Savannah’s Second Chance

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Savannah was having serious second doubts; and thirds and fourths. After a long day of tracking down a P.I. to help her with her problem, she’d gone to the local watering hole, known affectionately to the natives as The Take Out. Apparently, it was the place to go to let off steam, and maybe if you were lucky, get laid. Sounded like a winner to her; she really needed to let loose. Dressed down in tight shorts, tee and boots that came just above her knee, it didn’t take long for one Sean Tripp to make tracks in her direction. A few beers, some hot kisses and a round of Tequila later, they were now headed for his buddy’s apartment (“don’t worry, he works swing and he’ll be out like a light”) in a taxi.

The matter giving Savannah serious pause was the fumbling nature of caresses she was receiving. Sure, the road wasn’t very well paved and there were lots of quick turns interspersed, but as they passed a street light Savannah recognized the glazed look in Sean’s eyes. Still, perhaps once they were in the apartment he’d come alive. Twenty minutes later all hope vanished. Sean lay face down on the unmade bed, snoring loudly enough to rival a 747. With a snort of disgust she put her tee back on; he hadn’t even managed to open her bra before passing out.

She remembered Sean mentioning his buddy, and how he was probably dead to the world, so quietly tip-toed her way out of Sean’s room. Peering intently through the dark of the hallway she noticed the door to the opposite bedroom was open, and feeling mildly curious about this “buddy”, took a peek inside. Sprawled across the bed, right leg crooked at the knee, sheets tangled around his torso, Sean’s buddy slept, unaware of her presence. Fishing her brain wildly, the name Sam popped up. His buddy’s name was Sam, Sam Dunham.

She made a visual inventory of his body, taking in the rustled brown hair, lean torso and limbs; the sheet, disappointingly, hid his package. Boldly she slipped into the room and quietly closed the door. She just had to take a gander; no harm in that, right? As carefully as possible she parted the folds of sheet over his groin. Even soft he was impressive; not huge, really, but she estimated that when aroused he could measure a nice seven, seven and a half, maybe. Savannah inhaled his musky scent and nearly moaned. She really, really needed fucked. Really. Debating a mere thirty seconds, she decided to risk it. Perhaps Sam wouldn’t mind waking up to a soft, warm and willing body after a hard day’s work. Even so, this could take some finessing.

She quickly shed her shorts and tee, for now leaving the matching bra emboldened now she sucked the head of his cock into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the head over and over. A soft moan escaped from Sam’s throat, but he didn’t wake up. More boldly, she bobbed on his dick, taking more and more into her mouth. It contracted and then began to swell. The movement triggered a similar response in Savannah; she felt her clit tighten and her juices flow. His legs stirred. She stopped.

She looked up in time to see Sam’s head move on the pillow, and then stop. Very carefully she resumed her ministrations; bostancı escort he was only half-way hard. The taste of him started to seep into her consciousness and she couldn’t help the little moan that escaped. She reached back with one hand and peeled her thong down her legs and tossed them aside. Expertly she did the same with her bra. The boots could stay. She was too impatient to wait for him now.

Savannah pulled harder and harder on his dick; perhaps too hard, for at that moment he woke up. Half sitting, half confused and half aroused, Sam peered groggily through the gloom and nearly yelped. A blonde, and thankfully female, head bobbed on his dick.

“What the fuck?” he rasped.

Savannah stilled her movements took her mouth off his dick and looked pleadingly up at him.

“Uhm, your friend, Sean; well, he fell asleep before we could, well, you know” she stammered, then tried again. “The fucker fell asleep, passed out. I saw your door was open and, well…”

“Shit!” The expletive echoed loudly in the room and Savannah nervously looked over shoulder to make sure Sean hadn’t heard.

“Sshhh, you’ll wake him up.”

“Whoa, what the fuck? I’m not gonna screw Sean’s girl, man; no way.”

So saying he tried to dislodge her from the bed but only ended up bringing her into further contact with his now fully aroused dick. Her body now lay stretched fully onto the length of his body, flattening him to the mattress underneath. Seeing an opening she latched onto Sam’s neck and gently bit him. A groan passed unchecked from his throat; Savannah tangled her legs with his own and grinded belly against his cock. His arms tried once again to push her off him, but she had the advantage now.

“I’m not his girl” she explained. “He picked me up at a bar, but by the time we got here he was too drunk to be any good to me.”

“Still, you’re his piece; I’m not gonna, uh…would you STOP?”

Savannah had begun to expertly slide her wet slit along his cock, squeezing it gently between her thighs.

Laughing softly she continued, occasionally biting his neck for good measure. He seemed to like that. “Come on, sugar; I can feel how your body likes it, likes me.”

In a surprising rush Sam managed to flip her over onto her back. Air escaped her lungs in a big WHOOSH! He straddled her legs and grabbed her arms, pinioning them above her head to keep her still.

“That’s not the point; I don’t disrespect my buddy like this. You need to go.”

He sat back on his haunches and got his real first look at the bitch. Well, shit, he thought. She was fucking hot. Dammit. Her tits were more than a handful, and pert, just the way he liked them. He wondered what her ass felt like, then berated him self for the thought. Geez, his buddy could wake up any moment and walk in on them. Seeing how Sam’s eyes seemed riveted to her breasts Savannah playfully plumped them in her hands, tweaked the nipples and lifted them to him offering.

“He’ll never know” she tempted. “He’s dead to the world; his loss, your gain.”

She quickly sat up and rubbed her breasts across his chests, flattening them against ümraniye escort bayan his flesh. Just as quickly he had her pinned underneath him again. “I can’t, dammit; would you please stop that; you’re making this difficult.”

The “that” that he was referring to was Savannah’s legs, now wrapped around his waist, pulling his dick ever closer to her pussy. Her hips simulated fucking motions and her breath now labored harshly with desperate need. “Please.”

Well, hell. With every moment that passed his resolve wavered. His evil conscience tempted; she could leave before morning; Sean would never have to know. And she was so willing, so hot. Waves of heat seared his flesh and mind. He made one last gallant effort. He reared back and shoved heavily against her legs. They became wrapped up in the sheets; Savannah desperately tried to untangle her self and ended up on her knees, ass up.

“Damn” he muttered. The pale globes wiggled with her struggles, plump and round. As if in a dream he saw his hands reach out and grab onto them.

“Okay, you win” he rasped, and slammed his dick hard into her. The force of the thrust mashed her face into the pillow, which was fortunate, because it muffled her excited scream. Her hips pushed back at him, encouraging. Sam shifted one leg so his foot could grab purchase on the mattress, and using the opposite hand grabbed a shoulder, pulling her harder into every thrust. Occasionally he heard a muffled scream drift to his ears and grinned. Her head lifted and she begged him, “fuck me in the ass, please; I want your dick in my ass”.

“Later” he promised. He now reached around with both hands and grabbed her tits, squeezing and pinching them as he fucked her. Sweat broke out on his forehead but he ignored it. He felt the tale-tale signs of her oncoming orgasm and increased his pace. Her hips moved wildly against him now. Frantic mewls of pleasure issued from her throat; the pillow was not doing its job.

Pulling out he rolled her over, then onto his back, taking her with him. Catching on quickly Savannah straddled him and impaled her self on his cock. His hand grabbed the back of her neck and pulled it to him for a deep kiss. What the pillow could not accomplish perhaps his mouth could. Just in time too; Savannah screamed her release into his mouth. Her pussy tightened almost uncomfortably around his dick, squeezing it so hard it was forced even deeper into her cunt.

Easing back from her mouth he said, “Okay, now I’ll fuck you in the ass.”

Savannah began to shift eagerly back onto her knees but his hands stalled the move. He rolled her once more onto her back and pushed her legs, bent at the knees, to rest next to her shoulders. Her eyes widened with excitement; she loved it like this. His fingers smeared her still-leaking juices to her ass hole, but he knew it wouldn’t be enough. He hurriedly reached over to the nightstand and pulled a bottle of lube from the drawer. He shoulda been a Boy Scout, he was so prepared. He popped the cap open and drizzled a generous amount over the quivering pucker.

Tossing aside the bottle, he worked the lube deep kartal escort into the hole, happy to find she was clean inside and out. He started with two fingers and found she easily accommodated him; no stranger to anal sex then, he thought. She pulled her knees even farther back, causing her hole to open more fully to his probing fingers. A third, then fourth joined his other fingers; he crammed them deep as they would go and fucked her like that for a few minutes, wanting her to be loose enough to take him, but not too loose.

Savannah’s moans were increasing in volume, which concerned Sam slightly, but then thought, fuck it. If Sean did walk in on them, tough; his friend’s loss was his gain. Apparently a nice set of tits and ass was all it took to bring the whore out in him. Pushing those thoughts aside for now he eased his fingers away and guided the mushroom head of his cock to the opening.

“Yes, fuck yes”; Savannah panted out her plea. “Shove that dick in my ass; now!”

Obligingly Sam did. And didn’t stop; her ass swallowed his dick fully on the third stroke. Heaven. Nirvana. But damn she was tight. Her greedy ass squeezed his dick to the point where he almost passed out. Perhaps a quicker pace would mitigate the pressure somewhat, and began banging her in earnest. His hands now gripped her thighs, forcing her legs even further onto the bed. Her knees were now pressed against her ears; her eyes stared straight into his. Hot words of encouragement whispered from her lips; “yeah, baby, fuck me like that; harder; don’t stop, don’t stop; oh God, so fucking good.

“Fuck, yeah” he moaned. “Oh, fuck yeah.” Her tits, pushed upwards between her arms, jiggled and bounced, and his eyes glazed over. Tits and ass, man, he thought. Tits and ass. His balls tightened up into his body and he could feel the rush begin. But he had to decide quickly; cum in her ass so he could watch it leak out and then rub it into her swollen clit and pussy? Or pull out and give her a facial. Hell, he’d let her choose.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum, baby…where do you want it?” His voice strained with the effort to hold back.

“My face, my mouth” she managed to gasp out.

And none too soon. In a rush of movement he pulled out and stood, legs spread on either side of her prone and writhing body. Dick in hand he aimed straight at her face. Her mouth opened wide to catch the pearly beads as she could; the rest impacted her cheeks, her chin, throat; some of it globbed into her hair. He milked every last drop out, watching in amazement as she swiped the cum from her face and other areas into her mouth. Her eyes shut softly and she sighed contentedly. Sam collapsed next to her, breathing harshly into the silence that followed.

“Give me a few minutes, hon. I’ll be good to go another round.”

Savannah stood by the bed now, admiring the sweat that covered his body. He’d worked hard for that, despite his earlier resistance. Mmmmm, definitely worth another round or two. She made her way to the connecting bathroom to wash some of the stickiness from her body, but his hushed voiced had her stopping at the threshold.

“Uhm, I should probably ask…what’s your name?”

Savannah smiled wickedly over her shoulder.

“You’ll have to torture it out of me” she teased.

Sam smiled, watching contentedly as her wonderful ass sashayed from sight.

Sean, you are such a dumb-fuck, he thought.

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