School Virus Ch. 02

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CHAPTER 2: The Prudes Strike Back

Author’s Note: Everyone is still at least 18 years old in this universe.


Ruby woke slowly, her arms aching for some reason.

Her room was dark, but she could tell someone was there. They waited at the side of her bed, a dark shape whose form seemed . . . oh. Ruby smiled. She tried to roll over, but she found her hands had been bound at the wrists, tied to her bedposts.

Her smile deepened as the figure stood silently, moving toward the lightswitch.

“Good morning, my lovely!” Lindsay said as she flicked on the light, blinding her girlfriend momentarily. Ruby groaned, noticing her legs had been bound at the ankles as well. She was a captive four pointed star, one that Lindsay would probably still insist was “cute as hell.”

She was wearing nothing but her skirt, the same one she had worn that day, two weeks ago, when Lindsay had become her girlfriend. For her own part, Lindsay wore a baby blue nightie, not bothering with any panties beneath the diaphanous material.

Lindsay sauntered over to her side again, reaching down to fondle Ruby’s breast. She kissed her on the mouth. “Today’s a special day, you cutie.”

“Right,” said Ruby, “I know. How long are you going to keep me like this?”

“Oh, just for a little while,” Lindsay said, tickling her lover’s navel. “I wanted to keep you in place while I get you your birthday gift.”

Ruby’s mouth opened to argue, but she could not seem to protest her girlfriend’s plan. Instead, she moaned as Lindsay continued to tease her, fingers moving lower to tickle her clit.

Her butterfly charm still hung there, but with a click, Lindsay snapped it off the piercing, moving over to the dresser and setting it down there. Then, she pulled a small wrapped box from it, turning and adopting a dramatic pose as she brought it to the bed.

She set the box down in between Ruby’s breasts, pinching a nipple in passing. The black-wrapped package was about three inches square. “You can’t open it yourself in your . . . condition. So I’ll do it for you.”

“So thoughtful,” Ruby said sarcastically, though she was a little bit excited to see what her girlfriend got for her.

Lindsay tugged at the ribbon, pulling it slowly out of the perfect bow. Then, the ribbon falling away, she carefully pulled away the wrapping paper to reveal a small white box.

The top was lifted carefully to reveal . . .

“Oh, that’s so cool!”

It was a delicate silver butterfly, wrought to appear as realistic as possible. The impossibly thin wings were on slight springs as they flapped almost as a real one would. A sparkling chain wound from the head, in between the silver antennae.

It was miles better than the simple charm she had worn before, one she had picked up practically from the discount bin.

Lindsay pulled it from the box, and set it atop her girlfriend’s breast. Ruby blew across it, noting with satisfaction the wings fluttering in the breeze. “That’s so cool,” she said, emphasizing. “Thank you!”

“Love you,” Lindsay said. She plucked it off her girlfriend’s breast, and attached it by the chain to her pussy piercing. Then, she stood, crossed to the door, and opened it. She beckoned to someone standing outside.

Her father walked in, completely nude and with some sort of attachment on his throbbing cock, bright purple and ribbed. Lindsay reached in between his legs and Ruby heard a click, then the low hum of a vibrator, which jumped up in tone a few times as Lindsay selected the right setting.

“And my second gift,” she shot back at her girlfriend. Then, she addressed Ruby’s father. “Fuck her like there’s no tomorrow, but don’t you dare break her birthday present. And she’s not allowed to be released from her bonds until you’re done.”

“Yes, ma’am,” her father shot Lindsay a salute. Ruby had no idea how her girlfriend managed to order the rest of her family around; she had them wrapped around her little finger.

Her father bounced onto the bed and proceeded to follow Lindsay’s orders to the letter. It was noon before Ruby staggered out of her room, dressed for the day.


“Oh, no, slower, slower please,” Ruby heard her mother moaning as she descended into the kitchen. She smiled as she saw her mother Ann at the counter, wearing nothing but an apron, bowl of beaten eggs forgotten by her right hand, as Lindsay slowly inserted — holy balls, was that their rolling pin?

Lindsay winked at her as she came downstairs, slowly but surely pressing the thick implement into her mother’s pussy, as the woman shuddered in pleasure.

Ruby herself was dressed to kill, if she did say so herself. She wore a short corset, which did absolutely nothing but bare her navel, most of her back, and her breasts, shelving them nice and high on her chest. She wore a matching scarlet skirt beneath that, and nothing else save the new butterfly charm (it fluttered within her miniskirt) and her tennis shoes.

She turned out to be the most czech super models porno/ overdressed in the family. Tracy was nude, and busily pushing his thick member inside . . . oh, that was Emily, wasn’t it? It was hard to tell with her makeup smeared all over, as she moaned face first into the kitchen table.

Her father was at the other end of the kitchen, his own cock sated for now. Ruby’s pussy hummed at the memory, as she walked over and planted a kiss on his cheek.

She patted Ann’s shoulder, but figured she’d save her kiss for when she was more lucid. Lindsay didn’t seem to be done with her yet, having set a steady pace with the impossibly thick rolling pin. Ruby saw her mother’s sphincter expand and contract, and, dutiful daughter as she was, she decided to press her middle finger inside. It helped add to the picture of a loving family that was unfolding.

Her mother simply moaned harder into the kitchen counter, and Lindsay shot her girlfriend a high five, one that ended with her fingers dancing over Ruby’s left nipple.

“None of that, now,” Ruby teased. “Not until tonight.”

“Mmm.” Lindsay redoubled her efforts as Ann began to moan urgently. Ruby pulled her finger out, then ran it under the faucet, getting it nice and wet. Then, she replaced it and sank it in deeper, matching her girlfriend’s pace.

“Ooooh, fuck! Fuckfuckfuck FUCK!”

And her mother’s legs buckled. Ruby swooped in to help support her as she orgasmed, the rolling pin ejected from her still-tight pussy with a plop. Lindsay kissed those thick, toned thighs, as the orgasmic high began to fade from Ann’s face.

“Oh, thank you Lindsay,” she said as she struggled to catch her breath. “I didn’t know I had it in me!”

“Really?” Lindsay winked. “I’ll have to find a thicker one, then, if you didn’t even know you had it in you!”

“That’s not what — Oh, Ruby, happy birthday sweetheart! And a good morning to you,” as she gave her a lingering kiss good morning. Ruby noted with pride that her mother’s breasts had been pulled through the top of the apron, fully on display and framed nicely.

Ruby pulled back. “Technically afternoon, but thanks Mom.”

The three turned and looked toward Tracy, who was still pounding Ruby’s friend into oblivion. Her father Frank waved from the family room. “See you all tonight!” he said.

“See you dad!” Ruby said.

“Don’t put your cock into anything I wouldn’t fuck!” Lindsay added.

“Right,” came the call from the front door, and then a slam.

“Think it will be very long before he blows?” Lindsay said, smiling in Tracy’s direction. Ruby realised her girlfriend was the only woman in the house that Tracy had not, in fact, fucked into a senseless pile of quivering skin. She was lesbian, after all, and would classify that as nothing short of rape.

“No,” Ruby said. “He took half an hour last week when he did me — as I found out much later — and he’s been steadily building his stamina since.”

“Huh,” Lindsay said, nodding in respect. “I don’t know if I could go five minutes without orgasming when I’m doing you, though I suppose men are built a little differently.”

Ruby shrugged. “Holding off for a more powerful orgasm works on everybody, I think.”

She grabbed her bowl of cereal, then, pouring milk on it. She really was starting late today, but, well, it was a Saturday after all. The only thing planned was picking out next week’s outfits for prom.

Lindsay kissed her in passing as she dug into the fridge for a yogurt. “We’ll have to try it sometime.”

“I’ll hold you to that.”

“You cutie.”

Ruby sat down, and saw her mother turning on the radio. She rolled her eyes, letting the sound of uninformed punditry fill the room. Even the virus hadn’t knocked much sense into them, though they did take longer commercial breaks now.

” . . . and I’m saying, why? Why even bother? It’s been proven that no individual strain has any ill effects, and you can take that to the bank, bra. Science, bitch!”

“Exactly! But that’s what I’ve been saying. They’re not looking for science. They’re looking for Family Values, capital eff, capital vee. They can’t kill it, no, but they can permanently suppress it from what we saw in Los Angeles, if they can contain a population.”

“Too many words, Brad! Oh, oooh, nice grip there, nnng. Um. Right, as I was saying, what are you saying?”

“What I’m saying, Tom, is they’d have to lock up a group of people, spray their damned gas, and hope they don’t somehow get exposed again-“

Ruby shifted uncomfortably. “Mom, could you turn it off?”

“Hm? Oh, what? But I just turned it on!”

“Please? Or just put it on music, or something?”

The radio continued to blare. ” . . . and we all know that’s not going to-” and then it was switched off. Her mother sat beside her, as Lindsay looked over, concern in her face.

“You okay, Ruby mine?”

Ruby leaned into her girlfriend’s shoulder, resting her eyes. czech tax porno She couldn’t lose- no, best not to think of it.

“Yeah, I’m fine.”


Lindsay opted to wear a fishnet full body sleeve out that afternoon, which drove Ruby absolutely crazy. Her girlfriend, on the other hand, wanted to keep on task, so she actually wore panties underneath the fishnet for once: white sheer things that Ruby had inked her name across front and back.

Marking her territory, she had explained. Not that Lindsay wore them all that much.

Ruby arrived at the dress shop in a state her mother often called “hot and bothered.” Lindsay was presenting her usual wicked smile as they entered the shop, then pulled Ruby’s ear close as she gestured to one of the sales associates fixing a rack near the back.

“Twenty minutes, in your ass, and you have to . . . ” her eyes scanned the rest of the store, alighting on a pair of white gloves that covered to the elbows. “You have to wear these all the way through.”

She gloved Ruby with them, then, and her girlfriend nodded. Lindsay loved to set “challenges” for her, especially when she saw Ruby getting horny but didn’t want to fuck her herself just yet.

“I’ll pull some dresses throughout. Do try to stay awake enough to give your opinion.”

And with that, she pulled her phone from her cleavage, tapping open a timer app, and said, “Go.”

Ruby grunted, already sizing up the associate. She walked right up to him, stopping ten feet away at a rack of dress pants and casually pretended to browse.

She let one of her precious minutes pass. Then, pulling a likely pair from the rack, she came up to him, the black slacks held in front of her deep bare cleavage shelved by her corset.

“Excuse me, sir,” and she saw his eyes roam all over her as she got his attention. This would be easy. “I wanted to see your selection of tuxedos; these are the kind of pants that would go with them, right?”

“Uh… I mean, no, each of our tuxes would have their own set, and they’re measured to fit in most cases. When did you need it?”

“I need it soon, for next week’s dance,” she set the pants aside, and saw his eyes dilate at her bare tits. She stepped closer, gloved fingers dancing above her nipples. “Did you need to take my … measurements?”

She heard Lindsay snigger from somewhere nearby, her unique laugh unmistakable. She wanted to slap her, but held her annoyance in check, instead moving her arms down to play her gloved fingers over the poor associate’s burgeoning crotch.

The associate (his nametag read “Tom”) simply nodded, breathing heavily as he pulled a measuring tape from his pocket. Ruby wondered if the obvious Mae West quote could be … inserted here somewhere, but his hands on her bust banished the thought.

She squirmed just a little, getting her nips nice and hard. “Thirty six,” she heard him whisper, then, as he knelt down and threw the tape around her waist.

Her butterfly was fluttering. As was her pussy.

“Twenty six,” he reported, and Ruby rolled her hips as he pulled the tape around them. “Ohhh … Thirty two.”

“You like my piercing?”

“Mhm,” the associate breathed. Ruby decided to go with the radically honest approach.

“My girlfriend got it for me. She’s taking me to prom.”

There was a sigh of dejection. Excellent.

“She wanted me to get a tux, and seduce you along the way. She didn’t think I could do it under 20 minutes. What do you think?”

“S-seduce?” Oh god, he was so cute in those glasses.

Ruby knelt down, undoing the associate’s belt. Her breasts bobbed. “Seduce. Fuck senseless. You know.”

“I could,” he swallowed, “do it in ten, if you’re in a hurry.”

“That’s no way to treat a lady!” Ruby teased. Then she had his cock out, stroking it gently. “We have …” eyes flickered to a round clock, “sixteen more. And I wanna get fucked, Tom.”

He stood up with her, his cock brushing against her bare navel. She dropped her skirt, then unclipped her pussyfly, setting it on a nearby counter. “Do it straight, I’m already nice and wet,” she whispered, and Tom stepped forward into her, eliciting a gasp.

Her gloved arms went around his shoulders, her legs around his waist, as she bounced her hips. She loved the shock of it, the sudden cock within now pounding her without preamble.

Sudden cock. She liked the sound of that, too. It would make a good band name.

She kissed the boy’s neck, pulling at his tie as he groaned. She arrested her hasty motions down below, hoping he had gotten more than a little practice since the virus first swept through. It wouldn’t do to blow too early.

Her orgasm, however, was coming on fast.

She bit his neck, his ear, and then his lower lip, the familiar mounting sensation building in her below. She guided his hand to her tit, pressing against it as she began to jackhammer his cock.

“Don’t you dare come,” she said directly, and then she was cumming herself, defloration porno spraying across his pants and dress shirt. She didn’t care too much; the stains gave the clothing character.

She slipped off his dick, kneeling and taking it between her breasts. Yep, Tommy boy was a dyed-in-the-wool breast man, his head thrown back as he fucked her cleavage.

She kissed his cockhead every time it reached her lips, cradling his full balls in her white gloved palm. She slowed a bit, letting him regain a little of his composure, such as it was. She had to get his cum in her ass, not splattered over her chest.

Still, a little teasing went a long way. She dropped his balls and rested her hand on his chest, her other hand digging into her purse for some anal lube (a girl’s best friend!)

“I wanna feel you in me, fucking my perfect little ass,” she said, her eyes boring into his own.

Tom seemed to like that idea, so he stepped from her cleavage as she stood, bending over the rack behind her.

Lindsay sashayed out from the racks, then, her perky nipples revealed in the small windows set in the pure black number she wore. “You like?” she asked.

“I like whatever you — ooh, mmm — dress in,” Ruby said, pressing her ass against the delightfully cool tongue now fucking it. “But perhaps some, unng, more color?”

“Good point,” and she sashayed her perfect ass back through the stacks.

The tongue withdrew, and Ruby braced herself. Tom did not seem the patient sort. Then, she felt his throbbing head at her sphincter, and she gasped as her opening relaxed, permitting him entry.

He took it, sliding in fully as his balls slapped against her pussy. She gritted her teeth at the sensation, one she’d never fully gotten used to. Then, he was off to the races, setting a dangerous pace as she groaned into the rack she held onto for dear life.

A perfect figure waltzed a promenade into her vision. “Deep blue suit you?” Lindsay asked. “I know you like your balls that way.”

“But you … don’t have any … balls.” Her eyes rolled back into her head. “Red is better?”

“Ruby it is,” Lindsay agreed, and then she was gone again.

The assault continued, as Tom began to explore her breasts with his insatiable hands more fully.

Then, just as she was about to abandon herself to the throes of orgasm, Lindsay appeared again, and this time … oh, holy balls above.

She wore red in great curves running down her perfect, unnng. Ruby’s wide eyes took in her girlfriend fully. Bare nipples danced beneath a sleeveless top, with matching scarlet gloves running nearly to her shoulders. The dress hugged every curve, running all the way to her ankles. A slit along the right side ran up to her waist.

She rolled her hips, and Ruby lost it then and there, the orgasm within her fully ripe and ready to fall.

She tightened her sphincter, then, pulling Tom over the edge with her.

“Lindsaaaaaaay!” was her scream as wave after wave of pleasure racked her frame, the pulse matched by the cock still pistoning wildly, warm fluid coating her within. She rested her cheek against the rack, gloved arms exhausted and dangling.

“I guess you like this one?” Lindsay said, lips now inches from Ruby’s satisfied face. Tom pulled out, then, and after a moment felt a towel at her bare behind.

“Yeah …” she sighed, satisfied. Then, there was a buzz from Lindsay’s purse, and she pulled out her phone.

“Time’s up,” she said. “Good job! It looks like our Tom loves your ass almost as much as I do.”

There was something in her tone that bothered Ruby. She looked up in her girlfriend’s face. “Is that … is that all you love about me?” A nervous whorl began to form in the pit of her stomach.

“No, no, of course not!” Lindsay lifted her girlfriend up from the rack, pinching a nipple. “Your titties are divine too, and that’s not even mentioning your cute little face!”

Ruby opened her mouth, wanting to respond gladly, but she closed it again as she processed Lindsay’s words, looking away. She coughed nervously.

“Um, right”, she said, pulling the metal butterfly from the place where it rested, clipping it on down below and pulling her skirt back on. “Anyway, let’s pick out a tux.”


The night of the Prom came all too soon. Ruby blinked, and already she was stepping out of the rented limo, reaching back for the red gloved hand of her girlfriend as her other hand straightened her scarlet bowtie.

It seemed like a red carpet event in Hollywood, flashbulbs cracking as the seniors all presented their dates to the awe of the parents and their fellow students. Ruby’s eyes wandered along the various outfits.

One girl wore a full dress, tastefully torn across the chest to reveal golden-pierced nipples. Another wore nothing at all, her body the canvas upon which reds and blacks were painted, glitter filling in the spaces.

Another wore nothing but stockings and garter belt. The glitter was strong with that one, too.

“Glad you chose me to take out tonight, huh?” Lindsay whispered in her ear.

“Well, I always aim to fuck the best.”

“As do I, my little Ruby.” She kissed her ear, then, tugging at the earlobe and rolling the diamond stud between her teeth.

“Hey, calm down there,” Ruby said. “We haven’t even made it inside.”

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