Sara’s Tinder Experiences Ch. 01-05

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I was bored. My husband was always traveling for business and I stayed at home. My daughter was living on her own as she turned eighteen and decided on college in a nearby town. She was expected home next week. I was watching a cute sexy movie and I must admit it made my thoughts wander.

My husband had not touched me for ages. When he came home, he was stressed out and exhausted, so we somehow never relaxed. We hadn’t been out for a drink, or dinner for months. The last occasion was my thirty-sixth birthday. He took me to a beautiful restaurant with a romantic atmosphere. He was warm and attentive and then we went home.

Once there his phone rang, and he got stuck in a work situation. By the time he had it sorted he was stressed and tired. As it was my birthday, he suggested we go to bed. He reached for me kissed me and touched me. However, he was in a hurry. His vibe was not intimate and loving, rather mechanical and hurried. After he came, he kissed me, and rolled over and went to sleep. And that was a good night of sex compared to most!

After I had a hot soapy bath in candlelight while I listened to music and sipped wine, I put on a sexy movie. The movie awakened a desire in me for a night with a man who wanted to be with me. My friend Sally had confided in me that she was in a marriage without any real intimacy. Her solution was to join Tinder.

She told me she met guys there that were cute, enjoyed being with her, loved the sex and had no ideas about having a relationship, so her marriage was not in danger of being challenged. As she said, “The last thing I need is a guy pushing for a relationship. I love my husband it’s just I need that flirtation, to feel attractive and desired as a woman.”

I knew exactly what she meant. To have a man look at me with desire in his eyes, to want to be with me and seducing me. It would make me feel sexy and confident. She shared some of her experiences and I was fascinated. A few weeks later, I had picked up my phone. It was midnight and I was alone, so I looked for Tinder and downloaded the app.

I quickly uploaded several photos and gave my details. I am a brunette with long hair, petite and look younger than I am and have firm breasts flat belly flat and shapely slender legs. My blue eyes are set in a pretty face, with a wide mouth with full lips that easily smile. My personality is outgoing and humorous.

After signing up I took out the premium subscription and began to explore the site…and Google the ‘ins and outs’ of Tinder dating. I began to swipe …left, left, left, right… until I felt I had selected several suitable men. I had received a response from one of them. As I only swiped men that I felt were suitable, I was happy to message him. We had chatted and agreed we would meet.

Lying in bed in my sexy lingerie I decided to message him, and I texted him.

“Hi Tommy, I am available for a night out, as I am on my own the whole week. Sara.” I hoped he would read it as, “This week I can take her out and we can spend the night together.”

My idea was if the vibe was relaxed and there was a spark, I would go with him to his place. To my surprise, he answered immediately. He explained he was usually up late, so he saw my message. He asked if he could call and soon my phone rang.

“Hi Sara, Tommy here, great to speak to you at last,” said a deep masculine voice.

I was immediately weak at the knees. I hoped the photo on his profile was him. If so, he had two pluses… his looks and his voice. As we chatted, I found him attractive and sexy. He was warm, funny and had an edge of sexiness in his conversation. I relaxed. Perhaps it was the wine and the movie, but I found myself asking him,

“Tommy, what are you doing now?”

“Nothing, I’m quite bored.”

I glanced at my watch and saw it was 11.pm.

“If you want to come over that will be fine. I am bored myself and have been sipping some wine.”

“Sara, I’d love to come over if you don’t mind.”

I could hear the eagerness in his voice and my heart skipped a beat.

“That would be wonderful, I would love for you to come over.”

I gave him my address and he said he would be about 40 minutes. I assured him that would be fine. I put down my phone and thought I am taking a chance as I didn’t know him. I chided myself for hoping that he would take me right here tonight in this bed! I poured another glass of wine and couldn’t help feeling the excitement and the hopeful expectation.

He sounded great, he looks great and it would be wonderful if we spark and get some chemistry. As I had just bathed, I decided I should put some makeup on and some decent clothing. I did not want to come across as too slutty.

The doorbell rang. I had finally decided to wear a flowing skirt and a blouse. Conservative, yet feminine and I hoped sexy and appealing. I opened the door and there stood a tall dark-haired man with a good muscular frame. He was not over-muscled but certainly, he was not lacking. His eyes were blue and had a twinkle in them. His face broke into a warm smile.

“Hi, I am altyazılı porno Tommy. It is so good to meet you!”

“I’m glad you could come over at such short notice.”

I invited him into the living room, and he stood to dominate the room and looked around.

“Sara, this is beautiful! Did you do the design?”

I blushed and said, “Yes.”

He complimented me again and I asked him to sit. He sat on the large sofa and I sat beside him and we chatted. It was just general chatter and I asked if he would like a drink. He asked for a whisky. I poured him a double over ice and handed it to him. As my hand touched his I felt the sparks, there was chemistry already in the room. I poured more wine and relaxed on the sofa beside him. The time flew past, and then he said he had to leave. I was disappointed but realised it was too late to start anything. He stood up and moved toward the door. At the door, he slowly turned and faced me.

He looked deep into my eyes and my knees went weak. I caught my breath. He touched my arms and stroked them and drew me to himself and kissed me. His hard-male mouth crushed my lips and his tongue gently pressed my lips open and found my tongue. Our tongues chased and darted in and out of our sealed lips and each other’s mouths. His strong arms were around me pulling me close. I had my arms around him running them up and down his strong back. My pussy was wet, and my knees were weak as I slumped against him full of arousal and lust. He broke off the kiss and stood close to each other.

“Sara, I’m free tomorrow night, all night. I will call in the afternoon.”

Then he left. I leaned against the wall wondering what had happened. It was like a whirlwind of emotions chemistry and arousal. It did not help my sexual frustration at all! I was more aroused than before he came around. Back in the lounge I poured another glass of wine and went to my room. I undressed and slipped naked into the bed and began to sip my wine and fantasizing about him.

I was wet, and my thighs were squirming. My hands ran over my breasts, nipples, along my stomach and slowly began to touch myself. My clit was super sensitive and wet with my juices. I began to stroke my clit, my pussy finger myself until using a vibrator I came to a climax and orgasmed. I then fell asleep dreaming about the promise of tomorrow night. The only problem was he was considerably younger than me and that was the last thought before I fell asleep.

Tommy got into his BMW and leaned back in the leather seat as he accelerated away. His erection had subsided but not his desire. That is aa beautiful sexy lady he said to no one. As the night slipped past him, he was thinking about tomorrow. He arrived home and went into his house. At twenty-seven he was fortunate to have inherited a large amount of money and his father’s business. He was wealthy and enjoyed his luxury.

He went to his bedroom and undressed. The. He went and showered. So, soaping himself he became aroused again. He rinsed off and dried himself. He lay naked on his bed and felt for a bottle beside his bed lamp. He poured some onto his hand and lay back.

His erection was growing stronger and he began to stroke it with his lubed hand. Slow strong strokes as his mind undressed her in his imagination and then took her. He stroked his large cock until he felt the orgasm rushing up. His hips thrust upward as his hand gripped and squeezed his cock. His other hand caressed his balls and groaning he began to spasm and to spurt his hot cum over his hand and belly.

When he was finished, he padded to the bathroom. And cleaned up with a damp hot towel. When finished he took his phone and looked at it. There was a message from her thanking him for coming over and confirming she was looking forward to getting together tomorrow night. He grinned in the soft light of the phone screen.

He was amazed at the lust she generated in him. He was ten years younger than her, but she had an aura of sexiness and class. She was elegant and refined, yet her kiss revealed she was a deeply sensual woman. He knew she was experienced sexually, and he felt her relaxed confidence.

Then he saw a text from his current girlfriend. He read it. She bubbled about her day and how much she missed him. He lay back and considered her. She was very attractive, sexy and intelligent. She was younger than him and he had enjoyed their short time together. They met on Tinder, dated and started a relationship. She was very sexy and had a huge appetite for sex and his body.

They spent a considerable amount of time making love and just enjoying sex. She seemed always ready and willing, and he could feel her great enjoyment of sex. At times she was quite kinky which he liked. But she had to be away for a couple of months, and he decided he was not going to deny himself because of her.

His mind turned to Sara again. At thirty-nine she was going to be his first older woman he had been with. He was sure it would be a great experience. He fell asleep planning where he should take her.

The amatör porno next morning, he woke up and after breakfast phoned his favorite restaurant. It was small exclusive expensive and guaranteed a quiet private venue and excellent food. It was in his view ideal for seduction and the perfect setting to take Sara to. Having confirmed the booking, he phoned her. She did not answer the phone, so he hung up. He busied himself with his daily responsibilities.

Sara woke up and felt an excitement and joy she hadn’t experienced for some time. She stretched herself and then slipped out the bed. As she made coffee and prepared breakfast she was on the phone. She made an appointment at the beauty salon. She arranged a massage, full body wax and hairdresser and manicurist.

By the time Tommy had phoned, Sara was in a gown at the salon getting pampered and prepared. She went for a full-body wax including a Brazilian. Her nails were done. Her skin massaged oiled and pampered. Her hair was styled, and she had a manicure. When she had finished, she drove back home.

She saw his missed call and decided to call him back.

“Tommy, nice to hear from you. I see a missed call from you.”

“Hi Sara! Yes, I’m glad you called. I have booked a restaurant for eight tonight. I will fetch you at seven if that suits you?”

“Yes! Looking forward to seeing you.”

She felt her body turn on as her excitement rose higher and her mood was getting sexy. She chided herself thinking he was so young. But her body was already past the point of logic and reason. She wanted him. Tonight. Once home she selected her outfit and lingerie and the relaxed with a glass of wine and a fruit salad.

It was time to get ready. She had a shower just to freshen up as she had a sauna bathed and showed at the salon spa. She stepped out the shower her naked body wet and dripping water. She took a towel and dried herself. She then sat at the mirror and touched up her makeup. She slipped on her see-thru wispy undies followed by a matching bra. Then she put on her suspender belt and rolled up her silk stocking. She clipped them to the suspender and looked at herself in the mirror. She was satisfied with what she saw.

Her husband called at that point.

“Hi, Sara, I was just thinking about you.”

“Ronnie! It is so nice to hear your voice. Where are you?”

“In my hotel. I just had dinner and thought I’d phone before I go to bed. Have you received the gift?

“Yes, Thanks! It was very useful!”

He had left a gift and when she opened it, she discovered a vibrator. They chatted and eventually he hung up. She then slipped into her dress. It was a sexy yet understated black silk that clung to her curves and was incredibly sensual. Her evening bag and sandals completed her ensemble. She then placed a delicate gold chain around her neck, removed her wedding ring and slipped on a gold bracelet. She was ready. It was almost 8 pm. She placed some candles strategically and turned on a soft lamplight. She then left the room and sat in the lounge.

Her phone rang she looked and saw it was her daughter. She quickly answered it. Maria was her usual happy, positive self and spilt over about college exams, hard work, parties and finally her upcoming plans. She would be home next week and wanted to invite her new boyfriend over to meet her Mom and Dad.

“Fine.” And they said goodbye with loud kisses.

The doorbell rang and she opened the door. He was standing there freshly groomed. His hair was brushed and gelled, his face clean-shaven. His aftershave was musky and his blue eyes alive with appreciation as he looked her in the eyes then quickly ran his eyes over her face and body.

“Sara, you look beautiful!”

She hadn’t been told that for years. His dark blue shirt and dark jacket and slacks were completed with black shoes. He was a dream come true.

“Hi, Tommy, just a moment!”

She went and collected her keys, pulled the door closed. He smiled as she tucked her hand into his arm and discreetly felt his biceps. Strong. She was coming alive. He escorted her to the car and opened the door for her. Then he got in and soon they were on the way to the restaurant. They chatted easily as he drove and there was definite chemistry between them.

The restaurant he chose was exquisite. Small, plush and with beautiful décor. The service was perfect from the moment they were greeted until the time they left. She ordered a calamari starter then a salmon steak. They ordered wine and spend time relaxing and eating. They ended with Irish coffees and while they were sipping them the conversation turned to the rest of the evening.

“Well, Sara, I enjoyed that.”

“It was wonderful.”

“What do you prefer? Would you like to see my place or show me yours?”

“Tommy, I would love to go back to my place. No one is there, nor am I expecting anyone to arrive.”

“If they do, I just won’t open the door!”

“That suits me fine.”

They finished their drinks and he paid for dinner. They walked to the car and arap porno he put his arm around her waist. At the car, he opened the door and she sat in it. He drove them back to her place. The sexual tension was palpable in the car. Both were anticipating what was coming next.

Once home they stepped inside the dimly lit lounge and he reached and drew her to himself and kissed her. Her mouth was on fire. Her tongue eagerly chased his and they stood kissing and touching watching each other She felt his hardness against her belly and shuddered with pleasure and desire. She was already wet.

“Let’s have a drink.”

She poured them each a double scotch and led him to the couch. They began to kiss and explore each other’s bodies. Her skirt rode up and his hands caressed her thighs, inner thighs and soon his fingers were caressing her pussy thru the panties. Her hands were around his neck, running down his face, across his chest and soon moved down to his strong thighs.

She moved her hand and touched his cock. It was hard under the slacks, and she could tell it was big. She melted at the thought of having his large cock in her hands, her mouth her pussy and she hoped in her anus. She massaged it through the material, and he was now fingering her. He had moved her pantie aside and his fingers were busy caressing her clit and fingering her wet pussy.

She groaned with lust and pulled her hands to his belt and began to undo it. All the while kissing him. After the belt was loose, she feverishly felt for the zip and pulled it down Her small soft hand slipped inside. Then she felt it and drew it out. She melted, her pussy flooding; her hand felt the hardness and the silky soft skin of his cock in her hand. Her hand went lower and felt his balls, and gently squeezed them. He groaned. They were both locked in their lust, kissing tonguing and fingering each other.

She broke away and knelt in front of him and held his cock in her hand. She gazed at the head and the shaft and then lowered her mouth over it. She drew it in and flicked her tongue over his head. She felt her pussy was dripping and she groaned with contentment. She suckled, tongued his cock and fondled his balls.

His hands gripped her hair and he held her face down into his crotch. She broke away and leaned back. He reached for her and began to fondle her tits and then she reached behind her and unzipped her dress, unclipped her bra and let them fall off her. He squeezed them gently and closed his mouth over her erect nipples caressing the nipples with his tongue and he caressed her.

She stood and slipped her dress off and stood facing him. Her wild hair, her full naked breasts with erect nipples and her curvy naked body turned him on. She slipped off her panties and leaned forward against him pressing him back onto the couch. She straddled him and while he caressed her body, his large hands massaging her bum cheeks, fingering her wet pussy and his mouth sucking her nipples. She felt flooded with sensations. They were bursting inside her each raising her to a new level of delirious ecstasy.

His finger inserted inside her and his other hand massaging her cheeks was incredible. She lowered herself onto his large hard cock and felt it slide in and fil her. It was wonderful. She savoured the sensation and rose off him and slipped down again enjoying the sense of its hardness and its depth as it filled her up. She kissed him again. Wildly with passion as she started to slowly ride his cock. He was groaning over and over and she knew he was as turned on as she was. She rolled off him onto her back on the sofa telling him,

“Tommy, take it off…” as she urgently pulled at his shirt and trousers.

He quickly pulled his shirt off and then stood and kicked off his shoes, trousers and removed his socks. She watched thru lidded eyes while her fingers caressed her clit. His naked muscular frame appeared before her eyes with his large erection holding a promise of heaven. She groaned reached for his cock with both hands stroked it and then pulled him down onto her. She was now very hot and ready to be fucked. She pushed her hips up towards his cock thrusting so he would enter her.

“Fuck me now and fuck me hard. My pussy is wet and wants you inside!”

He did with a deep hard thrust that forced and groan of pleasure from her. She pulled him down arms around his neck, her legs wrapped around his body and were drawn up bent at the knees.

“Fuck me,” she whispered, “please fuck me!”

She was panting and breathless and wanted to feel his thrusts and the loss of control of his orgasm. He responded by fucking her hard and slowly. Then he gripped her arms and lifted her as he changed positing onto his knees. She was now straddled on his cock being held by his strong arms. She fucked against his cock.

“Yes, yes I love riding your cock. It’s so hard and big!”

He lifted her again, this time she was on her back on top of the sofa. He now straddled the couch and holding her he began to fuck her. This time his cock pounding inside her as she lay with her legs apart being held by his hands, so she did not roll-off. He then picked her up again and rolled her face down on the couch and knelt behind her and fucked her. She was lost in her sensations. Her hot wet pussy was exposed and fucking back against his thrusting hips and cock.

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