke with the sound of thunders.

“You know, honey,” I said, “I need to stop the truck until the storm move past us. See those lightning’s? Crazy shit happens sometimes and with all this thunders and lightning we are better if we stop.”

“Ok, you do what you have to do, right?” she asked me a little scared.

Nodding I said, “Right, hon, everything will be ok. Just let me stop now and then we can go to the back. I have some sort of sofa there and some food and other stuff. You can even lie down if you want.”

When we moved to the back of the truck, I couldn’t stop watching her nice fuckable ass, imagining all the delicious things that I could do with it. I needed to tune down my thoughts but it was difficult since my hard-on kept on remind me how painful it was being kept inside my pants…I didn’t want her to be scared of me or thinking that I was a pervert. Nevertheless, I’m a guy; I have guy’s thoughts when in the presence of a hot woman!

She was looking around and when she spotted the mattress she looked at me and smiled. Her smell was playing havoc with my libido and the thought of her naked, with her legs wide open for me was making me incapable of any rational thought.

“You can sit sincan escort there.” I said while pointing to the mattress. “Do you want anything to drink? To eat? I have water, coke, and some cookies. Usually I stop at some café to eat…” I was a little unsure of what to say or do.

“Just the water, please. This heat is killing me.” She said fanning herself with her hands. I gave her the water and suddenly I was starting to feel uncomfortable and a complete ass, blaming the long lonely hours on the road for my inability to speak.

“Why don’t you sit next to me? Maybe we could talk or something… we need to pass the time. Maybe you want to sleep?” She asked me, patting the mattress.

Yeah, sleep; that was the last thing on my to-do-list but I couldn’t sit next to her because I was so fucking aroused that my jeans seemed to cut my cock in two.

She was looking around at my little cabin, smiling, drinking the water and making me insane when out of nowhere she looked at me and said, “I’m hot. Do you mind if I use this water to refresh myself?”

Again, I was incapable of speaking and without waiting for my answer, she wet herself with the rest of the water in the bottle. Her pink top became a see through and her perfect tits were completely outlined. Her nipples started to harden and she moaned a little.

“Hum… that´s better, but I’m still hot. Do you mind if I just take my clothes off? I noticed that your little friend is very happy with the thought of me naked”.

I chocked and looked down to my crotch and yes, it was noticeable that my cock was very happy indeed.

“Sure, baby, be comfortable. Do anything you want.” I finally said. She started to take her top and her shorts, and I noticed the lack of underwear. Instantly my mind blocked. I was already beyond horny and if I had guessed that she was naked underneath, I had conjured a storm myself.

“Do you like what you see, cowboy? Maybe you can undress too, you know, just to be more comfortable…” she said, while sitting on the mattress with her legs a little open, daring me, tempting me and quickly, I took off my clothes and then I was in front of her with a big erection.

“My, my, look what you got there. Is it for me to play?” she asked.

“Do you want to play with it?” I asked while touching myself, getting more aroused by her look. Sincerely I didn’t understand the sudden change in behaviour but I wasn’t going to ask, instead I was going to give her the ride of her life.

Chapter 4

She raised herself on her knees while I was standing in front of her. She was looking at me, licking her fingers and making sucking noises.

“You know,” she said smiling, “the heat makes me horny. Besides, I noticed you looking at me and when I saw your cock I could only think of sucking you, milking you dry.”

With a dry mouth I said, “Well, come and get it.”

And get me she did. She grabbed my cock with one hand and started to pump me slowly from the base to the top, wetting her lips with her tongue while looking at me.

“Look at me when I’m licking you.” She ordered me.

Looking down, I saw her lick my shaft with her rough tongue, tasting me like, savouring me like an ice cream. When all of my cock was clean, she put the head in her mouth and sucked me, swallowing me until my dick was deep in her throat. I was beyond aroused and couldn’t remember ever feeling this kind of pleasure. She was playing with my balls, feeling the weight of them, while sucking me and pumping me with her hand. That sight transfixed me.

“You taste very good, cowboy. I could suck you all night. Your cock’s taste can make me addict to you.” she said while sucking me.

“Well, baby, just keep on sucking. Harder.” I told her.

“Not now. I don’t want you spent already. The night’s young and the storm is just starting, right?” she said while rising to kiss me.

Her mouth tasted of my cock and I don’t know why but that was arousing. My cock was rubbing her belly and I grabbed her ass, kneading her ass cheeks while pulling her to me. Her mouth was hot and wet and ours tongues were licking each other; her hands were roaming my body and she pushed me to be mattress.

“Lay still, cowboy. Let me enjoy you.” she said while straddling me. Her shaved pussy was dripping into my belly and my cock was stuck between her ass cheeks. I moved my hips a little, trying to get some friction to alleviate my aching cock but she grabbed my hands.

“No touching yet, cowboy. Let me take good care of you. A ride for a ride.” she said, laughing.

“Oh, baby, I’m all yours.” I said smiling and letting her run the show. I could feel her juices dripping into my belly and her smell was making me losing control.

“I’m going to tie you now. Put your hands up, cowboy. You’ll see how good I’m going to make you feel.” she said and I thought to myself ‘game on, you little bitch’.

She tied my hands with my shirt putting her tits leveled with my mouth. I was dying to suck her and was trying to reach escort etimesgut her nipples with my tongue when she said, “Want a taste, cowboy? Want to lick me off?”

I grunted, “Oh, yeah, I do. Let me suck your tits hard. Two can play the game, you know?”

“I sure do, cowboy, come” she said while giving me her nipple to lick, “suck me hard”.

I grabbed her nipples with my teeth and used my tongue to flick it, she started to moan and rubbing her cunt in my belly. Her taste was intoxicating and I was dying to put my hands in her, to feel the weight of her round and pert tits.

“Suck me harder. Suck the other one too,” she said, moaning while giving me her other tit to suck.

“I’m going to eat you, baby, you’re going to get a fuck to remember”, I said.

She started to rub herself quickly and I could feel her nipples swelling in my mouth.

“Want to come? I can make you feel good. Let me touch you.”I asked her. I was getting crazy with the need and the thought of this chick getting off while I was sucking her tits and her riding my belly was hot beyond hell.

“That’s it sugar, just ride me hard. That’s the way…” I encouraged her. Her movements were increasing and she was trashing on top of me. The sight of her full lips, swollen by our kisses and her flushed skin, sweaty and smelling of sex were a beautiful turn on. She started to moan loudly and just like that, off she went in a crazy orgasm.

“Oh, my! Well, that’s a first.” She said while lying on top of me, spent and without breath. “I want more. I want you to fuck me. I want to feel your cock in me, inside my hungry pussy. But first, let me play a little with you.”

I was getting a little frustrated. I was aroused, painfully so, my cock was crying for attention and my balls were almost bursting with the need to come. I moaned a little and said, “Baby, you’re killing me here. I’m dying to fuck you; I’m dying to feel your wet pussy around my cock.”

“Well now cowboy, let me do the thing”, she said with a naughty smile.

She started to lick my nipples and my belly. “You’re all sweaty. I like that. I love how my juices taste of you. Want to taste my cunt? Are you thirsty for some pussy juice?”

All that talk was making me crazy with need and just the thought of licking that shaved pussy was making me thirsty.

“Yeah, give me your cunt, let me lick you clean.” I grunted.

“My, pleasure, cowboy”, she said with a smile while climbing onto my face. “Make me come again with your tongue, I’m so fucking horny.” She seated herself in my face and her pussy was exactly above my mouth. I was dying to taste her and when my tongue touched her, I almost lose myself. She was so wet that her juices were dripping into my mouth; she tasted a little salty and delicious and I was torturing myself and her, sucking her folds into my mouth, rasping the hood of her clit with my tongue, gentling penetrating her with the tip of my tongue. She was convulsing, riding my tongue while caressing her breasts, pulling and rolling her nipples.

“Oh god! Just like that, cowboy, please, please, fuck my cunt, oh my!” I was feeling her pussy getting soaked and more red, its lips swollen and more sensitive to my flickering tongue and with a moan, she let herself go and I licked her clean of her lube. Trembling, she got off of me and I could see how sweaty and flushed she was. Her breathing was coming in gasps and she looked like a fucking ravished goddess, I couldn’t wait to put my cock inside her and fuck her hard.

“You owe me two, sugar.” I said while trying to get myself free. She untied me and in a second, I had her on her back with me on top. I was so fucking horny, way past any level of excitement that I knew that just as soon as I entered her, I would come. I opened her legs, the vision of her drenched pussy waiting for my shaft clouded my mind, and with just one thrust, I entered her. I lifted her legs, putting them on my shoulders and started to pump into her. The feeling of her pussy walls squeezing me, milking me while she was moaning and trashing was much more that I could handle and like a buck in a rut, I fucked her fast and hard until I exploded inside her. I collapsed on top of her, out of breath and drenched in sweat.

“Oh my, cowboy! You were a little crazy and fast. Guess I made you that way… think you can handle a second rodeo?” she said with a slutty smile.

“You can bet that I am, hon. Now that I’m not so hungry, I’m going to play you to my tune. You can bet that I’m going to give you a night to remember. Turn over.” I said while turning her until she was lying down on her stomach. “Ever been fucked in the ass?” I said while opening her legs and caressing her cleft, feeling the velvety juices, wetting her asshole.

“Only with my fingers… but I’m sure I’m going to love your cock inside my ass.”

“You play with yourself?” I asked, while in my mind images of her with her legs wide open, playing with her pussy started to take form.

“Yeah, all the girls do that, cowboy. Want to see how I play with my hungry cunt?”

“Yeah, I do. Show me how you fuck yourself, slowly.” I said while she seated herself in front of me with her legs open. “Open your legs, more, I want to see everything”.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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