Second Chance Ch. 08

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Little fast then last time, hope everyone enjoys it! Thanks a bunch to MaaddMaaxx for not only editing but listening to me~CinderLaw


Olivia woke slowly from her deep slumber. She sighed with a smile then stretched out feeling completed rested and relaxed. Thinking back to the last week and the drastic changes her life had taken. Jared had proposed, looked very serious, and retold everyone who would listen about the pure shock look that was on her face when he asked. However he wasn’t laughing long. She managed to get the last laugh when she made him work for it.

One week earlier…

“Uhh, Jared, are you serious?” Olivia asked, her head spinning from the events that seem to unfold in front of her.

“I’ve never been more serious about anything in my whole life.” He whispered to her, stroking a piece of her hair behind her ear.

“But…I thought,…I mean…”

“Yes, I see how that could be confusing to you.” He said with a grin.

Olivia stood up in frustration walking out to the balcony and leaning over looking out into the crystal blue waters that lined the beach as far as a person could see.

“Liv, baby, talk to me.” Jared said softly as he came up behind her. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close to him, resting his chin on her shoulder and began to do the hardest thing he ever had to do. He waited. Waited for this beautiful woman that he had fallen in love with to tell him what he had to do to make her willing to marry him.

After what felt like several agonizing hours she finally spoke, in a tense voice, “Did you mean what you said?”

“I have meant everything that I have said today. But could you tell me exactly what it is that you’re questioning?”

“You want to be Chloe’s father?” she asked her voice getting tighter.

“Absolutely! First, you two are a package deal and second, I can’t imagine my life without her in it anymore then I can imagine it without you in it.”

Olivia turned into his arms and wrapped her arms around his neck hugging him while tears rolled down her checks.

“What is the matter? Did you really think that I wouldn’t want her also?”

“I have had ended relationships before because they’d see Chloe as baggage that had to be dealt with. I don’t want my daughter to feel like a third wheel. If I get married then my husband becomes the only father figure she’ll have. I don’t want her to feel anything less than special. She doesn’t deserve that. She’s had enough crap from men already, starting with her own sperm donor.”

Jared pulled her back and looked into her watery eyes, “Just because he’s a loser doesn’t make you two damaged. This is his loss and my gain — and I always take advantage of all my gains. If you agree to marry me I’ll not only become Chloe’s father but I’ll adopt her and give her the security of my name. Regardless of what you decide from this day forward she’s my child. Whether or not you marry me you’ll have to deal with me because I already had Kalab draw up the papers for the adoption to happen. Besides, I’ve enough money to buy a judge that would sign the papers without your consent. Hell I could demand a paternity test then buy off the lab so the results show she is my daughter. So, see you will still have to deal with me for the rest of your life! We can do this the easy way or the hard way. Might as well marry me, have great sex, lots of laughter, and many more babies!”

Olivia laughed, “I could be single, collect child support…you make enough I bet it would be a nice chunk of change every month, have great sex with my toy, have plenty of laughter at your expense, and be very happy with my life.”

“I don’t think so, because I would destroy any relationship that you end up having, be a constant pain in your ass, and make sure you are as miserable as me.” Jared replied.

“I could get a court order for you to stay away from me.” She smarted at him.

“I could buy a judge to say that you need me in your life to retain your sanity.” He smirked back.

Olivia laughed, “Well then I just have two questions for you then. Will you put the ring on my finger and when will we be getting married?”

Jared leaned down and kissed her breathless. He then turned, walking back into the master bedroom and came back out a few minutes later slipping the ring on her finger. He then turned her hand over and kissed the palm of her hand. “Before we leave the island. There is no way that mom will let one of us leave engaged. Hope that is okay, but we are probably gonna have a beach wedding.”

Olivia laughed, “No, that is fine. Besides, your mom has an amazing knack of making everything look so nice together. So does that mean that we will be on the Island for a few more months?”

“Uhh, no. We will be leaving by the end of the week.” He said before dropping a kiss on top of her head then turning toward the room to get a shower started.

“Wait! What do you mean by the end of the week? There is no way that we can get a wedding put together that fast!” She screeched at him.

“Honey, if we told my mom we wanted to get married by tonight — she would get it done.” He told her as he gathered clean clothes to put on after his shower.

“I think that might be pushing it a bostancı escort bayan bit — even for your mom.”

Jared gave her an evil grin, “Make a deal with you. If she can pull it off by tomorrow night then I don’t want to hear anymore about birth control and we start trying to have a baby now. If she can’t pull it off, well, then I will wear condoms and it is up to you when we start trying and how many babies we have. Deal?”


“By the way, I’m planning on keeping you pregnant, because I want to have several children.” He said with a laugh as he walking into the bathroom.

“Only if you win!” She yelled after him.

After they had both showered and changed, they walked to the big house to break the news. To Olivia’s relief everyone took the news very well. In fact his mother jumped up, clapped her hands together and demanded that they have the wedding before they left the island. Jared told her that this was their plan but they were hoping the wedding could be the following evening. The woman lit up like a kid on Christmas morning! After that there was flurry of action and she was off with her assistant trailing behind her at a fast pace walk.

Olivia had a shocked and startled look on her face when Jared leaned over and whispered, “Your gonna look even more beautiful swollen with our baby in your body.” Then he gave her a kiss on the cheek.

The next 24 hours were a whirlwind of plans and arrangements. Colleen began working on the wedding before dinner was even over. Olivia even suggested to her that if it was too much they could have the wedding the following day. Colleen looked at her as if she had just told her that she wanted a spiritual bind instead of a wedding while Jared looked at her in a silent accusation of being a cheater.

“My dear, I have waited this long to be a part of one of my children’s wedding. I’ll be damned if I’m going to push it off because it’s a rush job!” Colleen said as she fluttered off to begin assigning all her additional “assistants” their jobs.

Jared gave Olivia a smug conquered grin until his mother returned and informed him that all the men would be responsible for the children since the woman would all be needed to get the wedding together in time. Then his mother looked him straight in the eyes and said, “You will just have to wait for your wedding night.”

With that said, Colleen announced that the men were on their own with the children then demanded that all the ladies follow her.

When they arrived at Colleen’s private rooms, everyone got a glimpse of the wedding that Colleen must have been working on for years.

“I’ve always thought that I would only get to plan Jenny’s wedding, but I secretly hoped that one of the boys would allow me to help.” She walked over and put an arm around Olivia’s shoulders and another one around Laysea, “Now I get that chance and I have my beautiful daughter in law and my second, future, beautiful daughter in law to help me!”

Olivia could only smile and secretly hope that Colleen went easy on her.


It had been decided that the wedding would take place at sunset, followed by dinner/reception. Colleen hadn’t slept since the evening before and looked like she had slept plenty and was well rested. Olivia on the other hand thought she must looked more like Frankenstein’s Bride. Colleen had a dressmaker on staff who spent most of the night before the ceremony poking Olivia with needles. At one point Olivia thought maybe this was how Colleen planned to keep her from marrying Jared.

When she mentioned this to her soon-to be sister in law, Laysea began to laugh so hard that she couldn’t breathe and tears flowed down her face. It was that moment when pregnancy reared its head and Laysea lost control of her bladder. Like dominoes Olivia began to cry, which made Laysea start to cry, followed by Maxie crying. The dressmaker ran out and five seconds later, in ran Colleen. After piecing together what happened, Colleen took charge, sending Laysea into the bathroom off the dressing room, Olivia off to her personal bathroom, and Maxie to bed.

When Laysea began to cry harder, Colleen told her she needed to get cleaned up. There would be fresh clothes for her outside the door to then Jason would take her back to the hut. She told Olivia to relax and enjoy being pampered. She ordered Olivia to go to bed but informed her that Jared wouldn’t be waiting for her because Colleen had a room made up for her in the house. So off they all went as they were ordered to do by Colleen the matriarch.

After her bath, Olivia felt a lot better. When she got in bed she didn’t even remember falling asleep — it just happened. Her dreams twisted together between fantasy and nightmare, which is probably why she now sat now in her wedding dress feeling ragged and exhausted. She tried to cover yet another yawn as one of the ladies work diligently on her hair.

“You know, I sent you to bed last night to sleep. Did my son try to sneak in to see you or did you sneak out to see him?”

Olivia gave a little laugh, “Neither, I just had some very weird dreams. Although, if Jared had been there I might not…”

“Don’t give me that, if Jared had been there you wouldn’t have gotten ümraniye escort any sleep!” Colleen remarked. “Besides, he was busy learning how to be a dad. And from what I heard, Chloe gave him quiet a lesson.”

“She does have that special talent for breaking newbies in.” Olivia gave a laugh.

Before Olivia knew it, the time had come to walk down the aisle. Butterflies suddenly seemed to take flight in her stomach until she laid eyes on Jared. She knew that if she needed strength all she had to do was lean on him and he would give her whatever she wanted and needed.

The wedding was a blur. As was the reception, during which Jared presented Chloe with a beautiful locket that had “Daddy’s Angel” engraved on it.

It was only as Jared and Olivia were saying goodbye to their guests that Olivia became emotional with Colleen. “Thank you for making this day absolutely perfect for me…us.” She corrected herself with a chuckle as tears ran down her face. “I couldn’t ask for a better mother in law or wedding planner.”

Colleen, with tears of her own overflowing her eyes pulled Olivia into her arms and gave her a huge hug, “You are more than welcome, but that is what family does honey. We give you strength when you are weak, we give you hope when you are depressed, and we give you love when you are sad.”

Their honeymoon was to take place in a hut that was further away on the island. It had its own private, natural pool surrounded by a heavy border of trees and wild plants. Jared carried her across the little bridge and through the front door into a comfortable day room/enclosed porch area. He dropped her legs and let her slide down his body until she could touch the floor. She turned away from Jared feeling suddenly very shy. She smiled back at Jared over her shoulder then turned towards the open doorway of the little hut to see what exactly it had. She found a very comfortable living room area with a TV cabinet, a small but fully stocked kitchen, a beautiful bedroom and a bathroom that she would have died for with a huge, sunken rock tub in the center of the room in addition to a huge shower area. Olivia’s breath was taken away by the little hut that she would spend the next few days in with Jared. He promised her no interruptions and no business.

She felt his arms wrap around her waist, “Running?” he asked in her ear.

“No. I just wanted to become familiar with the place, don’t want to try and go to the bathroom in the closet or anything.” She explained

He kissed her along the side of the neck, “Liar.” He said his hands rubbing up and down her sides from the swell of her hips up to the lift of her breast, where he lightly caressed the underside of her breast before making the slow descent back down. Between his hands and lips nipping and caressing, she was starting to feel the effects of his “magic”.

She turned to face him and wrapped her arms around his neck to bring his lips down to hers. She gave him a soft kiss then began to kiss him passionately. Jared picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist. She was not sure how they made it to the bed without falling over furniture or walking into walls. When they got there she slid slowly down until she stood on her own feet.

They finished their kiss and then she turned around for him to undo her dress. As he began to unzip her dress he kissed her where her neck met her shoulders. As the dress slid down to pool at her feet, she turned back to him. Their lips met as she slid the jacket off of his wide shoulders, when it reached his wrist he flicked it away from them. Then she started in on his shirt, when all the buttons were opened she ran her hands over his chest feeling the tickles of the hair on his chest. She slid her hands from his breastbone outward slowly over his nipples then upward towards his shoulders, where she was able to slide the shirt off of him. As she let him deal with the shirt in the same manner as the coat she went back to his chest, rubbing her hands down the outside of his chest feeling his muscles ripple under her hands, then running them back. While she explored his chest he opened his pants, sliding them and his boxers to the floor.

He leaned down and began to kiss her again on her lips. He brought his hands up her back until he reached her bra clasp and began working on the tedious job of undoing the row of clasps that he was sure was designed to drive a man insane. He finally got all of them undone and pulled back away from Olivia, breaking their kiss, and watched as her breasts seemed to shed the bra like a second skin. He then noticed that there was a red line from the bottom of the bra that was left on her skin. He placed both hand on the outer sides of her breast and began to massage the skin trying to erase the lines. Olivia let her head fall back, enjoying the massage that felt so good after being confined in the offending bra for most of the day. When Jared saw her exposed neck he could not stop himself from leaning down and kissing and nipping all over her neck. He showed special attention to where her pulse showed through her skin. He let his hands wonder on down her sides until he was able to grab hold of her ass. He lifted her so he had better access to her breasts. She wrapped escort kartal her legs around him in response. He began to lick her nipple, sucking it into his mouth as his finger slid under her panties and lightly over her folds that were already slick with her excitement.

“Ohhhh, Jared that feels so good!” she told him.

He gently bit her nipple as he looked up at her giving her the best grin that he could manage with her nipple still in his mouth. He began to slide his finger around her hole the was releasing her juices in abundance. She began to rock her hips and twist them so that she could get his finger to go inside of her instead of teasing her on the outside.

“Not yet sweetheart, you need to learn a little patience.” He whispered to her as he walked over to the bed and laid her down in the middle of it. He kissed her on her stomach causing her to suck in her breath then he ventured lower. He slid her panties off before grabbing her legs to put them over his shoulders. With his face inches away from her very center he breathed her scent in deeply – the smell that was exclusively hers. He gave her slit a lick all the way up above her clit. When he hit her clit her hips jumped. As he worked his way back down he took special care to not get too close to the overheated nerve ending. He slid his hands under her ass to lift her just a bit to his face and began to tongue her pussy, lightly lapping around the outside of the hole. She began to twist her hips about in a thrashing effort to get him inside of her. He got a better grip on her hips so that she did not have the ability to move as much as she was. Then he slid his tongue deep into her then pulled it slowly out. He tasted her excitement and began to tongue fuck her faster. Olivia clawed at the sheets bunching them up in her hands as she was arching her back and trying to get his tongue deeper. Jared could tell that she was close to climaxing so he pulled back a bit and lowered her back to the bed. She released a groan of frustration until she felt his finger. Jared slid one finger in her curling it forward a bit then lightly began to rub her g-spot. He then put in a second finger noticing how much her body sucked his fingers in as if it wanted more of him. He slipped a third finger into her body and leaned forward to tongue the area around her clit peaking out of its little hood. He knew that it would not take much to get her to orgasm so he was trying to prolong it as much as possible for her.

“Jared!” She yelled, “I want you inside of me…now!” as she continued to hump his fingers. “Please…” she said making eye contact with him pleading with him with her eyes.

Jared removed his fingers from her soaked pussy, but took one last lick of her before he climbed up and began to kiss her thoroughly. She could taste herself on his tongue and it made her even more excited. He rolled over causing her some alarm, when they pulled apart from the kiss she realized that she was now astride him. Jared lifted her up and began to settle her on his hard, throbbing cock. She slowly slid down his cock enjoying the feel of him entering her at such a slow rate. Then she looked into his eyes, which were more like liquid silver at the moment, “You control our love making this time.” He told her.

She was excited by the thought that she had him at her mercy this time. She lifted herself off of him just a bit then slid back down. She tried rocking her hips a bit and found out that fantastic feelings came when doing that. She then combined the two moves together and after a few attempts found a rhythm that she could follow. She felt her climax was close and by the look on Jared’s face she did not think he was too far behind. The closer she got the faster she rode Jared. When she rocked this time he seemed to hit the right place and she was hit with the first wave of her orgasm. Her body clinched and milked at Jared’s cock as she came hard. She continued to shudder as she slowed down sliding up and down his cock until she was completely spent and fell forward. Jared caught her, she knew he would, and just held her close allowing her to catch her breath.

After a couple of minutes she realized that he was still hard inside of her. She leaned up and looked at him with a questioning look. He just gave her that sexy smile then pulled her off of him and turned her around getting her on all fours while he stood behind her. She felt him line his cock back up with her pussy and then he slammed into her. She began to feel electric jolts like the start of an orgasm, but that could not be happening she just had one of the best orgasms of her life! Surely she could not be getting ready to have another one. He continued to slam into her, his balls slapping at her. She arched her back so that more of her pussy was exposed to him. He rubbed a finger around their connection gathering up her juices that had escaped while he was not plugging her up. He balls now slapping at her clit that was once again coming out of hiding. She felt another orgasm building up when she felt a new sensation. Jared was probing her ass hole with his lubricated finger and the sensations coming from it was both strange and pleasant. As he got the finger into her virgin hole he moved it in a way that set her orgasm off once again. This time she clinched his cock and his finger but he was not able to hold out. She felt him spew his hot seed deep into her waiting body. She once again collapsed onto the bed, feeling the finger leave her asshole, and then Jared followed her.

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