School Daze

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It was a hot muggy August day in the Midwest as I walked into my 6th period class. My last class of the day, science, according to my schedule my instructor was V. Owens. Being the first day of school I had no idea who V. Owens was and not only that at 18 I was all ready bored with the project of going to school. I sat there with 20 other seniors, 8 guys and 12 girls, looking bored waiting for V. Owens to make an appearance. A few of the girls were real knock outs, most of the guys looked like geeks getting their last fling at science before graduation.

Just than V. Owens walked out of her lounge, short sleeved sweater, leather mini skirt and medium high heels, no stockings. She had long brown hair twisted into a bun, horn-rimmed glasses and a sad looking face, no smile, and no emotion showing. Her body, however, was a different story; her measurements I judged were approximately 32-24-36 she was about 4 foot tall and looked to weigh about 100 pounds, and probably around 40 or so years old. She introduced herself as Virginia Owens, married with two teenaged daughters. With that out of the way she went around the room shaking hands with all the students getting their names. When she approached my desk I stood to introduce myself, me being 6 foot 4 and about 200 pounds I looked down at her, the top of her head came just about even with my belt buckle.

After the introduction I set back down and mused to myself, “God, she could suck my cock and not even have to get on her knees!”

During the remainder of the class as she mumbled on about the assignments we would have during the year I glanced around at the other students, they were all busy taking notes. Then I focused my attention back to her, she was now leaning against the front of her desk, her arms were back causing her small pointed tits to be more pronounced and her legs were spread slightly apart causing her skirt to ride high on her thighs. Damn, my cock was starting to swell, and here it was only the first day of school.

I pictured Virginia Owens in my minds eye that night as I lay in bed stroking my 9-inch cock. God how was I going to make it through the rest of the school year looking at her without cuming in my pants every time she came close to me?

As bostancı escort bayan the days passed it was getting harder for me to concentrate on school work, all I could think about was getting next to Virginia. It must have been obvious by my grades as the second week of school I was told to stay after class to discuss the grade on my last project. As the students filed out after the last bell I sauntered up to her desk. She was grading some papers, today was bad for me, and she had on a sheer low cut blouse and another tight fitting mini skirt which road high on her thighs.

I was staring at her cleavage with my cock tenting in my loose fitting pants, I never wear underwear, I tried to cover my hard on and look away when she looked up, no use; she looked straight at my cock than up in to my eyes.

She smiled and said, “Anthony, I think we have a problem, you better take a seat while we go over this last assignment.”

I stuttered, “Yes, m. m. ma’am.”

Before I had a chance to pull up a chair I noticed she took another long hard look at my pant covered cock, which was now leaking pre-cum and causing a giant wet spot to form about mid-thigh.

She leaned back in her chair raising her arms and clasping them behind her head she smiled again and said, “You know Tony, I may call you Tony right? Sometimes during class I get the feeling your trying to strip all my clothes off with your eyes. It’s a good feeling for an old married woman like me to get looks like that from a young stud like you; however, this can’t go on. You must do something about that big cock of yours before you come into the classroom; I have noticed some of the girls looking at you with their tongues hanging out as if all you had to do was say the word and they would suck it dry for you.”

“I, uh…Mrs. Owens,” I stammered.

“Oh Tony, I know you want to bury that big bone in one of my holes but it’s just not right for a student to fuck his teacher, I could get fired and you would be expelled. Maybe I can arrange for you to do a project with someone, say Mary Lee for example, I know she would suck your cock in a heartbeat. You two could use my lounge before class; maybe if she sucked all that beautiful ümraniye escort cum out of you before class you could control yourself for a while.

“I, uh…don’t think that would be enough Mrs. Owens, every time I look at you my cock just seems to try to burst out of my pants.” I said.

“I have an idea Tony, my oldest daughter looks just like me, if I introduce you two do you think you could get your mind off me for a while?”

“I, uh…could try I suppose,” I said.

“Fine, her name is June, I will have her waiting for you in my lounge before class tomorrow, and please don’t make too much noise”.

“Yes ma’am”.

I got up to leave, Mrs. Owens gave my cock a long hard look and said, “Tony, maybe just this once a little feel wouldn’t hurt if you would lock the door to the hall.”

I almost broke all records getting to the door, locking it and back to the desk. She reached out unzipped my pants, pulled out the 9-inch monster, licked her lips and began sucking.

I was in heaven. A half-hour later I blew the biggest wad of my young life down her throat. She gagged, spit and tried to swallow the rest, it was funny watching her.

She finally got it all down then looked up at me and said, “Damn you Tony, look at my blouse, it has cum all down the front, how am I going to explain this to my husband and daughters”? “Not only that if any of the other teachers or the principle see it they will know what’s been going on and I’ll be in deep trouble.”

All I could do was stand there with my spent cock hanging out, giggling, and telling her what a great blow job she had just given me, my first.

God, being in Mrs. Owens’s class was the best a senior could ask for. I was in her lounge more than I was in the class room, some times I would stay in the lounge during class either getting sucked off or fucked by one of her daughters, a classmate or sometimes if I was lucky Mrs. Owens herself would do the trick.

However, Virginia was getting a bit jealous, from time to time she would come into the lounge and send whoever was there packing, then she would rip of her clothes and make me lay on my back on the desk. She would climb on, engulf my cock with her soaking wet pussy, drop her nipples escort kartal in my mouth and scream at me to bite them off if I wanted.

I might mention, her 32 tits were now about a good 36 and getting bigger, her nipples were a good inch long, red and puffy. I might add, her stomach was beginning to swell, she had my baby inside her womb, and her milk would flow freely as I sucked.

During all this I made friends with a couple of the geeks in the class, I figured they could do my homework and keep my grades at a passing level. Well, it wasn’t long until one of them caught me pulling my cock out of Virginia’s mouth. I was laughing and dripping cum all over Virginia’s face when I saw the look he gave me, her face was turning crimson, she didn’t know what to do, I just motioned for the geek to come closer.

I told him to pull out his cock and stick it where mine had been, her protests were smothered as his cock slid in, within minutes she was gobbling down and doing a deep throat job on him just as she was doing to me earlier.

She looked up at me and said, “God Tony, get me some more cock, I’m so hungry this afternoon”.

What could I do, I went into the classroom and told all the guys Mrs. Owens had some special education she wanted to teach them in the lounge. We all had to stay after school that day, for some special education you know.

By now her class was nothing but a suck and fuck party, last student in locked the door and the party was on, everyone got sucked, fucked or eaten out. The girls and geeks couldn’t get enough; I guess that’s how the principal and the rest of the teachers found out about the goings on in science class.

Mrs. Owens was fired; her husband divorced her, she had the baby and is now living on welfare somewhere in town. Both of her daughters are walking the streets or hanging around bars getting fucked most of the time for free, sometimes they can find a stranger to give them a little money so they can get by, they do a sister act at the local strip club.

The geeks and most of the girls that were in the science class have gone on to college to pursue their careers. Me, I didn’t have enough credits to graduate, I’m still a senior in high school fucking everything that walks. My folks want me to quit, they say it no use continuing, and after all I am 19 years old now. Hmmm, maybe some day I’ll grow up but as long as there are loose teachers and horny students why should I. Maybe next time I’ll tell you about the math teacher.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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