Sara and Alejandro

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Madrid, Spain


Sara decided she couldn’t wait until Alejandro came home. The anticipation alone had been enough to arouse her beyond breaking point. And so she moved her hand beneath her short, plaid skirt –then inside her black panties, until finally she found the moistness of her vulva. Then, while picturing him thrusting strongly inside her — the power of his shoulders, the force of his cock — she let her fingers play deliciously with her pussy.

Recently, she’d come to know her own clit very well. And so she knew just how to tease it — how to approach the bliss…. how to retreat from it….

In her vision, Alejandro then came inside her. With this, she could tease herself no more. She had to let the tension build and build… until finally the climax hit her — like rapids of pleasure, a pure filthiness.


Alejandro had first seen Sara a couple of months ago. It was on the Calle de Bailén, outside Madrid’s Palacio Real. Noticing her, his eyes had greedily traced her body: her long, brown hair; that short, grey dress escort ataşehir and, most importantly, her black tights — both revealing and covering the undulation of her legs.

Yes, he wanted to fuck her — of course he did. But fuck didn’t quite capture his intent. It was more erotic than that. It was a feeling of wanting to die in the glory of her. To wrap himself in the poem of her body, until there was nothing left — only bliss, an endless white light. Like fucking as redemption.

And so he went over to her, and said the things he needed to say. Luckily, she also seemed interested — so it didn’t take long to achieve the desired result. Later that week, she invited him over to her place — and finally they made their way to the bedroom. She wore the same clothes as before, so he enjoyed running his hands over the back of her dress, the length of her tights…

He asked if she could keep her dress on, which she did. In the end, they didn’t even make it to the bed. He just fucked her against the bedroom wall, thrusting under the fabric of her dress. kadıköy escort bayan It was the hottest thing he had ever known.

And now, a few weeks (and several fucks) later, he again found himself heading to her apartment — where he knew she’d be waiting for him, in that white blouse/plaid skirt combination she had already told him so much about…


About an hour after her pleasure, Sara at last heard Alejandro come through the door. She’d already given him a key, so he could let himself in.

Since masturbating, she hadn’t even moved from her bed — not wishing to lose any of the sensations that pulsed within her. And so this is where Alejandro found her, as he walked through into the bedroom.

On seeing her, his body was assaulted by lust — violent as murder, attacking his whole being. The way that blouse clung to her breasts, the curve of her back… the skirt on her thighs, beckoningly high… It was truly everything he had fantasised about on the way there. Indeed, part of him simply wanted to stay on that summit, surveying her escort bostancı through clouds of lust…

Not enough of him, however. And so he hurried over to her, and kissed her urgently on the mouth. She kissed him back, and their hands began exploring each other’s bodies.

Then Alejandro broke off. “Take off your panties” he said breathlessly — and she complied. “Can you go on top?” he asked, and she nodded. So they moved their bodies around, with Sara ending up on top of him. Then she wriggled a little, to get her pussy in position — and then he thrust his cock inside her.

His hands pored over her body. They lingered especially on her breasts, which blossomed hard beneath her blouse. Her skirt felt so erotic against his skin, he thought he might come too early… but he managed to restrain himself.

By contrast, she wasn’t so frantic with her hands. She was too busy savouring his strength — the way he pounded into her again and again…. the way he made her body crackle with pleasure…

Then the crackling exploded, and she came with a blissful moan. Seeing this, he stopped holding back, and came powerfully inside her.

As she collapsed on his chest, he was filled with orgasmic peace. The feeling that, at the heart of everything, there was ecstasy — a sumptuous thing, flowing endlessly.

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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