Saturday Night Special Ch. 06

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(Continued from Saturday Night Special, Part 5)

I woke that Monday morning at 6 o’clock, force of habit, I guess. I felt still yet a little disoriented from the prior two days, and it occurred to me to lie back down and sleep another hour or two. The sky had begun to lighten, and I could hear the soft morning surf.

Teri was out cold, sleeping like a sack of sand, and I put my head back down, looking at the peace on her pretty face. She looked, if anything, to be younger than she’d been in the day or two before; the edge of street-tough was gone from her features, and what was left was pure.

As I’d come to believe last night, Teri was not just tough, not just that superficial bravado girls assume when left alone too young. I’d seen that she also was brave and untouchable, and that there were parts of her that no one ever could hurt. In that way, she was like the mother tiger, one who will give all to defend her brood or willinglly die trying. In a strange way, I felt protected by her.

And she by me, of course. I still felt intensely watchful over Teri. I wanted to have some coffee, but we hadn’t even thought to get a jar of instant. I figured there might be a store nearby, but I wasn’t about to leave Teri alone in the tent for any time longer than what it took me to take a piss. Which is exactly what I did. I went to the bathhouse and took a big long piss.

I decided to stop by the office to see if the old man had any coffee. I opened the front door, and the old man sat there as usual, counting up stacks of greenbacks — the day’s take from Sunday or something. “Hello there, young fella,” he said to me without looking up.

I could smell brewed coffee. “You have any coffee for sale?” I asked him. “I could use a couple of cups.”

“No,” he said. “What I got in that pot is for my use. I used to try to have enough coffee for people in the morning, but it got to be too much, so I stopped. Most people here makes their own anyway.”

He finished counting a particular stack of bills, tied them with a rubber band, put the stack in a metal box, and jotted in a ledger book. “There’s a big new convenient store ’bout a half-mile back down the highway,” he said. “They got coffee and doughnuts, probably anything you need. That would be the closest place to go.”

He paused briefly, then continued in the same tone. “You kids going to stay another night?” he asked

“We haven’t made our minds up yet,” I answered. “Can I let you know in a hour or two?”

“No hurry to me,” he said with a wink and a grin. “Just let me know by noon or so. I’ll hold your place for you if you go out, but I’d suggest you take your valuables with you, as I can’t warrant anything that might get taken.”

I thanked him and walked back to the tent. Teri still lay sleeping. I was a little torn between leaving her be to sleep as long as she liked, and waking her with a nice, czech experiment porno happy, just-out-of-a-dream kind of fuck. I decided to be nice about it, so i sat in the car, turned on the key, and caught up with the morning news shows. Nothing much I cared about. It was going to be hot again, hot and sunny. But I could have told you that.

Obviously I was going to stay close to Teri, so I had to forget about the coffee, at least until she woke. I felt a little restless, and I thought about maybe taking a shower, or walking down to the beach for a walk. Instead though, I stayed close, watching the other people who were stirring and moving about as the sun cleared the horizon.

Up in the next row of tents, I saw three, four girls about my age climbing out of their tent one at a time, all sleep-tousled and half-dressed. They looked and acted like college girls; they had a nice black Blazer parked on the side. I kind of zeroed in on one of them, a tall, dark-haired girl wearing a tan cotton sheath as a nightshirt. The morning sun shone through it, and she didn’t look to have anything on underneath.

Now in normal times, I’d have been over there chatting them up — I had a ready-made opener, maybe asking them for a cup of coffee, and I could have gotten right to work. But it struck me that I was with Teri, and moreover, I was responsible for her security. Two of the girls, both blondes, went off in the direction of the bathhouse. The other two, my dark-haired beauty included, fumbled with a gas camp stove, apparently making up some coffee.Holy jesus . . .

Instead, I looked into my tent. Teri still had not stirred. I went in and flopped down next to her, figuring it was time for us to saddle up and git. I began to smooth her cheek and ear, running the back of one finger across her lips. She gave a little sniff and sort of shook her head, still asleep. I pushed my arm under her neck and ran my other hand up and down her arm, letting it slide past her hand to her waist and her ass. She tensed slightly and again showed annoyance at being teased. So i got more insistent, grabbing her breast and giving her a little shake; she responded by rolling onto her belly with a huff.

OK, I thought, is this one of those times when no really means no? Was she really, honestly, in need of more sleep? A darker thought briefly crossed my mind. Maybe Teri was one of these who needs to sense danger to get her blood up. Hmmm, That might explains why she stuck with Ronnie, and why she was so red hot after the Saturday night smash-up and after our grim encounter with those motherfucking swamp fox do-rights on the way down here. I didn’t want to think that way, so I filed the whole thing aside.

Meanwhile, though, my blood was up. I rose to my knees and yanked the blanket off her .I rolled her on her back, and there she was, naked and perfect and totally czech first porno video fuckable. My dick now was fully serious and began to swell up for real. She grabbed the edge of the blanket. “God damn it Bobby,” she said, growing angry. “What the fuck are you doing?” I yanked the blanket out of her hand and tossed it aside. Then I crawled over her, attempting to get between her legs. She held her knees together and resisted.

“Damn you sis,” I said, only half-joking. I finally got her legs apart and moved in between them. To my surprise, she began to twist and to flail at me with her hands, catching me a good one, open-hand, on the right side of my face. “Get off me Bobby god damn it or I’m gonna scream. I quickly pinned her arms down by her head with my elbows and clapped a hand tight over her mouth. Simultaneously, I forced my dick all the way into her pussy, feeling the warm, gooey wetness cunts seem to have after rest overnight. I hit her with several hard, strong strokes, and she let out her breath and seemed to go quiet.

I began stroking slowly. “You awake yet, baby?” I asked her, smiling. She mumbled something, so I moved my hand and started pushing harder and faster into her pussy, which came to life and tightened around me. I continued fucking her, and she responded with low, quick moans. Finally, I was there. I fucked her in and out, steady and hard, and she raised her knees so as to match her pussy to the angle of my thrusts. As I kept driving it into her, her moaning increased, and finally, she wrapped her legs around my ass so as to hold me in her.

The sun angled into the tent, catching Teri’s face, and I could see her clearly, eyes closed, mouth opening and closing as she breathed and groaned. Again, I saw more than a fine piece of trailer-park ass, but my sister, my little sister, altogether mingled in one, transcendant creature.

I raised and lowered my ass so as to drive into her with long, curved strokes, and her breath came faster. “God fuck me harder, Bobby,” she cried. “Harder baby. Give it to me, ooohhhhhh.” I summoned everything I had to pound into her hard and deep, slamming at her pussy, my nuts straining, and Teri gave out a long wavering cry of pleasure and torment, her pussy clenching and tugging at my hard dick.

That was all I needed — I was right behind her. The sensations in my loins and cock suddenly concentrated by exponents, and I blasted hot seed deep into her pussy, shot after shot after shot. I lay flat onto her, feeling her little breasts crushed between us, and sought a kiss, continuing with the slow, gentle afterfucking as my hardness subsided.

I continued to kiss her and push in and out of her for quite some time, and I left it in her even when my dick finally went soft. Her pussy lips nibbled at it, and we both laughed a little at that. Suddenly, she said. “Get off me, like, czech game porno now, Bobby. I got to pee.”

I rolled off her, and she quickly rose and crawled out of the tent, standing in the sun totally naked. I heard her dash behind the tent and pee, and in a minute, she was back in the tent. She sat down opposite me, cross-legged, her pretty pussy on full display, not a hint of modesty.

I couldn’t help but sense that she hadn’t really wanted to fuck this morning, and although she seemed to enjoy it completely, I didn’t feel from her the passion and urgency i’d felt since Saturday night. I mean, she’d actually struggled and hit me before she finally yielded to me.

“You OK this morning, sis?” I said, beginning as obliquely as I could. “Yeah, I’m all right,” she said. “You mean why did I fight you when you came on to me?

“I just felt so damn tired, you know? I was whipped when we went to sleep last night, and I felt like I could sleep all day if you’d just leave me alone. I had kind of a weird dream too, but that wasn’t it

“I don’t know, Bobby. Maybe I felt like there’s too much being put on me here, what with Ronnie, and then those two bastards, those fucking rapists, in the swamps. And then, well, you being my brother and all . . . “

Yes, I thought, there had been that. There was more to all this than just two hot youngsters tearing off for the beach for a wild weekend. Teri was my sister, and I was her brother, and amid what seemed like the pure joy of non-strop fucking for, christ, less than two days, neither one of us had reconciled that fact.

Teri sure could get right to the point.

We decided to head for home. We pulled on clothes, packed up all our gear, tossed it in the car, and drove up front to notify the old man. “We owe you anything?” I asked him. “No sir, he said. I think we’re all even. I hope you kids had a good time. Come back and see us again.”

I didn’t bother with the maps, deciding instead to drive back on the interstate, the way I knew. I turned south onto the main highway, driving toward the city. We filled up with gas at a bright, new market, and Teri went inside for a quart carton of orange juice. A little farther down the road, we stopped at a Burger King for biscuits and coffee.

We intersected the freeway, and I turned north, toward Columbia. Teri drank about half the orange juice, then put her head back and dozed. I drank my coffee, and when Teri fell asleep, I drank hers too. I set my eyes to the road and just drove.

Naturally, I had plenty of time to think. A lot of my thoughts I pushed away, but I kept coming back to the matter of brother and sister, and whether or not this was some kind of crime against nature, or against God, or something like that. No matter how I tried, I couldn’t get that level and plumb in my mind.

Every now and then, I’d look at Teri, my pretty kid sister. I still loved her like a sister — should I now leave it at that, or had too much passed between us now to work backward to family relations? Had she now become my lover, a lover such as I’d never had before, a lover I no longer believed I could live without?

I wondered what Teri was thinking . . .

(End of Series)

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