Sambavi—The Hot Girl

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Sambavi—The Hot Girl

A Keralite, a bachelor, was our instant neighbour. He was working in a reputed company. My father was an employee of the state government. My father introduced Nikhil to us; that was his name. Father went back to native once we settled. Nikhil offered to do any help that we required. We had to rely on him as he was the only neighbouring Keralite present. I was a bit shy as I was born and brought up in the village surroundings. My education was in a college near her village house until now. It was the first time that we had left the village and living in a city.

We sat in a lonely location in the park one day. There weren’t many people around us. He used the loneliness to advantage and moved close to me. While I was putting my clip on my hair it slipped off from me. He stretched his hand across me to catch it. Accidentally his hand stricken my breast and whereas making an attempt to catch it he grabbed my thigh.

Anyway, at that time we were nervous. Our bodies have been under fire. We smiled at each other after some moment when we were at ease. I think he’s been waiting for an opportunity to touch me. We were silent spectators to each other after this and we didn’t come close. But we’ve been talking about distinct issues.

A few days later, I took some books from a friend. There was a small book with a nude photo on the cover, along with other books. I curiously opened the book. It was an adult storybook. I hid it under my bed suddenly. After a few days, when my mother went out for some shopping, I read the book. I was sparked with evil ideas by this event. Those stories haunted my sleep. Somehow I wished to experience the stuff described in that book. Thus an innocent village girl was turned into a naughty city girl.

Nikhil was the only boyfriend I had at that time. I began to mix closer to him. Gradually I began to touch his body in some canlı kaçak iddaa pretext. This gave him some courage to put his hand across my shoulder and to hold my hand while on walk. I enjoyed this.

Needless to tell more, in a short time we become lovers.

One day we received a message about the hospitalization of my grandma. So, for a few days, my mom had to go home. I’ve been at home alone. I invited Nikhil to my house to take advantage of the situation. He promised to reach by 9 PM. I took a hot shower using a sandal soap, sprayed perfume in the room, thus created a romantic atmosphere.

I heard a knock at the door. I peeped through the keyhole. Yes! That was Nikhil himself. As soon as I opened the door, we instantly embraced each other and brushed our bodies as if we wanted to enter into each other. I was losing my patience and the modern girl inside me was in fire. Now his fingers reached up to my top to expose my assets. When he attempted to open the top, the direct contact of a masculine hand on my bare back was a complete turning point for me I was completely lost in the ecstasy of the touch of a strong, rigid, masculine hand. It was just blissful; in words, I can’t explain it. My breasts were so heaving that I felt almost touching his bare hairy chest.

It was simply blissful; I can’t explain it in words. My breasts were heaving so much that I almost felt it touch his bare hairy chest. His nose and mouth were also pretty close to mine. We could feel the warm breath of each other. He continued to strip me with more vigour, even though he was tensed. As I also enjoyed it so much, I decided to help him. I acted as if I was doing everything exactly the way he wanted, but I was totally unaware of sex.

I placed my hands closer to his paint, opened the zip, and felt something long and hard. I was scared, wondering what it might be. I touched there again and youwin güvenilir mi was very sure that this hard thing was inside his underwear, but he still had no clue what it was. Then he removed my skirt. In the next moment, I was just in the panty & bra. Now I felt that high current was passing through my nerves. And I felt a complete conversion from a young amateur girl to a full woman in myself. I felt immense pride n my breasts and every part of my body, which males were hungry for.

Now I was in my lover’s hands. I touched that hard thing in his underwear which he was enjoying. He took off his underwear instantly and placed on my hand on the hard thing. Now I could really feel the hard muscle of his own body.

I realized that the male organ is like this. I squeezed it lightly, and it got harder and stood upwards, which I found funny. I just lifted on my toe, placed one of my legs over his thigh and embraced him.

I could feel all his hard muscles with lots of hair on it. As I did not oppose when he placed his hands on my back to unhook the bra. After throwing away my bra, he began to lick my breasts. My nipples became hard like nuts. Like a little c***d, he sucked them. For quite a long time, he fondled my tits. Then I felt his fingers creeping across the whole body from my armpit to the thighs. Eventually, the fingers traced their way to my ass under the panty. I was no longer able to maintain myself. I felt like all my body was on fire. I was overpowered by the heat and an incredible urge. I ran my hands all over his body. I really got wild to feel a masculine body. He had tons of hair like a bear throughout the body.I kissed his bare chest and cheeks. In one swift move, he pulled off my panties. I was biting his neck and he horribly chewed my nipples. I was still not sure if this is what is called sex.

After all the caressing, teasing perabet and stroking, we came to that act which was a mystery to me. With a broad smile on his face, he grasped my hands with his claws, spread both my knees apart with his hairy legs. At this time, I was frightened because I had no idea of his next move. I breathed heavily and entire body shook because of fear.

He rubbed his dick once again for a final stimulation, and with his fingers, he parted my delicate but tight virgin pussy. His huge thing penetrated into my cunt with all his mighty strength. I gasped and was u*********s for a few seconds. I felt like someone with a boring machine was drilling my tender pussy.

I couldn’t get rid of his mighty grip. I’ve really been trapped in him. Like a bull, he charged me. I think I might have yelled loudly. He voiced his fear that my loud scream might have gone out. He continued ramming me for at least 10 minutes. I discharged several times. He was also unable to hold himself and pumped out a lot of white sticky material on my belly, boobs and frontal portion. I was completely exhausted with this long period of intercourse. He pulled out his dagger I was completely exhausted. He pulled out his dagger. I slept there for a while. But with his cum, Nikhil massaged my body.

We were feeling hungry he brought some chappathies and cold drink. We were fully naked. After some time his organ started rising and became strong and red. It was beautiful to look at. I knelt down before him & took his rod into my mouth. He pumped in my mouth. My pussy was getting wet. So I requested him to enter into my pussy, which he immediately carried out. He started ramming me as a bull. Continuous sounds of vuk.. vukkkk.. fuch.. fuch.. ch ch… came out. I discharged three times, this made me tired like anything. He seems to be getting energy by the look of vibrations of my boobs and friction of my tight pussy. Suddenly his face changed, as he screamed “haa,” pumping became faster and faster. I’m Cumming, please hold me … ohhhhhhhh… . He collapsed and fell upon me.

Now it’s been 3 PM. We took a shower together, slept till morning together

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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